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FFW WorldPulse Festival Newswire Film Festivals of Europe http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/ The latest award-winning films at the film festivals of Europe film festivals, film awards by region en-us Sun, 23 Nov 2014 03:41:00 PST Sun, 23 Nov 2014 03:41:00 PST http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss FFWRSS bethany.colson@filmfestivalworld.com bob@filmfestivalworld.com 63rd Festival del film Locarno - Open Doors Factory 2010: The selected projects http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Locarno_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1080#comments 12 film projects from Central Asia, from a total of 114 applications, were selected for participation in the co-production lab of the Festival del film Locarno. The Open Doors Factory will take place 7 -10 August 2010, during the 63rd edition of the Festival.


The selected projects are:


Harmony Lessons by Emir Baigazin

The Fierce Horse Rustlers by Adilkhan Yerzhanov

Sunny Days by Nariman Turebayev


Jolbakan by Elnura Osmonalieva

Princess Nazik by Erkin Saliev

The Singing Grannies by Nurlan Asanbekov


Halola by Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov

Buzkashi! by Najeeb Mirza


Ener by Bayram Abdullayev and Lora Stepanskaya


Aral by Ella Vakkasova

Barzagh by Saodat Ismailova

Gaulish Village by Shukrat Karimov


Olivier Père, the Festival’s Artistic Director, comments “The quality of the projects submitted, as well as their enormous diversity, from romance to social drama, documentary to science-fiction, confirms the strength of the talent pool in Central Asia, in terms of both the older and younger generations.”

“The numerous directors and producers we met during our various journeys to the region have to deal with countless problems on a daily basis, notes Martina Malacrida, Head of Open Doors. Given this context, foreign co-productions are all the more crucial. We firmly believe that the 12 projects selected all have the potential required to attract international partners.”


Launched in 2003 with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Open Doors is organised in close collaboration with the Festival’s Industry Office. With a strategy that has proven its value, the chosen directors and producers are invited to Locarno, in order to find co-production partners and finalise their film project.


At the end of the three day workshop, a production grant worth 50,000 CHF (about 35,000 Euros), funded from the Open Doors initiative, will be allocated by a jury composed of representatives of the Festival and "visions sud est", a Swiss production support fund. Continuing its collaboration with Open Doors, the CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée, France) also offers a grant of 7,000 Euros to support a film in development.


The 2010 edition will also mark the inauguration of the new International Relations ARTE Prize, worth 6,000 Euros. Finally, Open Doors will once again invite the six directors who participated in the most recent Residency run by the Cannes Festival’s Cinéfondation (March-July session 2010), so that they can present their film project to producers and buyers attending Locarno.

For more information on the selected projects, check the website in the Open Doors section.

Tue, 29 Jun 2010 07:06:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Locarno_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1080#comments
Award WInners for MEDIAWAVE’2010 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Mediawave_Intl_Film_and_Music/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1079#comments THE HUNGARIAN STUDENT JURY'S AWARD

Rene Bo Hanssen (Sweden/Germany):

Die Stimme des Adlers /The Eagle Hunter's Son



Jean-Paul Liilienfeld (France):

La journée de la jupe/Skirt Day

The editor: Aurique Delannoy (France)



Hannu-Pekka Björkman (Finland):

Haarautuvan rakkauden talo/The House of Branching Love

(dir. Mika Kaurismaki)



Rifka Lodeizen (The Netherlands):

Kan Door Huid Heen/Can go through skin

(dir.: Esther Rots)



Trencsényi Klára (Hungary) and Vlad Naumescu (Romania):

Drumul Pasarilor/Birds' Way

The award was offered by Duna Workshop



Jörn Staeger (Germany):

Reise zum Wald/Journey to the forest



Francois Alaux, Hervé de Crécy & Ludovic Houplain (France):




Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen (Poland):




Responsible Society Award offered by KPMG

Fabian Daub & Andreas Gräfenstein (Germany):

Was übrig bleibt / Left behind



Bertóti Attila (Hungary/Romania):

Ariadné fonala/Ariadne’s thread



George Ovashvili (Georgia):

Gagma napiri /The Other Bank

The award was offered by the Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation

Wed, 23 Jun 2010 08:57:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Mediawave_Intl_Film_and_Music/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1079#comments
The 5th Jubilee Documentary Program - "Free Thought" at MIFF 2010 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Moscow_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1077#comments "Free Thought" at MIFF 2010

Fri, 18 Jun 2010 11:36:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Moscow_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1077#comments
Moscow International Film Festival 2010 - Documentary Program "Free Thought" http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Moscow_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1076#comments One of the most successful programs of the Moscow International Film Festival - documentary section "Free Thought" was organized five years ago by prominent Russian documentary director Sergey Miroshnichenko (author of the 7UP Russian version project, Emmy Awards winner) and producer Grigory Libergal. The aim of this noncompetitive program is to present a selection of outstanding documentaries from last year - winners of prestigious film festivals. This year 23 documentaries will be screened in the program. Winners of the AMPAS "Oscar", IDFA, Sundance, DOK Leipzig, Yamagata IFF, Guangzhou IDF, Krakow IFF and many other festivals will have their Russian premiere. Last year, more then 7500 people attended screenings of the program.

Sergey Miroshnichenko and Grigory Libergal, curators of the program: "We are glad that this year's documentary program leads us to believe that a man can do much to protect nature, to defend the oppressed. He can deride foolishness and thus restrict its powers. There is another thing that inspires us in this program. Whenever a clever, talented hero comes along, like-minded people immediately rally around him."

The 5th Jubilee Documentary Program - Free Thought:

THE COVE, dir. Louie Psihoyos, USA

THE YESMEN FIX THE WORLD, dir. Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno, Kurt Engfehr, USA

PIANOMANIA, dir. Lilian Frank, Robert Gibis, GERMANY, AUSTRIA

POSTE RESTANTE, dir. Marcel Lozinsky, POLAND

CHEMO, dir. Pawel Lozinsky, POLAND

THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA, dir. Judith Ehrlich, Rick Goldsmith, USA


WE LIVE IN PUBLIC, dir. Ondi Timoner, USA

ANOTHER PERFECT WORLD, dir. Femke Wolting, Jorien van Nes, THE NETHERLANDS

RESTREPO, dir. Sebastian Junger, Tim Hetherington, USA

LA VIDA LOCA, dir. Christian Poveda, FRANCE, MEXICO, SPAIN





THE LAST SCREENPLAY, dir. Javier Espada, Gaizka Urresti, SPAIN


LUMIKKO, dir. Miia Tervo, FINLAND

WASTE LAND, dir. Lucy Walker, UK, BRASIL




FROM ARARAT TO ZION, dir. Edgar Baghdasaryan, ARMENIA

More information about the festival and program "Free thought" you сan find on the official site of the Festival or by e-mail: doc@moscowfilmfestival.ru

Fri, 18 Jun 2010 11:31:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Moscow_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1076#comments
Culinary Cinema - A Berlinale 2010 Sidebar Menu http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Berlin_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1063#comments A good film, a nice dinner, an exquisite drink and exhilarating entertainment – these are the ingredients of the Culinary Cinema. In this special annual program the Berlinale presents a selection of films on culinary and ecological topics. After the main screenings the audience is served a menu. The events are rounded out with discussions on culinary themes – completing, for some, the perfect evening.


The chefs of the 4th Culinary Cinema, among Germany’s finest, were: Thomas Kammeier, Michael Kempf, Lea Linster, Christian Lohse and Tim Raue, The nights began in the cinema of the Martin-Gropius-Bau. After the screenings the audience was guided to the neighboring “Gropius Mirror” restaurant where a menu was served, inspired by the previous film, Then, a discussion with the protagonists of the film and experts on the subject. After the main program was a late show, followed by a la carte food and drinks in the “Gropius Mirror” restaurant.


The 11 films screening as part of the 2010 Culinary Cinema lineup included: an inside look at a pastry competition in Chris Hegedus and D. A. Pennebaker's "Kings of Pastry" and "The Botany of Desire," Michael Schwarz's adaptation of the book on plant passion by "Food, Inc." author Michael Pollan. On ecological and social themes were: Fredrik Gertten's "Bananas!" about the legal battle between Nicaraguan fruit pickers and Dole Food over the use of a banned pesticide; and Chris Smith's "Collapse" presenting radical reporter Michael Ruppert’s apocalyptic vision of a world without crude oil. Tilda Swinton, last year's Berlin jury president, returned to present Luca Guadagnino's melodrama "I Am Love," which, despite tenuous culinary connections, got a seat at the table. As did "Iranian Cookbook" director Mohammad Shirvani's look at six housewives in Tehran preparing a meal during Ramadan.


The Culinary Cinema fosters its ideal partnership with the international Slow Food movement. Culinary Cinema head Thomas Struck explains: “The commitment of Slow Food to biodiversity corresponds to the Berlinale’s commitment to cultural diversity. On the morning of the last day of the Berlinale there was a Culinary Cinema screening for children and youths, its aim was to strengthen the consciousness for healthy nutrition in schools and promote the international school gardens movement.

Wed, 12 May 2010 03:18:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Berlin_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1063#comments
SARAJEVO FILM FESTIVAL 2009 Film Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sarajevo_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1016#comments Jury:

President of the Jury: Mirjana Karanović, actress


Jury members:

BENEDEK FLIEGAUF, Director, Hungary

CHRISTIAN JEUNE, Director of the Film Department of the Cannes Film Festival, France

ANAMARIA MARINCA, Actress, Romania

WIELAND SPECK, Director of Panorama Programme, Berlin International Film Festival, Germany


Heart of Sarajevo for Best Film:



Director: Vladimir Perišić

Serbia, France, Switzerland


Explanation of the Jury: ORDINARY PEOPLE, as a pure moment of cinema, explores the universal pattern of abuse of male youth through the military structure.


Main award of the Sarajevo Film Festival’s Competition Programme provided by Council of Europe (25,000 €)


The Special Jury Award:



Director: Yorgos Lanthimos



Explanation of the Jury: DOGTOOTH depicts in a metaphorical way, with elements of clinical humour how the traditional family structure had to retreat into a fortress of control and safety, inflicting its members with psihological damage that resonates with us all.


Financial award provided by Agnes B. (10,000 €)


Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actress:







Financial award provided by the International Airport Sarajevo (2,500 €)


Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actor:




Serbia, France, Switzerland


Financial award in amount of 2,500 €





President of the Jury:

HANNAH MCGILL, Artistic Director, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland


Jury members:

MARIAN CRISAN, Director, Romania

IGOR STANKOVIĆ, Founder and director of the MCF MegaCom Film Distribution Company, Serbia


Heart of Sarajevo for Best Film:



Director: Dalibor Matanić



Financial award in the amount of 3,000 €


Special Jury Mentions:



Director: Goran Odvorčić




Director: Balint Kenyeres

Hungary, France


Financial awards in the amount of 1,000 €





President of the Jury:

ZIJAH GAFIĆ, Photographer, B&H


Jury members:

ALICE KLARA ARNOLD, Filmmaker and a film lecturer, Switzerland

CHRIS MCDONALD, Executive director of Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Canada


Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary Film:



Director: Dragan Nikolić



Award in the amount of 3,000 € is granted by The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs


Special mention:



Director: Andrei Dascalescu



Human Rights Award:



Director: Marko Mamuzić



Award in the amount of 3,000 € is granted by The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs




The Award is offered in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding contribution to film industry and support in development of the Sarajevo Film Festival.


Through the commitment and vision of its leading executive, the MDM Fund has played a significant role in aiding the development of regional film industry through numerous co-productions facilitated through the festival’s Industry Section and CineLink Project. Over the past 5 years, MDM has supported an outstanding 31 regional films, while their participation at the Sarajevo Film Festival, guided by the immense enthusiasm of Manfred Schmidt, has demonstrated a common understanding and recognition of potential that led to the realization of 5 CineLink projects that went on to screen at festivals around the world and receive numerous awards and critical recognition. MDM further supported two of the most recent Bosnia and Herzegovina films, „Snow“ by Aida Begic and „On The Path“ by Jasmila Zbanic. Though all this, Sarajevo Film Festival recognizes the immense contribution of Manfred Schmidt and MDM towards not only the enablement and promotion of this region’s cinema and authors but also the enrichment of the international film scene with new voices, outlooks and film language.




Jury: Georges Goldenstern, Cedomir Kolar, Behrooz Hashemian, Jacqueline Ada, Ulf Sigvardson, Annamaria Lodato i Mainholf Zurhorst


EAVE Scholarship:

Snežana Marić


Excellence Award:

The Exchange by Eran Kolirin


Restart Award:

Zincograph by Javor Gardev


Goeteborg International Film Festival Fund Award:

The Scab by Srđan Vuletić


CNC Award:

Come To My Voice by Huseyin Karabey


International Relations ARTE Award:

The Key by Timur Makarević


SYNCHRO Film And Video Award:

The Scab by Srđan Vuletić

Come To My Voice by Huseyin Karabey

The Key by Timur Makarević


CineLink Work in Progress Award:



Jury: Rebekka Garrido, Laurent Danielou, Bernd Buder


If I Want to Whistle I Whistle by Florin Serban





Jury: Corneliu Porumboiu, Dylan Leiner, Eva Vezer


The Herd

Director: Ken Wardrop



The winner also receives a nomination for the European Film Academy (EFA) Best Film Award.



Jury: Erdmann Lange, Turi Edit Csenkine, Giovanni Petricciani


Eastern Plays

Director: Kamen Kalev



The International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE) awards a film from the Competition Programme – Features. The awarded film will receive CICAE support in terms of distribution, exhibition and audience outreach, through a network of 3.000 cinemas.



Jury: Leo Soesanto, Damir Radić, Nadezhda Marinchevska


Ordinary People

Director: Vladimir Perišić

Serbia, France, Switzerland




On The Way To School

Director: Orhan Eskikoy, Ozgur Dogan



EDN Talent Grant has been created as co-operation between the Sarajevo Film Festival and the European Documentary Network with the purpose of supporting promising new documentary filmmakers from the region.




Director: Marina Andree

Croatia, B&H




Ivan Ramljak, Marko Škobalj



This year, the Katrin Cartlidge Foundation marks the fifth year of presenting an award, in the form of a one-year scholarship, inspired by the life and work of late British actress Katrin Cartlidge. This year's scholarship recipient is Juanita Wilson. This year's award winner was selected and presented to viewers at SFF by actor Stellan Skarsgard.

Sun, 21 Mar 2010 05:48:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sarajevo_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1016#comments
AWARDS OF THE 25th WARSAW INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Warsaw_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1015#comments The awards in the five competitive sections of the 25th Warsaw Film Festival and the FIPRESCI Prize were presented to the winners on Saturday evening, 17 October.

The Warsaw Grand Prix, the main prize in the International Competition, funded by the city of Warsaw, went to LOURDES directed by Jessica Hausner (Austria / France / Germany). The prize was presented by Mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.

The Special Jury Prize went to LA PASIÓN DE GABRIEL / THE PASSION OF GABRIEL directed by Luis Alberto Restrepo (Colombia). The prize was funded by RWE.

The winners of the 1-2 Competition were SHEVA DAKOT BE'GAN EDEN / SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN directed by Omri Givon (Israel) and EASTERN PLAYS directed by Kamen Kalev (Bulgaria). The prizes were funded by Alior Bank.

The Free Spirit Awards went to PURGATORIO / PURGATORY directed by Roberto Rochin Naya (Mexico) and MAL DÍA PARA PESCAR / BAD DAY TO GO FISHING directed by Alvaro Brechner (Uruguay). The prizes were funded by Empik.

The award for the best full-length documentary went to DISCO AND ATOMIC WAR directed by Jaak Kilmi and Kiur Aarma (Estonia). The prize was funded by BenQ.

In the Shorts Competition the winner was APUNTES SOBRE EL OTRO / NOTES ON THE OTHER directed by Sergio Oksman (Spain). The prize was funded by the Polish Filmmakers' Association.

The FIPRESCI Prize (from the International Federation of Film Critics, www.fipresci.org) for the best Eastern European debut went to REWERS / REVERSE directed by Borys Lankosz (Poland).



Two films received exactly the same mark for the first time ever - 4.77. In the feature film category, the joint winners were:

Dom zły / The Dark House, dir. Wojciech Smarzowski (Poland)

and Welcome, dir. Philippe Lioret (France).

In the documentary category, the winner was Hashmatsa / Defamation, dir. Yoav Shamir (Israel / Denmark / Austria / USA).

In the shorts category, the winner was The Pig, dir. Dorte W. Hogh (Denmark).


The festival guests came from 41 different countries. They included 192 filmmakers linked to the projects presented at the festival (directors, producers, actors, scriptwriters, cameramen) and jury members. It is a tradition of the WFF that meetings with filmmakers are held after screenings. The 25th WFF had as many as 112 such meetings, involving 128 makers of 68 films. WFF audiences had the opportunity to meet filmmakers such as Alex van Warmerdam, Annet Malherbe, Michael Imperioli, Yves Hinant, Tarik Saleh, Urszula Antoniak, Agnieszka Grochowska, Robert Gliński, Janusz Mrozowski, Wojciech Smarzowski, Paweł Borowski.

The festival was held in the heart of Warsaw, with screenings at Multikino Złote Tarasy, Kinoteka, and Kultura.

Sat, 20 Mar 2010 05:01:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Warsaw_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1015#comments
Award Winners for the 2009 Cph:Dox Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cph_Dox/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1012#comments DOX:AWARD 2009 WENT TO HARMONY KORINE AND 'TRASH HUMPERS'

After ten days with screenings of more than 200 films CPH:DOX handed out the awards in six competitions. And the winners are:


Trash Humpers (dir.: Harmony Korine)

+ special mention: H:R Landshövding (dir.: Måns Månsson)


O'er the Land (dir.: Deborah Stratman)

+ Trypps (dir.: Ben Russell)


La faute des fleurs (dir.: Vincent Moon)

+ special mention: The Delian Mode (dir.: Kara Blake)


Presumed Guilty (dir.: Geoffrey Smith & Roberto Hernandez)

+ special mention: Defamation (dir.: Yoav Shamir)


Alberts Vinter (dir.: Andreas Kofoed)


Three Pilots (dir.: Philip Leamann)


Into Eternity (dir.: Michael Madsen)

Fri, 05 Mar 2010 01:58:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cph_Dox/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=1012#comments
2009 Award Winners for the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic, Thriller & Science Fiction Film http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Brussels_Intl_Festival_Fantasy_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=979#comments The International Jury of the 27th Brussels International Festival of Fantastic, Thriller & Science Fiction Film composed of Patrick Tatopoulos, Katsuhito Ishii, Lucky McKee, Pieter Van Hees has attributed:

* The Golden Raven, Grand Prix of the 27th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival to Let the right one in by Tomas Alfredson.

* The Silver Raven, Special Prize of the jury has been attributed to Sauna by Antti-Jussi Annila for the originality of its vision.

* The Silver Raven, Special Prize of the Jury to The Last House on the left by Dennis Iliadis for the best directing.


The 7th Orbit Jury composed of Gaetan Dedeken, Laurent De Maertelaer, Didier Stiers and Damien Taymans has atrtibuted

* The 7th Orbit Prize to Dream de Ki-duk KIM for its esthetic qualities and its poetic symbolism.

* A special mention to 8th Wonderland by Jean Mach and Nicolas Alberny for its visual audacity and the originality of its ideas.


The Thriller Jury composed of Nadine Monfils, Angel Sala, Tuomas Riskala and Lars Diurlin has attributed

*The Prize of the best Thriller to The Chaser by Hong-Ji Na.

* A special mention to Brian Cox for his performance in Red


The European Jury composed of Martien Uyttendaele, Véronique Pacco, Hicame Alaouis, Philippe Beck, Jean Boreux, Yann Guyonic, Dominique Standaert and Vincent Tavier has attributed

*Silver Melies to Sauna by Antti-Jussi Annila

* A special mention for its humour Sexy Killer by Miguel Marti


The Pegasus, Prize of the Audience of the 27th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival has been attributed to Sexy Killer by Miguel Marti

Thu, 01 Oct 2009 12:00:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Brussels_Intl_Festival_Fantasy_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=979#comments
Annecy 2009 - the numbers http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Annecy_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=963#comments Behind the scenes in general

* 6 700 professional delegates

* 67 countries

* 230 buyers

* 300 journalists



* 1 900 professionals

* 350 exhibitors

* 10 % more exhibition space



* 1 855 films received

* 525 films screened

* 239 in official selection, of which 192 are in competition, from 40 countries

* 120 000 tickets sold

Sat, 04 Jul 2009 08:26:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Annecy_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=963#comments
Prizewinners for the 2009 Annecy Animation Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Annecy_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=962#comments Short films

Slavar - The Annecy Cristal - Sweden

Please Say Something - Special distinction - Germany

L'homme à la Gordini - Junior Jury Award for a short film - France

Western Spaghetti - Audience award -United States

El empleo - FIPRESCI award -Argentina

L'homme à la Gordini -Jean-Luc Xiberras award for a first film -France

Chick - Sacem Award for original music - Poland

Runaway - Jury's special award -Canada

Slavar - Unicef award - Sweden


Feature films

Coraline - The Cristal for best feature - United States

Mary and Max - The Cristal for best feature - Australia

Brendan et le secret de Kells - Audience award - France


TV series

Log Jam "The Log", "The Rain", "The Moon", "The Snake" - The Cristal for best TV production - Hungary

Pat et Stan "Jour de bain" - Special award for a TV series

- France


TV specials

Lost and Found - TV special award - Great Britain


Educational, scientific or industrial films

How to Destroy the World "Rubbish"

Educationnal, scientific or industrial film award

Great Britain


Advertising films

BBC iPlayer "Penguins" - Advertising or promotional film award -Great Britain


Music video

Flogging Molly "Float" - Award for best music video - Great Britain


Graduation films

The Soliloquist - Special distinction - Taiwan

Shrug - Junior Jury Award for a graduation film -Norway

For Sock's Sake -Award for best graduation film -France

Ex-E.T. - Jury's special award - France


Short films out of competition

Madagascar, carnet de voyage - "CANAL+ creative aid" Award for a short film - France

Sat, 04 Jul 2009 08:21:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Annecy_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=962#comments
2008 Award Winners for Sitges! Jennifer Lynch, Amat Escalante, Tomas Alfredson and Na Hong-jin take Top Prizes http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sitges_Intl_Film_Festival_Catalonia/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=950#comments OFFICIAL FANTÀSTIC JURY: Marina Anna Eich, Àlex Gorina, Umberto Lenzi, David Pirie, Fred Williamson


Best Motion Picture: "Surveillance"

Directed by: Jennifer Lynch


Special Jury Award: "Eden Lake"

Directed by: James Watkins


Best Director: Kim Jee-woon for "The Good, The Bad, The Weird"


Best Actor: Brian Cox for "Red"


Best Actress: Semra Turan for "Fighter"


Best Script: Alexis Alexiou for "Tale 52"


Best Cinematography: Angus Hudson for "The Broken"


Best Production Design: Tulé Peak for "Blindness"


Best Make Up FX: Bendit Lestang & Adrien Morot for "Martyrs"


Best Special Effects: Kim Wook for "The Good, The Bad, The Weird"


Best Original Soundtrack: Kenji Kawai for "The Sky Crawlers"


Best Short Film: "Next Floor"

Directed by: Denis Villeneuve


Jury Special Mention to the Shortfilm "Centigrade"

Directed by: Collin Cunningham


Visions Awards- NOVES VISIONS


JURY: Velasco Broca, Guillermo Jure, Xavi Serra


Best Motion Picture: "Los Bastardos"

Directed by: Amat Escalante


Special Mention: "God's Puzzle"

Directed by: Takashi Miike


Non Fiction Motion Picture Diploma: "Religulous"

Directed by: Larry Charles


Discovery Motion Picture Diploma: "Ramírez"

Directed by: Albert Arizza




JURY: Albert Espinosa, Albert Guinovart, Àngel Quintana, Roser Aguilar


Best Director: Dögg Mósesdóttir for "Eyja"


Best Screenplay: Dea Pompa for "Restaurando a Héctor"


Best Original Score: Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson & Örn Eldjàrn for "Eyja"


Orient Express-Casa Àsia Award goes to "The Chaser"




JURY: Todd Brown, Xavi Sánchez Pons, Carles Arenes


Best Motion Picture: "The Chaser" by Na Hong-jin




Best Motion Picture: "Blindness"

Directed by: Fernando Meirelles


ANIMA'T - Gertie Award


JURY: Todd Brown, Xavi Sánchez Pons, Carles Arenes


Best Animated Film: "From Inside"

Directed by: John Bergin


Best Animated Short film: "The facts in the case of Mr. Hollow"

Directed by: Rodrigo Gudiño & Vincent Marcone




CARNET JOVE JURY: Albert Elduque, Cristina Álvarez, Manuel Bocero, Covadonga de la Cuesta, Sergio Morera


Best Motion Picture "FANTÀSTIC"


"The Sky Crawlers"

Directed by: Mamoru Oshii


Directed by: Fabrice du Welz


Best Motion Picture MIDNIGHT X-TREME: "Encarnaçaô do Demônio"

Directed by: José Mojica Marins




JURY: Diego López, Zak Kadison, Javier Gutiérrez


Silver Méliès for Best European Motion Picture: "Martyrs"

Directed by: Pascal Laugier


Silver Méliès Award for Best European Short Film: "Afterville"

Directed by: Fabio Guaglione & Fabio Resinaro




Golden Méliès for Best European Motion Picture: "Let the Right One In"

Directed by: Tomas Alfredson


Golden Méliès for Best European Short Film: "Of Cats & Women"

Directed by: Jonas Govaerts




JURY: Beatriz Martínez Gómez, Alejandro G. Calvo, Carlos Losilla


Jose Luis Guarner Critic Award: "The Sky Crawlers"

Directed by: Mamoru Oshii


Citizen Kane Award to an up-and-coming director: "Home Movie"

Directed by: Christopher Denham



JURY: Juanjo Lleó, Toni Benages, Jaime Quesada


Best short film: "La Victoria de Félix"

Directed by: Jordi Pastor & Albert Miró

Mon, 10 Nov 2008 01:28:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sitges_Intl_Film_Festival_Catalonia/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=950#comments
"Cowboy" wins Iris Prize 2008 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Iris_Prize_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=948#comments A haunting film about a city dweller and country lad who pay a terrible price for love has been named as the 2008 winner of the Iris Prize with its £25,000 award.


At a glittering awards evening at Cardiff’s Cineworld Torchwood creator Russell T Davies announced that the international jury had selected German filmmaker Till Kleinert’s "Cowboy" to scoop the coveted award.


Accepting the award, Till said taking part in the competition and attending the three-day festival in Cardiff had been an incredible experience.


He urged the Iris Prize organizers, Cardiff-based The Festivals Company, that while the competition inevitably grew even larger in future years the unique way international film makers, the judges and the people of Cardiff are brought together must be retained.


Till also receives the £500 Goleudy Travel award to help them return to the UK to make their next film.


Festival organizer Berwyn Rowlands said: This year Cardiff demonstrated to the world that with the support of Iris the city could become a significant force for the world’s lesbian and gay film community. The closing night awards show was totally amazing, with guests from Germany, Israel, Australia, Canada and the US all enjoying our Welsh hospitality. Everyone involved should be very proud of what has been achieved.


"Cowboy is a fantastic film that captured the imagination of the jury and the general public. Till Kleinert is a huge talent. I’m so excited that he will return to Wales to make a new film with his prize."


Chair of the international jury Elan Closs Stephens said it had been an extremely difficult decision to make with long and passionate debate as to who should win the competition for the world’s best gay and lesbian short film.


Speaking before the awards evening "Dr Who," "Torchwood" and "Queer as Folk" writer and director Davies said; "I’m very excited to be involved with the Iris Film Festival. It’s a fantastic prize, which allows one lucky winner to make a short film. This year’s shortlist includes work from an astonishing 11 countries, which confirms that gay and lesbian film making is alive and kicking around the world!"


All the film makers who travel to Wales for the festival are hosted by Friends of Iris, individuals who open their homes to the makers of the 30 short listed films from as far afield as Australia, Canada, and the United States at their own cost to attend.


The 35 minute film, which Till had introduced at its screening, tells the story of city dweller Christian, working for a real estate agent, comes to a deserted village where he meets country lad Cowboy. They spend the day and night together. When harvest starts at dawn the village shows its real face and the two men are forced to pay a terrible price in order to leave.


The films competing for the Iris Prize are the crème of the international gay and lesbian film industry with many having been entered for them by film festivals around the globe including new partner festivals in Germany, Brazil and Israel.


Mr Gay UK, Cardiff-based Dino Gamecho, announced that the competition’s new award for best feature film was won by American James Bolton for Dream Boy, a love story between teenagers in the American South in the 1970s.


The feature film award carries a £1,000 cash prize donated by Independent Financial Adviser Martin Briggs from Cardiff and is selected by the Friends of Iris.


2007 Iris Prize winner Dee Rees announced that the Skillset Best UK Short was won by Northern Ireland director Conor Clements for his film James. He receives £1,000 from Skillset towards training.


The awards evening also included screening of BBC Wales Week In Week Out program presented by Ian Watkins about growing up gay in the Valleys which was followed by a lively and heated debate during with Russell T Davies urged broadcasters to use their authority not to provide a platform for homophobic religious zealots with extremist views as they were clearly mentally ill.


Almost half the of the film makers traveled to Wales for the three day festival which also included six of the latest gay and lesbian feature films, with several enjoying their UK or European premieres.


The international jury included last year’s winner Dee Rees from the United States, actor Simon Russell Beale, director Nia Dryhurst and film makers , actors and industry experts from across the continents. At an earlier screening of last year’s winning film Pariah Dee Rees revealed her family had still not come to terms with her daughter being gay and had not seen the film which they regarded as "the devil’s work".


Dee said the importance of the Iris Prize was that it gave new directors what they really need – the £25,000 resource to continuing making films. She also revealed Pariah is now being made as a feature film and that she plans to travel back to Wales to make a new short film set in Cardiff’s Somali community.

Mon, 10 Nov 2008 12:06:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Iris_Prize_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=948#comments
2008 Cinekid Announces Awards for Best Film, New Media Production, TV program and the Audience Award http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinekid_Intl_Film_Television_New_Media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=946#comments Dutch presenter Lisa Wade presented the ceremony awards on October 25th at the Cinekid festival 2008. Together with ‘skatedancer' Chérif Zaouali, Wade offered a compelling show. Cinekid's ceremony consisted of the Cinekid Lion Award, the Cinekid Kinderkast Television Prizes and the Cinekid New Media Awards. A total of 10 prizes were handed out for the best children's productions which have been completed in the past year.



The Cinekid Lion Awards, each 15.000 Euros sponsored by KPN, are extremely popular. This amount allows filmmakers to produce new inspiring projects and this way Cinekid aims to stimulate high quality films. For the first time both the professional jury members as the audience agreed upon the winner of the Cinekid Lion Award. The lucky directors, Michael Hegner and Kari Juusonen were present at the ceremony to receive both prizes for their film Niko - "The Way to the Stars" (Finland, 2008). This exhilarating animation film tells the story about a reindeer who wants to be able to fly. Children rated the film with a 9.4.


For the first time a professional children's jury was present at Cinekid which was an initiative of Cinekid and NIF (Dutch Institute of Filmeducation). This so-called MovieSquad Junior Award of Cinekid 2008 went to "The Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat" (Grethe BØe, Norway, 2007).


New Media

The Cinekid New Media Award, Jury Award (7500 Euros) went to Klokhuis Game Studio (IJsfontein Interactive Media, NPS, 2007) in which kids can create their own game, publish it and play it. The Cinekid New Media Award, Audience Award went to Mario Kart Wii (Wii, Nintendo, 2008). The latest development in this game is the Wii Wheel in which kids can actually steer.



The Cinekid Kinderkast is the prize of the Dutch kids television: a statue designed by famous writer/artist Jan Wolkers. The Golden Kinderkast and 7500 Euros went to "De Daltons, de jongensjaren" (Rita Horst, VPRO), an outstanding dramaserie of the VPRO, with which Cinekid opened in 2007.


Cinekid Kinderkast Jury Award fiction: "De Daltons, de jongensjaren" by Rita Horst (VPRO)


Cinekid Kinderkast Jury Award non-fiction: "Overleven in Nederland: RAUW" by Anneloek Sollart (VPRO).


Records in votes of Cinekid Kinderkast Audience Award


Cinekid Kinderkast Audience Award received a record in the amount of votes. With 10.344 votes the amount almost doubled.


The Cinekid Kinderkast, Audience Award fiction went to the popular serie "Het Huis Anubis" by Dennis Bots (Nickelodeon).


The Cinekid Kinderkast Audience Award non fiction went to "Taarten van Abel, Zomerspecial" by Onno Krijnen, Machteld van Gelder en Stormy Minutes (Villa Achterwerk,VPRO).

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 01:20:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinekid_Intl_Film_Television_New_Media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=946#comments
2008 Cinekid Announces Awards for Best Film, New Media Production, TV program and the Audience Award http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinekid_Intl_Film_Television_New_Media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=945#comments Dutch presenter Lisa Wade presented the ceremony awards on October 25th at the Cinekid festival 2008. Together with ‘skatedancer' Chérif Zaouali, Wade offered a compelling show. Cinekid's ceremony consisted of the Cinekid Lion Award, the Cinekid Kinderkast Television Prizes and the Cinekid New Media Awards. A total of 10 prizes were handed out for the best children's productions which have been completed in the past year.



The Cinekid Lion Awards, each 15.000 Euros sponsored by KPN, are extremely popular. This amount allows filmmakers to produce new inspiring projects and this way Cinekid aims to stimulate high quality films. For the first time both the professional jury members as the audience agreed upon the winner of the Cinekid Lion Award. The lucky directors, Michael Hegner and Kari Juusonen were present at the ceremony to receive both prizes for their film Niko - "The Way to the Stars" (Finland, 2008). This exhilarating animation film tells the story about a reindeer who wants to be able to fly. Children rated the film with a 9.4.


For the first time a professional children's jury was present at Cinekid which was an initiative of Cinekid and NIF (Dutch Institute of Filmeducation). This so-called MovieSquad Junior Award of Cinekid 2008 went to "The Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat" (Grethe BØe, Norway, 2007).


New Media

The Cinekid New Media Award, Jury Award (7500 Euros) went to Klokhuis Game Studio (IJsfontein Interactive Media, NPS, 2007) in which kids can create their own game, publish it and play it. The Cinekid New Media Award, Audience Award went to Mario Kart Wii (Wii, Nintendo, 2008). The latest development in this game is the Wii Wheel in which kids can actually steer.



The Cinekid Kinderkast is the prize of the Dutch kids television: a statue designed by famous writer/artist Jan Wolkers. The Golden Kinderkast and 7500 Euros went to "De Daltons, de jongensjaren" (Rita Horst, VPRO), an outstanding dramaserie of the VPRO, with which Cinekid opened in 2007.


Cinekid Kinderkast Jury Award fiction: "De Daltons, de jongensjaren" by Rita Horst (VPRO)


Cinekid Kinderkast Jury Award non-fiction: "Overleven in Nederland: RAUW" by Anneloek Sollart (VPRO).


Records in votes of Cinekid Kinderkast Audience Award


Cinekid Kinderkast Audience Award received a record in the amount of votes. With 10.344 votes the amount almost doubled.


The Cinekid Kinderkast, Audience Award fiction went to the popular serie "Het Huis Anubis" by Dennis Bots (Nickelodeon).


The Cinekid Kinderkast Audience Award non fiction went to "Taarten van Abel, Zomerspecial" by Onno Krijnen, Machteld van Gelder en Stormy Minutes (Villa Achterwerk,VPRO).

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 01:04:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinekid_Intl_Film_Television_New_Media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=945#comments
And the Winners for the 2008 BUSTER- Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth are... http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/BUSTER_Copenhagen_Intl_Childrens_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=944#comments Best Film For Children: "Dragon Hunters"

Directed by Guillaume Ivernel and Arthur Qwak

Prize: 5.000 euro


Special Mention: "Ping Pong Kongen"

Directed by Jens Joohnsson


Nordisk Film Foundation's Best Buster: "Nocturna"

Directed by Adrià Garcia and Victor Maldonado

Prize: 5.000 euro


Nordisk Film Foundation's Best Child Actor: Georgia Groome in "Hormoner, hængerøve og hårde


Directed by Gurinder Chadha

Prize: 1000 euro


Special Mention: Abbas Alijome in "Buddha Collapsed out of Shame"

Directed by Hana Makhmalbaf.


Best Film For Youth: "The Tracey Fragments"

Directed by Bruce MacDonald

Prize: 5.000 euro


Special Mention: "Lake Tahoe"

Directed by Fernando Eimbcke


Best Short Film: "En forelskelse"

Directed by Christian Tafdrup

Prize: 2.000 euro


Best Documentary: Anders Gustafssons two films 'Amandas 2 Verdener' and 'Lille Voksen'

Prize: 2.000 euro


Politiken Audience Award: "Hormoner, hængerøve og hårde bananer"

Directed by Gurinder Chadha

Wed, 29 Oct 2008 12:26:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/BUSTER_Copenhagen_Intl_Childrens_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=944#comments
12th LISBON GAY AND LESBIAN FILM FEST AWARDS http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Lisbon_Gay_Lesbian_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=941#comments BEST FEATURE FILM (1.000,00€) – Award sponsored by the Club Maria Lisboa


"Antônia" (Brazil, 2006, 90’),

Directed by Tata Amaral

Jury Statement: We chose “Antônia” as our Best Feature Film. It is an important film which shows a vibrant optimism about women in the favelas of Brazil. Often in Brazilian Cinema the favelas are presented with the dance beat of guns and death but instead in “Antônia” we have the dance beat of four women rising up together against hardship through their creativity. This film has daring camera, beautiful performances and a driving edit and is a vital addition to the Cinema of Brazil.

The Jury: José Pedro Ribeiro, São José Correia, Pier Maria Bocchi, Lisa Gornick



Nuria Espert for her performance in "Barcelona (Un Mapa)" | Barcelona (A Map) (Spain, 2007, 85’),

Directed by: Ventura Pons



Josep Maria Pou for his performance in "Barcelona (Un Mapa)" | Barcelona (A Map) (Spain, 2007, 85’),

Directed by Ventura Pons

For their strong, deep, convincing performances as two old people who know that they should go through vital changes during their last days together, we decided to give the prizes for the Best Actor and the best Actress to Josep Maria Pou and Nuria Espert for their touching and challenging portrait of a couple in “Barcelona (A Map)”.

The Jury: José Pedro Ribeiro, São José Correia, Pier Maria Bocchi, Lisa Gornick



"Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story" (Australia, 2006, 54’),

Directed by: Julian Shaw

Jury Statement: We the jury decided unanimously to award “Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story”, by Julian Shaw, the Prize for Best Documentary. “Darling!” is a heart-warming, positive, well-balanced, skilfully made documentary with an important historical and political perspective and message. The way Julian Shaw deals with his subject and protagonist is tender, authentic, and educational without being moralistic.

The Jury: Eládio Clímaco, Barbara Reumüller, Maria José García


BEST SHORT FILM | AUDIENCE AWARD (500,00€) – Award sponsored by Bico de Pena Publishing House

First Prize: "69 – Praça da Luz" (Brazil, 2007, 21’)

Directed by: Carolina Markowicz, Joana Galvão| 8 Points


Second Prize: "Lugar: Jag Är Bög" | I Am Gay (Sweden, 2008, 15’),

Directed by: Nicolas Kolovos| 7,9 Points (Mention)


Third Prize: "Lugar: Frequent Traveller" (Portugal, 2007, 8’), Directed by: Patrícia Bateira| 7,8 Points (Mention)

Mon, 27 Oct 2008 05:21:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Lisbon_Gay_Lesbian_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=941#comments
2008 Awards Given to Honor Cinematic Achievement at the Riga International Film Forum Arsenals http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Arsenals_Riga_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=935#comments INTERFILM’s Jury Prize for best International Competition Film: “Silent Light”

Directed by: Carlos Reygadas


Special Mention to Ramin Bahrani’s film “Chop Shop”


Baltic Film Show Award: “The Class”

Directed by: Ilmar Raag.


Special Mention: Edmunds Jansons’ short documentary animation “Little Bird’s Diary”


The jury of INTERFILM was composed of three members of the Lutheran Church, coming from Germany (Dietmar Adler), Latvia (Agris Sutra) and Denmark (me).


The FIPRESCI jury announced that the award in the Baltic film show was given to “Vogelfrei”

directors: Jānis Kalējs, Jānis Putniņš, Anna Viduleja, Gatis Šmits


FIPRESCI International film competition: “Andalucia” director: Alain Gomis


The award “Best Documentary” of the Baltic film competition jury was given to the Estonian director Priit Valkna’s film “The Headwind Hall”


The award “Best Animation” was given to Edmunds Jansons’ film “Little Bird’s Diary”


The award “Best Feature Film” was given to “Autumn Ball” by Veiko Ounpuu.


The award “Best Baltic Film” was given to “Vogelfrei” by Jānis Kalējs, Gatis Šmits, Jānis Putniņš and Anna Viduleja. This award and 5000 euro were presented by Inga Šīna, vice-president of Rietumu Banka.


Audience Prize: “The Class” by Ilmar Raag


“Arsenals” main prize, with an award of $20,000 US, for “Chop Shop” by Ramin Bahrani

Sat, 25 Oct 2008 01:13:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Arsenals_Riga_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=935#comments
2008 Milano Film Festival Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Milano_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=933#comments Awards for the 13th edition


Feature films: "Ainda Orangotangos" (Still Orangutans) Director: Gustavo Spolidoro, Brazil, 2007


Special Mentions: "Jin bi hui huang" (Fujian Blue)

Director: Weng Shou-ming, China, 2007


"Lassú TükÖr" (Slow Mirror)

Director: Igor and Ivan Buharov, Hungary, 2007


"De Ofrivilliga" (Involuntary)

Director: Ruben Ostlund, Switzerland, 2008


"Ztracená dovolená" (Lost Holiday)

Director: Lucie Králová, Czech Republic/China/Switzerland, 2007


Short films: "Smàfuglar" (Two Birds)

Director: Rúnar Rúnarsson, Iceland, 2008


Special Mentions: "Pour de Vrai" (For Real)

Director: Blandine Lenoir, France, 2007


"Le jour de gloire" (The Day of Glory)

Director: Bruno Collet, France, 2007


"Za horyzont" (Beyond the Horizon)

Director: Kuba Czekay, Poland, 2007


Aprile's award: "Lassú TükÖr" (Slow Mirror)

Director: Igor and Ivan Buharov, Hungary, 2007


Special Mentions: "Pour de Vrai" (For Real)

Director: Blandine Lenoir, France, 2007



Director: Matthew Walker, UK, 2007


"Vertigo Rush"

Director: Johann Lurf, Austria, 2007


Encore Award: "Socket"

Director: Patricio García, Argentina, 2007


A2A's award Giovani Energie: "What's next?"

Director: Claudia Roethlin and Adrian Flueckiger, Switzerland, 2007


Corti ma buoni: "Rice and Meat"

Director: Diego Ongaro, USA 2007


Best Animation: "La maison en petits cubes" (The House of Small Cubes)

Director: Kunio Kato, Japan, 2008


Staff Award: "The Blindness of the Woods"

Director: Martin Jalfen and Javier Lourenço, Argentina, 2008


Students's Jury Award: "La théorie des ensembles"

Director: Juliette Hamon Damourettes, Jao Eka M'Changama and Marc Hericher, France, 2007

Sat, 25 Oct 2008 12:54:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Milano_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=933#comments
Emily Atef was the Big Winner at the 2008 Oldenburg International Film Festival with her film “The Stranger in Me” http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Oldenburg_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=930#comments “The Stranger in Me” was the big surprise of the festival’s Closing Night. Emily Atef’s social drama won all three of the festival’s awards:


The German Independence Award – Best German Film, the German Independence Award – Audience Award and the Otto-Sprenger-Award.


The 15th Oldenburg International Film Festival ended on the evening of September 14 with the award ceremony for the German Independence Award and the Otto-Sprenger-Award.


The winner of the German Independence Award – Best German Film is Emily Atef’s “The Stranger in Me”. The award is worth 5000 Euro and was presented by jury-president LeVar Burton and Mayor Dr. Gerd Schwandner.


The jury praised the film’s “originality, the strength of the story and the exceptional quality of the actors”.


This year the jury specially mentioned two performances of female actors. Susanne Wolff displayed her impressive multilayered talents in two films at the festival: “The Stranger in Me” (Emily Atef) and “Happy People” (Jan Georg Schütte). Irina Potapenko gave a convincing newcomer performance with her emotional and powerful acting in “Revanche” by Götz Spielmann.


The German Independence Award – Audience Award also went to “The Stranger in Me” by Emily Atef. The EWE-sponsored award is worth 2000 Euro. The winner also receives an Avid editing software suite.


The third award won by Emily Atef’s “The Stranger in Me” is the Otto-Sprenger-Award also worth 2000 Euro.


During the Cinema-brunch on Sunday September 14th the winner of the 500 Euro short film competition was announced at the CinemaxX: “Side Effect” by Liz Adams.

Sat, 25 Oct 2008 12:14:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Oldenburg_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=930#comments
Helsinki International Film Festival Awards the Finnkino Prize for the first time. And the winner is... http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Helsinki_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=929#comments Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy launched a competition after operating for 20 years as a non-competitive festival. The Finnkino Prize is a nation-wide distribution contract, given to one of the ten nominees. The winner of the first Finnkino Prize is the Jordanian film "Captain Abu Raed" (dir. Aman Matalqa).


The audience competition for the Finnkino Prize is arranged in co-operation with Finnkino, the biggest distribution company in Finland. The audience voted for their favorite film from ten nominees shown at the Helsinki IFF.


"Captain Abu Raed" tells the story of an elderly airport janitor, whom the kids in his neighborhood mistake for a pilot. "Abu Raed" doesn’t correct the misunderstanding but uses the situation to tell the poor and abused kids amazing stories about the far away places, that he has never been to. "Captain Abu Raed" is the first feature film by Aman Matalqa (b. 1976).


"Captain Abu Raed" also won the Audience Award for World Cinema (dramatic section) at the Sundance Film Festival, earlier this year, and is Jordan’s choice for Oscar Nomination.


The Finnkino Prize winner was announced at the beginning of the Helsinki IFF’s Closing Film, "The Class," (dir. Laurent Cantet) and at the screening of the Surprise Film, "Rachel Getting Married" (dir. Jonathan Demme). "Captain Abu Raed " will be released theatrically by Finnkino on the 19th of December. The ten nominees for the Finnkino Prize were all first or second feature films by their director:


• Captain Abu Raed (director: Amin Matalqa, Jordan 2007)

• Love and Other Crimes (director:Stefan Arsenijevits, Serbia 2008)

• Lake Tahoe (director: Fernando Eimbcke, Mexico 2008)

• Autumn Ball (director: Veiko Öunpuu, Estonia 2007)

• Vanaja (director: Rajnesh Domalpalli, India 2006)

• Involuntary (director: Ruben Östlund, Sweden 2008)

• Me (director: Rafa Cortés, Spain 2007)

• Wonderful Town (director: Aditya Assarat, Thailand 2007)

• Better Things (director: Duane Hopkins, United Kingdom 2008)

• Tulpan (director: Sergei Dvortsevoy, Kazakhstan 2006)

Sat, 25 Oct 2008 11:53:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Helsinki_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=929#comments
The Award Winning Films of LUCAS 2008 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Childrens_Film_Festival_LUCAS/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=928#comments The LUCAS-jury and the jury of the F.I.C.C. gave away the prizes in the award ceremony on September 13th which was hosted by the moderator of German children’s channel (KI.KA) from ARD and ZDF Juri Tetzlaff. 29 features und short films from 17 countries competed for the awards of Best Feature raised to 7500 Euro and Best Short raised to 3000 Euro.


LUCAS presented one week long brand new high-class children´s films – among them six World premieres, five European and 15 German premieres. Ten Feature Films and 19 Shorts competed for the renowned LUCAS-prizes. A special film series and a symposium were dedicated to documentary films for children. For the youngest ones LUCAS screened a special series for "minis"


Prize for Best Feature: MY VERY BEST FRIEND (Un Château En Espagne)

Director: Isabelle Doval (pictured below), France 2007


LUCAS prize for Best Short: PUSLING (CRYBABY) Director: Christina Rosendahl, Denmark 2008



Director: Ari Kristinsson, Iceland 2007



Director: Till Endemann, Germany 2008


Read about the LUCAS-Jury:



Read the statements of the LUCAS-Jury



Don-Quijote-Award of the F.I.C.C.: PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND

Director: Daniel Barnz, USA 2008


Laudable Mention: DUGGHOLUFÓLKIÐ (NO NETWORK) Director: Ari Kristinsson (pictured below), Iceland 2007


Read about the jury of the F.I.C.C.: lucasfilmfestival.de/jury-1/f-i-c-c-jury


Read the statements of the F.I.C.C.-Jury:


Sat, 25 Oct 2008 11:43:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Childrens_Film_Festival_LUCAS/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=928#comments
The Award Winners of the 2008 Festival of Deauville for American Cinema http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_of_Deauville_American_Cinema/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=927#comments GRAND PRIX: "The Visitor"

Director: Tom McCarty


PRIX DU JURY: "Ballast"

Director: Lance Hammer



Director: Damian Harris



Director: Lance Hammer



Director: Jean-Stephane Sauvaire

Fri, 24 Oct 2008 02:29:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_of_Deauville_American_Cinema/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=927#comments
James Newton Howard Film Composer of the Year 2008 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=923#comments Tonight the World Soundtrack Academy announced the winners of the World Soundtrack Awards 2008, the closing event of the 35th Ghent International Film Festival. The 8th edition of the World Soundtrack Awards was once again a highlight for film music professionals and fans. James Newton Howard was chosen as Film Composer of the Year 2008, Dario Marianelli took home the award for Best Orginal Score of the Year (Atonement). Marc Streitenfeld was the Academy’s new discovery with his score for American Gangster and Angelo Badalamenti was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award given by Marianne Faithfull.


Both the ceremony and the concert were attended by world famous composers such as James Newton Howard, Dario Marianelli, Angelo Badalamenti, David Arnold, Clint Mansell, Trevor Jones, and Shigeru Umebayashi. After the World Soundtrack Awards ceremony the Brussels Philharmonic conducted by Dirk Brossé performed film music by Angelo Badalamenti, Dario Marianelli, Andres Goldstein & Daniel Tarrab and local talent Tuur Florizoone. Special guests of the evening were Siouxsie Sioux and Beth Rowley, both singing music of The Edge of Love.


The results:



presented in respect of the body of work in the year 2008











Music by Thomas Newman and Peter Gabriel, lyrics by Peter Gabriel, performed by Peter Gabriel


















The World Soundtrack Awards are organized in cooperation with Port of Ghent, Sabam, the province East-Flanders, the Ghent City Marketing Fund and Belgacom.

Tue, 21 Oct 2008 05:58:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=923#comments
2008 Tabor FIlm Festival Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Tabor_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=920#comments The International Jury (Ron Holloway, Rosa Reitsamer and Tomislav Pavlic) decided to hand out the festival Grand Prix called Veronika's Skull (+ a sum of 2.000 euros) to the film "Icicle Melt" by Amy Neil.


The Domestic Competition award went to the film "Leviathan" by Simon Bogojeviæ Narath. The film was also awarded with Veronika's Skull (+ a sum of 1.000 euros), handed out by the Domestic Jury members - last year Domestic Competition winner Renata Poljak and Jude Goldrey from Lifesize Pictures, UK.


The reAnimated Veronika award for best animation went to the film "One Rat Short" by Alex Weil. Croatian film "I'll Kill You" by Nikola Strasek was presented with the award for best documentary and the award for best experimental film went to Raymond by BIF (all the film were also awarded with a sum of 500 euros).


The audience award, Vox Veronika, went to the Belgian film "Tango" by Guido Thys (with a remarkable average grade of 4.85).


The International Jury also gave out two special mentions, to the film "Graphitti" by Vano Burduli from Georgia, and the film "Family Reunion" by Isold Uggadottir from Island.

Mon, 20 Oct 2008 01:36:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Tabor_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=920#comments
2008 Award Winners of the Pärnu International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Parnu_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=918#comments GUGARA by Andrzej Dybczak and Jacek Naglowski

- Grand Prize of festival for the best artistic achievment


MAKING RAIN by Liivo Niglas and Frode Storaas

as the best scientific audiovisual recording



as the best film on survival of indigenous peoples



as the best film on relationship between man and nature


OAK #419 by Robert Harding Pittman, the special mention of jury as the significant film on citizen¹s movement


PARADISE by Jerzy Sladkowski

as the Prize of French Amabassador


Members of the international jury:

Kersti Uibo (Chairman)

Priit Pedajas

Mati Põldre

Elo Liiv

Pille Runnel

Õie Sarv


ALYOSHA by Meelis Muhu

- as the best Estonian film


Jury for Estonian films:

Edward Lucie-Smith

Carol Salter

Andreas Fischer-Hansen


The Estonian People¹s Award according to the televoting on Estonian TV:

MOTHER by Antoine Cattin and Pavel Kostomarov

Mon, 20 Oct 2008 01:13:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Parnu_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=918#comments
2008 Golden Deers Prize statuettes of Ecofilms awarded http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Ecofilms_Rhodes_Film_Visual_Arts/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=913#comments Feature length films

1st Prize: "Encounters at the end of the world,"

Director: Werner Herzog, USA, Germany


2nd Prize: "A Promise to the Dead: The exile journey of Ariel Dorfman,"

Director: Peter Raymont, Canada


Special mention: "The thirst of a stone sea,"

Director: Vladimir Perovic, Montenegro


Medium length films


The jury for the medium length category included: Matthias Bergman, Dimitris Yatzouzakis and Sawsan Darwaza.


1st Prize: “Paradise – Three Journeys In This World”

Director: Elina Hirvonen from Finland.


Jury Comments: “Three Journeys …” we chose it as a first prize because this film confronts us with the current problem of illegal immigrants.


It orchestrates their pain, poverty, and distress into the form of a cinematographic poem.


2nd Prize: “The Nuclear Come Back” from New Zealand,

Director: Justin Pemberton.


The Nuclear Come Back gives us a sharp and sober access to a complicated and controversial issue. It very clearly contrasts the revival of the nuclear power plants that are sold to us by the nuclear industry as a solution for the climate change versus the costs and dangers of this technology that will last for 100.000 years.


Special Mention for the film “Black River”

Director: Surendra Manan from India.


Black River reveals how religious energy can be transcended into action for saving the natural recourses people live on.


Special Mention for the film “Uncle Mitte”

Director: Wijnand van Ginkel from the Netherlands.


A film that arrives to a silent eloquence using the cinematographic tools to capture moments of human life in the middle of the wilderness without manipulating the scenery.


Short length films

The short film length jury committee consisted of Marianthi Irakleidou, Fereydoun Faryad and Iannis Shizas, noted the impressive upgrade of short film length films and the creative motivation of the new generation of cinematographers.


1st Prize: "Apna Aloo Bazaar Becha - From substinence ecology to the market"

Director: Pankaj H Gupta, India


2nd Prize: "Mbeubeus"

Director: Simona Risi, Italy


Special Mentions to:

“Apna Aloo Bazaar Becha - From subsistence ecology to the market” by Pankaj H. Gupta, for the holistic approach of the traditional agriculture problems


“Mbeumbeus”, by Simona Risi, for her message about recycling in parallel with a report about third world misery.


Greek Film Center Award for best greek film


1st Prize: "Cyclown Circus"

Director: Dimitris Sfiris


1st Prize: "The ash that remains"

Director: Nikos Kavoukidis


Special mention: "The Cup"

Director: Giannis Bougioukas


Special mention: "Love lessons for revolutionary action"

Director: Nikos Alevras


Audience awards



Director: Sean Fine & Andrea Nix, USA



Director: Angelos Spartalis, Greece

Sat, 18 Oct 2008 01:39:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Ecofilms_Rhodes_Film_Visual_Arts/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=913#comments
Docúpolis awards for “The Red Race” Best Documentary http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Docupolis_Intl_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=912#comments The documentary, “The Red Race” by Chinese filmmmaker Chao Gan, shows the hard training of 6-year-old children, future Olympic sportsmen.


Also were awarded:


Best First Documentary: “La Reina del Condón”

by Silvana Ceschi and Reto Stamm, (Switzerland)


Best Short Documentary: “Death Valley Superstar”

by Michael Yaroshevsky (Canada)


Special Mention was awarded to “Rakushka”

by Dmitiy Lavrinenko (Russia).


In OFF Docúpolis section was awarded the film “The Mosquito Problem”, by the Bulgarian Andrey Paounov.


Apart from the official categories, Docúpolis gave honorific awards.

The award Tercer Ojo to Best experimental documentary was for “Solo”

by Maciej Pisarek (Poland)


The Human Rights Award was for “Fighting the silence”

by Lles and Femke van Velzen (Holand)


The best Latin-american Documentary was for Andres di Tella’s “Fotografías” (Argentina)


Audience Award was for “Mari Carmen España. El final del silencio”, by Martin Jonson and Pontus Hjorthén.

Sat, 18 Oct 2008 01:27:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Docupolis_Intl_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=912#comments
The Locarno Film Festival Announced the Official 2008 Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Locarno_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=905#comments The closing ceremony of the 61st Locarno International Film Festival took place on Saturday, August 16th 2008 at the Piazza Grande.


Golden Leopard: "PARQUE VIA"

Directed by: Enrique Rivero, Mexico


Special Jury Prize: "33 SCENY Z ZYCIA" (33 Scenes from Life)

Directed by: Malgoska Szumowska, Germany/Poland


Best Director: Denis Côte for "ELLE VEUT LE CHAOS," Canada


Leopard for Best Actress: Ilaria Occhini in "MAR NERO"

Directed by: Federico Bondi, Italy/Romania/France


Leopard for Best Actor: Tayanç Ayaydin in "THE MARKET – A TALE OF TRADE"

Directed by: Ben Hopkins, Germany/UK/Turkey/Kazakhstan



Directed by: Noh Young-seok, South Korea



Directed by: Enrique Rivero, Mexico


Prize of the Ecumenical Jury: "MAR NERO"

Directed by: Federico Bondi, Italy/Romania/France


Prix FICC / IFFS: "YURIEV DEN" (Yuri’s Day)

Directed by: Kirill Serebrennikov, Russia/Germany


Prix Art & Essai CICAE: "SONBAHAR" (Autumn)

Directed by: Ozcan Alpers, Turkey/Germany


Prix SRG SSR idee suisse /Semaine de la critique: "LATAWCE" (Kites)

Directed by: Beata Dzianowicz, Poland

C.P. Company Golden Leopard / Filmmakers of the Present Competition: "LA FORTERESSE"

Directed by: Fernand Melgar, Switzerland


Ciné Cinéma Special Jury Prize / Filmmakers of the Present Competition: "ALICIA EN EL PAÍS"

Directed by: Esteban Larraín, Chile


Leopard for the Best First Feature: "MÄRZ"

Directed by: Händl Klaus, Austria (International Competition)


Golden Leopard- SRG SSR idée suisse Prize for the International Leopard of Tomorrow Competition:


Directed by: Eva Randolph, Brazil


The Boccalino Prize for Best Actor: Kssenia Rappoport for "Yuriev Den"

Directed by: Kirill Serebrennikov


The Boccalino Prize for the Most Significant Film: "Beket"

Directed by: Davide Manuli


Silver Leopard- Eastman Kodak Company Prize for the International Leopard of Tomorrow:


Directed by: Juho Kuosmanen, Finland


Golden Leopard- IKEA Prize for the Leopards of Tomorrow National Competition: "LA DÉLOGEUSE"

Directed by: Julien Rouyet, Switzerland


Silver Leopard- Eastman Kodak Company Prize for the

Leopards of Tomorrow National Competition: "UN DIA Y NADA"

Directed by: Lorenz Merz, Switzerland


Prix du Public UBS: "SON OF RAMBOW"

Directed by: Garth Jennings, UK/France/Germany


Variety Piazza Grande Award: "BACK SOON"

Directed by: Sólveig Anspach, Island/France


Filmmakers of the Present Competition Jury composed of:

Bertrand Bonello, director, composer and writer,France, Benedek Fliegauf, director and writer, Hungary, Cao Guimaraes, director and video artist, Brazil, Corso Salani, director, Italy, Franz Treichler, muscian and composer , Switzerland


The Leopards of Tomorrow Jury is composed of:

Fulvio Bernasconi, director, Switzerland, Eran Kolirin, director, Israel, Angele Paulino, TV5 Monde, Dick Rijneke,

director and producer, The Netherlands, Orsi Toth, actress, Hungary


The Bocaalino Prize Jury is composed of: Alberto Castellano, President, Angelo Franco Aschei, Ugo Brusaporco, Lorenzo Buccella, Valentina Cattaneo, Jordi Picatoste and Damiano Realini


The Netpac Jury is composed of: Sanling Chang,

Taiwan, Bee Thiam Tan, Singapore and Antonio Weinrichter, Spain


The Fipresci Prize Jury is composed of: Nicole Hess,

Swiss, Radovan Holub, Czech Republic, Emma Gray Munthe, Sweden, Javier Porta Fouze, Argentina, Mateusz Werner, Poland


The Ecumenical Jury Prize is composed of: Alexander Deeg, Germany, Alexander Deeg, Felipe Espinoza Torrese, Mexico, Douglas Fahlesone, Ireland, Serge Molla, Swizerland, Astrid Polz-Watzenige, Sham P. Thomas, India.


The FICC / IFFS Prize Jury is composed of: Csaba Bardose, Hungary, Briana Berg, Switzerland, Eoin Hayes, Ireland


Prix Art & Essai CICAE Jury is composed of: Sino Caracappa, Italy, Andre Ceuterick, Belgium, Rita Linda Potyondi, Hungary


Semaine de la Critique Jury is composed of: Stephanie Bunbury, Australia, Azzedine Mabrouki, Algeria, Mariano Morace, Switzerland


Images of the 61st Locarno Film Festival Awards Ceremony:

1.) Junior Jury Special award, Gideon Koppel, Director of the film SLEEP FURIOUSLY


2.) Federico Bondi, director of the film MAR NERO, third prize of the Junior Jury


3.) Richard Szyotori, director of the film AU CAFE ROMAND, Leopards of Tomorrow Junior Jury Award for the best Swiss short film


4.) Isamu Hirabayashi, director of the film BABIN, Junior Jury Leopards of Tomorrow Award


5.) Julien Rouyet, director of the film LA DELOGEUSE, Junior Jury Leopards of Tomorrow Award


6.) Malgoska Szumowska, director of the film 33 33 SCENY Z ZYCIA, Junior Jury Award


7.) Junior Jury Award, Denis Côté, director of the film ELLE VEUT LE CHAOS with the Jury


8.) Ecumenical Jury Award, from left Serge Molla, member of the Jury, Federico Bondi, director of the film MAR NERO, Alexander Deeg, member of the Jury


9.) Enrique Rivero, director of the film PARQUE VÍA, FIPRESCI Award


10.) Özcan Alper, director of the film SONBAHAR, Art & Essai CICAE Award


11.) SRG SSR idée suisse Award - Semaine de la critique, Beata Dzianowicz, director of the film LATAWCE


12.) Ilaria Occhini, Leopard for the best feminine interpretation for the film MAR NERO


13.) Tayanç Ayaydin, Leopard for the best male interpretation for the film THE MARKET - A TALE OF TRADE


14.) Fernand Melgar, director of the film LA FORTERESSE, C.P.Company Golden Leopard - Filmmakers of the Present


15.) Händl Klaus, director of the film MÄRZ, Leopard for the best first film, Prize of the City and Region of Locarno


16.) Malgoska Szumowska, director of the film 33 SCENY Z ZYCIA, Special award for the Jury, Award of the Country of Ascona and Losone


Mon, 15 Sep 2008 07:38:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Locarno_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=905#comments
September 6th- Awards ceremony: the 65th Venice Film Festival comes to an end http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Venice_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=902#comments Biennale Cinema 65th Venice Film Festival Official Venezia 65 Awards


Venice, 6th September 2008


The Venezia 65 Jury, chaired by Wim Wenders and comprised of Juriy Arabov, Valeria Golino, Douglas Gordon, Lucrecia Martel, John Landis, and Johnnie To, having viewed all twenty-one films in competition, has decided as follows:


GOLDEN LION for Best Film: "The Wrestler"

Directed by Darren Aronofsky (USA)


SILVER LION for Best Director to:

Aleksey German Jr. for "Bumažnyj Soldat" (Paper Soldier) (Russia)



Directed by Haile Gerima (Ethiopia, Germany, France)


COPPA VOLPI for Best Actor: Silvio Orlando for "Il papà di Giovanna"

Directed by Pupi Avati (Italy)


COPPA VOLPI for Best Actress: Dominique Blanc for "L’autre"

Directed by Patrick Mario Bernard and Pierre Trividic (France)


MARCELLO MASTROIANNI AWARD for Best Young Actor or Actress: Jennifer Lawrence for "The Burning Plain" by Guillermo Arriaga (USA)


OSELLA for Best Cinematography to: Alisher Khamidhodjaev and Maxim Drozdov for "Bumažnyj Soldat" (Paper Soldier)

Directed by Aleksey German Jr. (Russia)


OSELLA for Best Screenplay to: Haile Gerima for "Teza" by Haile Gerima (Ethiopia, Germany, France)


SPECIAL LION for Overall Work to: Werner Schroeter

The Jury decided to award a Special Lion for his uncompromising and relentlessly innovative work over a period of 40 years to Werner Schroeter.




The “Luigi De Laurentiis” Award for a Debut Film Jury at the 65th Venice Film Festival, comprised of Abdellatif Kechiche (President), Alice Braga, Gregory Jacobs, Donald Ranvaud, and Heidrun Schleef, has unanimously decided to award the



"Pranzo Di Ferragosto" by Gianni Di Gregorio (SIC - International Critics’ Week, Italy)

Aurelio De Laurentiis and Filmauro award a cash prize, of 100,000 USD, to the winning first film (50,000 to the director, 50,000 to the producer). To the director, an additional film voucher for 40,000 Euro will also be awarded, offered by Kodak.

Mon, 08 Sep 2008 03:13:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Venice_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=902#comments
2008 Cinema Jove Palmarés- En Espagnol http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinema_Jove/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=857#comments La película estonia Sügisball, del director Veiko Õunpuu, ha sido la ganadora de la Luna de Valencia de Oro en la sección oficial de largometrajes de la 23 edición del Festival Internacional de Cine Cinema Jove, que se clausurará hoy sábado, 28 de junio, en el Teatro Principal de Valencia con la gala de entrega de premios y la proyección de la película Shall we kiss?, de Emmanuel Mouret. En la sección oficial de cortometrajes, el principal galardón se lo llevó Fais comme chez-toi, del director Gautier About.


La cinta Sügisball (Autumn ball), del director Veiko Ounpuu, ofrece una visión poética, aunque no exenta de amargo cinismo de una Europa del este en permanente construcción. Seis personajes dispersos, agrietados y asimétricos, sobreviven en la jungla urbana de Tallin. Supone un giro de tuerca a la narración de cruce de historias y de personajes en pisos de protección oficial. Un retrato vitriólico de algunos faunos locales cincelado con el humor que llega del frío. Sügisball (Autumn ball) ha sido la ganadora de la Luna de Valencia de Oro, dotada con 18.000 euros y estatuilla, en la sección oficial de largometrajes de la 23 edición del Festival Internacional de Cine 'Cinema Jove' de Valencia. El jurado de la sección oficial de largos -integrado por Skolimowsky, Javier Salmones, Gustavo Montiel, Patricia G. Pérez, y Emmanuel Lefrant - le ha concedido el galardón a Sügisball "por su maestría en sacar de unas vidas sórdidas en una atmósfera desesperada un poderoso retrato, brillantemente actuado, de gente atrapada en sus propios sueños e ilusiones". Además, el jurado otorgó una mención especial al filme I am from Titov Veles, de la directora macedonia Teona Strugar.


En lo que respecta a la sección competitiva de cortos, para la que habían sido seleccionados 51 trabajos de 21 países, de entre los más de 600 recibidos durante la convocatoria, un segundo jurado formado por Michael Aguiló, Julia Ruszkiewicz e Ivan Fenyö concedió la Luna de Valencia de Oro, dotada con 6.000 euros y estatuilla, al trabajo Fais comme chez-toi, de la director francés Gautier About. Por su parte, la Luna de Valencia de Plata, dotada con 3.000 euros y estatuilla, fue para Auf der Strecke, del director alemán Reto Caffi, y la Luna de Valencia de Bronce, dotada con 1.800 euros y trofeo, para el corto noruego Brakkvann, de David Reiss-Andersen. Además, el jurado realizó una serie de menciones especiales a los cortos Aufrecht Stehen, de Hannah Schweier, C'est dimanche, del director Samir Guesmi y a Berni's Doll, de Yann Jovette.


Junto a los premios oficiales, también se entregaron, en el apartado de cortos, otros galardones especiales. Así, el premio Technicolor al mejor trabajo español, consistente en servicios de trabajo en ese laboratorio por valor de 3.000 euros recayó en El anónimo Caronte, de Ricard Pena Martínez; el premio Pecera Studio al mejor sonido, consistente en servicios de postproducción de audio en esa empresa por un valor de 2.404 euros, en el corto De las relaciones, de Jorge Acebo y Cristina Santiago; y el premio Sonofilm al mejor director de cortometraje de producción española, consistente en trabajos de postproducción de su siguiente obra por valor de 3.000 euros se otorgó a Primer domingo de mayo, de Iñaki Antuñado y Martín Román. Por último, el premio internacional Canal + España, consistente en la compra de los derechos para la emisión del corto en Europa, ha recaído en el filme Berni's Doll, de Yann Jovette y Gloria García, mientras el Premio Canal + Francia, que también premia al mejor cortometraje con la compra de los derechos para su emisión en Europa ha sido para Smafuglar, de Rúnar Rúnarsson.

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Award Winners Announced for the 2008 Filmfest Munchen http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Filmfest_Munchen_Munich/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=856#comments The Arri-Zeiss-Award being awarded for the first time goes to: "GOMORRHA"

Director: Matteo Garrone

Producer: Domenico Procacci


Arri-Zeiss-Award Jury Statement:

The jury awards its top prize to a film whose frightening portrait of a contemporary community transforms the familiar generic portraits of criminal life into a superbly enacted harshly realistic depiction of a modern day gomorrha. Its direction, its ensemble of creators and its fresh and original storytelling makes for a film experience that captures ones imagination as it effects our view of the everyday world.


The jury awards the ArriZeiss Award to GOMORRHA directed by Matteo Garrone and congratulates the Munich Film Festival on its accomplished and diverse program of feature films in this years international film competition.

The jury made its selection from a final nomination list of three films including Carlos Reygada's "SILENT LIGHT" and "IL DIVO" by Paolo Sorrentino and further wishes to congratulate all the filmmakers in the program and thank the Festival and its staff for their hard work and kindnesses.



Director: Valeria Gaia Germanica

Producer: Igor Tolstunov


Jury Statement:

“Adolescents can laugh and cry almost at the same time. On the surface there are sudden fierce reactions, deeper down there is an innocence, a dreamy inner world.” That’s how Russian director Valeria Gaia Germanica describes the protagonists in her film "EVERYBODY DIES BUT ME." The excellent performances by her young cast bring the world of teenage emotions to the screen with authenticity and intensity. A lot of it may appear to be a horror scenario, but the characters’ strength and determination shows that there is hope for their future.

Also nominated: "HOME" and "LOS BASTARDOS."

Tue, 01 Jul 2008 12:55:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Filmfest_Munchen_Munich/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=856#comments
The 2008 Moscow International Film Festival Announces their Award Winners http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Moscow_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=855#comments The 30th MIFF Closing ceremony took place on the 28th of June at Pushkinsky cinema hall where tyhe following awards were announced:


The main prize “Golden St.George” for the best film "Be hamin sadegi"(As Simple As That)

Director: Reza Mir Karimi (Iran)


The prize for the best film of the "Perspectives" competition and the certificate for 10000 meters of Kodak tape: "Cumbia callera" (Cumbia Connection)

Director: Rene U Villareal (Mexico)


The for the best director- Javor Gardev for "Zift" (Bulgaria)


The prize for the best actress and watch Carrera y Carrera: Margherita Buy for "Giorni e nuvole" (Days and Clouds) (Italy / Switzerland)


The prize for the best actor and watch Carrera y Carrera: "Richard Jenkins" for "The Visitor" (USA)


The special jury prize – Director Marion Laine for "Un coeur simple" (The Simple Heart) (France)


The special prize "I believe. K. Stanislavsky" for the outstanding achievement in the career of acting: Isabelle Huppert (France)

Tue, 01 Jul 2008 12:18:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Moscow_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=855#comments
Another Successful Year for the 2008 Edinburgh Film Festival Closes with Award Winners Announced http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Edinburgh_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=854#comments The 62nd EIFF concluded with today's awards ceremony which saw "Somers Town" winning the Michael Powell Award, and Robert Carlyle walking away as best actor for his performance in Summer.


Bittersweet drama "Somers Town" scooped EIFF’s top prize this year at today’s awards ceremony presented by patron Sir Sean Connery.


The Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film quadrupled in value this year.


The Michael Powell Jury, led by actor Danny Huston, recognized Shane Meadows' latest as “the freshest, most imaginative maverick work, deserving of the Award.”


“After viewing an impressive selection of films and a long deliberation we, the Jury, unanimously agreed that the award would go to 'Somers Town.'”


The prestigious PPG Award for Best Performance in a British Feature Film was handed to the multifaceted Robert Carlyle for his striking rendering of a man in conflict with his past in Summer. The Jury commended his work as “a flawless performance in a great, uncompromising film that touches the heart.”


The champion that emerged from the historically hefty documentary strand was Werner Herzog’s "Encounters at the End of the World." The Best Documentary Award Jury, chaired by Seamus McGarvey, commented: “the documentaries competing for this award were, in many cases, exemplary.”


“It was a powerful shortlist of contrasting styles and experience, but in the end there was one film which we all agreed was the outstanding entry, a poetic vision but one with an unflinching gaze focusing on an area which should concern us all.”


But it was another documentary that won over the public’s heart and the Standard Life Audience Award.


"Man on Wire," directed by James Marsh, is a thrilling reconstruction of daredevil Philippe Petit’s scheme to walk a high-wire strung between the twin towers of the former World Trade Centre.


Its first European screening on Thursday received a standing ovation and it was with equal enthusiasm that its audiences rewarded the film in their votes.


See below for the full list of award winners.


Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film sponsored by the UK Film Council:

"Somers Town"

Director: Shane Meadows


PPG Award for Best Performance in a British Feature Film

Robert Carlyle for "Summer"


Standard Life Audience Award: "Man on Wire"

Director: James Marsh


Best Documentary Award: "Encounters at the End of the World"

Director: Werner Herzog


Skillset New Directors Award: Marianna Palka for "Good Dick"


UK Film Council Award for Best British Short Film: "Son" Director: Daniel Mulloy


European Film Academy Short Film 2008 – Prix UIP: "2 Birds"

Director: Rúnar Rúnarsson


Scottish Short Documentary Award supported by Baillie Gifford: "Christmas with Dad"

Director: Conor McCormack


McLaren Award for New British Animation in partnership with BBC Film Network: "Space Travel According to John" Director: Jamie Stone & Anders Jedenfors


Mirrorball Best British Music Video Award: "Happiness" by Goldfrapp

Director: Dougal Wilson

Tue, 01 Jul 2008 12:11:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Edinburgh_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=854#comments
The 48th Edition of the Rose d'Or festival Announced Eight Coveted Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Rose_dOr_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=853#comments The 48th edition of the Rose d’Or Festival of Lucerne,

Switzerland closed with the presentation of the coveted eight Golden Roses Awards. They were presented to the winners by leading Swiss personalities, including Freddy

Burger, chairman of Freddy Burger Management, which owns the rights to the Rose d’Or Festival, and Swiss-native Kiera Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, who presented the award for Best Entertainer. Well-known Dutch comedian and musical virtuoso Hans Liberg hosted the evening.


Urban Frye, festival director, presented Ben Silverman, co-chairman, NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, with the 2008 Honorary Rose. “The winner of this award is carefully considered by the Rose d'Or organization and presented to someone who is renowned in the industry for their contribution to television,” Frye said. “ Ben Silverman has transformed the television business model and is continually pushing the boundaries of this ever-expanding medium. Ben personifies this award and I am delighted to present him with the 2008 Honorary Rose.”


The Festival received a new record of 402 programs, entered by 181 companies across 34 countries. From these, a pre-selection jury nominated 75 programs from 55 companies and 19 countries to compete in their respective categories.


A high-profile group of 19 jury members narrowed this field to the top winners in each of the following eight categories: Arts Documentary, Comedy, Drama, Sitcom, Entertainment, Game Show, Performing Arts, and Reality. Special Awards were presented for Best Entertainer and Best of 2008.


“This year's programs were of exceptional quality, which presented our international jurors with a challenging task. However, the caliber of entries proves not only that the Rose d'Or is back at the heart of European creativity, but also that it is possible to create programs with cross-cultural and cross-generational appeal,” Frye added.


The winners are as follows:



“Strictly Bolshoi” (76-minute documentary film)

Production Company: Ballet Boyz Productions Ltd. - UK

Broadcaster/Distributor: Channel 4 – UK

This intimate and thrilling film follows the world’s most sought-after ballet choreographer, Christopher Wheeldon, as he becomes the first Englishman to be invited to create a new work for the legendary Bolshoi Ballet.



“Kombat Opera Presents…” (30-minute comedy series)

Production Company: Avalon Television - UK

Broadcaster/Distributor: BBC – UK

“Kombat Opera Presents…” is a cross-genre format in which a cast of opera singers parody major television formats. It's an inspired idea that opens the door to a whole new genre: culture-clash TV.



“Skins” (60-minute series)

Production Company: Company Pictures / Storm Dog Films - UK

Broadcaster/Distributor: E4 – UK

“Skins” is an offbeat comedy/drama series about a group of teenagers who push boundaries, both at home and abroad. The action is enhanced by an irreverent comedic approach, which in no way reduces its emotional impact.



In the drama category a special mention was given to:

“The Street II” (60-minute series)

Production Company: Granada Productions - UK

Broadcaster/Distributor: BBC - UK

“The Street II”, now in its second season, follows the lives of the various residents of one street in the northern English city of Manchester.



“Hider In The House” (60-minute series)

Production Company: Eyeworks - NL

Broadcaster/Distributor: BBC 2 – UK

“Hider In The House” is a hilarious and engaging children's hidden-camera show. The series pits the wits of children against their parents as they attempt to hide a celebrity in their house for an entire weekend.



“Power Of 10” (43-minute game show)

Production Company: Embassy Row - US

Broadcaster/Distributor: Sony Pictures Television Int. – UK

"Power of 10" is a high stakes, adrenaline-filled game show that tests contestants’ knowledge of public thinking and opinion. This primetime studio game show uses questions based on large-scale professional polling results on a range of issues from politics to pop culture.



Mozart’s Magic Flute-Onstage and Backstage (207-minute special)

Production Company: tpc tv productioncenter zurich - CH

Broadcaster/Distributor: SF Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss Television) - CH

An innovative television program, the action centres on a performance of Mozart’s Magic Flute, conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt and directed by Marin Kusej at Zurich Opera House shows. The show is aired live from two parallel perspectives, simultaneously on two different TV channels: front stage on SF 1 and backstage on SF 2.



“The Phone” (40-minute film)

Production Company: Park Lane TV Productions - NL

Broadcaster/Distributor: Park Lane TV Productions - NL

The Phone is a movie — a movie played in daily life, with daily people who compete unknowingly, but willingly. The plot features two protagonists caught in a world no one knew existed; a parallel world that is all around us, but only visible to those who pick up `The Phone`.



“The IT Crowd” (25-minute series)

Production Company: talkbackTHAMES - UK

Broadcaster/Distributor: Channel 4 – UK

An office IT department is the setting of this sitcom. But far from being the second-class citizens of the corporate world, these IT guys are the heroes of this business.


In addition, special prizes were also awarded to:



“Peter Serafinowicz” (30-minute)

The Peter Serafinowicz Show

Production Company: Objective Productions/Hey Hey Hey Ltd. - UK

Broadcaster/Distributor: BBC - UK

Star of “The Peter Serafinowicz Show”, Peter is well-known UK comic actor, voice artist and composer. Through his impressions of familiar faces, Peter creates a world in which the likes of Al Pacino and Simon Cowell mingle with his own quirky creations, such as an impressively incompetent private investigator.


BEST OF 2008

“Kombat Opera Presents…” (30-minute comedy series)

Production Company: Avalon Television - UK

Broadcaster/Distributor: BBC – UK

“Kombat Opera Presents…” is a cross-genre format in which a cast of opera singers parody major television formats. It's an inspired idea that opens the door to a whole new genre: culture-clash TV.

Tue, 01 Jul 2008 11:56:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Rose_dOr_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=853#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2008 Skeive Filmer Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Skeive_Filmer_Oslo_Gay/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=852#comments With a successful end to another great year in Oslo, Skeive Filmer Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival enjoyed expanded audience and illustrious guests who were also responsible for making the festival a great event; Brent Gorski and Jay Brannan came over with "Holding Trevor", and Alan Cumming came over with his film "Ghost Writer" (aka "Suffering Man's Charity.")


The Jury prize winners were:

Best Feature / Documentary: "FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO"

Director: Daniel G. Karslake (USA)

Best Feature is awarded € 1000



Director: USE (Eusebio Pastrana)



Director: Jamie Travis (CANADA)

Best Short is awarded € 500



Director: Eirik Andreas Sandaker (NORWAY)


The Audience Awards:



Director: Sijie Dai (FRANCE/CANADA)



Director: Stuart Vauvert (AUSTRALIA)

Mon, 30 Jun 2008 01:35:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Skeive_Filmer_Oslo_Gay/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=852#comments
Awards of the 2008 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Stuttgart_Festival_of_Animated_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=849#comments INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION


Grand Prix- State Of Baden-Wuerttemberg And City Of Stuttgart Grand Award For Animated Film:

“Franz Kafka Inaka Isha” (Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor)

By Koji Yamamura

Japan 2007

Producers: Mariko Seto, Fumi Teranishi

Production: Yamamura Animation, Shochiku

World Sales: Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Prize: 15,000 Euros


International Promotion Award / Award For Best Graduation Film: “Camera Obscura”

By Matthieu Buchalski, Jean-Michel Drechsler, Thierry Onillon

France 2007

Production: Supinfocom Valenciennes

World Sales: Premium Films

Prize: 10,000 Euros


Special Mention:

“Milk Teeth”

By Tibor Banoczki

Great Britain 2007

Producer: Anna Higgs

Production: National Film And Television School


SWR Audience Award:

“Isabelle Au Bois Dormant” (Sleeping Betty)

By Claude Cloutier

Canada 2007

Producer: Marcel Jean

Production/ World Sales: National Film Board Of Canada

6,000 Euros, Sponsored By Südwestrunfunk SWR


Special Award: Music For Animation:

“Hezurbeltzak, Una Fosa Comun” (Hezurbeltzak, A Common Grave)

By Iziben Onederra

Spain 2007

Producer: Pello Gutierrez

Music: Xaber Erkizia

World Sales: Kimuak

5,000 Euros, Sponsored By The Gema Foundation




Award For Best Student Film:


By Peque Varela

Great Britain 2007

Producer: Gavin Humphries / National Film And Television School

Prize: 2,500 Euros, Sponsored By The Landesanstalt Für Kommunikation Baden-Württemberg


Special Mention:


By Jörg Weidner, Anke Späth

Germany 2007

Production: Hochschule Für Bildende Künste Hamburg




Award For Best Children’s Animated Film:

“The Curse Of The Skull Rock”

By Ben Smith

Great Britain 2007

Producer: Ben Smith

Production: Red Star Studio Ltd.

World Sales: Attraction Media & Entertainment

Prize: 4,000 Euros, Sponsored By Nick


Special Mention:

“The Wrong Trainers”

By Kez Margrie

Great Britain 2006

Production: BBC

World Sales: Slinky Pictures


“Was Denkst Du Über: Liebe?”

By Karsten Killerich

Germany, Denmark, Ireland 2007

Producers: Anders Mastrup, Ralph Christian

Production: Wdr, Magma Films, A. Film

World Sales: Bavaria Media Television




Award For Best Animated Feature Film:

“Slipp Jimmy Fri” (Free Jimmy)

By Christopher Nielsen

Norway, Great Britain 2006

Producers: Lars Andreas Hellebust, Lars Tømmerbakke, Bill Godfrey

Production: Storm Studio

World Sales: The Works International

Prize: 2,500 Euros




Award For Best TV Animated Series

“Hairy Scary: No. 33”

By Wolf-Rüdiger Bloss

France, Germany 2007

Producers: Christian Davin, Clément Calvet

Production / World Sales: Alphanim

Prize: 2,500 Euros Sponsored By Em. Entertainment




Award For The Best German Language Screenplay For A Feature-Length Animated Film:

“Der Letzte Neandertaler” (The Last Neanderthal Man)

Author: John Chambers

Prize: 5,000 Euros Donated By The Evangelical Church In Germany

Fri, 27 Jun 2008 01:19:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Stuttgart_Festival_of_Animated_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=849#comments
2008 Awards Winners Announced for the backup festival in new media http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/backup_festival_in_new_media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=848#comments 1. Place: "Nijuman No Borei"

R/D: Jean-Gabriel Periot | P: Jean-Gabriel Periot | F 2007 | 10' 00''


2. Place: "X.Pression"

R/D: Laurie Thinot | P: Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Arts Decos | F 2007 |3' 20''


3. Place: "Apple & Ei"

R/D: Ahmet Tas | P: Ahmet Tas | D 2007 | 6' 00''


Audience award: "Nijuman No Borei"

R/D: Jean-Gabriel Periot | P: Jean-Gabriel Periot | F 2007 | 10' 00''




1. Place: "Grand Pas de Deux Gitarrenklasse UdK Berlin"

R/D: Magdalena Kallenberger | D 2007 | 4' 33''


1. Place: "Daisy / Feeding your back ­ TZII"

R/D: 1n0ut Crew | D 2008 | 5' 00''


2. Place: "Balldate ­ Douglas Greed"

R/D: Florian Licht | D 2007 | 4' 00'' | Label: Combination Records


backup.(non)commercial award


1. Place: "Louis Maurice Armbanduhren"

R/D: Kenji Ouellet | P: Kenji Ouellet | D 2008 | 1' 30''


Salve Click-Award (online): "Shake your City"

R/D: M.Gerlach& J. Benzing | P: H.Feil | D 2007 | 1' 22''

Fri, 27 Jun 2008 12:50:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/backup_festival_in_new_media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=848#comments
The 2008 Taormina FilmFest Award Winners http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Taormina_FilmFest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=845#comments GOLDEN TAURO FOR THE BEST FILM IN COMPETITION: “EIN SHAMS” (Eye of the Sun)

Directed by: Ibrahim El Batout



Directed by: SEYFI TEOMAN.



Directed by: Branko Djuric.



Directed by: Francesco Sperandeo.

Fri, 27 Jun 2008 11:28:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Taormina_FilmFest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=845#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2008 Message to Man International Documentary, Short and Animated http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Message_to_Man_Intl_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=844#comments To award the “Golden Centaur” Grand Prix and 5000 USD for the best Festival film: HOW I AM

Directors: Ingrid Demetz, Caroline Leitner (Italy)


To award the Prize “Centaur” and 2000 USD for the best full length documentary film: "ALONE IN FOUR WALLS"

Director: Alexandra Westmeier (Germany)


To award the Prize “Centaur” and 2000 USD for the best short documentary film: 52 PERCENT

Director: Rafal Skalski (Poland)


To award the Prize “Centaur” and 2000 USD for the best short fiction film: 2 BIRDS

Director: Runar Runarsson (Iceland)


To award the Prize “Centaur” and 2000 USD for the best animation film: HOUSE OF SMALL CUBES

Director: Kunio Kato (Japan)


To award a Diploma to the film: UP THE YANTZE

Director: Yung Chang (Canada)


To award a Diploma to the film: ON ALL DAYS

Director: Mikhail Zhdanovsky (Belarus)


To award a Diploma to the film: TELL YOUR CHILDREN

Director: Andras Salamon (Hungary)


To award a Diploma to the film: DON ROBERTO’S SHADE

Directors Juan Diego Spoerer, Hakan Engstrom



To award a Diploma to the film: IN SCALE

Directors: Marina Moshkova (Russia)


To award a Diploma to the film: MADAME TUTLI-PUTLI

Directors Chris Lavis, Maciek Szczerbowski (Canada)

Fri, 27 Jun 2008 11:15:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Message_to_Man_Intl_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=844#comments
The 2008 International Festival GOLDEN PRAGUE Awards Announced http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Television_GOLDEN_PRAGUE/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=842#comments Prize of the Dagmar and Vaclav Havel foundation "VISION 97": Daria Klimentova, "Around the World en Pointe"


Martin Kubala’s documentary film captures the world of this outstanding European dancer with deep human understanding but without preconceived stereotypes. He does not demonize the drudgery of the ballet profession, nor does he fall for other similar cliches. The basic theme is the swift passage of time, and Daria Klimentova escapes from it by taking a rational approach to managing family and work relations and to expanding her professional activities. The documentary has an unobtrusive but profound mission which avoids preaching and formulating but instead offers an example of a life lived to the full. And all this against the background of the highly stylized world of classical ballet.


Czech Television Prize: "Liverpool Nativity"

BBC Classical Music Television, Velka Britanie/United Kingdom Coproducers


Television Programme Liverpool Nativity does a fabulous job of linking the long tradition of popular music in Liverpool with one of the most wonderful stories of all times, one that has just as much relevance today as it did 2000 years ago. The creators succeeded in producing a sensitive but unsentimentalized update making marvellous use of current television techniques.


Czech Crystal- Category 2: Documentary programs dedicated to music and dance:

"The Maestro Maker – Jorma Panula and his Finnish Conducting School"


With a fresh narrative and sense of humour, this documentary offers an insight into the work of the unique teacher Jorma Panula who has spawned an entire generation of young Finnish conductors and whose goal is to encourage students to develop individuality rather than creating clones of himself. The skillful editing greatly contributed to what the jury felt was a natural, free-flowing and very enjoyable film.


Czech Crystal- Category 2: Documentary programmes dedicated to music and dance:

Herbert von Karajan – "Maestro for the Screen"

Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images GmbH, Rakousko/Austria Coproducers: Rundfunk Berlin- Brandenburg, ARTE, Bayerischer Rundfunk


The makers of the documentary about the relation of conductor Herbert von Karajan to the film and television have managed to express the principal themes and issues regarding the relationship between classical music and television. At the same time the film provides valuable historical and nostalgic insight into the era when money was not the decisive limit for shooting the outstanding performers of their time.


Czech Crystal- Category 3: Musical drama (opera, operetta, musical, dance, ballet etc.): "Tristan und Isolde"

Opus Arte, Velka Britanie/ United Kingdom

Koproducenti/Coproducers: Hans Petri, Ference van Damme, James Whitbourn


Grand Prix GOLDEN PRAGUE: "Ballad for Edvard Grieg"

NRK Program riks Bergen, Norway

Coproducers: SVT YLE/FST


The Grand Prix of this year's Golden Prague Festival goes to The Ballad for Edvard Grieg because of its overall excellence. It is the successful attempt to reach the heart of a masterpiece, the Ballad in G-minor.

Fri, 27 Jun 2008 10:33:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Television_GOLDEN_PRAGUE/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=842#comments
Arcipelago 2008: The Winners Announced! http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Arcipelago_Intl_Festival_Short_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=841#comments All the awarded fims at ARCIPELAGO 2008:



International Short Films and New Images Competition


Best Short Film: "Tony Zoreil"

Directed by Valentin Potier - France


Special Jury Award: "Don Robertos Skugga"

Directed by Håkan Engström/Juan Diego Spoerer - Sweden


Best Digital Short Film: "1977"

Directed by Peque Varela - United Kingdom


Best European Short Film: "Styri"

Directed by Ivana Sebestova - Slovakia


Special Mention of the Jury: "Mompelaar"

Directed by Marc Roels/Wim Reygaert - Belgium


Special Mention of the Jury: "Alumbramiento"

Directed by Eduardo Chapero-Jackson - Spain



National Short Films Competition


Best Short Film: "Clandestínas"

Directed by Silvia Chiogna


Special Prize of the Jury: "Il torneo"

Directed by Michele Alhaique


Kodak Award for the Best Cinematography: Giovanni Galasso for "Bab al Samah" by Francesco Sperandeo


Special Mention of the Jury for the entire cast of

"François" by Iacopo Zanon/Dario Gorini


Special Mention of the Jury: Giuseppe Cederna

for "Veglia" by Michele Rho


Special Mention of the Jury: Lidia Vitale

for "Io non esisto" by Lorenzo Sportello


Film & TV Editors Association Award for the Best Young Editor: Andrea Maguolo

for "Il torneo" by Michele Alhaique



National Documentaries Competition


Best Documentary: "Non tacere"

Directed by Fabio Grimaldi


Special Prize of the Jury: "Un volto tra la folla"

Directed by Stella Gasparri


Special Mention of the Jury: "Anni spietati"

Directed by Igor Mendolia



Regional Competition


Best Video: "Dov'è la giraffa?"

Directed by Veronica Flora

Thu, 26 Jun 2008 01:00:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Arcipelago_Intl_Festival_Short_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=841#comments
Jury Statements and Award WInners for the 2008 Norwegian Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Norwegian_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=840#comments INTERNATIONAL AWARDS

Members of the international jury was Iris Olsson (Finland), Maike Mia Höhne (Germany), Dieter Wiezcorek (France), Juhani Alanen (Finland) and Olga Konskaya (Russia).



PRIX UIP GRIMSTAD and 2000 euro for best European Short Film went to FIRE (Uguns), director Laila Pakalnina (Latvia). The winner is automatically nominated for the European Film Academy Short Film 2008.

Jury’s statement:

"For its dense and metaphoric imagery, the precision of film language and skilfully created important allusions to recent history of Europe. This film treats in a brilliant and humoresque style the traumatisms and absurdities on the way to cultural self-identity."



GRAND PRIX GRIMSTAD of 2500 euro for best film in international competition was this year presented to the film THREE OF US, director Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni (India).

Jury’s statement:

"THREE OF US changes our view on a strongly disabled person from rejection to adoration and fascination in 15 minutes. It’s a film showing a family in rather difficult living condition not only finding their way of surviving, but inviting us to participate in their cosmos, characterized by a poesy of daily life in which every act seems meaningful and every gesture has its grace. Every scene has its signification inspired by an inner beauty and quietness, which we can only adore from far."


Honorary mentions went to

MERELY A SMELL (Moujarad Raiha), director Maher Abi Samra (Lebanon)

Jury’s statement:

"The film unravels in a poetic and filmic way the daily work, which has to be done in between the bombings. Few images and even less sound takes us inside of a routine in which in the end the car is always too small to carry so many coffins."


FAWN, director Christoph Rainer (Austria)

Jury’s statement:

"FAWN is a frightening look in the unconscious mental world, where reality is not represented but transformed by the human mind in a field of strange and often painful evocations of something, which we never can know, because we are existing in it."


I met the walrus, director Josh Raskin (Canada).

Jury’s statement:

"This short animation allows us to time travel to thoughts and statements we should not forget. Do it for peace!"



The jury for the Norwegian Short Film catagory was Unni Straume (Norway), Anna Karin Rynander (Sweden), Hilde Malme (Norway), Andres Mänd (Estonia) and Gunnar Germundsson (Norway).


General statement from the jury:

"The jury has emphasized form, willingness and ability to communicate a story that engages and which is suitable for the short film format, so that the piece of work stands independently in its own form. It is often the case that one has to make a lot of film to nurture good quality. We have noted that there is by large a lot of creativity and imagination out there. But our general impression is that there is a tendency towards a preference to create film rather than communicating a message.


We wish to point out to general tendencies. Many and strong submissions from female directors as well as a surprising number of good animation films."



THE GOLDEN CHAIR of 50 000 kroner went this year to BYGNINGSARBEIDERE, director Kajsa Næss. The award is presented by the Norwegian Film Institute.

Jury’s statement:

"The film has an elegant and dynamic use of animation. Good casting and convincing acting with first hand conversation about issues of existence set in relation to a world in chaos and dissolution. The film is surprising, entertaining and thought provoking."



TERJE VIGEN-AWARD went to the film SUNDAY MORNINGS, director Jannicke Låker. The award is a bronze statute by Harald Ordeam, and presented by Grimstad City Council.

Jury’s statement:

"A tragic but comical story about tenderness and shocking honesty. A pure commentary about a culture and a time where the price of freedom is loneliness."


Honorary mentions went to:

VARDE, director Hanne Larsen

Jury’s statement:

"A gripping film about a child where status in the local boys gang affects a friendship. The film ends in one of the festival’s most tainted looks that sums up the gravity of the betrayal."


TYVSTART, director Leiv Igor Devold

Jury’s statement:

"An intimate and distrubing drama filled with authentic life, carried forward by strong acting."


XY, director David Reiss-Andersen

Jury’s statement:

"An intense and threatening game in an exciting study where time is dissolved."



Jury members for Norwegian documentary film was Even Benestad (Norway), Nazneen Khan-Østrem (Norway) and Eva Færevåg (Norway).


General statement from the jury:

"The pre-selected jury summed up this year’s impressions on documentary film production in three simple words: "Content over form."


That’s ok, but let us not makes it too simple.

In these thirteen productions we have seen material which has not been fully worked on, without vision or musicality, rendering the films’ potential unexploited.

We have also seen a tendency to overwork the material that clouds and distances our proximity to the characters.


Even so, we would like to thank you for the films you have made. This is good work. Norwegian documentary film has lifted its vision and is now able to work on complex themes. Global and universal issues are now found in Norwegian documentary film. We are able to work with close proximity without being narrow minded and with feeling without letting our emotions get the best of us…..


And so to the two films we have decided to honor and award. The films are very different, but what they have in common is that both directors have entered into long processes and developed relations to their characters but at the same time made conscious decisions about form which have made the films into great art.


Both films can communicate to a large audience and we wish we could issue out money to get these films extensively distributed.”


THE DOCUMENTARY FILM AWARD of 50 000 kroner for best documentary film goes to BLOD & ÆRE, director Håvard Bustnes. The award is presented by NRK.

Jury’s statement:

”The winner is in a class of it’s own. The director and his staff area ble to create associations and not conclusions. He is able to see and communicate and build relations, and changes us as viewers. The film masters the art of simplicity and all encompassing, which is something common for all great filming. We are taken into a rich universe with several layers – at the same time as the film creator approaches his characters with deep respect and generosity.


This is touching, funny and important. This director creates unforgettable film scenes and develops his main character."


Honorary mentions goes to LYKKENS GRODE, director Karoline Grindaker and Hilde Kjøs


Jury’s statement:

”We would like to honor this film because the directors have managed to create a gripping drama out of silence, distance and longing. We are witnesses to a family drama where two women fight a silent battle for their existence with themselves and each other. At the same time we witness a documentation of a Norwegian life style which is unknown to many, but is still familiar."





Jury: Morten Skallerud, Kari Nytrø and Emil Trier

THE NORWEGIAN FILM WORKERS ASSOCIATION AWARD of 10 000 kroner went to Jannicke Johansen for her production design in the film EXISTO

Jury’s statement:

"The winner has through her craftsmanship managed to visualize an idea beyond the ordinary. The jury is impressed with how she has managed to create a believable elk fetus and an elk uterus throughout different stages. The illusion is perfect where the imagery reminds us of Lennart Nilssons photography of the human fetus.

The production design on Existo gives the project a wholesome unity and creates an interesting film."



Jury: Monica Boracco Borring and Stein Ståle Berg.

The Norwegian Play Writers’ Assocation Award the THE HOUR GLASS of 10 000 kroner for best script went to Krzystof Sliwka for his script for the film TYVSTART.

Jury’s statement:

"The Norwegian Play Writers’ Association jury has taken notice to film willing to address difficult issues. The writer demonstrates an eye for dramatic refinement and an ability to move his audience. With insight and warmth, he builds his characters that grip us from the first scene. This year’s manuscript goes to a story about regaining what is lost, about reconciliation with the past and about courage to move forward alone."


Honorary mention is given to:

Kathinka Nicolaysen for the script for the film OH MY GOD!

Jury’s statement:

”The jury would like to honour a story that with wit and warmth seduces it’s audience. We are taken into the inner most secret room behind locked doors, and given a close and tender story about young girls awakending. Silverware will never be the same after this.”


Helene Torp for the script for the film Tro, håp og ærlighet.

Jury’s statement:

”The jury would like to focus on a story that challenges us with its play with conventional form and content. The ego meets reality in a witty and intelligent story about a marriage’s growth and fall. Helen Torp receives an honorary mention for the film Tro, håp og ærlighet."


THE ”FILMPOLITIETS” SHORT FILM AWARD of 10 000 went to EG SER DEG, EG SER DEG, director Chris Erichsen.



Jury: Cornelia Boysen, Roy Anderson and Espen Skjetne.

THE TALENT AWARD BY NORDIC FILM went to the script writer and director Kjersti Steinsbø photographer Anna Myking.

Jury’s statement:

”Our goal is to help newly established young film creators to start a new short production, where we present our whole apparatus to the winners’ disposition for their next short film project, from developing their idea to the finished film and distribution.

We wish to encourage long standing relations and keep searching for collaborations we think are interesting and think should be given the opportunity to develop even further.

This year the award goes to two women who have collaborated together on no less than two films in this year’s festival program. The films are made with confident direction and precise photography as well a strong desire to communicate something to the audience. This is carried through with humor, precision and a hint of dissolution, and we look forward to following this collaboration further."



The MUSIC VIDEO AWARD of 15 000 kroner is presented by the record industry’s interest organisations IFPI og FONO and was awarded to the music video RUNDT OG RUNDT, director Emilia Danilovic for Herreløse.

Jury’s statement:

"A well directed race in one single take. A nice presence by the characters and an organic unity. Rhythm and drive in the music is mirrored in the camera’s movement."



Jury: Aleksander Huser, Le LD Nguyen and Britt Sørensen.

THE FILM CRITIC AWARD for best Norwegian short film competing went to SUNDAY MORNINGS, director Jannicke Låker.


Honorary mention went to MEIN STAMPF, director Martine Grande.


Jury’s statement:

"We wish to first mention a small and light documentary about large and tragic events, which gave the jury an appetite for animated dance documentaries. Honorary mentions goes to Mein Stampf or the Danceshow of the Last Century by Martine Grande.

Our winner also consists of a sort of dance. It is a solid and complete film that tells the story about a well known morning ritual that awakens both laughter and horror. Whilst the world is being conquered by sex and single life in Manhatten, it is liberating to be taken into the dark sides of single life in Berlin. The Norwegian Film Critics Award 2008 goes to Sunday Mornings by Jannicke Låker."


THE AUDIENCE AWARD is a distrubtion deal through the DVD-collection ”Norsk Kort 008” (Norwegian Film Institute. This year the award goes to the film LITEN KNUTE by Kjersti Steinsbø. The winner is voted on by the Short Film Festival audience.

Thu, 26 Jun 2008 12:40:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Norwegian_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=840#comments
The 2008 Midnight Film Festival Wraps! http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Midnight_Sun_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=838#comments This year Midnight Sun Film Festival was attended by a distinguished slate of guests and masters of cinema; including Czech-born, double Oscar winning director MILOS FORMAN, celebrated Russian director ANDREI KONCHALOVSKY, American cult actor SEYMOUR CASSEL, who belonged to director John Cassavetes’ centre actors and actor LASSE PÖYSTI, one of the brightest stars of Finnish cinema.


The guests of the younger generation were the Estonian director VEIKO ÕUNPUU and actor RAIN TOLK, also from Estonia, French director SERGE BOZON, who conquered the audience with the unique war film La France and Norwegian director NILS GAUP, who’s latest film Kautokeino Rebellion told the story of one of the most dramatic episodes of Sami history.


Accomploished Finnish filmmakers and actors were also in attendance, such as Directors JOUKO AALTONEN, ARTO HALONEN, DOME KARUKOSKI, MARI RANTASILA and MIIKA SOINI and actors ANNI-KRISTIINA JUUSO, RIA KATAJA and KARI VÄÄNÄNEN presented their films to full auditoriums. The selection of past year’s Finnish films reach its climax in the premiere of Miika Soini’s touching debut film Thomas, starring Lasse Pöysti.


As in years past, the master class screenings continued to be a success amongst the festival audience. In the presentations following the master class screening the French professors JEAN-LOUIS LEUTRAT and SUZANNE LIANDRAT-GUIGUES, famous for their essays of cinema aesthetics, gave an unforgettable insight to the film classics such Howard Hawks’ western Rio Bravo, Alan Resnais’ poetic comedy Private Fears in Public Places and to the work of director Jean-Luc Godard.


Attendees enthusiastically greeted festival director Peter von Bagh at the Morning discussions. With the inspiring introduction from Peter von Bagh this year’s guests Lasse Pöysti, Seymour Cassel, Milos Forman and Andrei Konchalovsky shared their thoughts on life and films offering a unique chance to get inside the minds of these four masters.


During its 23-year-old history Midnight Sun Film Festival has produced nearly sixty silent film screenings accompanied with live music. This being unarguable notable cultural contribution also in the international scale. This year Midnight Sun Film Festival had two silent film screenings, which received standing applause from the festival audience. With the intriguing sound world Finnish group Cleaning Women accompanied the Russian cult classic Aelita directed by Yakov Prozanov. Otto Donner and his orchestra combined jazz and urban sounds in a masterly manner in the interpretation of King Vidor’s classic The Crowd, which moved the audience to tears.


Since the year 1986 Midnight Sun Film Festival has given a special acknowledgement to individuals, who have made an important contribution to Finnish film culture. This year the 21st Sodankylä-award was given to Raimo Silius, a central figure in the field of Finnish festival scene.

Wed, 25 Jun 2008 03:38:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Midnight_Sun_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=838#comments
2008 Prizewinners for the Annecy Animation Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Annecy_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=832#comments Short films:

The Annecy Cristal: "La maison en petits cubes"

Directed by: Kunio Kato

Country : Japan

Year :2008

Running time :12 mn 03 s


Special distinction: "Berni's Doll"

Directed by: Yann J.

Country : France

Year : 2007

Running time : 11 mn 30 s


Special distinction: "Morana"

Directed by: Simon Bogojevic Narath

Country: Croatia, France

Year : 2008

Running time: 12 mn 40 s


Junior Jury Award for a short film: "La maison en petits cubes"

Directed by: Kunio Kato

Country : Japan

Year :2008

Running time: 12 mn 03 s


Audience Award: "Skhizein"

Directed by: Jérémy Clapin

Country: France

Year: 2007

Running time: 13 mn 40 s


FIPRESCI award: "Ona koja mjeri"

Directed by: Veljko Popovic

Country: Croatia

Year: 2008

Running time: 06 mn 50 s


Jean-Luc Xiberras award for a first film: "Portraits ratés à Sainte-Hélène"

Directed by: Cédric Villain

Country: France

Year: 2007

Running time: 07 mn 15 s


Sacem Award: "KJFG No 5"

Directed by: Alexei Alexeev

Country: Hungary

Year: 2007

Running time: 02 mn 10 s


Jury's special award: "La dama en el umbral"

Directed by: Jorge Dayas

Country: Spain

Year: 2007

Running time: 14 mn 20 s


Feature films:


The Cristal for best feature: "Sita Sings the Blues"

Directed by: Nina Paley

Country: United States

Year: 2008

Running time: 01 h 22 mn 00 s


Special distinction: "Idiots & Angels"

Directed by: Bill Plympton

Country: United States

Year: 2008

Running time: 01 h 18 mn 00 s


Audience award: "Die Drei Räuber"

Directed by: Hayo Freitag

Country : Germany

Year: 2007

Running time: 01 h 19 mn 00 s


TV series:


The Cristal for best TV production: Moot Moot "L'enfer de la mode"

Directed by: François Reczulski

Country: France

Year: 2007

Running time: 13 mn 00 s


Special award for a TV series: Talented Mouse "Catnip", "Pest Controller", "Oasis"

Directed by: Leigh Hodgkinson

Country: Great Britain

Year: 2007

Running time: 04 mn 30 s


TV specials:


TV special award: "Engel zu Fuss"

Directed by: Saschka Unseld, Jakob Schuh

Country: Germany

Year: 2008

Running time: 06 mn 00 s


Advertising films:


Educationnal, scientific or industrial film award: Bibigon "Factually Fun Idents X 9"

Directed by: Steve Smith

Country: Great Britain

Year: 2007

Running time: 03 mn 00 s


Advertising or promotional film award: Sony Bravia "Play-Doh"

Directed by: Frank Budgen, Darren Walsh

Country: Great Britain

Year: 2007

Running time: 01 mn 30 s


Music video:


Award for best music video: Annuals "Dry Clothes"

Directed by: Trunk Animation

Country: Great Britain

Year: 2007

Running time: 03 mn 20 s


Graduation films:


Special distinction: "Le voyageur"

Directed by: Johan Pollefoort

Country: Belgium

Year: 2007

Running time: 06 mn 20 s


CANAL+FAMILY Award for a graduation film: "Oktapodi"

Directed by: Julien Bocabeille, François-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier, Emud Mokhberi

Country: France

Year: 2007

Running time: 02 mn 27 s


Junior Jury Award for a graduation film: "Margot"

Directed by: Gerlando Infuso

Country: Belgium

Year: 2007

Running time: 11 mn 00 s


Award for best graduation film: "Camera obscura"

Directed by: Gerlando Infuso

Country: Belgium

Year: 2007

Running time: 11 mn 00 s


Jury's special award: "My Happy End"

Directed by: Milen Vitanov

Country: Germany, Bulgaria

Year: 2007

Running time: 05 mn 10 s


Unicef award: "Hugh"

Directed by: Mathieu Navarro, Sylvain Nouveau, François Pommiez , Aurore Turbe

Country: France

Year: 2007

Running time: 08 mn 55 s

Wed, 25 Jun 2008 12:39:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Annecy_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=832#comments
Award Winners for the 2008 NUFF Global Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/NUFF_Global_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=830#comments Best film in age group A 15-17:

"A Lucky Day"

Director by Magnus Bertelsen from Denmark


The jury’s comment:

“A Lucky Day stood out as a good example of cinematographic storytelling, giving the audience the opportunity to interpret the story, leaving the viewer with different experiences of space and time.”


Best film in age group B 18-20: "Klasskamrater"

Director by Victor Lindgren form Sweden


The jury’s comment:

”Klasskamrater manages to tackle a sensitive subject matter, giving an indebt understanding of the emotional aspects of bullying and the shortcomings of adults in helping resolve this matter. The filmmaker places the viewer in the middle of the conflict instead of being just a spectator.”


Best film in age group C 21-25: "Life Worth Living"

Director by Eirik Svensson from Finnland


The jury’s comment:

”Life Worth Living demonstrates a very talented use of form, bringing out the beauty of everyday situations and thoughts through the carful choice of aesthetics. And does so with a great deal of humor!”


The best Nordic youth film 2008: "Dart"

Director by: Måns Wide from Sweden


The jury’s comment:

“Dart, is a film where the characters and the dialogue is linked together in a brilliant way. The originality of the story is also perfectly matched with the cinematographic language. Dart hits like a dart!”


NUFF 2008 jury was:

Rachel Andersen Gomez (filmmaker from Tromsø, Norway)

Lasse Gjertsen (filmmaker from Larvik, Norway)

Christer Engberg (film director, theatre director and Musician from Luleå, Sweden)

Tue, 24 Jun 2008 05:09:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/NUFF_Global_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=830#comments
Award Winners for the 2008 Open Russian Film Festival "Kinotavr" http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Open_Russian_Film_Festival_Kinotavr/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=829#comments MAIN PRIZE

«Shultes», dir. Bakur Bakuradze



Alexander Proshkin, «Live to Remember»



«Nirvana», dir. Igor Voloshin



Кsenia Rappoport, «Yuri’s Day», dir. Kirill Serebrennikov



Jethro Skinner, «Plus One», dir. Oksana Bychkova



Ilya Demin, «Terra Nova», dir. Alexander Melnik



Petr Lutsik, Alexei Samoryadov, «Wild Field», dir. Mikhail Kalatozishvili



Alexei Aigi, «Wild Field», dir. Mikhail Kalatozishvili



«PAL/SECAM», dir. Dmitri Povolotsky


«Fish», dir. Alexander Kott («for a high level of visual culture and truthfulness to the short film»)

«Tags», dir. Natalia Uglitskikh («for a brilliant and clever implementation of the idea of the short film»)

«Old New Rossi», dir. Alexander Karavaev («for an elegant film language and a refreshing director’s view»)


Alexei German



Armen Medvedev



«Wild Field», dir. Mikhail Kalatozishvili

SPECIAL DIPLOMA OF THE JURY for a successful commercial project«Terra Nova», dir. Alexander Melnik.

Tue, 24 Jun 2008 05:03:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Open_Russian_Film_Festival_Kinotavr/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=829#comments
Awards for the 2008 Festroia Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festroia_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=828#comments BEST FILM - GOLD DOLPHIN - EMPTIES, by Jan Sverák Czech Republic/UK/Denmark




BEST DIRECTOR – SILVER DOLPHIN - To Srdan Golubovic, for the film THE TRAP


BEST ACTRESS – SILVER DOLPHIN - To Outi Maenpaa and Ria Kataja, for BLACK ICE










AUDIENCE AWARD - ESTRELLITA, by Metod Pevec Slovenia/Germany




SPECIAL MENTION - ME, THE OTHER, by Mohsen Melliti Italy




FIRST WORKS AWARD - PRESERVE, by Lukasz Palkowski Poland




FIPRESCI PRIZE - MIRUSH, by Marius Holst Norway


SIGNIS PRIZE - WORLDS APART, by Niels Arden Oplev Denmark


SPECIAL MENTION - THE CLASS, de Ilmar Raag Estonia


CICAE PRIZE - RESTLESS, by Amos Kollek Israel/Canada/Belgium/France/Germany


SAPO VÍDEOS AWARD - BLUE DAWN, by João Teotónio, Miguel Trindade, Pedro Gaspar Portugal

Tue, 24 Jun 2008 05:00:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festroia_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=828#comments
CIUDAD DE HUESCA SHORT FILM PRIZE GOES TO MARIVÍ BILBAO http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Huesca_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=824#comments Mariví Bilbao exuded spontaneity and self-confidence during her visit to Huesca. The actress, who was born in Bilbao, declared herself delighted with her reception by the town and the Huesca Film Festival. Her first words were those of gratitude, as "you don't expect these things, all I have done is work". Mariví is attending this year's Festival to receive the Ciudad de Huesca Short film Prize.


The actress, who has starred in feature films like "La Comunidad" (Common Wealth) and "El Séptimo Día" (The Seventh Day), showed how happy she was, and gave all those present in the hall a glimpse of her true personality, which is very often made to take a back seat, as she herself acknowledges, because of the charismatic characters she plays.


The press conference opened with some scenes from one of her latest films "Alumbramiento" (Illumination), a short film and winner of several prizes, which is also recognised at this year's Festival. For Mariví, the film is outstanding for the way it deals with such a difficult subject as passing from life to death, also for the great work produced by the director and cast. She says that the film manages to cause very strange reactions in that, at the end of the film, the audience remains silent for a few moments before bursting into applause. She adds that death is not a subject usually talked about and which everyone avoids, and for this reason the audience reacts as described above when they are confronted with it on screen.


Now a successful television actress, Mariví commented on how hard it has been, and still is, for a woman to find a place in the film industry; her beginnings were not always a bed of roses, and she always had to put up with contempt and insults for merely being an actress, criticism that she shrugged of with her natural self-confidence.


Mariví Bilbao is a woman with her feet on the ground and hastened to make clear that the public at large does not forget you in a matter of days, they forget you in five minutes, which is why she thinks that no one should remain stuck in the past.


As for future projects, Mariví Bilbao explained that you cannot do two things at once. Both television drama and feature films need complete dedication, and this makes it very difficult to work on the two at the same time.


Of her long career in the theatre, film and television, she made special mention of her late arrival to the seventh art. She remembers all her roles with fondness, but especially "La primera vez" (The First Time) by Borja Cobeaga and "Salto al Vacío" (Leap into the Void) by Daniel Calparsoro.


Time ran out and the star of the day took her leave with many thanks, and the packed hall responded with warm applause. Mariví Bilbao, winner of the Ciudad de Huesca Short Film Prize has already become, on her own merits, part of the history of this 36th Huesca Film Festival.

Tue, 24 Jun 2008 02:37:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Huesca_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=824#comments
Award Winners for the 2008 Huesca International Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Huesca_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=823#comments "Chainsaw," double prize-winner, "Malaak et le vaste monde" and "Braedrabylta" took the main awards at the International and Documentary Competition at the 36th Huesca film Festival. These joined "Café Paraiso," winner of the Latin American Competition and the short story "Fin de rodaje" (The End of Filming), this year's champions.


The Huesca Film Festival rounded off the awards at a press conference where the names of the winners of the International Short Film Competition and the European Documentary Competition were announced, plus the Critics Jury, Youth Jury and the Audience prizes.


"Chainsaw" by the producer Dennis Tupicoff took the Danzante prize in the International Short Film Competition. The jury highlighted its originality and fantasy. In the same competition, the Francisco García de Paso prize went to the Norwegian short film, "Revolver" by Thor Bekkavik, and the Special Jury Prize to the Irish producer, Simon Fitzmaurice, for "The Sound of People."


The European Documentary Prize went to the French "Malaak et le vaste monde" in which the director, Ahlem Aussant-Leroy, managed to convey a whole mix of sensations to create complicity and intimacy with the spectator.


"Familia 068" by the Spanish film-makers Rubén Margalló and Toni Edo and "Muzyczna partyzantka" by the Pole, Miroslaw Dembinski were the documentaries that will be shown on Spanish public TV, and have therefore been acquired by the television company.


In the same competition, "Lost property Hong Kong" by Bin Chuen Choi, received an honourable mention from the jury members.


The title of "Chainsaw" rang out again when the Critics Jury announced the Australian film as the winner for its ability to continually surprise the audience. The jury also decided that special mention was deserved by "Revolver," The Note by the British director Jon Greenhalgh, and animated films "Tolerantia" by Ivan Ramadán (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and "Dji vou veu volti" by the Belgian, Benoit Feroumont.


The Youth Jury at the 36th Huesca Film Festival decided to award their prize, sponsored by the Anselmo Pié Sopena Foundation, to "Braedrabylta" by the Icelandic director Grimur Hákonarson. They also gave a special mention to "Le Parloir" by Marie Vernalde from France..


Finally, the Audience Prize was given to the Italian feature film "Cientochiodi" by Ermanno Olmi.

Tue, 24 Jun 2008 02:35:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Huesca_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=823#comments
AWARDED FILMS at the 2008 Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Zlin_Intl_Film_Festival_for_Children/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=818#comments International Expert Jury for Feature Films: Golden Slipper for Best Feature Film for Children: "Where is Winky’s Horse?"

directed by Mischa Kamp, The Netherlands, Belgium, 2007


Golden Slipper for Best Feature Film for Youth: "The Substitute"

directed by Ole Bornedal, Denmark 2007


The Town of Zlín Award – Special Recognition for a Feature Film for Children: "Gabai Granny"

directed by Hitoshi Kurauchi, Japan, 2006


The Miloš Macourek Award – Special Recognition for a Feature Film for Youth: "Max Minsky and Me"

directed by Anna Justice, Germany, 2007


Joint International Jury of Children and Adults for Animated Films:


Golden Slipper for Best Animated Film: "The Bears Stories"

directed by Marina Karpova, Russia 2007


The Hermína Týrlová Award – Award for Young Artists aged fewer than 35: "Our wonderful Nature"

directed by Tomer Eshed, Germany, 2008


International Children Jury for Feature Films for Children:


Main Prize of the Children Jury for Best Feature Film for Children: "Gabai Granny"

directed by Hitoshi Kurauchi, Japan, 2006


International Children Jury for Feature Films for Youth:


Main Prize of the Children Jury for Best Feature Film for Youth: "St Trinian’s"

directed by Oliver Parker, Barnaby Thompson, Great Britain, 2007


International Expert Jury for the European Debut Competition:


The Europe Award: "Just About Love?"

directed by Lola Doillon, France, 2007


International Expert Jury for European Debuts Special Prize: "A Fly"

directed by Vladimir Kott, Russia, 2007


International Jury for Feature Films from Visegrad Countries:


The Czech Minister of Culture Award: "Iska’s Journey" directed by Csaba Bollók, Hungary, 2007


Prizes awarded by spectators:


Golden Apple – The Spectator Prize for Most Successful Feature Film: "No Network"

directed by Iceland 2007, directed by Ari Kristinsson


Golden Apple – The Spectator Prize for Most Successful Animated Film: "Hairy Scary – Two Beatiful Minds" directed by Wolf – Ruediger Bloss, France, 2007


International FICC Jury:


The Don Quixote Award: "The Substitute"

directed by Ole Bornedal, Denmark, 2007


International Ecumenical Jury:


Ecumenical Jury Award: "The Substitute" directed by Ole Bornedal, Denmark, 2007


A Commendation of the Ecumenical Jury: "Where is Winky’s Horse?"

directed by Mischa Kamp, The Netherlands, Belgium, 2007


Recognition of Creative Contribution in Filmmaking for Children and Youth: Iva Janžurová



Chairmen of the Juries


International Expert Jury for Feature Film: Randal Kleiser

Joint International Jury of Children and Adults for Animated Films: Andrew Schmidt


International Children Jury for Feature Films for Children: Ondřej Vávra


International Children Jury for Feature Films for Youth: Vojtěch Kolařík


International Expert Jury for the European Debut Competition: Christopher Miles


International Jury for Feature Films from Visegrad Countries: Renata Borowczak


International FICC Jury: Judith Dudás


International Ecumenical Jury: Christine Weissbarth

Mon, 23 Jun 2008 01:31:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Zlin_Intl_Film_Festival_for_Children/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=818#comments
AWARD WINNERS FOR THE 2008 MO&FRIESE CHILDREN’S SHORT FILM FESTIVAL http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/MO_FRIESE_KinderFilmFestival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=817#comments FRIESE-AWARD: 1.250 EUROS (children’s jury between 8 and 10 years): "Great Travellers"

Director: Andrey Sudilovsky, Russian Federation 2006, short fiction, 18:40 min.

Friese’s Children’s Jury chose‚ "Great Travellers" by Andrey Sudilovsky for its realism, it was the only film that could happen like that in reality, it was emotionally good and fascinating. The actors were good and courageous. The film was exciting and full of twists and turns. "Great

Travellers" tells us about cooperation, friendship, fun; but also about feeling homesick and the anxiety of not coming back home.


MO-AWARD: 1.250 EUROS (children’s jury between 11 and 13 years): "The Last Things"

Director: Levan Akin, Sweden 2007, short fiction, 20 min.


Jury Substantiation: The winning film touched us deeply. Even before getting to know the title the film creates a suspenseful, mysterious and depressing atmosphere. With its very first pictures the film plays with the audience’s expectations and delivers a suprising turning point. Our favourite is a very well done short film which is artistically and emotionally convincing in dealing with loss, death,

guilt, and mourning. The most important factors for our decision are the wonderful and talented actors and the intense pictures. The story is exciting, visionary and intense and we would love to see more of it!



1. PRIZE: "Eene, meene, Miste...," Milena Gluck, Germany 2008, short fiction, 4 min.

For Mo and Friese’s "Give me 5!" competition, both Juries agreed to crown "Eene, meene, Miste..." by Milena Gluck as their winning film: We think that the competition’s topic‚ one’s favourite place’, has been shown incomparably well and sensitively. We consider the idea of showing a dog’s favourite place to be entertaining, surprising and exciting.


2. PRIZE: "Der Lieblingsplatz,"

Directed by: Jonathan Schaller, Germany 2007, short fiction, 5:30 min.

As the second best film of Mo and Friese’s "Give me 5!" competition we chose‚ "Der Lieblingsplatz" by Jonathan Schaller. His film inspired us due to its surprising wit, good score and exciting turns. We have perceived the film as being intense, suspenseful and manifold.


3. PRIZE: "2050-Schulausflug ins All"

Director: Leonie Stegmuller and the AG Multimedia

Nordlingen, Germany 2007, animation, 7:29 min.

The film takes us on a journey to extraordinary places in outer space. According to the filmmakers, favourite places are to be found in one’s dreams. We, the jury, agreed that the directors managed to realize the topic in a laudably surprising, modern and visionary way.

Mon, 23 Jun 2008 01:07:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/MO_FRIESE_KinderFilmFestival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=817#comments
AWARD WINNERS 2008 for the Hamburg International Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Hamburg/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=816#comments The 24th International Short Film Festival screened 214 of almost 4.000 submitted short films in the

competitive categories and a further 100 films in non-competitive special programmes. Overall more than 30.000 euros of prize-money were poured out. Apart from a large number of accreditated guests and a high number of interesting films it were especially the many

filmmakers and guests from Israel who came for the special programme “Yoffi! Yalla Bye!” that shaped this year’s festival. Due to the wave of summer heat almost 1.000 people gathered together at our open air event A Wall is a Screen.



Jury: Netalie Braun, Bren O’Callaghan, Jens Eder, Miranda Pennell, Holger Tepe.


JURY AWARD: 3.000 EUROS: "Puppet Boy"

Directed by: Johannes Nyholm, Sweden 2008, short fiction, 26:36 min.


Jury substantiation:

A disturbing and comic reflection on obsession and self-loathing that delivers an unsettling experience for the viewer. What at first appears to be an interview with a reclusive animator develops into a mirthless sequence of humiliations and an exploration of the human condition in the spirit of Gogol. In an inventive and brilliant way the film shifts between fiction and documentary, claymation and live action, evoking feelings of both repulsion and compassion in the viewer. Brilliant.



Directed by: Govinda van Maele, Luxembourg 2007, short fiction, 14:40 min.


Jury substantiation:

With great precision and truthfulness the film presents the story of the missed opportunity to free oneself from a repressing life situation. Within 14 minutes the director suggests a complex and believable small-town microcosm full of boredom and lack of ambition, racial and gender resentment. In combination with excellent acting it is exactly the detailed representation of a specific milieu that allows for a deeper understanding of a wider human




Directed by: Marc Roels and Wim Reygaert, Belgium 2007, short fiction, 22 min.



Directed by: Sivaroj Kongsakul, Thailand 2007, short fiction, 17:45 min.


"Going to sleep is something absolutely certain in life" Directed by: Paolo Pennuti, Italy 2007, documentary, 20 min.


AUDIENCE AWARD: 1.500 EUROS : "Puppet Boy" Directed by: Johannes Nyholm, Sweden 2008, short fiction, 26:36 min.



Jury: Mirna Belina, Ezra Eeman, Ben Rivers.


JURY AWARD: 2.000 EUROS: "Kempinski"

Directed by: Neil Beloufa, France / Mali 2007, experimental documentary, 13:58 min.


Jury substantiation:

The jury found this the most surprising work. In the darkness of "Kempinski" the future becomes present. Time and space are rendered ambiguous. A true no-budget work posed between documentary and science fiction.


SPECIAL MENTION: "Sunshine State" (Extended Forecast),

Directed by: Christopher Harris, USA 2007, experimental

film, 8 min.

The biggest story ever told through a pinhole.


"Super Smile"

Directed by: Effie Wu, Germany 2007, experimental film, 4:48 min.

An amazing single take. We challenge you to take your eyes off Effie Wu.


"Night Sweat"

Directed by: Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Austria 2008, experimental film, 9:40 min.

An unsettling study of light and darkness. Using the limitations of the medium to create something entirely cinematic.


AUDIENCE AWARD: ex aequo 750 EUROS: "Yours Truly" Directed by: Osbert Parker, England 2008, animation, 8 min.


"The Big Contentment"

Directed by: Clemens Kogler and Karo Szmit, Austria 2007, experimental film, 3:57 min.



Jury: Ergun Cankaya, Dr. Annette Scholz, Bjorn Vosgerau.



Directed by: Reto Caffi, Germany / Switzerland 2007, short fiction, 29:45 min.


Jury substantiation

An unlucky hero who ends up committing a great crime against the love of his life. Director Reto Caffi follows his characters in an extremely precise and sensitive manner.

The powerful performance and the mature realisation result in an impressive film, emotionally enthralling and captivating until the very end.


SPECIAL MENTION: "Brainbirth control"

Directed by: Jan Riesenbeck, Germany 2007, short fiction, 9:15 min.

A breathtaking and highly amusing reflection on today’s rhythm of life, accelerated to the point of absurdity. Self-deprecating and poignant.


"Morbus Bechterev"

Directed by: Lola Randl and Rainer Egger, Germany / Austria 2007, short fiction, 11 min.

Narrated in a light tone and so closely observed the viewer can hardly distinguish performance from real life. A charming character portrait and a study of the art of

running circles around oneself.



Directed by: Burhan Qurbani and Fabian Gasmia, Germany 2007, short fiction, 9:10 min.


Jury substantiation:

A common occurrence: somebody loses his job. “Illusion” traces the resultant loss of control and the slow sinking into loneliness in a poetic and moving style. The nuanced

directing and a brilliant leading actress light up the screen and give this film a special sparkle.


AUDIENCE AWARD OF THE HAMBURG CULTURAL FOUNDATION: 1.500 EUROS: "The Rat Train Robbery" Jim Lacy and Kathrin Albers, Germany 2008, animation,

8:56 min.


THREE-MINUTE QUICKIE COMPETITION AUDIENCE AWARD: 1.000 EUROS: "Nothing’s There" Rene Schottler and Markus Schaefer, Germany 2008, documentary / short fiction, 3 min.



Jury: Mado Le Fur

6.000 euros (Acquisition of the film and broadcast as part of arte’s short film programme)


"Interior. Scara de bloc"

Directed by: Ciprian Alexandrescu, Romania 2007, short fiction, 15:49 min.


Jury substantiation:

With sensitivity and compassion, but also with a great sense of humour, the film describes how one event brings together the most diverse residents of a building who had been complete strangers before. The young filmmaker from Romania and the brilliant actors involved manage to give extraordinary power to a simple story with a satirical view on society. The Arte award goes to "Interior. Scara de Bloc"by Ciprian Alexandrescu.



Jury: Angelika Hoffmann, Andrea Windisch

2.000 euros (Acquisition of the film and boradcast on ZDFdokukanal)


"Automotive Action Painting" (Car Painting),

Directed by: George Barber, England 2007, experimental dokumentary, 6 min.


Jury substantiation:

The jury was not only impressed by Barber’s unusual and dynamic painting technique, where cars drive through ‘puddles of paint’, but also the by the contrasting stillness of the camera. From a bird’s eye view, the audience observes a two-dimensional image gradually emerging, while the actual composition of the image is purely random. However, it is precisely this randomness that builds up the suspense with which the spectators follow the development of the image. An entertaining document of artistic design truly in the tradition of action painting, in this case automotive action painting.



Jury: Christian Buß, Wiebke Colmorgen, Horst Rickels


International: "Passage"

Directed by: Karl Lemieux, Canada 2007, short fiction, 15 min.

A lot of pills are popped in this film, but this does not result in colourful visions. The painful end to four young people’s dirty weekend is presented in stark black-and-white images, and this bitter outcome is anticipated in a very clever and unobtrusive way in the score’s monochrome cascades of sound. The monotony of the rhythms lends a disturbingly subdued hue to the characters’ ecstasy. “The Passage” is an example of great narrative cinema in the short format and excellently proves that music can be used as a narrative element in its own right.


national: "Rauschen & Brausen I,"

Directed by: Daniel Burghardt, Germany 2007, experimental film, 4:52 min. Sound: Gerriet K. Sharma

The world is in ruins, and it’s being put back together, but in a most unconventional way. “Rauschen und Brausen I” takes fragments of reality and reassembles them in a fascinating way to form a seemingly unending jigsaw puzzle. The score’s electronic white noise accompanies these images of “rebuilding”, while counteracting them at the same time. The film may not manage to see the rigour of its formal approach through to the very end, but it remains a brilliant example for a dialectical arrangement of image and music.



"Petzold’s Whistle"

Directed by: Olaf Held, Germany 2008, short fiction, 5:33 min.

What starts off as a debilitating background noise is transformed into a study in techno in a workman’s head. An amusing and illuminating little film about how sound does not only shape music, but can also produce images.


"Trabalenguas para una casa vacia" (World Puzzle for an Empty House),

Directed by: Gabriel Herrera Torres, Mexico 2008, short fiction, 12:15 min.

This film impressively presents a 90-year old man’s living space as an extension of his own body. The ingeniously thought through score made up of music by Mozart, Ligeti and Berio deconstructed by scraping, shoving and shuffling noises creates a very organic overall impression and a portrait of life itself.

Mon, 23 Jun 2008 01:00:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Hamburg/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=816#comments
Barcelona Asian Film Festival 2008 Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Barcelona_Asian_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=804#comments The Barcelona Asian Film Festival honored the following award-winners:


The Prize of the Public: "Om Shanti Om"

Director Farah Khan (India, 2007)


The jury of BAFF awarded the prize Cinematk to "Secret Sunshine" by Lee Chang-dong (South Korea, 2007).


The prize Golden Durian has been granted to the emergent director "With to Girl of Black Soil" by Jeon Soo-il (South Korea, 2007).


The D-cinema prize has gone to the Chinese film "Bamboo Shoots" by Jian Yi (China, 2007).

Thu, 05 Jun 2008 12:09:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Barcelona_Asian_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=804#comments
Stuttgart Filmwinter 2008 Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Stuttgart_Filmwinter/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=797#comments Stuttgart Filmwinter embraces new developments and textures within the international filmmaking and artistic scene and offers an initial public platform. For the first time Media Space will be an independent section within the overall Filmwinter program.


Seven Competition Programs show the best films competing for the "Norman 2008" the "Team Work Award" and the Wand 5 Honorary Award. 75 films were selected out of the 1,400 submissions in the field of film and video. An international jury – Pia Maria Martin (Germany), Torsten Zenas Burns (USA), and Mário Micaelo (Portugal) – was selected the winners.


Norman 2008 (4,000 Euros)

"Part Time Heroes"

Austria 2007

Directed by: Mara Mattuschka, Chris Haring


Team-Work Award (2,000 Euros)


Netherlands 2006

Directed by: Matt Hulse, Joost van Veen


"Un dimanche à Pripiat" (A Sunday in Pripyat)

France 2006

Directed by: Frederic Cousseau, Blandine Huk


Wand 5 Ehrenpreis

"Curtea de Arges"

Austria 2007

Directed by: Ulrike Ostermann


In the competition category Media in Space international artists compete for a prize of 4,000 Euros. The spectrum ranges from classic video installations to interactive environments and media sculptures. The 10-day long exhibition, featuring artist such as Peter Bogers and Daniel Aschwanden among others, is held in co-operation with exhibition spaces Kunstbezirk – Galerie im Gustav-Siegle-Haus, fluctuating images e.V., and gez. – Raum für Urheber.


The winners are selected by renown artists Birgit Brenner (Germany), Markus Huemer, (Germany), Szabolcs KissPál, (Hungary).


Medien im Raum (Media in Space), (per 2,000 Euros)

"50.000.000 can´t be wrong"

Germany 2006

Directed by: Susanne Bürner, Animation: Julia Pfeiffer, Aleksander Cigale


"Deep Woods"

Great Britain 2005

Directed by: Alison O`Daniel


Wand 5 Ehrenpreis

"Chinese Whispers"

China, Austria 2006

Directed by: Daniel Aschwanden, Peter Stamer


The Filmwinter Stuttgart and Media Space are held and organized by Wand 5 e.V. founded in 1987 as an initiative of filmmakers, architects and art historians. The aim of the organization is to offer an international platform to independent film and media culture.

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 11:19:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Stuttgart_Filmwinter/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=797#comments
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2008 - INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION Grand Prix and other awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=796#comments INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION





directed by Koji Yamamura, Japan 2007

Producers: Mariko Seto, Fumi Teranishi

Production: Yamamura Animation, Shochiku

World sales: Shochiku Co., Ltd.



Prize: 10,000 Euros given to: "CAMERA OBSCURA"

directed by Matthieu Buchalski, Jean-Michel Drechsler, Thierry Onillon, France 2007

Production: Supinfocom Valenciennes

World sales: Premium Films



directed by Tibor Banoczki, Great Britain 2007

Producer: Anna Higgs

Production: National Film and Television School



Prize of 6,000 Euros, sponsored by Südwestrunfunk SWR given to: "ISABELLE AU BOIS DORMANT" (SLEEPING BETTY)

directed by Claude Cloutier, Canada 2007

Producer: Marcel Jean

Production/ world sales: National Film Board of Canada



Prize of 5,000 Euros, sponsored by the GEMA Foundation given to: "HEZURBELTZAK, UNA FOSA COMUN" (HEZURBELTZAK, A COMMON GRAVE)

directed by Iziben Onederra, Spain 2007

Producer: Pello Gutierrez

Music: Xaber Erkizia

World sales: Kimuak





Prize of 2,500 Euros, sponsored by the Landesanstalt für Kommunikation Baden-Württemberg given to: "1977"

directed by Peque Varela, Great Britain 2007

Producer: Gavin Humphries / National Film and Television School



directed by Jörg Weidner, Anke Späth, Germany 2007

Production: Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg





Prize of 4,000 Euros, sponsored by Nick given to: "THE CURSE OF THE SKULL ROCK"

directed by Ben Smith, Great Britain 2007

Producer: Ben Smith

Production: Red Star Studio Ltd.

World sales: Attraction Media & Entertainment



directed by Kez Margrie, Great Britain 2006

Production: BBC

World Sales: Slinky Pictures



directed by Karsten Killerich, Germany, Denmark, Ireland 2007

Producers: Anders Mastrup, Ralph Christian

Production: WDR, Magma Films, A. Film

World Sales: Bavaria Media Television





2,500 Euros



by Christopher Nielsen

Norway, Great Britain 2006

Producers: Lars Andreas Hellebust, Lars Tømmerbakke, Bill Godfrey

Production: Storm Studio

World sales: The Works International





Prize of 2,500 Euros sponsored by EM. Entertainment given to: "HAIRY SCARY: NO. 33"

directed by Wolf-Rüdiger Bloss, France, Germany 2007

Producers: Christian Davin, Clément Calvet

Production / world sales: Alphanim





Prize of 5,000 Euros donated by the Evangelical Church in Germany given to: "DER LETZTE NEANDERTALER" (THE LAST NEANDERTHAL MAN)

Author: John Chambers

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 05:42:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=796#comments
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2008 - Juried Awards for the German Films & Youth Competitions http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=794#comments International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2008 - Juried Awards for the German Films Competition:


Prize for the Best Contribution to the German Competition (EUR 5,000): "Die Tragöden aus der Stadt"

Director: Eva Könnemann, Germany 2008

Statement: Eva Könnemann’s film convinced us through its complexity, its sense of humour and efficient montage. The director follows the rehearsals of a production of “Hamlet” by Fabian Hinrichs and Laurent Chétouane, which results in some intelligent interaction between Shakespeare’s play and the plot of the film. The film offers profound insights into the creative process with all its contradictions, highs and lows.


We have chosen four films which illustrate an escalated social reality in different ways.


3sat-Promotional-Award -ex aequo-


3sat-Promotional-Award (EUR 2,500; ex aequo: EUR 1,250) for a work with a particulary innovative approach. This award includes an option for 3sat to purchase the winning title and broadcast it on 3sat:



Director: Xenia Yvon Lesniewski, Germany 2008

Statement: What we liked about Supersensibel was the way the director combines pop animation with the playful representation of a polymorph sexuality, adding enigmatic comments which lend the film a furious energy.


3sat-Promotional-Award -ex aequo-


3sat-Promotional-Award (EUR 2,500, ex aequo: EUR 1,250) for a work with a particulary innovative approach. This award includes an option for 3sat to purchase the winning title and broadcast it on 3sat.


"I Killed the Butterflies"

Director: Cyrill Lachauer, Germany 2007

Statement: "I Killed the Butterflies" finds archaic images for a ritual of liberation set in a wintery mountain landscape. The rough, unpolished camera corresponds to the physical immediacy of this film.


Special Mention of the Jury of the German Competition:


Director: Norman Richter, Germany 2008


"Eure Kinder werden so wie wir" (Your Children Will Be Like Us)

Director: Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler, Germany 2007

Statement: In Heidelberg , Norman Richter takes a trip back into his family history. He reflects on memory, decline and death in quiet, precise images, circling around the pain connected with these things.


"Eure Kinder werden so wie wir" is one of the few films in this programme to choose a political subject. Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler film the confrontations between protesters and policemen in Gorleben and Heiligendamm as an apparently ritualised trial of strength.


Jury of the German Competition 2008: Maria Speth, Cristina Nord, Claus Löser


Children and Youth Competition


Prize of the Children Jury (EUR 1,000): "Koest!"

director: Simone van Dusseldorp, Netherlands 2007

Statement: This film is funny, but it has a serious background. A boy behaves like a dog to recover his parents’ attention. We think that unfortunately this is the everyday life in many families. The strong acting also convinced us.


and "Animatou"

director: Claude Luyet, Switzerland 2007

Statement: The cat and the mouse were animated in various ways. The film shows the technical and artistic possibilities and represents a “journey through time”, from pencil drawings to computer animation.


Prize of the Youth Jury (EUR 1,000): "Pajerama"

director: Leonardo Cadaval, Brazil 2008

Statement: Urbanity – ignorance – the rain forest. This fast-paced animated story of a Brazilian native Indian starts with a harmless hunt. The film manages, without words, to depict the conflict between civilization and nature in fascinating animated pictures. The tension between the cultures is underlined by an intelligently adapted noise and sound design. An audiovisual masterpiece, produced almost single-handedly by the director.


Special Mention of the Youth Jury: "The Sound of People"

director: Simon Fitzmaurice, Ireland 2007

Statement: “The day I die the Internet arrives.” The director manages to find an impressive and poetic visual language to convey his philosophical reflections on life and death.


Children Jury 2008: Max Komes, Jasper Marten Köster, Hannah Mendrina, Fabian Spickeneder, Linnéa Doberstein


Youth Jury 2008: Deborah Tabea Luhnau, Ruth Lange, Sebastian Busch, Jannik Süselbeck, Kim Werth




1st Prize (2,500 euros): "Ich bin der Stricherjunge"

a video by: Simone Gilges

music: Stereo Total

production: SimGil Production

label: Disko B

Germany, 2007

Jury Statements: It has the essence of pop, it’s showing friends, fashion and fun, it’s spontaneous, improvised, authentic, do it yourself and shows good production values. The visual aesthetics are connected in a good way to the lo-fi sound of the song. The director seems part of the scene, at least he shares the style-codes of the band. The best stuff comes from something that you are passionate about. It’s a document of the Berlin punk scene.


2nd Prize (1,500 euros): "Das beste deutsche Musikvideo"

director: Luigi Archetti, Bo Wiget

production: Archetti & Wiget

music: Luigi Archetti, Bo Wiget

label: Happy System

Germany, 2008

Jury Statements: It’s ironic, trippy, pretentious, obviously arty, though the music and video were going really well together. It plays with the conventions of music videos, it’s an anti choreography, anti video, simple and elegant. It made us debate and since it became number two, it’s not the “bestes deutsches musikvideo”.


3rd Prize (1,000 euros): "Dot"

director: Jörg Petri

production: Jörg Petri

musik: Michael Fakesch

label: !K7 Records

Germany, 2007

Jury Statements: The method is its strength: it focuses on one simple idea, connecting traditional craftsmanship to contemporary aesthetics, making good use of the constraints of the letterpress.


Jury of the MuVi Award 2008: Libby Durdy, Warp Films, Sheffield; Jan Jelinek, musician, Berlin; Roel Wouters, director, Amsterdam


The MuVi Online Audience Award:

The MuVi Online Audience Award is determined by the all internet users who cast their votes at www.muvipreis.de (500 euros). It goes to: "Aus meinem Kopf" (Erdmöbel)

director: Sandeep Mehta

production: Sandeep Mehta

music: Erdmöbel

label: Sony BMG,

Germany, 2007


The winner of the MuVi Online Audience Award is chosen by Internet users who cast their votes at www.muvi-preis.de (in co-operation with www.intro.de and Hobnox).

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 05:19:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=794#comments
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2008 - FIPRESCI Prize and other Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=793#comments Jury FIPRESCI 2008: Anjelika Artyukh (Russia), Mark Peranson (Canada), Rüdiger Suchsland (Germany


Prize of the Jury of FIPRESCI (Jury of International Film Critics): "Nezrimoe"

director: Pavel Medvedev, Russia 2007

Statement: Taking the G8 summit in St. Petersburg in 2006 as an example, director Pavel Medvedev exposes the rituals of the contemporary business of politics in Nezrimoe: The tired choreography of the press, the brutal ballet of horrendous security machines, the rusty gestures of symbol politics. Like an ethnologist, he approaches the subject from the edges. Images that stand for themselves, without commentary or additional music and which no doubt belong to the large screen and invite the viewer to look again and again add up to this quite elegant film full of reserved, exact observation, full of sensitivity and which, in addition, tells us a lot about the present conditions of oligarchy and Putinism in Russia. A film of distances: as an alienating contrast, there is a graveyard and a stonemason, who chisels away at gravestones. This reminds us of Brecht and his lines on the transience of power: “At the Moldau the stones are moved/Three emperors are buried in Prague/The great one stays great, but the small one not small/The night has twelve hours and then already comes the break of day.”


Prize of the Jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia (EUR 5,000): "Parlez-moi d´amour"

director: Alexia Bonta, Belgium 2008


Statement: A hospital – two old women at the end of their lives. When faced with such circumstances, we usually associate them with decay and death. In "Parlez moi d’amour," Belgian filmmaker Alexia Bonta shows us that this attitude may be careless, that there is a lot of experience to collect here, a knowledge relevant to all of us.


Using a formally reduced documentary approach, the director manages to make two people talk, to make them communicate their experience of life, but also their disappointments, their stubbornness and their sense of humor to the succeeding generation.


For this conversation about love and intimacy, supposedly at the wrong time in the wrong place, the jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia awards its prize to Alexia Bonta and her film Parlez moi d’amour.


The Jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia 2008: Christiane Heuwinkel (Bielefeld), Michael Girke (Herford), Klaus Gronenborn (Köln), Rainer

Komers (Mülheim/Ruhr), Ruth Schiffer (Düsseldorf)


Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (EUR 1,500): "Senko"

director: Kawamura Yuki, France 2008

Statement: A young Japanese family is confronted with the mother’s death. This impressive short feature film shows us in deeply symbolic images how little Yu and his father are born up by the security offered by the family.


Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury: "Setu"

director: Shyamal Karmakar/Sanghamitra Karmakar, India 2007

Statement: In an Indian boomtown, a little girl is trying to preserve its childhood world. In highly contrasting images, this documentary shows how childhood is threatened by urbanization.


The Ecumenical Jury 2007: Irina Grassmann (Germany), Wolfgang Luley (Germany), Christian Murer (Switzerland), Eberhard Streier (Germany), Perter F. Stucki (Switzerland)


Prize of the Cinema Jury for the best 35mm film under 15 minutes in the International and German Competition, in connection with a buying option on the awarded work by the Short Film Agency Hamburg: "Jos Kaadun"

director: Hannaleena Hauru, Finland 2007

Jury Statement: At a first glance, the finnish production "Jos Kaadun" tells an everyday story – nevertheless the film provides different levels of access, amongst them a documentary approach. Many fondly observed details and the high technical quality make the film a screen-filling cinematic experience.


Prize of the Cinema Jury for the best 35mm film under 15 minutes in the Children's and Youth Competition, in connection with a buying option on the awarded work by the Short Film Agency Hamburg: "Tôt ou tard"

director: Jadwiga Kowalska, Switzerland 2007

Statement: The animation "Tôt ou tard" from Switzerland impresses with its simple, poetic story and with its appropriate technical realization. A film about day, night, and the power of friendship, entertaining both for children and adults.


Cinema Jury 2008: Juliette Duret (Belgium), Ingrid Lüdeke (Germany), Christian Wichmann (Germany)


Prize of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (EUR 500): "Armulaud"

director: Jaan Toomik, Estonia, 2007

Statement: The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen awards its prize to a disturbing film which reflects, in a few precise scenes, a man’s fear of commitment who can find comfort neither in his relationship nor in religious communities nor in nature.

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 05:09:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=793#comments
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen - 2008 Awards - International Jury http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=792#comments International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2008:

Jury of the International Competition 2008: Alessio Cavallaro, curator, Australia; Shai Heredia, curator, India; Mihnea Mircan, curator, Romania; Keith Sanborn, media artist, theorist and curator, USA; Zelimir Zilnik, filmmaker, Serbia


International Jury Awards:

Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen (EUR 7,500):


director: Dennis Tupicoff, Australia 2007

Statment: For its masterful synthesis of social commentary, formal experimentation, and its exploration of bareback riding both within the rodeo arena and beyond.


Principal Prize (EUR 3,500): "Alexandra"

director: Radu Jude, Romania 2007

Statement: For revealing an honest image of the complex emotional terrain of family life through a rigorous and understated use of cinematic means.


Principal Prize (EUR 3,500): "Kak stat stervoi"

director: Alina Rudnitskaya, Russia 2008

Statement: For its poignant reflections on the reconstruction of femininity in post-communist Russia.


ARTE Prize for a european short film (EUR 2,500): "Kempinsky"

director: Neil Belouta, France 2007

Statement: For its disquieting evocation of a world emerging from the shadows of a kidnapped future.


Special Mention of the international Jury: "Running Sushi"

director: Mara Mattuschka and Chris Harring, Austria 2008


Special Mention of the international Jury: "Jai"

director: Anocha Suwichakornpong, Thailand 2007

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 04:59:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=792#comments
Brussels Short Film Festival 2008 Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Brussels_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=783#comments International Award Winners


Grand prix (tie)

Prize: € 2000 to share between the two winners



France - 26’ - 2007



Belgique - 20’ - 2007


Best Actress:

France - 10’ - 2007



France - 10’ - 2007

Prize: € 1000 offered by l’Echevinat de la Culture de la Ville de Bruxelles




Prize: € 1000 offered by l’Echevinat de la Culture de la Ville de Bruxelles


Prize of the Young Jury: "MILAN"


Allemagne/Serbie - 22’ - 2007

Prize: € 1000 offered by l’Echevinat de la Culture de la Ville de Bruxelles


Special Mention: "REORDER"


Canada - 14’ - 2007




France - 30’ - 2007

€ 1500 including the purchase of distribution rights on BeTV


The Public Prize: "LE SECRET DE SALOMON"


France - 20’ - 2007

€ 1000 offered by the Commune d’Ixelles


Belgium National Award Winners:


National Grand Prize: "LE PONT"


Belgium - 14’ - 2007

Prize: € 2500 offered by the SACD


Le Prix de la Communaute Franncaise: "LE SONGE D’UNE FEMME DEMENAGE"


Belgium - 15’ - 2007

Prize: € 2500 offered to the director




Belgium - 15’ - 2007

Prize: € 1750 in film offered to the director by Kodak




Belgium - 15’ - 2007

Prize: € 500 offered by the Commune d’Ixelles




Belgium - 24’ - 2007

Prize: € 500 offered by the Commune d’Ixelles


Audience Prize: "VOIX DE GARAGE"


Belgium - 15’ - 2007


Le Deux Prize: "PLOT POINT"


Belgium - 15’ - 2007

Prize: € 1500 including the purchase of distribution rights for the broadcast on La Deux

Given by a representive of La Deux


The Critics Prize: "A DAY IN A LIFE"


Belgium - 21’ - 2007

Prize: Subtitles offered by LTI - Studio L’Equipe (given by the press jury)


Special Mention: "MOMPELAAR"


Belgium - 20’ – 2007

Wed, 21 May 2008 10:16:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Brussels_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=783#comments
2008 Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival Award Winners http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sehsuchte_Intl_Student_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=739#comments Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte


"A few simple words"

Kilka Prostych Sów

Anna Kazejak-Dawid


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte

Lobende Erwähnung der Spielfilmjury

"Wianbu – Comfort Woman"

James Bang


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte


"Tir Nan Og - Amour Toujours"

Fursy Teyssier


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte



Niko Apel


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte



Amit Ginton


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte

Preis gegen Ausgrenzung

"Wie ich bin"

Ingrid Demetz & Caroline Leitner


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte


"Sieben Tage Sonntag"

T. Bartl, A. Dierbach, N. Laupert


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte

Bester Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis

"Teenage Angst"

Thomas Stuber


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte


"Chill Pill"

Ehiz Ojesebholo


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte

MTV Musikvideopreis

"Geboren im Winter"

Andreas Mühe & Christopher Wendland


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte


"Ou quoi"

Gilles De Schryver


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte


"Teenage Angst"

Peter Matjasko


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte


"Die kleine Giftmischerin"

Alex Schmidt


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte

Pitch Preis

"Vergiss mein nicht, Machu Picchu"

Markus F. Adrian


Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte


"Baby Daddy"

Marc Oliver Seng


37. Internationales Studenten Filmfestival sehsüchte


"Stiller Frühling"

Nico Sommer

Wed, 30 Apr 2008 11:16:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sehsuchte_Intl_Student_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=739#comments
2008 Winners for the Cambridge International Super 8 Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cambridge_International_Super_8_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=737#comments Jury Prize for best film: "Shikashika"

Directed by: Steve Hyde


Special Jury Prize: "The Two brothers" from "8 moments in Barcelona as seen by Johan Kramer"


Development Prize: "Dash Dot"

Directed by Ian Helliwell


The Best UK Film and Audience Prize: "The Flasher"

Directed by Magnus Irvin


In addition, two films received special mentions from the Jury, "Lunch"

Directed by Miklos Solyom


and "Burnt Out and Inarticulate"

Directed by Ian Weake.

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 12:31:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cambridge_International_Super_8_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=737#comments
Award Results of BIMINI 2008 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Animation_Festival_of_Bimini/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=736#comments The Best applied animation: "Last Time in Clerkenwell"

Directed by: Alex Budovsky


The Best animation for adults: "Stuart"

Directed by: Zepe (Jose Pedro, Cavelheiro)


The Best experimental / abstract film: "Primitive Scene"

Directed by: Daniel Faubert


The Best debut: "Beton"

Directed by: Ariel Belinco & Michael Faust


The Best film for children: "Insight"

Directed by: Salvador Simo Busom


The Best Georgian animation film: "A legend about wine"

Directed by: Vladimer (Lado) Sulakvelidze


Category - debut


For the harmony of music and image: "Illuminations"

Directed by: Itai Froumin


For the best humor in Animation: "Zoologic"

Directed by: Nicole Mitchell


For brilliant debut: "Fool girl"

Directed by: Zojya Kireeva


Category - animation for adults


For creating special environment: "Lullaby"

Directed by: Andrey Zolotukhin

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 12:18:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Animation_Festival_of_Bimini/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=736#comments
Award Winners Announced for 2008 Dortmund│Cologne International Women's Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Womens_Film_Festival_Dortmund_Cologne/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=735#comments For all of five days, the team led by Festival Director Silke Räbiger had presented over 90 films, talks, seminars and workshops at six different venues. Despite beautiful early summer weather, the enthusiastic audiences ensured sell-out performances. Altogether, more than 8,000 viewers came to Cologne especially for the festival.


Prize Winners 2008


No easy job for the jury. The eight entries in this year's Best International Debut Feature Film Competition for women film directors were all completely different in style and content, which ranged from war parable through road movie to literary film. And the winner was … "L’HOMME QUI MARCHE" by French director Aurélia Georges who was in Cologne personally to pick up €10,000 prize at the evening awards ceremony held in the Film Forum.


According to jury members Dr Barbara Buhl (Cologne), Prof. Dai Jinhua (Peking) and Nina Menkes (Los Angeles)


"L’HOMME QUI MARCHE is an unconventional film portrait of an unknown author seen from a contemporary viewpoint. Screenplay, main actor, camerawork and editing all come together in a bonafide and sparing way to create a convincing, authentic, true-to-detail piece of work about the life of an unsuccessful artist who gradually loses contact with society."


The jury also gave special praise to the Dutch social comedy "MAYBE SWEDEN" by Margien Rogaar, saying …


"Thanks to successful mix of outstanding direction, interplay between the actors, a taut dramatic structure and a sharp sense of humour, the outcome is a strong and politically relevant film."


The winner of the Audience Prize, which comes with €1,000 donated by Choices, the listings magazine, was "COWBOY ANGELS" by Kim Massée (F)


The Focus on China section of the program offered a good overview of the films currently being made by Chinese women film directors and the chance to talk to the film-makers in person. Unique opportunities which, in this form, will probably not be possible in Germany for some time to come. Either way, the variety of the works on view left an impression of an incredibly vital, creative and self-aware film scene.


Unlike previous years, all the programme sections were given equal footing — with Queer Looks, as ever, proving to be the audience magnet. With her comedy "TICK TOCK LULLABY," for example, Lisa Gornik (UK) simply enchanted the Film Forum audience on the Saturday evening.


The ideal of allowing more space and time for the need to talk about film and content also went down very well. For instance, the Panorama film & discussion event with Medica Mondiale revolving round Meira Asher's documentary film "WOMAN SEE A LOT OF THINGS" about former girl soldiers in Sierra Leone made a deep and moving impression on the audience.


Meanwhile, as if in no time at all, our brand-new Festival Blog – a collaborative venture by students at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Dortmund – became a lively online platform for all the latest news about the festival. It will continue after the festival has finished at: festivalblog.or.yourweb.de

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 11:57:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Womens_Film_Festival_Dortmund_Cologne/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=735#comments
2008 EMAF Awards Announced http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/European_Media_Art_Festival_EMAF/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=734#comments EMAF Award



Anna Anders, UDK Berlin

Jan Schuijren, NMA Kurator, Amsterdam

Gabriel Soucheyre, Videoformes



Reynold Reynolds, Title: "SECRET LIFE"



Nicholas Provost, Title: "PLOT POINT"

B 2007, BetaCam 13:39


Statement of the jury:

The jury jointly decided to split the EMAF-prize of 3000 Euro, awarding the installation "Secret Life" by American artist Reynold Reynolds, and the video "Plot Point" by Belgian artist Nicholas Provost.


Reynold Reynolds "Secret Life", two channel video installation, 2008


(Quote Reynolds) "One thing that I enjoy about dreams is the way that narrative collapses. Emotion and context replace the question of plot. The subconscious meaning of things becomes prevalent. Reynolds background in physics and philosophy, becomes apparent in both works presented in the EMAF exhibition. The jury decided to award "Secret Life". Set in an apartment, Reynolds frames reality in a laboratory, showing us to what extent our connection with Œreal life_ is a very subconscious or even unconscious one. In ŒSecret Life_, time becomes an entity of its own, contracting and expanding, becoming circular and repetitive time becoming the agent of life. The apartment becomes an activity of life and destruction, and the familiar becomes uncanny and frightening, leaving the spectator hovering between emotional fascination and physical repulsion.


Nicholas Provost / Plot Point / 13:39 min / 2007


The crowded streets of New York City turn into fictive, cinematographic scenery. Provost is playing with our collective memory, its cinematic codes and narrative languages _ questioning the boundaries between a staged, suggested reality and authentic fiction. Although for the most part filmed with a hidden camera, ŒPlot Point_ presents a highly dramatic construction with overly sophisticated images and a subtle but tangible urge in the soundtrack. The meticulousness with which Provost shoots and edits the images and sounds make "Plot Point" the perfect trailer for dramatized experience in our daily life, an ordinary walk on the street will never be the same again.


Dialogue Award:



Anna Anders, UDK Berlin

Jan Schuijren, NMA Kurator, Amsterdam

Gabriel Soucheyre, Videoformes

Giesela Rueb, Goethe Institut Paris




Julia Meltzer & David Thorne, Titel: WE WILL LIVE TO SEE THESE THINGS, OR, FIVE PICTURES OF WHAT MAY COME TO PASS /USA 2007 / Mini DVD / 47:04


Neil Beloufa, Titel: KEMPINSKI / F7Mali 2007 / DVD / 13:58


Statement of the jury


The ministry for external affairs (Auswärtiges Amt) offers a 2.000 EUR dialogue prize for a work which supports the intercultural dialogue between different cultures and regions of the world.


The jury selected two works. Each of them gets 1.000 €:


1) Neil Beloufa /"Kempinski" / 13:58 min/ 2007


We choose "Kempinski" by Neil Beloufa, who lives in Paris, for the Dialogue Prize because this work questions our expectations and projections of Africa in a very clever way and on a extremely high visual level. The story is set in a small village in Africa. It is night time with little artificial light. The villagers are talking directly into the camera, telling present-time stories of a futuristic, magical world which seems to connect to African culture. It takes some time to realize that it might not be a documentary that we're confronted with, and slowly but surely you begin to wonder about the surrealistic elements they speak so naturally about being married to a cow, telepathy and teleportation, spaceships. Irritation and fascination alternate continuously, culminating in the neon sign of Hotel Kempinski.


2) Julia Meltzer & David Thorne / "We Will Live to See These Things, or, Five Pictures of What May Come to Pass"/ 47:04 min / 2007


"We Will Live to See These Things, or, Five Pictures of What May Come to Pass" is a political and yet poetic documentary in five parts, each stylistically autonomous and concise. The video delivers a kaleidoscopic and subtle portrait of Syria, opening up possible futures. In a very elaborate but simple visual language the work offers a different perspective on a place where people live between the competing forces of a repressive regime, a growing conservative Islamic movement, and intense pressure of the United States. The two American artists provide information without making fixed statements. The essayistic approach evokes an active and engaged reading of the work, turning a highly complex situation into a very accessable one, allowing the viewer to draw his own conclusions.


Prize for Best German Experimental Film:


This year's "Preis der deutschen Filmkritik" in the category "Experimentalfilm", conferred during the European Media Art Festival Osnabrück by the "Verband der deutschen Filmkritiker" goes to Sylvia Schedelbauer for her film "Falsche Freunde" (false friends).



Leni Höllerer, Marc Heirapetian, Hans-Jürgen Tast


Statement of the jury


With the simple means of old black-and-white archive material and rather familiar, albeit slightly alienated horror soundtrack, the director manages to draw the viewer into the nightmarish atmosphere of the images by the unsettling rhythm of the cuts. "Falsche Freunde" takes place in the undefined space between video art and feature film narration. The oppressive tension never abates, even though the mysteriousness, which is reminiscent of David Lynch, of the dark - in both senses of the word - scenes do not look set to be deciphered.

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 11:22:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/European_Media_Art_Festival_EMAF/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=734#comments
The Youth Jury Award to the Best Short Film announced at 2008 Encuentros de Cine y Derechos Humanos http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Encuentros_Cine_Derechos_Humanos/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=733#comments Youth Jury Award to the Best Short Film:

"FGM" (Spain, 2008). Directed by Jon Garaño.

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 11:10:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Encuentros_Cine_Derechos_Humanos/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=733#comments
Award Winners Announced for 2008 COURTisane http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/COURTisane/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=732#comments National and international competition: the winners!


International Competition

Neil Beloufa for "Kempinski," 2007, FR/ML, 15’

Neil Beloufa (Algerian/French, born in Paris in 1985) studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts and Arts Decoratifs in Paris. As an exchange student he studied at Cooper Union in New York and the California institute of Arts. Beloufa mainly works with video and sculpture.


The Jury:

An unusual and fresh documentary experiment. You have to see the film twice, to really get it. Beloufa made portraits of several Malinese people. He gave them these guidelines: Imagine how your future looks, but talk about it in the present tense. As soon as you know this you want to see the film again, to look for more details. Visions of the future, that to us are hopeful and spiritual. The futuristic feel of the film clashes with our western ideas about that part of the world. With some very simple elements Beloufa succeeds in building an effective scenography. The fluorescent light adds a futuristic feel to the filmed environment. The sounddesign is build on a simple element effectively: a humming noise strange to the context. Light and sound support a coherent scenario.


International Competition

Isabelle Tollenaere for "Stil Leven / Still Life," 2007, BE, 17’

Isabelle Tollenaere just graduated from the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussels.


The jury:

A film that starts with a dead cat being hoovered, an image that I wouldn’t have expected to see. The mise-en-scene is happy and colourful. But something about the image is unsettling. It seeks a balance between cute and morbid.


The Prizes:


The international competition: Avid - the new Media Composer


The national competition: Eye-Lite - light and camera rental, Noise Reduction - sound, set and studio

Mon, 28 Apr 2008 05:43:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/COURTisane/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=732#comments
ACADEMIA FILM OLOMOUC- 2008 Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Academia_Film_Olomouc/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=730#comments The 43rd Academia Film Olomouc - International Festival of Popular-scientific and Documentary Films that came to an end Sunday, Apr 20, screened a total of 109 films from nearly 50 countries and hosted more than 12,000visitors. In the following weeks, a selection of festival films will tour the region; festival highlights will also be presented in other Czech cities as well as in a number of European countries, e.g., Poland, France and Belgium.



Jury: Brigitte Berg (Denmark), Peter Furtado (UK)

Irene Lichtscheidl (Austria), Paul Pissanos (Greece) and Robert A. Rosenstone (USA)


Award for Best International Popular-scientific Documentary Film


"In the Name of Roses"

Director: Thierry Berrod / France 2008 / 52 min.

With charm and humor Thierry Berrod sets off to gather excrements or roses as he calls them. The film offers a look into alchemists’ laboratories as well as much insight into the modern technologies involved in the processing of stools.




Jury: Mgr. Pavel Černuška, Ph.D. (Czech Republic), Ing. Marcel Grün (Czech Republic), PhDr. Ivan Klimeš (Czech Republic), Tomáš Škrdlant (Czech Republic) and RNDr. Stanislav Vaněk (Czech Republic)


Award for Best Czech Popular-scientific Documentary Film


"Mr. Parkinson"

Director: Petr Jančárek / CZ 2007 / 26 min.

Coming to terms with a disease that turns one’s life upside down can be done with vast wisdom. A composer of classical music, whose movements have changed to something of a dance creation, wrote parodiable music that compliments the film. Brain surgery and its affects on family life projected on screen.




Lifetime Achievement Award in Popular-scientific Film: Nigel Marven

A biologist, filmmaker and a long-time BBC associate who has cooperated, among others, with Sir David Attenborough, a leading pioneer in promoting science on television. Today Marven is rightly considered among international celebrities in his field.


Audience Award


"Mr. Parkinson"

Director: Petr Jančárek / CZ 2007 / 26 min.

Coming to terms with a disease that turns one’s life upside down can be done with vast wisdom. A composer of classical music, whose movements have changed to something of a dance creation, wrote parodiable music that compliments the film. Brain surgery and its affects on family life projected on screen.


Student Jury Award


Jury: Vojtěch Hanulík, Zuzka Jašková

Ester Kadlecová, Josef Kaštil, Dominika Linhartová, Rodion Procjuk, Jan Přeček and Tomáš Vynikal


"Peace with Seals"

Director: Miloslav Novák / CZ 2007 / 96 min.

Peace with Seals is an extraordinary viewing experience of peaceful coexistence between seal and man. A feature-length documentary film creation of unique picture poetry produced in the Czech Republic.




Vesmír magazine Award for Best Czech Documentary Film in Natural Sciences



Director: Tereza Tara / CZ 2007 / 20 min.

“Females know little about the causes, signs and side effects of hormone pill intake. Males lose their sexuality.” The black and white film tells of environmental hormonal pollution.


Dějiny a současnost magazine Award for Best Czech Documentary Film in the Humanities and Social Sciences


"Forgotten Transports"

Director: Lukáš Přibyl / CZ 2007 / 86 min.

The Forgotten transports to Byelorussia project was gradually developed in the years of 2000 – 2006 and consists of testimonies of individuals that survived practically unknown concentration camps in Latvia, Byelorussia, Estonia and Eastern Poland.


History Today magazine Award for Best International Documentary Film in the Humanities



Director: Bill Guttentag & Dan Sturman / USA 2007 / 88 min.

The night before the Second World War broke out the Japanese military invaded Chinese territory and occupied the then capital city of Nanking, which subsequently set the stage for Japanese military barbarity and horror.


Award for Best Student Film - V. Ř. E. D.

JÁ (a music video for LAJKY)│Czech Republic, 2008

Director: Miloš Kameník



The 43rd Academia Olomouc - International Festival of Popular-scientific and Documentary Films welcomed the following guests: Josef Abrhám ml., Petr Baran, Václav Bělohradský, Luboš Bělka, Brigitte Berg, David Čeněk, Pavel Černuška, Jakub Červena, Jaroslav Flegr, Peter Furtado, Marcel Grün, Nikolaj Hrib, Vít Janeček, Pavel Jirásek, Ivan Klimeš, Natacha von Kopp, Jiřina Kosíková, Steve L. Lichtag, Irene Lichtsheidel, Petr Lokaj, Daniel Luther, Peter Lynch, Nigel Marven, František Mikeš, Miloslav Novák, Emil Paleček, Paul Pissanos, Lukáš Přibyl, Robert Rosenstone, Alice Růžičková, Martin Řezníček, Otakáro Maria Schmidt, Pavel Smetana, Jiří Straus, Jaroslav Šabata, Martin Škabraha, Tomáš Škrdlant, Pavel Štingl, Jiří Vácha, Stanislav Vaněk and others.



This section included a wide range of discussions, panels, lectures and film screenings. This year's main themes were: Year 1968: Global Revolt; Evolution, or a Miracle?; and Science Inside Out. Audiences had the opportunity to see several internationally renown documentary films, e.g. Project Grizzly, Cyberman, The Herd and A Whale of a Tale, by Canadian filmmaker Peter Lynch who attended the screenings.


The panel Evolution or a Miracle? brought together the supporters and opponents of the intelligent design theory vs. the evolution theory: philosopher Doc. Luboš Bělka, evolution biologist prof. Jaroslav Flegr, theologian and chemist Ing. František Mikeš, PhD., molecular biologist prof. Emil Paleček, and physiologist Prof. MUDr. Jiří Vácha, DrSc.


Prof. Robert A. Rosenstone from the California Institute of Technology gave a remarkable lecture supplemented with film clips that aimed to prove that the treatment of history in film can have a number of other aspects.


Prof. PhDr. Jiří Straus, DrSc. and Ing. Nikolaj Hrib delivered a successful lecture comparing the current practice of criminal investigation with the methods promoted by popular television shows, such as CSI Miami and others.


Alice Růžičková, Vice Dean at FAMU, dedicated her lecture to Czech popular-scientific film in the 1950s.



At this year's festival, audiences had a chance to find out more about French filmmaker Jean Painlevé, a pioneer in ocean filmmaking. The screenings were introduced by Painlevé's former associate Brigitte Berg and film historian David Čeněk. Jean Painlevé made nearly 200 films, the AFO selection included e.g., The Sea Horse, The Vampire,

Notre planète la Terre, Hyas et stenorinques, Comment naissent les méduses, etc.



A comprehensive video library that serves as an representative international market of popular-scientific films that offers a meeting point for producers, buyers, distributors and journalists. Each visitor with the AFO accreditation can visit the Doc.port and watch a broad selection of films. Apart from the competition films Doc.port contains also films that were not selected for the main competition. This year the DOC.Port database included 582 films from 50 countries. Hundreds of visitors watched films on DOC.Port during the festival; after the end of AFO, these films will still be available at the university library.

Mon, 28 Apr 2008 05:24:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Academia_Film_Olomouc/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=730#comments
Award Winners for the 2008 Visions du Reel- Nyon International Documentary Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Visions_du_Reel_Nyon_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=727#comments INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION:



Claire Aguilar (producer ITVS, USA), Séverine Barde (cinematographer, Switzerland), Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich (producer, Netherlands), Andreas Horvath

(director, photogapher), awards the following prizes:


Grand Prix La Poste Suisse – Visions du Réel, CHF 20'000.- to:


Directed by: Molly Dineen, UK


Prix SRG SSR idée suisse, CHF 10'000.- to:


Directed by: Ju An-Qi, France/Italia/China



Claude Bernhard, Camelia Cioara, Vincent Milliard, Vreni Müller-Hemmi, awarded:


Prix du public de la Ville de Nyon, CHF 10'000.- awarded by the Municipalité de Nyon to:


Directed by: Denis Sneguirev, France/Russia



Viviane Borderie (France), Gisela Blau (Switzerland), Elâ Gurmen (Turkey), Serge Mulla (Switzerland), decided


Prix du interreligious jury of CHF 5'000.- awarded by the Eglise catholique suisse and by the Conférence des Eglises protestantes de Romandie (CER)


Directed by: Marcin Koszalka, Poland


and a Special Mention to


Directed by: Denis Sneguirev, France/Russia



Aline Fuchs, Ibrahim Obeida, Bastien Métraux, Lia Rossion, Emilie Walbaum, decided that


Prix de la DDC of CHF 5'000.- to


Directed by: Patric Jean, Belgium/France


THe Ypung Jury Prize of the Société des Hôteliers de la Côte of CHF 2'500.- to


Directed by: Marcin Koszalka, Poland





Ernesto Baca (director, Argentina), Jan Peters (director, Germany), Thomas Thümena (producer Hugofilm, Switzerland), Wang Pai-Zhang (director Taiwan), decided both:


Prix de l'Etat de Vaud de CHF 2 X 5’000.- each to


Directed by: Julien Samani, France

NO LONDON TODAY de Delphine Deloget, France


and a Special Mention to


Directed by: Eva Stotz, Allemagne





Roger de Diesbach (journalist, Switzerland, Ulle Schröder (Arte Strasbourg, France), Bruno Ulmer (director, France), decided that


Prix George Foundation for the Best Newcomer in Film CHF 10'000.- to


Directed by: Antoine Cattin and Pavel Kostomarov, Switzerland/France/Russia


Prix Suissimage/Société suisse des auteurs SSA – film suisse le plus novateur, CHF 10'000.- to


Directed by: Juan Lozano, Switzerland


The Swiss jury awarded a Special Mention to


Directed by: Yves Scagliola, Switzerland





Thomas Krompecher (professor), Anne Reiser (lawyer), Stéphane Blok (musician and writer), awarded the


Prix «Regards sur le crime» of CHF 5’000.- decided by a group of lawyers for Geneva to

LA PETITE BOITEUSE de Robin Harsch, Switzerland


and a Special Mention to the film


Directed by: Denise Gilliand, Switzerland

Mon, 28 Apr 2008 04:41:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Visions_du_Reel_Nyon_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=727#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2008 Celtic Media Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Celtic_Media_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=725#comments Winners of the "best of category" torcs


Animation: "Holi Hana - Dawnsio Bale"

Directed by: Tom Edgar

Calon / S4C


Current Affairs: "Tales from the Edge: The Children who Disappear"

Directed by: Lindsay Hill

BBC Scotland


Documentary Feature: "Padraic O Conaire - An Fear"

Directed by: Johnny White

Seanchas Productions / TG4 / BCI


Factual Documentary: "O’r Galon – Martin Thomas"

Directed by: Dylan Richards

Fflic TV / S4C


Arts Documentary: "R.S Thomas: The Man Who Went Into the West"

Directed by: Catrin Mair Thomas

BBC Wales / Fulmar


Short Drama: "River Child"

Directed by: Damian Wood

Storymix Ltd / Screen Academy Scotland


Drama Series: "Prosperity - Episode 1"

Directed by: Lenny Abrahamson

Element Films


Feature Length Drama: "The Last King of Scotland"

Directed by: Kevin MacDonald

Cowboy Films


Education: "Rygbi 100% - Series 2"

Directed by: Guto Williams

Cwmni Da / S4C


Entertainment: "Tom and the Giant"

Directed by: Will Coleman

Brave Tales Ltd


Sport Profile: "Wynebau Newydd - Merch y Gadair Ddur"

Directed by: Sian Pari Huws

Ffilmiau’r Nant / S4C


Childrens: "Aifric - Prog 4 Gafa Le Mata"

Directed by: Paul Mercier

Telegael / TG4


Young People: "On the Block"

Directed by: Katie Lincoln / Children

Macalla Teo

Mon, 28 Apr 2008 04:15:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Celtic_Media_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=725#comments
Award Winning Films @ Glimmer: The 6th Hull International Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Glimmer_Hull_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=724#comments With a large selection of competition films and numerous prizes, the jury – which included Chris Fell, Director of the Leeds International Film Festival, Nic Wistreich of Netribution.co.uk and Sal Brown, writer and producer – hard a difficult task of deciding upon the eventual winners. But after much deliberation, their final choices were as follows.


Glimmer International Award


£1000 prize supplied to winning film from World Trade Centre Hull and Humber


Director: David Birdsell

This experimental 8 minute film from the US showed ‘great invention’ and ‘enormous wit’ according to our jury members


Glimmer UK Award


£500 Prize supported by Hull Trains

"Dog’s Mercury"

Director: Martin Radich

A weird and wonderful glimpse into life providing an ‘aching humanity’ and ‘dark humour’ that the jury members adored


Glimmer Yorkshire Award


£500 Prize supported by Yorkshire Forward

"You, Me and Captain Longbridge"

Director: Kenny Doughty

This film, receiving it’s world premiere at Glimmer, was ‘beautifully shot’ and told an ‘emotional story’ that resonated with our jury.


A special mention also went to:


"Christmas In Huddersfield"

Director: Peter Spence

A simple documentary telling an extraordinary story.


Glimmer Hull Award


Prize of Nokia 6550 sponsored by The Mobile Point

"What You Do by Cool Fun"

Director: Jay Moy

This music video was ‘fun to watch’ and filmed in a ‘visually exciting way’

Mon, 28 Apr 2008 04:01:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Glimmer_Hull_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=724#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2008 Filmfest Dresden http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Filmfest_Dresden/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=723#comments International Competition


Golden Horseman Animated Film:

"Madame Tutli-Putli"

Directed by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (Canada, 2007)

€ 7 500


Golden Horseman Short Fiction Film:

"Valuri (Waves)"

Directed by Adrian Saturi ( Romania, 2007)

€ 7 500


and "Examen"

Directed by Paul Negoescu (Romania, 2007)


Golden Horseman - Youth Jury


"Moen-Koey" (Always)

Directed by Sivaroj Kongsakul ( Thailand, 2006)

€ 2 000

Stiftung für Kunst & Kultur der Stadtsparkasse Dresden


Golden Horseman Audience Award: "Run"

Directed by Mark Albiston (New-Zealand 2007)

€ 2 000

Sächsische Zeitung


ARTE Short Fiction Film Prize: "La Parabólica" (The Parabolic Dish)

Directed by Xavi Sala ( Spain, 2007)

€ 6 000


National Competition

Golden Horseman Best Animated Film: "Weiss" by Florian Grolig (2007)

€ 3 000


German Institute for Animated Film


Golden Horseman Best Short Fiction Film: "Robin"

Directed by Hanno Olderdissen (2007)

€ 3 000

Saxony Film Association

Mitteldeutscher Film- und Fernsehproduzentenverband


Golden Horseman Audience Award

"Bende-Sira Ich bin dran" ( It's my turn )

Directed by Ismet Ergün ( 2007)

€ 2 000

MDR Public Broadcaster


Minister of Fine Arts Promotion Prize

"Liebeskrank" (Lovesick)

Directed by Spela Cadez (2007)

€ 20 000

Saxon Ministry of Science and the Fine Arts


Best Sound(scape) Award

Golden Horseman

Best Sound(scape) Award of the European Centre for the Arts Hellerau

National and International Competition

"Madame Tutli-Putli"

Directed by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (Germany, 2007)

€ 3 000

European Centre for the Arts Hellerau


Exchange Forum

"Perspectives for Animated Film"

Promotion Prize

min. € 4 000

DEFA Foundation

Mon, 28 Apr 2008 03:51:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Filmfest_Dresden/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=723#comments
Awards for the 2008 Deauville Asian Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Deauville_Asian_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=722#comments BEST FILM: "WITH A GIRL OF BLACK SOIL"

by JEON Soo-il (South Korea)



by LIEW Seng Tat (Malaysia)



by Aditya ASSARAT (Thailand)



by JEON Soo-il (South Korea)



by FENG Xiaogang (China)

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Award Winners of the 2008 Cartoons on the Bay Animation Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cartoons_on_the_Bay/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=716#comments PULCINELLA AWARDS 2008



Canada, Nelvana Limited

For creating subtle, charming characters that warmly

connect with its audience


United Kingdom, Mackinnon & Saunders Productions Ltd, Kayenta Production

For presenting a unique and gloriously quirky fast-paced, funny tale



Italy, Maga Animation Studio - Rai Fiction

For its jovial, witty, word play and for portraying a typical Italian family from a fresh, watery-perspective


TV SERIES OF ACTION & ADVENTURE to the program: "Gladiators"

Italy, Rai Fiction, Mondo TV

For its epic portrayal of historical storytelling within beautiful and accurate settings that told a resonating personal drama



to the program: "BBC CHUNNILAL"

India, Famous House of Animation

For giving families succinct information that empowers them to make the necessary changes in fighting a universal disease and for showing that there is no prejudice to those already suffering


PILOT OF TV SERIES to the program: "BUDDY & ELVIS"

United Kingdom, The Illuminated Film Company

For creating a rich, love-hate relationship between a cat and a dog that was touching, humorous and credible


TV SPECIAL to the program: "WANTED"

South Korea, Electric Circus

For originality and beauty in artwork, and for its well-observed character design and for a surprising, unspoken, narrative


SHORT FILM to the program: "JOHN AND KAREN"

United Kingdom, Arthur Cox

For displaying a complex relationship using wonderful rhythm with nuanced performances



Germany, Studio Film Bilder

For a vividly, originally realized, raw, and well-acted character portrayal in an outstanding ensemble show



Canada, Cuppa Coffee Studios - Logo

For pushing social boundaries and tackling stereotypes in a wickedly well-written, irreverent and hysterical one-of-a-kind television series



Germany, Studio Film Bilder

For its dry, well-acted humor that combined technical innovations with witty design and appropriate use of movement for comedic timing



USA, Nickelodeon

For its successful use of surprising instruments that delightfully added to an already vivid visual palate



USA, Walt Disney Television Animation



Italy, Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia, Dipartimento Animazione



Canada, National Film Board Of Canada


Jury consisted of: Patricia Hidalgo (Executive Director, Programming Walt Disney TV Italia), Giovanna Milano

(Management Consultant, France-Italy), Barry Purves

(Artist, United Kingdom), Claudia Sasso (Broadcasting for kids Manager, Rai Due), Eric Shaw (Writer, USA)


The Jury of Rai Subscribers has assigned the Pulcinella Awards 2008 to



Italy, Enarmonia Motionworks

The award goes to "Me myself and the others" for the lively animation, the fun characters, the hilarious dialogues and cheerful music. The message on the importance of friendship got to us children in a simple and ironic way.



USA, Nickelodeon

It is fun and jolly cartoon. The story involves and excites and it makes you live fun and magical adventures. The colours and graphics are exceptional and reflect the high quality of the overall film.


TV SERIES FOR ALL AGES: "Water & Bubbles"

Italy, Maga Animation Studio - Rai Fiction

It was chosen for the message it sends out right from the start. To understand that in order to not be afraid of what’s different from us we must know ourselves and each other. The authors got this message to us in a simple and serene way.


Youth Card Euro<26 Award: "Sleeping Betty"

Canada, National Film Board Of Canada

For the subtle irony, the paradoxical subversion of roles, the surreal Look and finally, the somewhat "feminist' element evident in the final assertion

"sleep is mine and I’ll manage it".




Each year Cartoons on the Bay assigns two Pulcinella lifetime achievements awards, one Italian and one international, to the animation world’s important personalities. The Italian Pulcinella lifetime achievements 2008 award went to Fusako Yusaki. This is Hiroshi Azuma’s, Japan’s Consul in Italy, message: "I would like to express my sincere congratulations for the Pulcinella lifetime achievements 2008 award to Fusako Yusaki. This prestigious award doesn’t only recognizer Yusaki’s professional activity, but is also a tangible evidence of Italy’s appreciation towards a deeply and profoundly sensitive artist; with great admiration and looking forward for even more success."


The Pulcinella International Lifetime Achievement Award went to Gerald Potterton. The Canadian Ambassador in Italy, his Excellency Mr. Alex Himelfarb, sent a few words to Mr. Potterton: "Dear Mr. Potterton, please accept my warmest congratulations for the prestigious award that the festival Cartoons on the Bay in Salerno conferred you. Cartoons on the Bay and its director, Alfio Bastianchio, have been great friends of Canada and have supported and encouraged Canadian talents over the years. The official recognition for your work’s high quality by this important festival honours us greatly. On behalf of Canada, I send my most heartfelt thank you for your career’s considerable creative achievements and for your long and constant commitment to art. Yours sincerely, Alex Himelfarb, Ambassador of Canadian.”


Special Career Award went to Pietro Campedelli. Pietro Campedelli, born in Milan, fell in love for animation in the mid 1990s when he met with author and director Giuseppe Laganà. Industrial consultant, from the Bocconi University, he immediately understood that it was a field with great development potential. Campedelli, with his consultancy studio, worked on the first series Co produced by Rai Fiction among which Lupo Alberto by Animation Band and Cocco Bill by De Mas & Partners and later many others. He was a founder in 1998 and President until last December of the Associazione Aziende Audiovisivi in Animazione Cartoon Italy and Board Member of the European association Cartoon. Cartoons on the bay’s recognition is: for giving Italian animation, from a business and associative point of view, the spirit and the experience of his long and intense activity as an industrial Manager providing, in more than ten years of activity, a significant contribution to the field’s national and international development.

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Awards Announced for the 2008 Amsterdam Fantastik Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Amsterdam_Fantastic_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=713#comments And the winners are...

During the closing ceremony of the 24th AFFF the winners of the jury awards were announced. The Black Tulip was awarded to TIMECRIMES. Due to illness director Nacho Vigalondo was unable to attend, but in a video message he thanked the jury. Director Gonzalo Lopez Gallego was present to accept the Silver Méliès for best European fantastic film for his KING OF THE HILL. A very enthusiastic Ivan Nunez Lopez accepted a nomination for best European fantastic short for his DE OVERKANT.


Silver Scream Award: [REC]

Director Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza


[REC] headed the chart for days and neither the closing night (DOOMSDAY by director Neil Marshall ) nor the Eyes Wide Open double-bills could change that (although the Japanese THE MACHINE GIRL by director Noboru Iguchidid very well). So the Spanish horror hit took the Silver Scream Award home. This marks the return of true horror at the top of the list, since ever since 1996 (Robert Rodriguez' FROM DUSK TILL DAWN) the audience favored other fantastic genres such as anime, fantasy, science-fiction and thriller.


The race for second and third place was much closer in which WRISTCUTTERS: A LOVE STORY by director Goran Dukicwas bumped off the podium by ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by director Julie Taymor (2) and FIDO by director Andrew Currie (3). 8,768 votes were counted, an increase of almost 20% compared to 2007.

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WInners of the 8th Jameson Belfast Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Belfast_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=711#comments The winners of the Jameson Short Film Award and Maysles Brothers Documentary Award were announced at the closing night premiere of the 8th Jameson Belfast Film Festival.


Winner of the Jameson Award for the Best Short Film



Director: Simon Fitzmaurice


The jury felt that this is a stylish, wonderfully cinematic film of great imagination. A marvelous central performance, an extraordinary voice over and some remarkable and compelling cinematography combine to provide a feast for the eyes and ears.


Winner of the Skillset Award to the best NI film



Director: Connor Clements


The jury felt that the director had handled the extremely sensitive and emotive subject with care, skill and style. There was an impressive performance from the young actor whose character was seeking guidance about his concerns over his sexuality and whilst there was the danger that the story could be reduced to stereotypical characterisation, the writer / director avoided this trap and delivered a truly moving film.


Highly commended


The Jury highly commend the films "NEW BOY" directed by Steph Green and "BUA," directed by Sonya Gildea. New Boy for the mature performance of the young actors, witty dialogue and impressive story telling, including some brilliantly conceived, designed and filmed African settings. Bua for such courageous directing, editing and shot selection and in dealing with the subject matter so energetically and particularly with the added difficulty of having a horse as a central character in the piece


Winner of the Maysles Brothers Documentary Award



Director: Robert Nugent


The jury commented:

“We were struck by the way in which End of the Rainbow told an important and powerful story with breathtaking clarity, economy and beauty. We were also impressed by the way in which the director avoided what could have been an easy and obvious stereotyping of his characters and, in doing so, left the audience to reflect on the universal themes explored in the documentary.”


Winner of the Best Documentary Short



Director: Marcin Sauter.

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Award WInners for the 2008 GOEAST Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/goEast_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=710#comments COMPETITION FOR FEATURE AND DOCUMENTARY FILMS




Estonia / Great Britain 2007

Director: Kadri Kousaar





Romania 2008

Director: Thomas Ciulei




Serbia / Germany / Austria / Slovenia 2008

Director: Stefan Arsenijevic




Ukraine 2006

Director: Eva Nejman




Russia 2006

Director: Aleksej Popogrebskij




Bulgaria / Germany / USA 2007

Director: Andrej Paunov




Estonia / Great Britain 2007

Director: Kadri Kousaar




Romania 2008

Director: Thomas Ciulei







Germany / Hungary

Director: Lili Horvath, Producer: Henning Kamm, Camera: Robert Maly



Germany / Romania

Director: Paul Negoescu, Producer: David Lindner, Screenplay: Simona Ghita, Camera: Paul Andrei





Germany / Poland

Director: Kerstin Nickig, Producer: Michael Truckenbrodt, Co-Producer: Marcin Wierrzchoslawski,

Camera: Michal Tywoniuk






Director: Magdalena Kowalczyk, Poland 2006

Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, Warschau




Director: Magdalena Kowalczyk, Poland 2006

Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, Warschau




Director: Simon Rauh, Germany 2008

Fachhochschule Mainz




Director: Evi Goldbrunner and Joachim Dollhopf, Germany 2008

HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg

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Awards to the “independent” at Roma Independent Film Festival VII edition http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Roma_Independent_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=707#comments RIFF Awards 2008 Winner film: "THE CLASS"

Directed by Imar Raag (Estonia)


Best Feature film: "THE CLASS"

Directed by Imar Raag (Estonia)


Best First Feature film: "The Paper Prince"

Directed by Marko Kostic (Serbia)


New Vision 2008 award: "Chi nasce tondo"

Directed by Alessandro Valori (Italy)


Best Documentary: "The Greatest Silence: Rape In The Congo"

Directed by Lisa F. Jackson (USA)


Best Italian Short film: "L’Oro Rosso"

Directed by Cesare Fragnelli


Special Mention Italian Shorts: "La strana infedeltà"

Directed by Livio Rositani and

"La Moglie"

Directed by Andrea Zaccariello


Best Foreign Short: "Bathing"

Directed by Philipp Batereau (Germany)


Best Short for “Students short” section: "The Simple Life" Directed by Christina Schiewe (Germany)


Best Animation Short: "Standby"

Directed by Jannis Walz (Germany)


Best Feature film screenplay: "La Sirena"

Directed by Ezio Maisto and Maria Cristina Di Meo


Best Short film screenplay: "La Badante"

Directed by Erica Liffredo

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Award Winners Announced for the 2008 Cinestrat Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinestrat/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=701#comments Best Documentary with 7000 euros: "Crude Impact"

Directed by: James Wood, USA. www.crudeimpact.com/show.asp


Best Short Documentary with 2000 euros: "Pura Vida"

Directed by: Jan Nimmo, Scottland. www.greengold.org.uk/film.htm


Jury's Special Award : "Facedor de Montanhas"

Directed by Juan Figueroa, Brasil - Spain.


Critical Lense Award, HDV Pro- Camcorder: "Nama Saya Jakarta"

Directed by: Camino San José, Spain.


Audience Award: "Terra Promesa"

Directed by: Xavi Manzanet, Spain.

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2008 Award Winners Announced for the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Brussels_Intl_Festival_Fantasy_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=696#comments INTERNATIONAL FEATURE FILM COMPETITION


The Jury presided by Umberto Lenzi (Italy) was composed of Joon-Ho Bong (Korea), Thomas Gunzig (Belgium), Brett Leonard (USA), Lisa Marie (USA), Catherine Wilkening (France) has attributed


THE GOLDEN RAVEN: "13 Beloved"

directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul (Thaïland). An Artwork by Joseph Henrion.



directed by Stuart Gordon (USA) &


directed by Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza (Spain). An Artwork Michel Devillers


For the originality of the sceenplay and the extraordinaire children performance, the Jury gives also


A SPECIAL MENTION: "The Substitute"

directed by Ole Borneval.


THE PEGASUS- Prize of the Public: "[Rec]"

directed by Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza (Spain). An Artwork by Daniel Monic. The Prize of the Public of the 25th Festival is awarded by the subscribers of the Festival.




The Jury presided by Jean-Marie Verhasselt (Belgium) and composed of Nadine Monfils, François Bertrand, Sandrine Deegen, Bruno Forzani, Joëlle Rochette, has attributed


THE SILVER MELIES: "Frontière(s)"

directed by Xavier Gens (France)


The Golden Meliès 2008 Award Ceremony will take place in Sitges.



The Jury composed of Thibaut Dopchie, Ils Huygens, Nathalie Meyer has attributed


7TH ORBITH AWARD: "The Aerial"

directed by Esteban Sapir (Argentina). An artwork by de Michel Devillers.




The Jury of the Television Channels of 2006 composed of Bénédicte Bourgois, RTBF (Belgium), Brigitte Dithard, SWE (Germany), Sandrine Waller, TSR (Switzerland), Brice Van Der Haegen, Plug Tv (Belgium), BeTV (Belgium), Alexandre Soloviev, Russian State Tv (Russia), Srdjan Mitrovic, B92 (Serbia), Roland Nguyen, France 3 (France) has attributed



directed by Yann J. (France). This Short Film will be shown on the represented television channels.



a value of 2500 € has been attributed to "The Boxed" directed by Bryn Rhys Chainey (Australia).



directed by Yann J. (France). A sculpture de Michel DEVILLERS.


BE TV AWARD a value of 1500 € has been attributed to "The Boxed"

directed by Bryn Rhys Chainy (Australia)



directed by Jonas Govaerts (Belgium).




SACD PRIZE: "Les Deux Soeurs"

directed by Emmanuel Jespers. The SACD offers a prize with a value of 1.250 €.



directed by Emmanuel Jespers. A sculpture de Michel Devillers.




EYE-LITE AWARD: "Easter Bunnies"

directed by Roel Goyens and crew. Eye-Lite Eye –Lite offers 2.500 euros in light materials for a next film.

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Les Palmarès du Festival International du Film des Droits de l'Homme 2008- En Francais http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Alliance_Cine_Intl_Human_Rights/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=693#comments La cérémonie de clôture du 6ème Festival International du Film des Droits de l’Homme (FIFDH) de Paris a donné lieu hier à la remise des prix. La programmation comportait 32 films documentaires, pour la plupart inédits. 22 films étaient en compétition se répartissant en deux catégories : Documentaires de création et Dossiers et Grands reportages.


Le jury Catégorie Documentaires de Création, composé de Gilles Bataillon, Camille Jouhair et Jean-Baptiste Legrand, a décerné le Grand Prix à la réalisatrice Lucia Gaja pour son film "Ma vie dedans" (122 mn, Mexique, 2007). Le Prix Spécial du Jury est revenu au film "Mourir à Jérusalem" (76 mn) de la réalisatrice israélienne Hilla Medalia .


Le jury de la Catégorie Dossiers et Grands Reportages, composé de Pierre Guyot, Karim Lahidji et Christian Vélot a attribué le Grand Prix du Festival à "War Made Easy : la guerre pour les Nuls" de Loretta Alper & Jeremy Earp (72 mn, USA, 2007) et le Prix Spécial du Jury à la réalisatrice hollandaise Klaartje Quirijns pour "Chasseur de dictateurs" (72mn, Hollande, 2007).


Le jury Etudiants, quant à lui, a décerné son prix au film "Des monstres qui dorment" de Markus CM Schmidt et Jan Bernotat (92 min, Allemagne).


Le Festival tient à remercier toutes celles et tous ceux qui ont contribué au succès de cette nouvelle édition et vous donne rendez-vous dès jeudi prochain 10 avril à 20H30 au cinéma Action Christine pour la reprise de ses projections mensuelles dans le cadre des Jeudis du FIFDH (projection à 20H30 de "Rwanda, à travers nous l’humanité")

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Award WInners Announced for the 2008 Bird's Eye View Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Birds_Eye_View_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=679#comments Best Feature – "Persepolis"

Directed by: Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi


Best Newcomer feature –"Hotel Very Welcome"

Directed by: Sonja Heiss


Best Documentary – "Hold Me Tight Let Me Go"

Directed by: Kim Longinotto


Best Short – "Sophie "

Directed by: Birgitte Staermose


The Jury comprised of:


Best Short Film Jury:


Julia Short is co-owner of Verve Pictures, an independent distribution company which has released "Bullet Boy," the BAFTA award winner Amma Asante's "A Way of Life," Andrea Arnold's "Red Road" and Penny Woolcock's "Mischief Night."


Matthieu de Braconier manages and exec-produces Cinema Extreme: a short film scheme funded by the UK Film Council's New Cinema Fund and Film4. Past commissions include "Wasp" by Andrea Arnold and "Strange Little Girls" by Savina Dellicour.


Kate Vogel is the Commissioning Editor for "3 Minute Wonders," Channel 4's short documentary strand for new talent and innovation.


Barbara Stone produces features, directs documentaries and short films and founded the Gate Cinema in London. Unrelated, directed by Joanna Hogg and screened at BEV on Tuesday March 11th, is her latest production.


Best feature Film Jury


Harriet Walter is a Laurence Olivier Award winning stage actress. Her film credits include "Atonement," "Babel" and Martha Fiennes' "Chromophobia."


Damon Wise is a regular contributor to The Guardian, Times Online and Empire (for which he was previously the Film Editor).


Jane Giles , formerly Head of Acquisitions at Tartan Films UK & USA, is now Head of Content at the British Film Institute.


Sarfraz Manzoor is a leading UK journalist, author and broadcaster, regularly contributing to The Guardian. His critically acclaimed memoir "Greetings from Bury Park" was published last year.


Best Feature Newcomer Jury:


Sharman MacDonald is a playwright and novelist. Her plays include "When We Were Women" and "The Winter Guest." She has just finished writing the film "The Edge of Love" which stars her daughter Keira Knightley.


Matt Bochenski is the co-founder and editor of cutting edge independent film magazine, "Little White Lies."


Monica Ali's first novel "Brick Lane" was published in 2003 and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. It has recently been made into a feature film, directed by Sarah Gavron. Ali's second novel, "Alentejo Blue," was published in 2006.


Wendy Mitchell is the Senior Editor of Screen International, and its sister website ScreenDaily.com. Prior to that, she was based in New York as Managing Editor of independent film publication indieWIRE.


Best Documentary Jury:


Sarah Mulvey is Channel 4's Commissioning Editor for Documentaries, commissioning Cutting Edge and the documentary strand for up and coming directors, First Cut.


Geoff Andrew is a film writer and critic who worked for a number of years as Film Editor at Time Out magazine. He is currently Head of Film Programming at BFI Southbank.


Beadie Finzi produced "Unknown White Male" and is now directing two new films, "The Hunger Season" for More 4 and "Vida Ballet" for Channel 4 and Arte France. Beadie is also a director of the Channel 4 British Documentary Film Foundation, and the festival director for BRITDOC


Franny Armstrong made "McLibel," watched by 35 million people and featured in the BFI's Ten Documentaries "Which Shook The World" season. She is now filming her new climate change epic, "The Age of Stupid."

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Award Winners for the 2008 Alès Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Ales_Film_Festival_Itinrances/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=670#comments La compétition : les Jurys

Le Jury de la 24° compétition:

Bruno Danan, réalisateur, lauréat de la compétition 2007 avec Bonne nuit Malik.

Andrew Kötting, réalisateur, scénariste, et comédien.

Alexandra Lamy, comédienne (Au Suivant, On va s’aimer…).

Michelange Quay, réalisateur (Mange, ceci est mon corps), mention spéciale à Alès en 2006 pour L’Évangile du cochon créole.


Le Jury Sacem: Guy Lukowski, guitariste classique, compositeur, il a joué avec Jean Wiener,

Astor Piazzolla, Ennio Morriconne.

Gilles Marc Dardenne, pianiste de jazz, il a joué avec Sunny Murray, Byard Lancaster,

Archie Shepp et a donné le premier ciné concert du Festival, en 1995.

Jérôme Hauffman, compositeur.


Le Jury de l’option cinéma audiovisuel Composé d’élèves de la classe de 1ère option CAV du lycée Jean-Baptiste Dumas :

Typhaine Augusto, Douania Jauneaud, Hélène Mathieu, Charles Huck, Jonathan Lanau.


La compétition : le Palmarès


Prix décerné par le public

Prix du public : "Surprise!"

réalisateur Fabrice Maruca

1500 € offerts par la région Languedoc-Roussillon


Prix décernés par le jury de la 24° compétition

Grand prix du jury: "Taxi Wala"

réalisateur: Lola Frederich

2500 € offerts par la fondation Groupama Gan pour le cinéma


Prix spécial du jury: "Songes d’une femme de ménage" réalisateur: Banu Akseki

1000 € de prestation offerts par Titra films


Prix décerné par le jury Sacem

Prix de la musique originale : Patrice Sanchez

Prix de la musique originale : pour la musique de "Pièces détachées"

1500 € offerts par la Sacem


Prix décerné par CINECINEMA

Prix Ciné court: "Pièces détachées"

réalisateur: Sébastien Drouin

Achat des droits de diffusion pour CINECINEMA


Prix décerné par le jury de l’option cinéma

Prix de l’option audiovisuel: "Songes d’une femme de ménage"

réalisateur: Banu Akseki


Mention de l’option audiovisuel : "Le Genre Humain"

réalisateur: Patrick Bossard


Prix de l’École des Mines

Prix de l’École des Mines: "Surprise!"

réalisateur: Fabrice Maruca

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2008 Awards for the Creteil International Festival of Women's Films http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Creteil_Intl_Festival_of_Womens_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=669#comments GRAND JURY PRIZE

Best Fiction Film: "Mainline"

directed by: Rakhshan Bani-Etemad & Mohsen Abdolvahab - Iran



Best documentary: "A côté"

directed by: Stéphane Mercurio



Best Fiction Film: "Hidden Faces"

directed by: Handan Ipekçi - Turkey/Germany


Best Documentary: "Babel Caucase toujours!"

directed by: Mylène Sauloy - France


Best French Short Film: "Ata"

directed by: Cagla Zencirci & Guillaume Giovanetti - France


Best Foreign Short Film: "Hush"

directed by: Dena Curtis - Australia



Best French-Speaking Short Film: "Sarah"

directed by: Kadija Leclere (Belgium)


‘Graine de Cinéphage’ JURY AWARD: "Maati Maay"

directed by: Chitra Palekar - India


CANAL + AWARD: "Un hombre Tranquilo"

directed by: Arantzazu Gomez Bayon - Espagne



Best European Short Film: "Milan"

directed by: Michaela Kezele - Serbia/Germany


Special Mention to: "Ela"

directed by: Silvana Aguirre - United-Kingdom




"Tombée des nues"

directed by: Stéphanie de Mareuil


FRESNES WOMEN AWARD: "Juste une heure"

directed by: Virginie Peignien - France



directed by: Cagla Zencirci & Guillaume Giovanetti - France

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 01:49:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Creteil_Intl_Festival_of_Womens_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=669#comments
Award Winners Announced for 2008 Aubagne International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Aubagne_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=667#comments The jurys of the 9th edition of Aubagne International Film Festival, devoted to young creation, have awarded 18 prizes among which 2 Grands Prix for a best musical creation.


The Grand Prix of the short film competition for a best musical score goes the composer Gilles ALONZO for «Les Miettes» by Pierre PINAUD (France). The jury was seduced by «the narrative quality of its score which celebrates the link between music and cinema».


The Grand Prix for a best musical score for a feature is awarded to Tom HOLKENBERG for the feature «Blind» by Tamar Van den Dop which seduced the jury for «the quality of the composition and interpretation, which is completely part of the story telling».


Feature Film Competition

Grand Prix of the best original music score doted with 2 000€, awarded to the dutch composer Tom Holkenberg, also know as Junkie XL, for "Blind" by Tamar van den Dop - Hollande, Belgique, Bulgarie - 2007 - Fiction - 1st feature film


Best Feature Film: "Continental, un film sans fusil"

Directed by: Stéphane Lafleur - Québec 2007 - Fiction - for its «artistic and human qualities, and its achieved approach»


Special mention of the Jury «for originality and creative work» to: "La Antena" (Telepolis)

Directed by: Esteban Sapir - Argentine - 2007 - Fiction - 2nd feature film.


Short film competition Great Prize for a best music doted with 3000€ (1 500€ going to the composer and 1 500€ to the director): Gilles Alonzo for "Les Miettes by Pierre Pinaud"


Special Mention of the Jury for SOUND DESIGN:

Tiffany Veys and Kris van Roy for the film "Administrators" by Roman Klochkov - Belgium - 2006 - 2nd film


Best Fiction doted with 750€: "Alterego"

Directed by: Ferenc Sebö - Hungary - 2006 - Fiction - 2nd film


Special mention for a fiction: "Galerianki"

Directed by: Kasia Roslaniec - Poland - 2007 - Fiction - 1st film


Special Mention of the Jury for best directing: "Sexy thing"

Directed by: Denie Pentecost - Australia - 2006 - Fiction - 1st film


Special Mention of the Jury for best script

ex-aequo: "Fereshtegan dar khak mimirand"

Directed by: Babak Amini - Iran - 2007 - Fiction - 1st film and "Roads by Lior Geller" - Israël - 2007 - Fiction - 1st film


Special Mention for Humur: "Tony Zoreil"

Directed by: Valentin Potier - France - 2007 - Fiction - 1st film


Best documentary doted with 750€: "Raghs haye talayee"

Directed by: Ali Kalantari - Iran - 2006 - Documentary - 2nd film


Special mention: "Un déchet parmi d'autres"

Directed by: Sébastien Pierre - France - 2007 - Documentary - 1st film


Best Animation doted with 750€: "Liebeskrank"

Directed by: Spela Cadez - Germany/Slovénia - 2007 - 1st film


Best Expérimental doted with 750€: "Under construction" by Zhenchen Liu - France - 2007 - Documentary - 3rd film


OFQJ prize for Soundtrack: Gilles ALONZO composer of the film "Les Miettes"

Directed by: Pierre Pinaud


Audience Prize voted by the audience during the short film night, doted with 750€ by the newspaper Zibeline: "Fini de rire"

Directed by: Pénélope Bagieu - France - 2006 - 1st film

College jury prize


"Mr Schwartz, Mr Hazem & Mr Horlocker"

Directed by: Stefan Müller - Germany - 2006 - 1st film


12th SIRAR grant: Pierre DAIGNIÈRE (Paris) for the script «L’âge adulte »received the 12th SIRAR Grant. He wins a grant of 22 000€, doted by the city of Aubagne and the Regional Council of Paca. He will also enjoy different help from a network of partners : Groupe de Recherche d’Essais Cinématographiques (GREC), Régie Culturelle Régionale, the Département des Sciences, Arts et Techniques de l’Image et du Son (Satis) de l’Université de Provence à Aubagne, France 3, Fujifilm).


Moreover, a jury composed by the Céfédem Sud chose 3 composers : Valerio SANNICADRO (Paris), Alireza FARHANG (Paris) et Jonathan BELL (Parisamong who the young director will choose the author who will compose his film's music. This one will receive a grant of 2 000 € offered by SACEM.

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 12:57:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Aubagne_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=667#comments
10th THESSALONIKI DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL –IMAGES OF THE 21ST CENTURY AWARDS http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Thessaloniki_Documentary_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=666#comments THE HELLENIC RED CROSS AUDIENCE AWARDS


Hellenic Red Cross Audience Award for a film over 45’


i. A Greek production, accompanied by a cash prize of 4.000 € to the film "Birds In The Mire"

Directed by: Alinda Dimitriou


ii. A Foreign production, accompanied by a cash prize of 4.000 € to the film "As seen through these eyes"

Directed by: Hilary Helstein.


Hellenic Red Cross Audience Award for a film under 45’


i. A Greek production accompanied by a cash prize of 2.000 €, to the film "The Archelon Bubble"

Directed by: Eleftherios Fylaktos


ii. A foreign production accompanied by a cash prize of 2.000 €, to the film "City of cranes"

Directed by: Eva Weber.




This year’s The FIRPESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Jury consisted of:

Michel Euvrard, President (Canada)

Caroline Buck (Germany)

Matti Rämö (Finland)

Alex Leo Serban (Romania)

Vassilis Kehagias (Greece)


The FIPRESCI Awards go to:


i. A Greek production, to the film "The Lovers From Axos" Directed by: Nicos Ligouris


ii. A foreign producion, to the film "Be Like Others" Directed by: Tanaz Eshagian




The Ministry of Macedonia - Thrace Award, for a film in the Portraits – Human Journeys section goes to the film "The Mirror and the Knife"

Directed by: Dimitris Vernikos. The award is accompanied by a cash prize of 6,000 €.




The Greek Film Center, gives the following awards:


- Award for a medium length documentary, accompanied by a cash prize of 2000 € goes to the film "Etel Adnan Words in Exile"

Directed by: Vouvoula Skoura.


- Award for a medium length documentary accompanied by a cash prize of 2000 € goes to the film "Alex"

Directed by: Alexandros Papanikolaou and Emily Yiannoukou.


- Award to a feature length documentary accompanied by a cash prize of 3.000 € goes to the film "Birds in the Mire" Directed by: Alinda Dimitriou.


- Award to a feature length documentary accompanied by a cash prize of 3.000 € goes to the film "The Third Takis" Directed by: Katerina Patroni.


- Award to a feature length documentary accompanied by a cash prize of 3.000 € goes to the film "The Lovers of Axos"

Directed by: Nicos Ligouris.


- Award to a feature length documentary accompanied by a cash prize of 3.000 € goes to the film "The Mirror and the Knife"

Directed by: Dimitris Vernikos.


ERT3 (Greek Public Television) BROADCASTING AWARD


The Jury consisting of:

Nelli Zika – Tsemelegou – Greece (ERT 3 Administration Committee)

Yorgos Botsos – Greece (Director)

Phaedon Lazaridis – Greece (Head of Educational and Cultural Screenings Office)


The ERT3 Greek Public Television awards the best film in the Stories to Tell section to: "The lovers of Axos"

Directed by: Nikos Ligouris. The award includes one broadcast of the film on ERT3 which is equivalent to the sum of 3,000 €.




The Amnesty International Jury consisting of:

Stelios Kouloglou – Greece (Journalist)

Pavlos Nerantzis – Greece (Journalist)

Tassos Teloglou – Greece (Journalist)

Katerina Kalogera – Greece (Director, scriptwriter)

Nikolas Kominis - Greece (Photographer)

Irini Tsolaki – Greece (Member of the Board, Greek Section of Amnesty International)

and Hans Thoolen – Greece (President of the Martin Ennals Awards for Human Rights Defenders)


Awards the best film in the Human Rights section to: "The Price of Sugar"

Directed by: Bill Haney




The WWF Jury consisting of:

Konstantinos Liarikos – Greece (Head of Environmental Programs WWF Greece)

Yorgos Vellidis – Greece (Head of Communications, WWF Greece)

Kostas Livadas - Greece (Composer - lyricist)


Awards the best film in the Habitat section to: "About Water: People And Yellow Cans"

Directed by: Udo Maurer, Austria / Luxembourg, 2007

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 12:42:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Thessaloniki_Documentary_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=666#comments
Award List for the 2008 Cinéma du Réel Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinema_du_Reel/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=665#comments The International Jury composed of :

Lav Diaz, filmmaker (The Philippines)

Françoise Etchegaray, filmmaker (France)

Gulya Mirzoeva, filmmaker (France) Scam representative

Eugenio Polgovsky, filmmaker (Mexico)

Olaf Möller, critic (Germany)


Has awarded


- Cinéma du Réel Grand Prize with the support of the Procirep (8000€): "Holunderblüte"

Directed by: Volker Koepp (Germany)

Honorable mentions: "Wollis Paradies"

Directed by: Gerd Kroske (Germany)

and "San"

Directed by: Du Haibin (China)


- Scam International Award (4600€)

ex aequo

"Qian men Qian"

Directed by: Olivier Meys (Belgium, France)

"Invisible City"

Directed by: Tan Pin Pin (Singapore)


- Short Film Award (2500€): "Minot North Dakota"

Directed by: Cynthia Madansky and Angelika Brudniak (United States/Austria)


- Joris Ivens Award, attributed to a young filmmaker (2500€): "La Frontera Infinita"

Directed by: Juan Manuel Sepúlveda (Mexico)


The Young Jury composed of 5 highschool students and of filmmaker Pierre-Oscar Levy has awarded


- the Young Jury Award – Cinéma du Réel, with the support of the Centre Pompidou and of Paris Townhall (2500€): "L’Empreinte"

Directed by: Guillaume Bordier, France


The Young Jury wishes to attribute honorable mentions to "La Frontera infinita"

Directed by: Juan Manuel Sepúlveda (Mexico) and

"Podul de Flori"

Directed by: Thomas Ciulei (Romania)


The Librarian Committee, composed of

Julien Farenc, Bibliothèque nationale de France (Paris)

Thierry Maillot, Bibliothèque Kateb Yacine (Grenoble)

Dominique Rousselet, Bibliothèque de Villepinte

And of filmmaker Vincent Martorana


has awarded


- the Library Award (6000€)

to "Podul de Flori"

Directed by: Thomas Ciulei (Romania)


- The Intangible Heritage Award (2500€): "Gugara"

Directed by: Jacek Naglowski and Andrzej Dybczak (Poland)


Honorable Mentions: "C’est beau les vacances"

Directed by: Anna Zisman (France) and

"Le Chamane son neveu et le capitaine"

Directed by: Pierre Boccanfuso (France)


The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has awarded


- The Louis Marcorelles Award (purchase of rights, english and spanish subtitling, DVD edition, DVD promotion, mission abroad, equivalent to about 15000€)

to "Barcelone ou la mort"

Directed by: Idrissa Guiro (France)


The Festival selection committee has awarded


The Pierre and Yolande Perrault Grant, attributed to a young filmmaker (2500€)

to "Listener’s Tale"

Directed by: Arghya Basu (India)

Mon, 31 Mar 2008 12:33:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinema_du_Reel/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=665#comments
Award winners for BUFF 2008 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/BUFF_Intl_Children_Young_Peoples/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=659#comments The City of Malmö´s Children and Young People´s Film Award:


"The Ten Lives of Titanic the Cat"

(Titanics ti liv.) Norway 2007. Director: Grethe Bøe.


Jury 2008:

Leontine Petit, Producer, Lemming Film, The Netherlands

Thomas Hailer, Festivaldirector Berlinale Generation, Berlin International Film Festival, Germany

Lynn Ljungberg, kultur- och fritids kommunalråd, Malmö Kulturnämnd

Bengt Hall, Head of the Culture Affaires

Cornelia Röjner, Member of the Culture Board of Malmö


Award: 5 500 EURO och statuette made by Martin Jönsson.


Sydsvenskan and BUFF's Honorary Award:

Each year BUFF and Sydsvenskan award a person or an organisation who´s made great efforts for Children- and Young People´s Film.


Award winner:

Lennart and Ylva Li Gustafsson


Prize Amount: 3 900 EURO and a beautiful iron filmstrip made by Håkon Garpestad.


Jury 2008:

Johan Strömbeck and Emma Leijnse, Sydsvenskan, Andreas Hoffsten, Svenska Filminstitutet,

Krister Kjellström and Cecilia Grubb, BUFF.


The Film Factory for Young People and BUFF's Youth Jury Award:



USA 2006. Director: Todd Kessler.


Prize Award: Vase of glass


Jury 2008:

Class 8A from the Oxievångs school in Malmö.


The Swedish Church Award:



Denmark 2007. Director: Natasha Arthy.


Jury 2008:

Janne Rantala, documentary filmmaker, Malmö

Fredrik Holmberg, filmteacher, Göteborg

Charlotta Rosman Nissen, parish pedagogue, Malmö

Lena Sjöstrand, priest, Lund


The award is 5 500 EURO.


County Council of Skåne Short Film Award:



Koest. The Netherlands 2007. Director: Simone van Dusseldorp


Jury 2008:

Filippa Frejd, director, Malmö

Mats Olof Olsson, director, Stockholm

Charlotte Wachtmeister, Chairman of the Culture Board of Culture Skåne

Claes Göran Jönsson, Executive Chairman Culture Board of Culture Skåne

Chris Marschall, Head of Culture, Culture Skåne


Prize Amount: 2 800 EURO

Tue, 18 Mar 2008 05:15:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/BUFF_Intl_Children_Young_Peoples/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=659#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2008 Bergamo Film Meeting http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Bergamo_Film_Meeting/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=658#comments The three "Rosa Camuna" awarded by the audience of Bergamo Film Meeting go to:



Directed by: Aleksi Salmenpera, Finland 2007



Directed by: Paolo Marinou-Blanco, Portugal 2007



Directed by: Alice Nellis, Czech Republic 2007


and "PRZEBACZ" (Perdono)

Directed by: Marek Stracharski, Poland 2006

Tue, 18 Mar 2008 04:58:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Bergamo_Film_Meeting/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=658#comments
AWARDS 2008- International Film Festival on Human Rights http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Film_Festival_on_Human_Rights/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=657#comments Grand Award: "In Prison my whole life"

by Marc Evans


"Suffering and Smiling"

by Dan Ollman


Special prize of the Jury: "Faces"

by Gmax


The OMCT Award: "Calle Santa Fe"

by Carmen Castillo


The Junior Jury Award: "Suffering and Smiling"

by: Dan Ollman

Tue, 18 Mar 2008 01:48:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Film_Festival_on_Human_Rights/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=657#comments
Sofia International Film Festival Announces 2008 Award Winners http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sofia_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=653#comments GRAND PRIX For best film in the International Competition


SOFIA FILM FESTIVAL GRAND PRIX FOR BEST FILM in the international competition goes to "THE MERMAID" (Rusia) directed by ANNA MElIKYAN .


The award is given for its achievements in art direction, cinematography, decoupage production, acting and it’s play for energy and invention.


The award includes a diploma and EUR 5000




For film in the International Competition (diploma)


THE SPECIAL MENTION AWARD goes to “Bird can’t fly” (The Netherlands- South Africa- UK) directed by THREES ANNA for creating a unique and magical world the jury awards a Special Mention to the “Bird can’t fly”.




For film in the International Competition (diploma and a prize of 1000 Euro)


THE CADILAC AWARD FOR BEST DIRECTING goes to director Stefan Arsenijevic for his film “LOVE AND OTHER CRIMES”( Serbia-Germany-Austria-Slovenia) for the humanity and lyricism of his style.




(diploma, a trophy, film negative and laboratory services amounted of 4000 USD, provided by Kodak)





THE JAMESON AWARD FOR A BULGARIAN SHORT FILM goes to "Family Therapy" directed by PETAR VALCHANOV. Of all the short films that jury saw they narrowed the choice down to three films. They very much liked “The Third Floor” and “The go – Between”, but the winner, for its combination of dark humor and dramatic intensity is “Family Therapy.”


The award consists of a diploma, a statuette and EUR 6000 provided by JAMESON Irish Whiskey.




(provided by Sofia Municipality)


Audience award goes to "THE WORLD IS BIG AND SALVATION LURKS AROUND THE CORNER" directed by Stephan Komandarev




THE BEST BALKAN FILM AWARD NO MAN’S LAND is presented by the Bulgarian Film Critics’ Guild to “4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days” directed by Cristian Mungiu.


The award is a diploma and a box of No Man’s Land.




The Jury of FIPRESSI consisting of

Leo Soesanto - ( France)

Kerem Akca – ( Turkey)

Antonia Kovacheva – ( Bulgaria) handed out its award to

film "SEAMSTRESSES" (Bulgaria) and director LUDMIL TODOROV.


The award is given because the film is a honest and refreshing story about broken dreams and beauty of hope in modern Bulgaria, filmed in a modern Bulgaria, filmed in a classical neat way.

Tue, 18 Mar 2008 12:31:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sofia_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=653#comments
Award WInners Announced for the 2008 Tampere Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Tampere_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=651#comments The winner of the International Competition of Tampere Film Festival was "Madame Tutli-Putli," an animated film by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski. Madame Tutli-Putli also got the award for Best Animation and the Audience Award of the international series.


The animation that has been the topic of raging debates in Finland, "The Butterfly from Ural," was awarded the prize of the Best Finnish Animation. Director Katariina Lillqvist thinks that the prize will silence the debates down a little. After the film festival, "The Butterfly from Ural" will be screened in Helsinki and in Niagara cinema in Tampere. The film will also tour film festivals abroad.


"Palna's Daughters" by Kiti Luostarinen was the winner of Risto Jarva Prize, and "The Life Size Zoetrope" by Mark Simon Hewis was awarded the Main Prize of the LAB1O Competition. "René" by Swiss Tobias Nölle was chosen as the Best Fiction, and the Best Documentary was "Bidcatcher" by Pim Zwier and Marc Schmidt from the Netherlands. "The Pearce Sisters" by Luis Cook got the Prix UIP Prize.

Tue, 18 Mar 2008 11:24:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Tampere_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=651#comments
One World 2008 Winning Films Announced http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/One_World_Intl_Human_Rights/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=645#comments The tenth edition of the One World Film Festival comes to its end and all winners of particular categories are known.The prizes were awarded during the Closing Ceremony of the Festival on the Thursday evening in Lucerna.


Best Film Award: Behave

Directed by: Maria Ramos


Best Director Award: Crime and Punishment

Directed by: Zhao Liang


Václav Havel Special Award: Letter to Anna

Directed by: Eric Bergkraut


Rudolf Vrba Award: Rebellion: The Litvinenko Case

Directed by: Andrei Nekrasov


Mayor of Prague Award: One Day

Directed by: Ditte Haarlov–Johnsen


Main Jury Special Mention: Citizen Havel

Directed by: Pavel Koutecký


Rudolf Vrba Jury Special Mention: A Jihad for Love

Directed by: Parvez Sharma


Mayor of Prague Special Mention: The First Day

Directed by: Marcin Sauter


Czech Radio Award: Faces [:phases]

Directed by: Holger Ernst


Student Award: Iron Ladies of Liberia

Directed by: Daniel Junge, Siatta Scott Johnson


Audience Award: Citizen Havel

Directed by: Pavel Koutecký

Mon, 17 Mar 2008 01:41:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/One_World_Intl_Human_Rights/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=645#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2008 Videotivoli http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Videotivoli/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=644#comments The Nordic and Baltic Kids for Kids winners 2008



“Power Pig”

2007 | Norway | 4’32” | dvd | Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival workshop | Producer: Danckert Monrad-Krohn | d.krohn@krskino.no


It’s another lovely morning at the farm. All the animals are looking forward to another day of grazing and enjoying the good life. Suddenly the butcher’s lorry arrives and everything turns into a nightmare.



The film has a creative way of making traditional two-dimensional animation. It is an ingenious and funny work that has a good rhythm and well-characterised animals. The work makes a good general impression with its brilliant realization, in which the music and sound work in a co-supportive way.




2007 | Sweden | 9’30“ | Mini-dv | Ida Lundgård and Frida Andersson | Söllerö School | Mora Media Center | Producer: Britt-Marie Meyer | britt-marie.meyer@utb.mora.se


Why? is about two girls and three boys who are mean to a girl called Johanna in their class. The girls really don’t understand why they bully her and want them to stop.



The theme of the film deals with a difficult subject and due to a well-written, functioning script and good acting it becomes both a realistic, recognizable and touching film. It has a balanced way of dealing with the subject and shows the various sides and possible reasons for a common problem.

The film works on all levels including duration, continuity and editing.




2007 | Finland | 3’03” | dvd | Lasten ja nuorten kulttuuri- ja monitoimitalo Vernissa | Producer: Anneli Nikolajeff | anneli.nikolajeff@vantaa.fi


Fighting on the front of love, in the fields of different youth cultures.



The theme of the film is a traditional love story that uses the media in a creative and efficient way.

It shows a realistic aspect of the youth culture with its recognisable, diverse characters and personal humorous details. This touching story has a specific atmosphere and is carried through with great technical skills.



"What Comes Around"

2006 | Finland | 1’03” | dvd | Keihäslahden koulu | Teacher: Ritva Kortelahti | Producer: Kelaa vähän


… goes around.



The film succeeds in having a good dramaturgy and a simple, clear idea. In the compact work the sound supports the idea and in general the realization corresponds to the category and makes full use of the limited format.



"The Line

2006 | Finland | 1’32” | dvd | Tammerkosken koulu | Teacher: Heli Schultz | Producer: Kelaa vähän


The journey of cotton from fields to fabric.



In a successful way the film challenges the traditional way of making a fiction and documentary film and impressed the jury with its brilliant and simple idea. It also has a strong and original visual style and language. Good music.



“MC Doc”

2007 | Finland | 7’ | dvd | Porin Pajaluokka | Työpajan ohjaaja: Jari Forsman & Kim Tapper | Porin Kaupungin kouluvirasto ja Satakunnan Elävän Kuvan Keskus | sekk@sekk.fi


MC Doc lives in the country, drives a tractor and dreams about rapping.



Acted comedy with a somewhat serious theme is a difficult genre to work with. The jury has taken special notice of the film from the area of Pori, and it clearly succeeds in that aspect.


The Best Baltic and Nordic Kids for Kids Film 2008 has a good script with a duration of correct and efficient length. It especially succeeds in continuously surprising the jury with its brilliant and humorous way of dealing with the seriousness of a young persons longing and ambitions. The film has believable and good characters and the acting is of good quality. All in all it is a unique, fresh and successful film in the gender of acted comedy.

Mon, 17 Mar 2008 01:03:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Videotivoli/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=644#comments
Award WInners Announced for the 2008 Fribourg International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Fribourg_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=643#comments GRAND PRIZE «LE REGARD D’OR»

«Le Regard d’Or» (Golden Gaze) or Grand Prize of the

Fribourg International Film Festival, consists of CHF

30,000, the State of Fribourg contributing CHF

20,000 and the Municipality of Fribourg, CHF 10,000.

This award is conferred on the director (CHF 20,000)

and the producer (CHF 10,000) of the winning film

designated by the International Jury.


The members of the International Jury of the 22nd

Fribourg International Film Festival are:

Celina Murga (president)

Hugues de Wurstemberger

Prune Engler

Michel Khleifi

Tobias Noelle


This award goes to: "Flower in the Pocket"

Directed by: Liew Seng Tat

Malaysia, 2007

The director managed to take a tender and poetic

look at a complex and rich particularity of his society,

without forgetting the cinematographic adventure.


SPECIAL MENTION: "Geomen Tangyi Sonyeo Oi" (With the Girl of Black Soil)

Directed by: Jeon Soo-il

South Korea / France, 2007

The International Jury awards a special mention to

"With the Girl of Black Soil" for the extraordinary

performance of the young actress who guides us

through her world of human misery.



This award (CHF 5,000) is conferred by the Swiss

Authors Society (Societe Suisse des Auteurs – SSA)

and Suissimage on the director of the winning film

designated by the International Jury for inventiveness

in script and directing, for renewal of cinematographic

language or for thematic and formal audacity.


This award goes to: "El Camino"

Directed by: Ishtar Yasin

Costa Rica, 2008


The film draws its power from the thin line between

fiction and documentary, between poetry and reality.



This award, conferred by the International Jury,

amounts to 5,000 Swiss francs. Oikocredit grants

loans, especially micro credit, to the neediest, the

nonbankables, to give them at last a chance to grow.

Priority goes to groups for the realization of their fare

trade projects and to micro-finance institutions. In this

spirit, the prize is bestowed upon a male or female

producer whose financial support enabled a male or

female director to complete his or her first or second

long feature.


This award goes to: "He Fengming

Fengming, Chronicle of a Chinese Woman"

Directed by: Wang Bing

China, 2007

An exceptional and touching testimony, presented in

a minimal, daring and radical form.



This award (CHF 5,000) is bestowed by the Swiss

Federal Agency for Development and Cooperation on

the director of the film selected by the public.


This award goes to: "La Zona"

Directed by: Rodrigo Pla

Mexico, 2007



This award (CHF 5,000) is conferred jointly by two

organisations of development, «Action de Careme»

(Catholic) and «Pain pour le Prochain» (Protestant), to

the director whose film best reflects the values upon

which these two organizations are basing their

support of the struggle of poor populations in African,

Asian or Latin American countries. The Ecumenical

Jury is composed of a representative of the two

associations, and a representative each of the Swiss

Catholic Media Agency and the Protestant Cinema



The members of the Ecumenical Jury of the 22nd

Fribourg International Film Festival are:

Jean-Michel Zucker (president)

Regine Luthy

Bernadette Meier


This award goes to: "El Camino"

Directed by: Ishtar Yasin

Costa Rica, 2008

This award goes to the film El Camino by Ishtar Yasin

for the universal nature of its denunciation of the

scourge called sexual child abuse and the silence that

surrounds it, by showing the courage and the

determination of a twelve year old girl and her mute

brother. With the sophistication of the subjective

image reflecting the children’s look at the enigmatic

adult world, the director tells a true tale without

pathos or vain pedagogy, the poetic transposition of

which is undertaken with purely cinematic means.




"He Fengming Fengming, Chronicle of a Chinese Woman"

Directed by: Wang Bing

China, 2007

For the courageous restitution of half a century of

China’s Maoist history with a quite conceptional

cinematographic installation that depicts the painful

relationship of a woman with her personal history that

became a daily struggle. The exaltation of the

extreme richness of her emotions and notably of her

conjugal love adds a particular spark to this shattering




Conferred by the representatives of the International

Federation of the Cinematographic Press, this award

aims to promote cinema as an art and encourage

new, young cinematographers.


The members of the FIPRESCI Jury of the 22nd

Fribourg International Film Festival are:

Jose Carlos Avellar (president)

Lotfi Ben Khelifa

Malvina Grochowska

Claude Loser

Leo Soesanto


This award goes to: "Geomen Tangyi Sonyeo Oi" (With the Girl of Black Soil)

Directed by: Jeon Soo-il

South Korea / France, 2007

From a number of impressive films that let the

audience freely interpret their subject matter as they

were openly constructed, one was finally chosen – for

its humanistic and cinematographic qualities, for its

intelligent use of silence, elliptic narration and off-

screen information, the Jury decided to honour With

the Girl of Black Soil by Jeon Soo-il.



Conferred by E-CHANGER, a Fribourg-based agency

of North-South co-operation, this award (CHF 5,000)

is bestowed by the Youth Jury. Its aim is to

encourage the younger people to express themselves

at the festival, but also to give preference to a film that

takes into account the problems they encounter in

today’s world. It is bent on awakening students and

apprentices to the fact that, beyond entertainment,

cinema is an irreplaceable means to discover the

riches of other cultures and to learn tolerance and



The members of the E-CHANGER Jury of the 22nd

Fribourg International Film Festival are:

Shendra Stucki (president)

Aline Baeriswyl

Pablo Ferrari

David Muhlemann

Vincent Saerens

Julien Tannier

Katarina Tereh


This award goes to: "God Man Dog"

Directed by: Singing Chen

Taiwan, 2007

Many films would have deserved the award of the

Youth Jury, but we had to make a choice, and it was

not an easy one. After a long and passionate

discussion we decided to award the film "God Man

Dog," a Taiwanese fiction by Singing Chen.


We appreciated the originality of its script, its images

and its characters. The filmmaker managed to create

a specific mood that deeply touched us. The

presence of music increased the emotional power of

many scenes. The subtle humur added a lighter

touch to some of the sad situations of the film. The

film also embraces a number of different and universal

topics that everyone can identify with.



The members of the IFFS (International Federation of

the Film Societies) are:

Regula Treichler (president)

Ursula Philipp-Schurmann

Christi Grunwald-Merz


This award goes to: "Geomen Tangyi Sonyeo Oi" (With the Girl of Black Soil)

Directed By: Jeon Soo-il

South Korea, 2007

The film depicts the family life of a nine year old girl,

living with her father and her mentally retarded brother

in a mining village. The growing responsibility for her

brother and her everyday life become unbearable: the

father loses his job at the mine and - after some

additional blows of fate - increasingly resorts to

alcohol. The maternal, caring attitude of the girl finally

leads to radical decisions.


The powerful images of the dying industrial landscape

reflect the story in an impressive way. The film delivers

a convincing and respectful representation of the

protagonists, whose integrity is never betrayed. At the

same time, the director has created a work of global



SPECIAL MENTION: "He Fengming Fengming, Chronicle of a Chinese Woman"

Directed by: Wang Bing

China, 2007


In deliberately static shots, this three hour

documentary creates enough space for seventy year

old Chinese woman He Fengming to talk about her

life and about her fate during the phases of cleansing.


We believe that this film deserves particular

recognition as a historic document and as a personal


Mon, 17 Mar 2008 12:55:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Fribourg_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=643#comments
The 2008 Award Winners for the Fantosporto FIlm Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Fantasporto_Oporto_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=621#comments FANTASPORTO 2008 AWARDS



Best Film Award: "REC" ­

Directed by: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza (Spain)


Special Prize of the Jury: "HOW TO GET RID OF OTHERS"

Directed by: Anders Ronnow Klarlund (Denmark)


Best Direction: JUAN ANTONIO BAYONA ­for "El Orfanato"



Best Actor: MARC BORKOWSKI ­for the "The Ungodly" (USA)


Best Actress: BELÉN RUEDA ­for "El Orfanato" (Spain)


Best Screenplay: "LA HABITACION DE FERMAT" ­

by: Luis Piedrahita, Rodrigo Sopeña (Spain)


Best Cinematography: "GÁBOR KAMONDI" ­

Directed by: Dolina ­ Zoltan Kamondi (Hungary)


Best Fantasy Short: "ROJO RED"

by: Juan Manuel Betancourt



Special Mention of the Jury: "I'M A CYBORG, BUT THAT'S OK" ­

Directed by: Chan-wook Park (South Korea)




Best Film Award Directors Week: "OPIUM, DIARY OF MADWOMAN" ­

Directed by: Janos Szasz (Hungary)


Special Prize of the Jury: "THE LOVEBIRDS" ­

Directed by: Bruno de Almeida (Portugal)


Best Director: ROY ANDERSSON for "You, The Living" (Sweden)


Best Actor: SASSOM GABAI ­for "The Band's Visit ­ Era Kolirin"



Best Actress: KIRSTI STUBO ­for "Opium, Diary of a Madwoman"

Directed by: Janos Szasz (Hungary)


Best Screenplay: STEVE BUSCEMI, DAVID SCHECHTER ­ for "Interview"





Best Film Award Orient Express: "TRIANGLE"

Directed by: Ringo Lam, Johnnie To, Tsui Hark (Hong Kong)


Special Jury Award: "BREATH" ­ Kim Ki Duk (South Korea)





Directed by: Luis Piedrahita, Rodrigo Sopeña (Spain)


Méliès D'Argent Short Film: "ARK "­

Directed by: Grzegorz Jonkajtys (Poland)



The Critics Jury of Fantasporto 2008 has decided to grant its Award to: "THE BAND'S VISIT" ­

Directed by: Eran Kolirin (Isreal, France)



The Audience Award went to: "REC" ­

Directed by: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza




Max Von Sydow

Fernando Lopes

Mon, 10 Mar 2008 05:04:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Fantasporto_Oporto_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=621#comments
Award Winners for the 2008 Belgrade International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Belgrade_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=618#comments DECISION OF THE EUROPE OUT OF EUROPE JURY


After careful consideration of all eight films in the competitive program, the ’Politika’ Award Jury consisting of: Mr Kim Dong Ho, President of the Jury and Director of Pusan Film Festival; Mr Hrvoje Hribar, film director and Ms Dubravka Lakić, film critic, would firstly like to mention the special artistic qualities of the Russian film ’Traveling With Pets’ by Vera Storozheva.


However, ’Politika’ Award for Best Film in Europe out of Europe program unanimously goes to Kristijan Milić for the film with precise directing, expressive acting and sensible cinematography work - the Croatian-Bosnian anti-war film ’The Living and The Dead’.


The "Nebojsa Djukelic Award"


The "Nebojsa Djukelic Award" is traditionally awarded in memory and respect of one of the FEST selectors, renown film critic Nebojsa Djukelic, author of the TV program “Moving Pictures”, that had become a synonym for an well-thought, analytical and authoritative approach to interpreting and presenting the art of film. This year, the Association of Film Journalists and Critics of Belgrade and the Film Critics Society award this Award jointly, which will remain a tradition in the future.


In quest of a film, from the program of this year’s FEST, which is first and foremost the result of inspiration, but at the same time a film with integrity, recognizable and different by the virtue of its expression and style, we have agreed that this year’s “Nebojsa Djukelic Award” is to go to the Israeli film “The Band’s Visit” of novice director Eran Kolirin.


The Jury for “Nebojsa Djukelic Award”: Dubravka Vojvodic, Bogdan Zlatic and Ivan Arandjelovic, members of the Film Critics Society and the Association of Film Journalists and Critics of Belgrade.


The FIPRESCI Award for BEST FILM of FEST 2008


The Jury of FIPRESCI Serbia of the 36th FEST is awarding the FIPRESCI Award for BEST FILM to the Russian film “12”of Nikita Mihalkov. The Award has been received on the final press conference of FEST by the Cultural Attache of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Belgrade, Mr. Oleg Buldakov, on behalf of the director and the crew of the film.


The Jury of FIPRESCI Serbia of the 36th FEST is awarding the SPECIAL FIPRESCI AWARD to the Turkish-German film “THE EDGE OF HEAVEN” of Fatih Akin. The Award was handed over on the final press conference of FEST to Mr. Igor Stankovic, the Director of the distribution company MCF.


The Jury of the FIPRESCI Award deliberated in the following composition: Aleksandar Sasa Erdeljanovic (Chairman of the Jury, the Yugoslav Film Archive), Sandra Perovic (RTS) and Vladan Petkovic (Screen International).

Wed, 05 Mar 2008 12:56:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Belgrade_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=618#comments
2008 Award Winners for the Ecocinema-Zakynthos International Environmental Documentary Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Ecocinema_Zakynthos_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=617#comments The ceremony of the prize award of the 7th ECOCINEMA, took place in the full house of Attikon Cinema in Piraeus, attended by many officials and representatives of local authorities and organizations of the city. In a short intervention during the process, the Mayor of Piraeus Mr. Panagiotis Fasoulas, confirmed the Council's intention to continue with this project and host the Festival in the years to come in the "Big Port" and to broaden its horizons.


The films "Manufactured Landscapes" by Canadian Jennifer Baichwal and "Sounds of Sand" by Belgian Marion Hänsel, shared the first prize of 8.000€ of this year's ECOCINEMA Feature Length Films.


In the same category of prizes, the film "4 Elements" by Jiska Rickels from the Netherlands received a special mention.


The prize for Journalistic Research and Documentation Films worth 4.000€ was awarded to the documentary film "Palestine Blues" by Nida Sinnokrot, while at the same time, there was a special mention to the greek film "Delta, Oil's Dirty Business" by Giorgos Avgeropoulos.


Finally in the category of Short and Medium Length Films, the prize of 3.000€ was given to the film "Sinking Village" by Hungarian Marton Szirmai and a special mention was made for the film "Le Mammouth Pobalski" of French director Jacques Mitsch.

Wed, 05 Mar 2008 12:28:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Ecocinema_Zakynthos_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=617#comments
Wave Riders announced as Audience Award Winner http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Jameson_Dublin_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=614#comments Irish surf documentary "Wave Riders" won the hotly contested Audience Award as part of the 2008 Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, inching out the early frontrunner "Dambé – The Mali Project" which finished second. Commenting on the award, Joanne O’Hagan, CEO of the JDIFF said, “Wave Riders is such a beautifully made film and I’m delighted that it has won this generous accolade from our audience! We would also like to thank Cine Electric Ltd. for its generous sponsorship for this exciting award”.


The award shows the strength of Irish documentary making in Ireland, with these two events selling early and proving must-see events. “I’m overwhelmed and delighted! As a totally indigenous project funded on the island of Ireland, it is great to get recognition on home turf in the biggest film festival in Ireland. With so many big films and big filmmakers it is a real honour to win this award for everyone involved in the film.”


Closely following in third place was "Lars and the Real Girl," with "The Orphanage" in fourth and "In Bruges" and "There Will Be Blood" in joint fifth.

Thu, 28 Feb 2008 11:49:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Jameson_Dublin_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=614#comments
Award WInners for the 2008 Boulder International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Navarra_Intl_Documentary_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=613#comments PUNTO DE VISTA FIRST PRIZE FOR THE BEST FILM: Prize: 10,000 euros


Directed by: Feng Yan

China, 2007. 114'



Prize: 5,000 euros


Directed by: Tatsuya Yamamoto

Japan, 2006. 80'



Prize: 3,500 euros


Directed by: Rafal Skalski

Poland, 2007. 20'




Directed by: Stuart Urban

United Kingdom, 2007. 85'



Prize: 1,000 euros


Directed by: Morgan Dews

Spain / USA, 2007. 72'



Prize: 1,000 euros


Directed by: Vardan Hovhannisyan

Armenia, 2007. 70'

Thu, 28 Feb 2008 11:43:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Navarra_Intl_Documentary_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=613#comments
Berlinale 2008: Crystal Bears and Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk Awards in Generation Kplus http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Berlin_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=610#comments The members of the Kinderjury Generation Kplus:

Justus Paul Bauch

Jana Marie Bussmann

Jesper Ole Ebbert

Tita-Antonia Hagen

Carl-Ludwig Hausl

Ntozake Iglesias

Max Kressner

Lisa Frederike Lassen

Joelle Marianek

Lino Steinwärder

Nina-Liliht Völsch


give the following awards:


The Crystal Bear for the Best Feature Film goes to

"Buda Az Sharm Foru Rikht"

by Hana Makmalbaf (Iran/France)

This film is exciting and provocative and at the same time it is very shocking. It is about a little girl who is struggling to be allowed to go to school. We were moved by the poignant way the film depicts how a country dominated by violence affects the everyday life of children. The film showed us the senselessness of just sending soldiers to a troubled region. More necessary are people who can convince children that violence is not the solution.


The Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film goes to


by Warwick Thornton (Australia)

A little girl is talking about her special relationship with her dear old nana. She is always cooking for her granddaughter and looking after the old people in the village. But there’s another side to her as well. The film is funny and full of humour.


The Special Mention for a Feature Film goes to

"Titanics ti liv"

by Grethe Bøe (Norway)

Great actors combined with an excitement and mystery were the ingredients which convinced us in this film. The story was also accompanied by wonderful music.


The Special Mention for a Short Film goes to

"New Boy"

by Steph Green (Ireland)

The plot is easy to follow even though there is not much dialogue. The portrayal of the characters’ feelings touched us and swept us along and the reminder of Joseph’s earlier homeland gave us a realistic insight into his former life as well as his feelings. In the end we learned that having prejudices just isn’t worth it.


The members of the International Jury Generation Kplus:

Yasmin Ahmad

Anna Justice

Omri Levy

Antonia Ringbom


give the following awards:


The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk Grand Prix for the best feature film goes to

"TOUS A L’OUEST! Une aventure de Lucky Luke"

by Olivier Jean-Marie (France)

A rollercoaster ride of laughs and adventures, delivered with great wit, genius, and humor. A film full of inventive visual gags combined with an intelligent use of music, mixing historical and modern life elements. A celebration of the joy of cinema.


The Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk Special Prize for the best short film goes to "Min morbror tyckte mycket om gult" by Mats Olof Olsson (Sweden)

Lasting merely 9 minutes this film leads us through a whole range of deep human emotions. An homage to all that is good in people, reminding us to be careful with the fragility surrounding us. A moving story told with simple masterly cinematic strokes.


The Special Mention is awarded to the film "Mutum"

by Sandra Kogut (Brazil/France)

A journey into a young boy’s life that leads you gently through a world infused with love as well as rejection, confusion and heartbreak. With a curious mix of dreamy, open-ended events, it paints a picture of remote Brazil with bursts of poetry and humanity.


The Special Mention is awarded to the film "POST!"

by Christian Asmussen and Matthias Bruhn (Germany)

A joyful film with inventive visual solutions, crazy anarchistic humor and a warm message about one man’s ability to make a whole community happy.

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 04:59:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Berlin_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=610#comments
Perspektive Deutsches Kino: "Drifter" from Sebastian Heidinger wins "Dialogue en perspective" http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Berlin_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=609#comments A young German-French jury from TV5MONDE and the German-French Youth Office (GFYO) will award the independent prize for the fifth time at this year’s 58th Berlin International Film Festival. This year, the film Drifter from Sebastian Heidinger received the prize. The "Dialogue en perspective" was initiated in 2004 by the international francophone television channel TV5MONDE and the Berlinale, and is awarded in cooperation with the GFYO to a film from the section Perspektive Deutsches Kino.


As in previous years, a young jury of three German and four French film lovers aged between 18 and 29 selected which film will win the "Dialogue en perspective." Together with their jury president Peter Sehr, who received the German Film Prize in 1994 as director of the film Kaspar Hauser, the jury members watched all films presented in the Berlinale-section Perspektive Deutsches Kino and discussed which film deserved the "Dialogue en perspective."


A Special Mention goes to the short film "Lostage."


With the "Dialogue en perspective" award, TV5MONDE and the GFYO above all want to encourage the young German-French exchange and the intercultural dialogue about German film. The Berlinale, as the most important German film festival, is the perfect platform.


The winning film will be presented on the Festival of the German Film in Paris in autumn 2008.


Synopsis winning film:

Aileen (16), Angel (23) and Daniel (25) have escaped the remnants of their families and the constraints of their villages in search of the anonymity of the big city of Berlin. Their territory is the Zoo station and its environs. This is where they prostitute themselves in order to earn money for their drug addiction; they stay at doss houses, at friends’ places, or with their regular clients. They all have dreams and desires and a vague plan for their lives, but everything remains a building site, just as the world in which they are constantly obliged to reshape their lives and themselves – a world of transitions and unstable places in between; of backstreets, deals, niches and places of transit.

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 04:55:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Berlin_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=609#comments
2008 Award Winners for the European Youth Film Festival of Flanders http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/European_Youth_Film_Festival_Flanders/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=605#comments Prize of the professional jury- Feature film: "HOPPET" Directed By: Petter Naess (Sweden)


Prize of the professional jury- Short film: "MY HAPPY END"

Directed By: Milen Vitanov (Germany);


Prize of the children's jury Antwerp- Feature film: "MAX MINKSY"

Directed By: Anna Justice (Germany)


Prize of the children's jury Antwerp- Short film: "THE MONSTROUS TOILET" (Het monsterlijk toilet)

Directed By: Simone Van Dusseldorp (The Netherlands)


Prize of the children's jury Bruges- Feature film: "MAHARAL"

Directed By: Pavel Jandourek (Czech Republic)


Prize of the children's jury Bruges- Short film: "REBELLE" Directed By: Marc Levie (Belgium)


Prize of the audience - Antwerp: "RADIOPIRATES"

Directed By: Stig Svendsen (Norway)


Prize of the audience - Bruges: "MAHARAL"

Directed By: Pavel Jandoure (Czech Republic).

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 02:20:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/European_Youth_Film_Festival_Flanders/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=605#comments
2008 National Competition Award Winners for the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Clermont_Ferrand_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=604#comments Grand Prix: "Como todo el mundo"

Directed by: Franco Lolli / France / 2007

Pablo, aged sixteen, lives with his mother. Over the last few years, she has done her best to deal with financial difficulties, but it hasn't been easy. Pablo tries to...


Audience Prize: "C'est dimanche!"

Directed by: Samir Guesmi / France / 2007

Thirteen-year-old Ibrahim is expelled from middle school and has his father believe that he received a diploma.


Special Jury Prize: "Erémia Erèmia"

Directed by: Anthony Quéré , Olivier Broudeur / France / 2007

A man tries to free himself from an alienating job through intense exercise. By subjecting his body to the rigors of the elements, and living these sensations, he hopes...


Best First Film: "Les Ombres qui me traversent"

Directed by: Emilie Carpentier / France, Romania / 2007

In Romania, the 15th of August is a huge religious and popular celebration. Fourteen-year-old Alia works with her mother in the bar at the heart of the celebration. Her...


Best Actor: "La Main sur la gueule"

Directed by: Arthur Harari / France / 2007

Bruno, accompanied by his friend Liliane, pays a visit to his father, who lives deep in the countryside. He has something to ask of him.


Best Actress: "Primrose hill"

Directed by: Mikhaël Hers / France / 2007

A western suburb of Paris, a big park overlooking the city, the Seine below, a hill in London, the tune of a dissonant melody, friendship, forgotten faces, the shadow of...


Best Soundtrack Creation Award: "Les Miettes"

Pierre Pinaud / France / 2008

A woman lives in her house, goes to work in a factory, and goes shopping at the local store. One morning she learns that the factory, which is the background of her...


Best Animation Film Award: "La Saint Festin"

Directed by: Léo Marchand , Anne-Laure Daffis / France / 2007

Hurrah! Tomorrow is the 40th of November! It's Saint Feast Day, the great celebration of Ogres, so if you haven't caught a child yet hurry up now... and good hunting!


Canal + Award: "Tony Zoreil"

Directed by: Valentin Potier / France / 2007

Tony is a 28 year-old bachelor who inherited a remarkable physical particularity. Like the rest of his family, he has very big ears and suffers from an extreme...


Procirep's Award for Best Producer: "Irinka et Sandrinka"

Directed by: Sandrine Stoïanov , Jean-Charles Finck / France, Belgium

Fifty years separate Irène and Sandrine. One, from Russian nobility, lived through the fall of the regime, the absence of an exiled father, and an adoptive family. The...


"Attention Talent" FNAC Award: "664 Km"

Arnaud Bigeard / France / 2008

Two men are looking for stashed cash in abandoned stations. Competition is stiff and things turn south. David's a small-time crook who gets cold feet and hides out with...


Youth Jury Prize: "Les Miettes "

Pierre Pinaud / France / 2008

A woman lives in her house, goes to work in a factory, and goes shopping at the local store. One morning she learns that the factory, which is the background of her...


Press Prize: "Lisa"

Lorenzo Recio / France / 2007

Lisa is a young girl who lives in an isolated house with her parents and her two brothers, under the firm authority of her father. One day, Lisa shatters his sacred...


Special Jury Mention: "La Saint Festin"

Léo Marchand , Anne-Laure Daffis / France / 2007

Hurrah! Tomorrow is the 40th of November! It's Saint Feast Day, the great celebration of Ogres, so if you haven't caught a child yet hurry up now... and good hunting!


and "Les Illusions"

Directed by: James Thierrée / France / 2007

How do you, as an artist, when the show is over, leave the imaginary world of the stage and deal with life after seven years spent performing a first play you gave birth...


and "Tony Zoreil"

Directed by: Valentin Potier / France / 2007

Tony is a 28 year-old bachelor who inherited a remarkable physical particularity. Like the rest of his family, he has very big ears and suffers from an extreme...


and "La Main sur la gueule"

Directed by: Arthur Harari / France / 2007

Bruno, accompanied by his friend Liliane, pays a visit to his father, who lives deep in the countryside. He has something to ask of him.


Jury Mention: "Pour la comédienne Marie Nicolle

Lucas sur terre"

Maud Alpi / France / 2007

Today is Isabelle's birthday. She would have been 25. Lucas got a bottle out, then went to work next to the silo, to his favorite song... That's when she appeared, the...


Youth Jury Mention: "Résistance aux tremblements"

Olivier Hems / France / 2007

A mysterious old lady lives in an abandoned apartment block. She lives alone but simply will not leave the place.


Press Mention: "La Saint Festin"

Directed by: Léo Marchand , Anne-Laure Daffis / France / 2007

Hurrah! Tomorrow is the 40th of November! It's Saint Feast Day, the great celebration of Ogres, so if you haven't caught a child yet hurry up now... and good hunting!


and "Le Vacant"

Directed by: Julien Guetta / France / 2007

Pierre is a man in his sixties who refuses to accept early retirement for health reasons. Between hardship and makeshift solutions, he comes up with occasionally...

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 02:09:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Clermont_Ferrand_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=604#comments
2008 Labo Competition Winners at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Clermont_Ferrand_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=603#comments Grand Prix: "Pikapika, Lightning Doodle Project"

Directed by: Kazue Monno , Takeshi Nagata / Japan / 2007

Exploring parks, train tracks, schools, hallways and Tokyo Bay.


Audience Prize: "Charlotte Sieling"

Directed by: Annette Kristina Olesen / Denmark / 2007

A man and a woman pass each other in a hotel corridor. They notice each other – it is possible that their personal space will be invaded in the very moment they pass...


Special Jury Prize: "Plot Point"

Directed by: Nicolas Provost / Belgium, United States

This is a land of New York cops, with its howling police cars, uniforms, ambulances, and crowded streets, which soon turns into the perfect scenery of a nation in fear....


Canal + Award: "Yours Truly"

Directed by: Osbert Parker / United Kingdom, England / 2007

Re-assembled into a surreal city this dark romance of Frank and Charlie is told with unexpected plot twists as they sacrifice their morals to find more than what they...


Press Prize: "Do-It-Yourself "

Directed by: Eric Ledune / Belgium / 2007

“If you don’t violate someone’s human rights some of the time, you probably aren’t doing your job.” Washington Post – December 26, 2002


Digital Work of Art Award (SCAM): "Cuisine"

Directed by: François Vogel / France / 2007

What is the relationship between a banana and your field of vision? How can a box of camembert cheese modify your perception of reality?


Special Jury Mention: "Plivnuti polibkem"

Directed by: Milos Tomic / Czech Rep. / 2007

Jakub sees the world from a different perspective, as he spends his days lying on the ground. Many legs pass him by, and one pair especially catches his attention -...


"The Apology Line"

Directed by: James Lees / United Kingdom, England / 2007

The creation of an "apology line" where members of the public can anonymously confess absolutely everything over the phone.


Press Mention: "Silencio"

Directed by: Sivaroj Kongsakul / Thailand / 2007

A soundman goes in search of that rarest of sounds – silence.


"Milk Teeth"

Directed by: Tibor Bànòczki / United Kingdom, England / 2007

A young boy follows his sister into a field as she sneaks out to see her boyfriend. Lost in the strange world of the cornfield, the siblings experience fear, love and...

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 01:36:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Clermont_Ferrand_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=603#comments
2008 International Competition Award Winners for the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Clermont_Ferrand_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=602#comments Grand Prix: "Auf der Strecke"

Directed By: Reto Caffi / Germany, Switzerland / 2007

A department store security guard is racked by guilt after not helping someone who was being attacked in the subway.


Audience Prize: "The Wednesdays"

Directed By: Conor Ferguson / Ireland / 2007

Sometimes, when you’re in the autumn of your days, you’ll try anything to put a smile on your face again. Two pensioners who manage to re-ignite the love they’d almost...


Special Jury Prize: "Mompelaar"

Directed By: Wim Reygaert , Marc Roels / Belgium / 2007

Lubbert is a withdrawn young man living with his overbearing mother in a little house. A morning walk through the Flemish hinterland is upset by a surreal encounter with...


Best Animation Film Award: "The Pearce Sisters"

Directed By: Luis Cook / United Kingdom, England / 2007

Lol and Edna Pearce live on a remote and austere strip of coast. When the sea offers up a handsome but half drowned man they do their best to resuscitate him.


Canal + Award: "I Love Sarah Jane"

Directed By: Spencer Susser / Australia, United States / 2007

Jimbo is thirteen. All he can think about is one girl, Sarah Jane. And no matter what stands in his way - bullies, violence, chaos, zombies - nothing is going to stop...


Youth Jury Prize: "René"

Directed By: Tobias Nölle / Switzerland / 2007

A man in a yellow raincoat is desperately trying to break out of his solitude.


Press Prize: "La Rebelion de los pinguinos"

Directed By: Simón Bergman / Chile, Spain, Finland / 2007

While Chilean students demonstrate to demand better schooling, all Diego can think about is sex. He encounters a political conspiracy and has a love affair.


Special Jury Mention: "Wrestling"

Directed By: Grimur Hakonarson / Iceland / 2007

A love story about two gay wrestlers living in rural Iceland.


and "Ryba"

Directed By: Alexander Kott / Russia / 2008

A cold winter... Only hope can melt the ice.


and "John and Karen"

Directed By: Matthew Walker / United Kingdom, England / 2007

John the polar bear apologises to Karen the penguin after an argument they had and then has some tea and a biscuit.


Mediatheques Award: "La Rebelion de los pinguinos"

Directed By: Simón Bergman / Chile, Spain, Finland / 2007

While Chilean students demonstrate to demand better schooling, all Diego can think about is sex. He encounters a political conspiracy and has a love affair.


Youth Jury Mention: "Mompelaar'

Wim Reygaert , Marc Roels / Belgium / 2007

Lubbert is a withdrawn young man living with his overbearing mother in a little house. A morning walk through the Flemish hinterland is upset by a surreal encounter with...


Press Mention: "Giganti"

Directed By: Fabio Mollo / Italy / 2007 / Fiction

In his attempt to become a man, Pietro, a 15-year-old boy who lives in the deep south of Italy, begins to understand the reality in which he is growing up and...


and "Lacreme napulitane"

Francesco Satta / Italy / 2007

Two contrasting characters clash on a train from Naples to Milan on Christmas Eve. In the background, the Italian landscape is made of old, colourful postcards.


Best Comedy "Fernand Raynaud" Award: "I Am Bob"

Donald Rice / United Kingdom, England / 2007

Bob Geldof – rockstar, campaigner, international man of action - gets accidentally stranded at a look-alike convention. Will anyone believe he is the real deal?

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 01:18:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Clermont_Ferrand_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=602#comments
2008 Award Winners for the Folioscope- Anima, the Cartoon and Animation Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Folioscope_Anima_Cartoon_Animation/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=601#comments "Amer Béton," directed by Michael Arias, has won the Anima 2008 Feature Film Grand Prix. The Anima 2008 audience voted for this film.


"The Tale of How," by The Blackheart Gang (South Africa) won the Anima 2008 Short Film Grand Prix. This was chosen by Anima 2008’s international jury.


The “Grand Prix de la Communauté française de Belgique” was given to the film "Le Pont" created by Vincent Bierrewaerts. This film was awarded by the Belgian jury of Anima.


Twenty other prizes were awarded to a variety of films in different categories by the three sets of juries, including short international films, music videos, commercials and short Belgian films.


For the first time at the Anima Festival there were two new categories dedicated to commercials and music videos that adopt animation techniques.


British Corin Hardy won the award for Best Music Video for his piece: "The Horrors - She’s the New Thing."


Lloyds TSB - "For the Journey” by the Marc Craste won the award for Best Commercial.

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 01:00:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Folioscope_Anima_Cartoon_Animation/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=601#comments
2008 Award Winners of the Berlinale Shorts http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Berlin_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=592#comments The members of the International Short Film Jury: Marc Barbé (France), Ada Solomon (Romania) and Laura Tonke (Germany) award the following prizes:


The Golden Bear: "O zi buna de plaja"

Directed by: Bogdan Mustata (Romania)


The film raises questions about its issues rather than bring resolution to them. It does so in a very precise and unpredictable way. We feel that it is one of the most precious things when a film stays with you and keeps unravelling long after the final credits have ended.



The Silver Bear: "Udedh bun"

Directed by: Siddharth Sinha (India)


The Silver Bear goes to Udedh bun for its modern narration. A sharp focus that relies on a harmony between images and sound rather than words. We are also sensitive to the new erotica brought to the traditional figure of the desired woman in the history of cinema.


Prix UIP: "Frankie"

Directed by Darren Thornton (Ireland)


A simple and powerful approach. The straight forward point of view of a working class teenager on love, responsibility and fatherhood. We also want to re-encourage the director in developing his project of short films for young makers.



DAAD Short Film Prize: "B teme"

Directed by Olga Popova (Russian Federation)


We feel this film achieves a physical and sensual intimacy with its subjects without ever violating the secret of this intimacy. We wish to encourage the director’s talent as a filmmaker.


And two Special Mentions to


A special mention for directing goes to a film for its precise and sensitive direction on a topic which otherwise would have felt politically correct. "Superfície" Directed by Rui Xavier.


A special mention for a very contemporary gesture in animation in a wonderful nasty sense of humour goes to "RGB XYZ" Directed by David OReilly.

Wed, 13 Feb 2008 04:43:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Berlin_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=592#comments
Transmediale Awards 2008 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Transmediale/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=587#comments Tonight the Transmediale Awards 2008 were announced at the House of World Cultures in Berlin. The international jury awarded three works: Julia Meltzer and David Thorne from the USA receive the first prize (endowed with 4,000 euros). Their video "Not a Matter of If but When" (2006) shows the young Syrian performer Remi Farah recounting conditions of uncertainty and chaos.


The second prize (2,500 euros) goes to UBERMORGEN.COM from Austria with Paolo Cirio and

Alessandro Ludovico from Italy for their joint web project "Amazon Noir - The Big Book Crime" (2006). A third prize (1.500 euros) is awarded to Gordan Savicic from Vienna for his per- formative intervention ‚Constraint City: The Pain of Everyday Life’ (2007). Further works received an honorary mention: Francis Hunger ("The Setun Conspiracy") and Christoph Wachter with Mathias Jud (picidae.net).


The transmediale Vilem Flusser Theory Award is awarded for the first time in order to reflect the growing number of theoretical and critical practice works submitted for the competition.


The winner in 2008 is Simon Yuill from Great Britain with ‘All problems of notation will be solved by the masses: Free Open Form Performance, Free/Libre Open Source Software, and Distributive Practice’ (2008). He receives 1,000 euros. 500 euros each go to the Special Mentions: Bureau d'Etudes (‚End of Secrecy’) and Naeem Mohaiemen ("Fear of a Muslim Planet: Hip-Hop’s Hidden History").


The prize money for both, the transmediale Award 2008 and the Transmediale Vilem Flusser Theory Award is donated by Gravis GmbH Berlin. 1,117 entries from 57 countries were submitted for this year’s competition. The jury was composed of Olga Goriunova (Moscow),

Nat Muller (Rotterdam), Wonil Rhee (Seoul), Mihaela Vasile (Bucharest) and Florian Wust (Berlin).

Wed, 06 Feb 2008 11:00:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Transmediale/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=587#comments
Award ceremony at Göteborg International Film Festival’s closing party http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Goteborg_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=585#comments The 31st Göteborg International Film Festival closed with an award ceremony at Börsen and a big party at Magasinsgatan, both indoors and outdoors. The following prizes are awarded:


The Nordic Film Award

The Göteborg International Film Festival's Nordic Film Prize is awarded the director Tomas Alfredson for his film "Let the Right One in." The motivation is: "The Göteborg International Film Festival Nordic Award goes to director Tomas Alfredson for the film Let the Right One in. He succeeds to transform a vampire movie to a truly original, touching, amusing and heart-warming story about friendship and marginalisation."


The prize consists of 100.000 SEK from Västra Götalandsregionen and the Filmdraken (the Film Dragon), a statuette covered in mosaic, created by Ernst Billgren.


The Kodak Nordic Vision Award

The Kodak Nordic Vision Award goes to the photographer Hoyte van Hoytema for his excellent camera work in "Let the Right One In." The motivation is: "The Kodak Nordic Vision Award goes to the cinematographer Hoyte van Hoyten for his exquisite camera work in "Let the Right One In." His images, observant and full of details, bring out the human beings and their environment, thus adding dimensions to a multilayered story."


The Nordic jury consisted of Monika Tunbäck-Hanson (Chair Woman, Sweden), Aku Louhimies (director, Finland), Ragnar Bragason (director, Island), Anna Anthony (producer, Sweden), Sonja Richter (Sweden, Danmark), and Jørgen Storm Rosenberg (producer, Norway).


The Church of Sweden Film Award

The Danish film "Go With Peace Jamil" by Omar Shargawi is awarded the Church of Sweden Film Award. The prize consists of 50.000 SEK. The motivation is: "In the middle of an outburst of revenge, a conversation is made about freedom and human dignity. Faced with predestinated violence, the film describes human beings as responsible for each other and God with a possibility of freedom and reconciliation."


This year's jury consisted of Mikael Ringlander (Chair Man), Andja Arnebäck (director), Anne-Louise Eriksson (Swedish Church), Jes Nysten (clergyman and film critic).



The FIPRESCI award is given by the International federation of film critics to one the competing Nordic feature films. This year the film "Go With Peace Jamil" by Omar Shargawi is awarded the FIPRESCI prize. The jury made the following statement about the winner: "The FIPRESCI Jury was unanimous in selecting Go With Peace, Jamil as our winner. It impressed us with its energy, force and originality, and the way it addressed serious, topical, social and political themes in an accessible and absorbing way. We are sure that first-time director Omar Shargawi will go on to become established as a major name in Nordic cinema, and we would also like to express our delight that his film has yesterday been named as a Tiger Award winner at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Of course, we made our decision several days BEFORE the Tiger Jury: once again, where Gothenburg leads, the rest of the world follows!"


This year's jury consisted of Henrik Uth Jensen (Denmark), Bregtje Schudel (Netherlands), and Neil Young, (United Kingdom).


The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award

This year's Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award goes to "Solitary Fragments" by Jaime Rosales from Spain. The motivation is: "Following Ingmar Bergman's vision for the award for 'a director making his or her debut with a film dealing with, in a broad sense, existential issu es and displaying a dynamic or experimental awareness of the cinematic means of expression', the jury has decided on Solitary Fragments directed by Jaime Rosales for its skilfully orchestrated acting, for portraying every character with love, for expressing emotions with human faces and for inviting the audience to watch the film with patience."


The TIBIDA jury consisted of Margarethe von Trotta, director, Germany, Pen-ek Ratanaruang, director, Thailand, István Szabó, director, Hungary, and Anu Koivunen, film professor, Sweden.


Startsladden - the Short Film Award

The winner of the short film award Startsladden is "I stället för Abrakadabra" by Patrik Eklund. The motivation is: "The jury awards a colorful fi lm, whose creators will surely supply Swedish film with a healthy dose of humour. We are looking forward to seeing more films by Patrik Eklund."


The Startsladden jury consisted of Nanna Huolman, director, Robert Lillhonga, director, Mimmi Forss, Stockholm Film Commission, Henrik A. Persson, Dagsljus.


The Producer Award Lorens

The winner of Stockholm Post Production's new producer award is Fredrik Heining for "Darling." The award consists of free development of the winning producer's next feature film and is estimated to about 500.000 SEK. The winner was picked from 2007 year's Swedish feature films.


The jury consisted of Tony Forsberg (photographer), Petra Ahlin (editor), Reza Parsa (director), Jesper Bergom-Larsson (producer), Ali Boriri (film lab manager and filmer).


Viewer's Choice Award

The viewers have made their choice;

Best feature film: "Three Miles North of Molkom" by Robert Cannan and Corinna Villari-McFarlane, United Kingdom.


Best short film: "I stället för Abrakadabra" by Patrik Eklund.

Tue, 05 Feb 2008 06:28:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Goteborg_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=585#comments
Awards Winners Announced for the 2008 Gerardmer International Fantasy Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Gerardmer_Intl_Fantasy_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=584#comments BEST FILM:

"L'ORPHELINAT" (El Orfanato)

Director: Juan Antonio Bayona



JURY PRIZE ex-aequo:


Director: Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza (Spain)



Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein (USA)




Director: George A. Romero (USA)




Director: Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza (Spain)




Director: Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza (Spain)



"L'ORPHELINAT" (El Orfanato)

Director: Juan Antonio Bayona (Spain/Mexico)




Director: Arnaud Malherbe (France)




Director: Joe Lynch (USA)

Tue, 05 Feb 2008 06:10:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Gerardmer_Intl_Fantasy_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=584#comments
The 2008 Tiger Awards of the Rotterdam International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Rotterdam_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=583#comments This year’s VPRO Tiger Awards, open to fifteen first or second-time features, go to: "Wonderful Town," Aditya Assarat’s delicate love story set in a town in the

south of Thailand recovering from the Tsunami; "Flower in the Pocket", Malaysian director Liew Seng Tat’s touching teen drama; and "Go with Peace Jamil," Omar Shargawi’s urban revenge drama set among Copenhagen’s young Muslim community.


The award includes a cash prize of €15,000, up €5,000 on last year. In a statement released by the five-person jury chaired by Iranian director Jafar Panahi, the jurors praised the winning films.



Also announced last night, the FIPRESCI Award went to "El cielo, la tierra y la lluvia" (The Sky, the Earth and the Rain), Chilean director Jose Luis Torres Leiva’s debut fiction feature. Chosen from entries for the VPRO Tiger Awards competition, the film is an atmospheric rural drama revolving around three lonely women in southern Chile.


Dioraphte Award

Awarded to the twenty-two Hubert Bals-supported films playing at IFFR, the Dioraphte Award went to "Mutum," Sandra Kogut’s Brazilian drama revolving around a sensitive child protagonist on a remote farm.



Established to promote Asian cinema, the NETPAC Award, open to all Asian titles at IFFR, went to "What On Earth Have I Done Wrong?!," Taiwanese director Niu Chen-zer’s mockumentary self-portrait.

Explaining their decision, the three-member jury said: ‘It is a début film that has deftly crafted a humorous drama that mocks filmmaking with great sensitivity and arrives at a profound insight into the human condition.’

They also made a Special Mention of "Crude Oil," Wang Bing’s documentary about oil refining in the Gobi Desert. ‘Its dispassionate expose of the hardship of human labour which is the basis of economic progress.’


KNF Award

"Cargo 200," Alexei Balabanov’s grueling thriller, won the KNF Award, the Association of Dutch Film Critics’ prize for best film in the official selection that hasn’t yet been acquired for Dutch distribution.

Tue, 05 Feb 2008 06:03:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Rotterdam_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=583#comments
DocPoint's Apollo Award 2008: Jörn Donner http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/DocPoint/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=582#comments The DocPoint Apollo Award is a recognition of Jörn Donner’s (b. 1933) achievements as a producer, director and a general force behind Finnish documentaries. An eclectic talent of culture, Donner has moved swiftly from one media to another, but cinema has always remained close to his heart. He has been active for five decades, generating a long career not only as a film-maker but also as a cultural influence. For example, Donner was involved in establishing the Finnish Film Archive in 1958.


Donner’s directorial career began with a documentary: he made his debut at the age of 21 with Aamua kaupungissa (Morning in the City), which examines the city of Helsinki. As a documentarist Donner is an exception among Finnish film-makers because many of his works are essay films in form. As a film-maker Donner is a strong auteur, whose presence and life-experience are seen and heard on screen. Among others, Donner’s filmography includes the Finnish documentary classic Fuck Off!, a ruthless and frank description of the state of the union in the beginning of the 1970’s.


Jörn Donner is among the most successful international film-makers in Finland. Ingmar Bergman’s Academy Award-winning Fanny and Alexander (1982) is the most famous of Donner’s productions, but with his company Jörn Donner Productions he has produced several documentaries by high-profile Finnish directors, including Marja Pensala, Pirjo Honkasalo, Markku Lehmuskallio and Anastasia Lapsui.

Tue, 05 Feb 2008 05:54:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/DocPoint/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=582#comments
2008 Award Winners for the Trieste Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Trieste_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=581#comments FEATURE FILM COMPETITION:

“Plac Zbawiciela” (Saviour’s Square)

Director: Krzysztof Krauze and Joanna Kos-Krauze, (Poland, 2006)


Special Mentions:

“Instalacija ljubezni” (Installation of Love)

Director: Maja Weiss, 2007


“Pora umieraç” (Time to Die)

Director: Dorota K´dzierzawska, Poland



“Annem Sinema Ogreniyor” (My Mother Learns Cinema)

Director: Ismet Ergun


Special Mentions

“Bende Sira-Ich bin Dran!” (My Turn)

Director: Janez Burger



Director: Jan Wagner




“DasLeben is Ein Langer Tag” ( Life is one long day)

Director: Svenja Kluh


“Plosca” (Kalinovski Square)

Director: Jurij Chascevatskij



“ San sanyc” ‘

Director: George Agadjanean




Feature Film Award:

1. “Pora Unierac” (Tiem to Die)

Director: Dorota Kedzierzawska

2. “Estrellita – Pesem za Domov” (Estrellita)

Director: Metod Pevec

3. “Klopka” (The Trap)

Director: Srdan Golubovic


Short Film Competition

1. “Intre Zidure” (In Between Walls)

Director: Ana-Felicia Scuteinicu

2. “Szalontudo” (Tripe and Onions)

Director: Marton Szirmal

3. “Sasa, Grisa si Ion”

Director: Igor Cobileanski


Documentary Competition

1. “Das Geheiminis von Deva” (The Secret of Deva)

Director: Anca Miruna Lazarescu

2. “Otroci s Petricka” (The Children of Petricek)

Director: Miran Zupanic

3. “Gyveno Senelis ir Bobute” (Grandma and Granddad)

Director: Giedre Beinoriute

Tue, 05 Feb 2008 05:45:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Trieste_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=581#comments
Awards Winners Announced for the 2008 Festival de Premiers Plans http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_Premiers_Plans/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=580#comments EUROPEAN FEATURE FILM AWARDS




Director: Alexei Popogrebsky (Russia)




Director: Andrzej Jakimowski (Poland)




Director: Andrzej Jakimowski (Poland)




Director: Veiko Õunpuu (Estonia)






Director: Laszlo Nemes Jeles (Hungry)




Director: Gabriel Sirbu (Romania)




Director: Gabriel Sirbu (Romania)




Director: Laszlo Nemes Jeles (Hungry)




Director: Philippe Van Leeuw




Director: Fabienne & Veronique Kanor






Director: Emma Luchini




Director: Rachid Hami




Director: Eric Morfaux




Director: Elsa Amiel


European Film School Awards:




Director: Franco Lolli (France)



Director: Falco Jagau (Germany)




Director: Johnny Kelly (UK)




Director: Marcal Fores (UK)




Director: Paddy Considine -(UK)









Sergey Puskepalis in "PROSTYE VESHCHI"

Director: Alexei Popogrebsky(Russia)



Ceci Schmitz-Chuch in "DIE UNERZOGENEN"

Director: Pia Marais (Allemagne)



Virag Marjai in "TURELEM"

Director: Laszlo Nemes Jeles (Hungry)



Carlo Brandt in "TAXI WALA"

Director: Lola Frederich (France)






Director: Sandrine Stoianov & Jean-Charles Finck (France)




Director: Johnny Kelly (UK)


Director: Marina Rosset (Switzerland)

Tue, 05 Feb 2008 04:59:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_Premiers_Plans/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=580#comments
The Lancia Platinum Grand Prize Winner for the 2008 Future Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Future_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=577#comments The winner of the Lancia Platinum Grand Prize: "Byousoku 5 Centimeters" (5 Centimeters per Second: A Chain of Short Stories about their Distance)

Director: Makoto Shinkai

“for the ability of combining poetry, art and technical skills with animation and new technologies, a touching and deep-rooted story and a model direction. Every element of the movie, from the screenplay to the editing, is realized with great professionalism and inspiration.”


A special mention: "Tekkonkinkreet"

Directed by: Michael Arias

“for the interesting and original graphics; an involving story with a non-rhetorical message”.

Tue, 05 Feb 2008 11:55:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Future_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=577#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Young_Audience_Ale_Kino/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=559#comments The international professional jury appointed by the organisers and consisting of: Danckert Monrad-Krohn - the Chair, Jacques Remy Girerd, Henry Meyer, Sławomir Fabicki, Wojciech Kuczok and Igor Mołodecki,

has decided to present the following prizes:


In the animated film category


The Golden Goats goes to the film whose simple style of animation, irreplaceable by any other film form, showed the heroic struggle of a young girl to protect her personal freedom.

"Persepolis" directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud


The Silver Goats goes to the film whose warm and philosophical humour makes both children and adult audiences identify with its heroes.

"Aston’s Stones"

directed by Lotta and Uzi Geffenblad


The Bronze Goats goes to an important film, which allows the invisible good children to shout and become visible to grown-ups.

"Good Girl"

directed by Astrid Aakra


In the live-action film category


The Golden Goats goes to the film whose hero is one of the strongest, most moving and most unpredictable child characters we have ever seen on the screen. This film is universal and true in every respect.

"Vanaja" directed by Rajnesh Domalpalli


The Silver Goats goes to the story of two young heroes trying to survive and preserve dignity in the system based on a lie.

"The Way I Spent the End of the World"

directed by Catalin Mitulescu


The Bronze Goats goes to the film which enchanted us with acting, directing, and the story of historical chaos shown through the eyes of a child.

"The Year my Parents Went on Vacation"

directed by Cao Hamburger


Honourable mention

For the visually dazzling film poem about uprooting.

"Khadak" directed by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth


For the creative use of music and songs in the film which raises a very important social issue.

"Kidz in Da Hood"

directed by Ylva Gustavsson and Catti Edfeldt

Wed, 09 Jan 2008 04:18:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Young_Audience_Ale_Kino/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=559#comments
2007 Award WInners for the Les Nuits Magiques Festival- In English http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Les_Nuits_Magiques/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=553#comments Audience Choice Prize for Best Comedy Short: "Bolides"

Directed By: François-Xavier Bologna, Théophile Bondoux, Lyonel Charmette et Vincent le Ster


Audience Choice Prize for Best Short in the category of "curosity": "Musicothérapie"

Directed By: Amael Isnard, Manuel Javelle et Clément Picon


Audience Choice Prize for Best Fantasy Short: "Marin"

Directed By: Alexandre Bernard, Pierre Pages et Damien Laurent


Audience Choice Prize for Best Adult Comedy Short: "Le Café"

Directed By: Stéphanie Marguerite et Emilie Tarascou


Audience Choice Prize for Best Feature: "Les Trois Brigands"

Directed By: Rayo Freitag


Youth Audience Choice Award: "La queue de la souris"

Directed By: Benjamin Remer


Youth Jury Prize: "Blue"

Directed By: Vincent Coni, Anne-Sophie Palermo et Julien Thebault


Beaumarchais Prize: "Le Pont"

Directed By: Vincent Bierrewaerts

Wed, 09 Jan 2008 12:22:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Les_Nuits_Magiques/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=553#comments
2007 Palmares du Festival Les Nuits Magiques- En Francais http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Les_Nuits_Magiques/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=552#comments Prix du Public pour le meilleur court métrage humoristique tout public: "Bolides"

de François-Xavier Bologna, Théophile Bondoux, Lyonel Charmette et Vincent le Ster


Prix du Public pour le meilleur court métrage de la catégorie "curiosités": "Musicothérapie"

de Amael Isnard, Manuel Javelle et Clément Picon


Prix du Public pour le meilleur court métrage fantastique: "Marin"

de Alexandre Bernard, Pierre Pages et Damien Laurent


Prix du Public pour le meilleur court métrage humoristique adulte: "Le Café"

de Stéphanie Marguerite et Emilie Tarascou


Prix du Public pour le meilleur long métrage: "Les Trois Brigands"

de Rayo Freitag


Prix du Jeune Public: "La queue de la souris"

de Benjamin Remer


Prix du Jury Jeune: "Blue"

de Vincent Coni, Anne-Sophie Palermo et Julien Thebault


Prix Beaumarchais: "Le Pont"

de Vincent Bierrewaerts

Wed, 09 Jan 2008 12:18:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Les_Nuits_Magiques/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=552#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Courmayeur Noir In Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Courmayeur_Noir_In_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=535#comments The Young European Film Critic Jury, composed by Alex Ammendolia, Martin Attout, Olivier Bertholin, Julie Decarpentries, Valentina Frassy, Giuseppe Gallo, Paola Manno, Chloé Mason, Quentin Noirfalisse, Cristina Ricci, Bertrand Tsong, Emmanuel Wathelet has awarded the following prizes:


DOCNOIR Award for the Best Documentary: "THE DICTATOR HUNTER"

by Klaartje Quirijns, The Netherlands

For its honesty, the intellectual engagement and its work on the field. The Jury wants to point out /remark the esthetic values and the sharpness of its work as well


The Young European Film Critic Jury also gives a special mention to: "HAMISHE BARAYE AZADI DIR AST" (It’s always late for Freedom)

by Mehrdad Oskouei, Iran

For its capacity to raise up the word and the humanity of the characters and for its refined style


International Jury for Cinema composed by Dario Argento, director (Italy) – President, Paolo Briguglia, actor (Italy), Sabrina Impacciatore, actress (Italy), Jeff Lindsay, screenwriter, (USA), Michèle Maheux, managing director Toronto Int’l Film Festival (Canada), has awarded the following prizes:



by Baltasar Kormákur, Iceland

In a film from Iceland’s less internationally known but nuanced cinema, Sigurðsson shows a new way of depicting a police officer and offers a restrained but powerful performance that is unforgettable.



by Jieho Lee, USA

The Jury awards its special prize to this debut feature by Jieho Lee for his talent as a writer and a director of such a diverse cast which establishes him firmly as one to watch.



by Volker Einrauch, Germany

An important film in many aspects, for its commitment to an important contemporary social issue and for the seamless narration and powerful ensemble cast which reflect the director’s command of his craft.



by Romuald Beugnon, France

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 04:02:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Courmayeur_Noir_In_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=535#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Festival Tous Courts http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_Tous_Courts/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=534#comments Grand Prix: "Milan"

Directed by: Michaela Kezele (Allemagne/Serbie – 2007)


Prix Spécial du Jury (ex-æquo): "Décroche"

Directed by: Manuel Schapira (France – 2006)


and "Photograph"

Directed by: Sarah Lambert (Australie – 2006)


Prix Fujifilm: "La Dernière journée"

Directed by: Olivier Bourbeillon – (France 2006)


Prix de la Musique Originale: "Flonja Kodheli pour Chimio"

Directed by: Pascal Colson – (Belgique – 2006)


Special Mention of the Jury: "By The Kiss"

Directed by: Yann Gonzales – (France – 2006)


Special Mention of the Jury: "200 000 Fantômes"

Directed by: Jean-Gabriel Périot – (France – 2007)


Special Mention of the Jury: "Tanghi Argentini"

Directed by: Guido Thys – (Belgium - 2006)


Prix Libre Court: "Même pas mort" d

Directed by: Claudine Natkin – (France – 2007)


Prix Cinécourts: "Regarding Sarah"

Directed by: Michelle Porter – (Canada – 2006)


Prize of the Youth Jury: "Soft"

Directed by: Simon Ellis – (UK – 2006)


Special Mention of the Youth Jury: "Graffiti"

Directed by: Vano Burduli – (Georgia – 2006)


Prize of the Children's Jury: - "Titi"

Directed by: Béatrice et Hugues Espinasse - (France - 2007)

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 03:52:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_Tous_Courts/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=534#comments
2007 Award Winners for the International Film Festival of Bratislava http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Film_Festival_of_Bratislava/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=533#comments GRAND PRIX for the Best Film - "Blind Mountain" (Mang shan)

Directed by: Li Yang, (China, Hong Kong, Germany, 2007)

A masterful film on a topic not limited to the special story. Blind mountains exist in many disguises and concern the fate of women in large parts of the world.


Prize for the Best Director - "The Autumn Ball" (Sügisball)

Directed by: Veiko Ounpuu, (Estonia, 2007)

Its director successfully opens a window in a dysfunctional society.


Prize for the Best Actress - Julie Kolbeck for "The Art of Crying" (Kunsten at graede i kor)

Directed by: Peter Schonau Fog, (Denmark, 2006)

Despite of her young age she succeeds in portraying complicated levels of a daughter who has to cope with an impossible relationship to her father and family.


Prize for the Best Actor - Sam Riley for "Control"

Directed by: Anton Corbijn, (Great Britain, 2007)

For convincing portrait of a talented man who can't deliver yet what life demands of him.


Special Mention of the Jury - "Jellyfish" (Meduzot)

Directed by: Etgar Keret, Shira Geffen, (Israel, France, 2007)

There is great humanity in these short stories which are woven into a poetic image with questions and no answers.


Prize of the Ecumenical Jury - "Jellyfish" (Meduzot)

Directed by: Etgar Keret, Shira Geffen, (Israel, France, 2007)

For the poetic and symbolic reconciliation with others and themselves of individuals facing existential torments.


Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury - "Garage"

Directed by: Lenny Abrahamson, (Ireland, 2007)

Garage emphasises in a minimalist style the behaviour of a simple guy who offers and searches foe compassion, giving us a great lesson of human dignity.


Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury - "Blind Mountain" (Mang shan)

Directed by: Li Yang, China, (Hong Kong, Germany, 2007)

Blind Mountain presents the tragic history of Chinese young girl sold and imprisoned, who with the only aid of a little boy tries to break the indifference and ignorance of a rural community.


Prize of the FIPRESCI - "Tricks" (Sztuczki)

Directed by: Andrzej Jakimowski, (Poland, 2007)


Student Jury Award - "California Dreamin' (Endless)" / California Dreamin' (Nesfarsit)

Directed by: Cristian Nemescu, Romania, 2006)

For an apt allegoric depiction of geopolitical situation not only in the Central Europe, but also in the rest of the world.


The Slovak television Award - "The Art of Crying" (Kunsten at graede i kor)

Directed by: Peter Schonau Fog, (Denmark, 2006)

For original, non-pathetic and impressive narration about tragic victims of perverted love between parents and their children.


Zlatý Bažant People's Choice Prize - "Halflife" (Polčas rozpadu)

Directed by: Vlado Fischer, (Slovak Republic, 2007)


The IFF Bratislava Award for Artistic Excellence in world cinematography Austrian director Ulrich Seidl

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 03:14:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Film_Festival_of_Bratislava/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=533#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Vendôme Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Vendme_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=532#comments GRAND PRIX COMPETITION NATIONALE: "Belle-île en Mer"

de Benoit Forgeard



de Nicolas Provost -



de Sophie Letourneur



de Luca & Diego Governatori



de Jean-Gabriel Périot



de Ian Mackinnon



de Ian Mackinnon -


PRIX DU PUBLIC: "Premier voyage"

de Grégoire Sivan


PRIX D’INTERPRETATION: Salomé Stévenin pour

"Tel père, telle fille"

de Sylvie Ballyot



de Grégoire Sivan

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 03:07:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Vendme_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=532#comments
The 2007 Tirana International Film Festival Award Winners http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Tirana_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=525#comments Best film: "Salvador"

Directed by: Abdelatif Hwidar

Spain / fiction / 11’


Best Fiction (EX EQUO): "Iron mungary"

Directed by: Burim Haliti

Kosova / fiction / 26’


and "Children who never existed"

Directed by: David Valero

Spain / fictio / 30’


Fiction Special Mention: "New Boy"

Directed by: Steph Green

Ireland / fiction / 11’


and "Stand Straight"

Directed by: Hannah Scheweier

Germany / fiction / 30’


Best Animation: "Ark"

Directed by: Grzegorz Jonkajtys

Poland / animation / 8’


Animation Special Mention: "George grows"

Directed by: Martin Schmidt

Germany / animation / 2’


and "Butterfly"

Directed by: Stefan Taci

Albania / animation / 9’


and "The memories of dogs"

Directed by: Simone Massi

France / animation / 8’


Best Documentary: "The Bridge"

Directed by: Haris Bilajbegovic

Austria / documentary / 12’


Documentary Special Mention: "Giovanni and the impossible myth"

Directed by: Gabriele Gismondi

Italy / documentary / 18’


Best Experimental: "Magnetic movie"

Directed by: R. Jarman & J. Gerhardt

UK & USA/ experimental/ 5’


Experimental Special Mention: "Hydrophil"

Directed by: Grau Mia

Germany / experimental / 10’


Prize of Media Jury: "Rise and shine"

Directed by: Sherif Elbendary

Egypt / fiction / 9’


Best Albanian Film: "Birth does not ask when"

Directed by: Parta Kelmendi

Documentary/Kosovo/ 20’


Public Award: "New Boy"

Directed by: Steph Green

Ireland / fiction / 11’

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 02:12:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Tirana_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=525#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Bilbao International Festival of Documentary And Short Films http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Bilbao_Documentary_Short_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=524#comments GRAN PREMIO DEL FESTIVAL DE BILBAO: "LE PRINTEMPS DE SANT PONÇ"

Director: Eugenia Mumenthaler / David Epiney



Director: Tito Molina



Director: Laida Lertxundi



Director: Eugenia Mumenthaler / David Epiney



Director: Daniel Höpfner



Director: Rubén Margalló / Toni Edo



Director: Mauricio Godoy



Director: Amit Dutta



Director: László Nemes



Director: Leticia Jorge / Ana Guevara



Director:Frédéric Farruci


Premio de la Federación Iberoamericana de productores cinematográficos y audiovisuales FIPCA y de la Entidad de gestión de los derechos de los productores audiovisuales EGEDA a la mejor producción iberoamericana dotado con 1500€: "DECIR ADIÓS"

Director: Víctor Iriarte



Director: Iñigo Kintana



Director: Mikel Rueda



Director: Haritz Zubillaga



Director: Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu



Director: Cesar Fernando de Oliveira



Wed, 12 Dec 2007 02:05:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Bilbao_Documentary_Short_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=524#comments
Films Awarded at Plus Camerimage 2007 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Plus_Camerimage_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=523#comments MAIN COMPETITION- 15 competitive films were judged by the international Jury:


Brett Ratner - President, Piotr Dumała, Paweł Edelman, Robbie Greenberg, Lawrence Grobel, Lilly Kilvert, Pierre Lhomme, Karl Walter Lindenlaub and Oliver Stapleton


During the seven days of deliberation, the criteria that the Jury decided upon were craftsmanship, creativity, and contribution to the story. The Jury also considered the lighting, the composition, the movement, and the choices the cinematographers made. After the in-depth discussions they were impressed by the tremendous efforts and creativity that went into all the competitive films.


The Plus Camerimage 2007 Golden Frog went to Janusz Kamiński for the cinematography on "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly."


According to the Jury, this film has advanced the art of cinematogeraphy and also takes the audience on a journey, one is totally unprepared for. It’s a film where the collaboration between the cinematographer and the director felt seamless. It’s bold, audacious, and visually challenging. It allows to see an extraordinary part of human nature in a fresh and profound way. It’s a very personal film whose photography was organic to the story - a story that expresses the trapped circumstances of an individual. The frame of composition and camera gives the feeling of being trapped - and yet it also gives a feeling of exhilaration and hope.


The Plus Camerimage 2007 Silver Frog went to Bruno Delbonnel for the cinematography in "Across the Universe."


The verdict of the Jury says: "This award goes to one of those movies that accomplishes what movies should do — take us on a journey. Technically, it was difficult to execute, and yet it captured the fluctuating movements of the times it portrayed. It was intelligently and beautifully photographed; it had moments of great emotion and was both though-provoking and inspired. It gave us a refreshing interpretation of music and story through an effective use of iconic songs. And, most of all, it was joyful."


The Plus Camerimage 2007 Bronze Frog went to Ed Lachman for the cinematography in "I’m Not There."


The Jury justified their choice: "For this award we have chosen the film which was one of the most experimental and innovative films we have seen. We admired the construction and the composition, the complexity and the style, the sensitive homage to the period black and white film, and the unique and individual perspective that brought us the songs of Bob Dylan."




Students Etudes were judged by: Vilmos Zsigmond - Jury President, Murray Close, Witold Giersz, Rüdiger Laske, Chris Niedenthal, Billy Williams and Zhanabek Zhetiruov


This year the Student Jury has shared in a visual feast of the art of cinematography, enjoying films shot in traditional style and also being surprised by others, which have fully embraced and exploited the newest technology. The Jury admired students' sense of adventure and the passion they have expressed on the screen.


Laszlo Kovacs Student Award - Golden Tadpole Plus Camerimage 2007 was granted to Tomasz Woźniczka, cinematographer of "Beyond the Horizon"


The Golden Tadpole was presented to a film of dramatic complexity. The director and cinematographer explore the instability of a society searching for their identity. They combine to create a new horizon, bravely exploring the new technology with visual flare and power.Tomasz Woźniczka is a student of the Department of Radio and Television of the University of Silesia.


Plus Camerimage 2007 Silver Tadpole was granted to Raphael Beinder, cinematographer of "My Father is Sleeping"


The Silver Tadpole was presented to a film of exquisite imagery. Rich and finely textured. The camera seamlessly, without dialogue, expressed the family drama with a poetic vision. Raphael Beinder is a student of the German School of Film and Television in Berlin.


Plus Camerimage 2007 Bronze Tadpole was granted to Michał Sobociński, cinematographer of "Father."


The Bronze Tadpole is presented to a film told with simplicity and sensitivity. It is a work of pure photography, a fluid composition of light and shade. Michał Sobociński is a student of Łódź Film School.


Additional Awards were presented in the Student Etudes Competition:


Association of Polish Filmmakers (Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich) granded the Award of 2000 USD to Tomasz Woźniczka, the winner of Laszlo Kovacs Student Award - Golden Tadpole .


The Light for the Arts - OSRAM Company Award for a creative use of light in a film. The award of PLN 10,000 was granted to Weronika Bilska the cinematographer of Varsovienne


PANAVISION granted the Special Award for Best Picture Technique in Student Film Competition to Felix Novo de Oliveira, cinematographer of Milan




The films presented within the competition were judged by: Jaromir Sofr - Jury President, Affonso Beato, Cesar Charlone, Roman Osin and Franz Rath


The Jury admitted that the level of quality, richness and diversity made it a challenge for them to reach the final decision.


The Award for the Best Film in the Polish Film Competition went to Adam Bajerski for "Tricks."


The winning film integrated cinematography and direction with technical accomplishment and a sensitivity to the subject matter of the story. It showed an ingenious creativity and courage in the use of color and light.




Films were judged by: Sławomir Idziak - Jury President, Phil Meheux and Louis-Philippe Capellle


The audience chose James Kambeitz’s Decision as the best film.


The Jury Award went to Angela Święc for "The City of Joy."


"The Jury unanimously felt that of this year’s entries this film really fulfilled the brief of “This happy day." It was both informative and entertaining, very well edited and enhanced with the director’s own, enchanting music score. The film also showed a particular artistry in the composition and choice of the atmospheric cutaways."

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 01:27:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Plus_Camerimage_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=523#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Torino FIlm Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Torino_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=520#comments FEATURE FILMS COMPETITION


Best Film: "GARAGE"

Directed By: Lenny Abrahamson

(Ireland, 2007, 35mm, 85’)


Special Jury Prize to: "THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA" Directed By: Woo Ming Jin

(Malaysia-Netherlands, 2007, HD, 95’)


Best Actress Award to: JOAN CHEN for the film "THE HOME SONG STORIES"

Directed By: Tony Ayres

(Australia, 2007, 35mm, 103’)


Best Actor Award to: KIM KANG-WOO for the film "GYEONGUI SEON" (THE RAILROAD)

Directed By: Park Heung-sik

(South Korea, 2006, 35mm, 107’)




Best Italian Documentary, in collaboration with Persol to:


Directed By: Fausta Quattrini (Switzerland/Italy/Argentina, 2007, DVcam, 96’)


Special Jury Prize to: "L’ESAME DI XHODI"

Directed By: Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio

(Italy, 2007, HD, 62’)


Special Mention to: "BIUTIFUL CAUNTRI"

Directed By: Esmeralda Calabria, Giuseppe Ruggiero and Andrea D’Ambrosio

(Italy, 2007, DVcam, 73’)




Best Italian Short-length Film, in collaboration with Lancia to: "GIGANTI"

Directed By: Fabio Mollo (Italy, 2007, Super16 mm, 24’)


Special Jury Prize –Kodak Award to: "PRIMOGENITO COMPLESSO"

Directed By: Lavinia Chianello and Tomas Creus (Italy-Brazil, 2007, anim., 11’)


Special Mention to: "IL RESTO DI UNA STORIA"

Directed By: Antonio Prata

(Italy-Switzerland, 2007, DVcam, 30’)




Best Short-length Film (euros 2.600 in laboratory services offered by Blue Gold, Milan; euros 5.000 in technical services offered by Unistudio, Torino) to: "IL LAVORO"

Directed By: Lorenzo De Nicola

(Italy, 2007, Digibeta, 16’)




Best Film About the Working World to: "IN FABBRICA"

Directed By: Francesca Comencini

(Italy, 2007, 35 mm, 73’)




Feature Films Competition: Best Film to: "GYEONGUI SEON" (THE RAILROAD)

Directed By: Park Heung-sik

(South Korea, 2007, 35mm, 107’)

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 12:46:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Torino_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=520#comments
Awards Announced for the 2007 Foyle Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Foyle_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=519#comments Stella Artois Best Animation: "Over The Hill"

Director: Peter Baynton (UK, 2007).


Highly Commended: "Blind Man's Eye"

Director: Matthew Talbot-Kelly (Ireland, 2007).


Highly Commended: "1977"

Director: Peque Varela (UK, 2007).


Stella Artois Best International Short: "Trienta Anos" (Thirty Years).

Director: Nicolas Lasnibat (Chile, 2006).


Highly Commended: "ELA"

Director: Silvana Aguirre (UK, 2007).


Stella Artois Best Irish Short: "New Boy"

Director: Steph Green (Ireland. 2007).


Highly Commended: "The Sound Of People"

Director: Simon Fitzmaurice (Ireland, 2007).


Stella Artois Best Documentary: "Soldiers Of Conscience"

Directed by Gary Weimberg & Catherine Ryan (USA, 2007).


Highly Commended: "The Silver Surfari"

Director: Angus Hubbard (Ireland, 2007).


Stella Artois Best Feature Film: "The Diving Bell And The Butterfly"

Directed by Julian Schnabel (France/USA, 2007).


Highly Commended: "Kings"

Director: Tom Collins (Ireland/UK, 2007).

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 12:37:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Foyle_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=519#comments
And the winners for the 2007 IDFA are... http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Documentary_Film_Festival_Amsterdam/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=518#comments Stranded wins VPRO Joris Ivens Award 2007

This evening in Pakhuis de Zwijger, during the closing ceremony of the twentieth IDFA, the winners of the various competition programmes were announced. Among the winners are Stranded (France) by Gonzalo Arijon, which took the VPRO Joris Ivens Award, and To See If I'm Smiling (Israel) by Tamar Yarom, which won both the Silver Wolf and the Volkskrant Audience Award.


VPRO Joris Ivens Competition Award

The VPRO Joris Ivens Award was presented to Gonzalo Arijon for Stranded (France). In Stranded, the survivors of a plane crash in 1972 relate how they were able to survive more than ten weeks in the inhospitable Andes mountains. Jury chair Diane Weyerman praised the cinematic qualities of the film, which the jury found both “emotional and poetic”. Stranded was pitched at the Forum in 2005. The VPRO Joris Ivens Award consists of a sculpture and € 12,500.


The jury of the Joris Ivens Competition also awarded a Special Jury Prize to Kim Longinotto for Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go, which focuses on the day-to-day life at a school for dysfunctional children. The jury praised Longinotto’s “remarkably disciplined aestheticism.”


Silver Wolf Award

Tamar Yarom received the Silver Wolf Award for To See If I'm Smiling (Israel), about the experiences of young women in the Israeli army in the territories occupied by Israel. Jury chair Rudy Buttignol, through Cees van Ede, described the film as “a brave and powerful testimony to the corrosive effect of power.” The Silver Wolf consists of € 10,000, made available by the NPS.


The winner of the Silver Cub Competition, for documentaries up to 30 minutes, was also announced. The Tailor (Spain) by Oscar Pérez, according to the jury “a bittersweet comedy on immigration”, won the Silver Cub Award, worth € 5,000.


First Appearance Award

Robert Nugent received the First Appearance Award for End of the Rainbow (France, Australia), in which a multinational in Guinea, West Africa, hires the local population to operate a gold mine. Jury chair Arik Bernstein, described the film as a “critical and multi-facetted story of globalisation.”

The First Appearance Award consists of € 5,000.


IDFA Student Award

The very first IDFA Student Award was presented by Heddy Honigmann to Elina Hirvonen for Paradise – Three Journeys in This World (Finland), in which the stories, the dreams and the (dis)illusionment of illegal African immigrants is central. The IDFA Student Award consists of € 2,500. A special mention was given by the jury to One Day by Ditto Haarlov-Johnsen.


The Volkskrant Audience Award

This year, audiences cast more than 32,000 votes for the films shown during IDFA. The most votes were cast for To See If I'm Smiling (Israel) by Tamar Yarom. The Volkskrant Audience Award consists of € 5,000, and was made possible with support from Stichting Alter Ego.


Movies that Matter Human Rights Award

The Movies that Matter Human Rights Award, for the best documentary on human rights and human dignity, went to Jerusalem is Proud to Present (Israel) by Nitzan Gilady. The film is about the organisation of the Pride Parade for homosexuals in Jerusalem. Jury chair Micha X. Peled presented a stipend prize of € 2,500 to Nitzan Gilady.


The Dictator Hunter by Dutch director Klaartje Quirijns was given a special mention by the jury. The film portrays the commitment and determination of a Human Rights Watch lawyer fighting to have former President Habré of Chad brought to trial.


Moviesquad DOC U! Award

The five-strong DOC U! youth jury recognised Planet B-Boy (USA) by Benson Lee with the

Moviesquad DOC U! Award. In the film, five B-Boys prepare for the most prestigious dance competition in the field of breakdance, The Battle of the Year.


The Stimuleringsfonds Documentary Award 2007

Elizabeth Rocha Salgado won the Stimuleringsfonds Documentary Award 2007 for her film plan Zintuigen, deuren naar de ziel [Senses, Doors of the Soul]. In Zintuigen, deuren naar de ziel, Elizabeth Rocha Salgado goes in search of the cause of obsessions. According to the jury, the plan expressed “a clear and well thought-out vision on the part of the maker, in which form and content were brought together in an exciting manner and in which an everyday topic was presented in an almost mysterious way.”


The award, a sum of € 125,000, is made available each year by the Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Omroepproducties and is intended for the realisation of the best film plan, developed as part of the IDFA Documentary Workshop.


Special Award for Hupert Sauper

Festival director Ally Derks present an award of € 2,500 to Hupert Sauper, director of Darwin’s Nightmare from 2004. To mark the twentieth year of the festival’s existence, the public chose the twenty best documentaries from the past twenty years, whereby Darwin’s Nightmare was the undisputed public favourite. The film shows how the international trade in fish and weapons literally consumes the poor local population by Lake Victoria.

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 12:28:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Documentary_Film_Festival_Amsterdam/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=518#comments
Der 'Deutsche Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2007' geht an- Duetsche http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Up_and_Coming_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=517#comments Auszeichnungen bei up-and-coming


Am Sonntag, 25. November 2007, wurden in Hannover der 'Deutsche Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2007', der 'Schülerfilmpreis des BDK (Fachverband für Kunstpädagogik), die 'Fliegende Kamera' und der 'International Young Film Makers Award 2007' vergeben.


'Deutscher Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2007':'Grenzgebiet – Spiritual healing' von Lisei Caspers (* 1983) aus Großefehn;



"Eine Dokumentation im besten Sinne. Die Regisseurin

ist losgezogen, hat gesucht und hat gefunden... Die Neugier der 22jährigen hat uns beeindruckt. Wir wollen sie mit dem Preis nachdrücklich ermutigen, weiter Fragen zu stellen."


'Kids in black – der sonderbare Stein' von Richard Lamprecht (* 1993) aus Dresden;



" KINDS IN BLACK führt uns zurück zu den Ursprüngen

des Filmemachens, zur Lust am spielen, am inszenieren..."

'Kopfgeburtenkontrolle' von Jan Riesenbeck ( * 1985) aus Hagen;



"KOPFGEBURTENKONTROLLE erfüllt all das, wofür

up-and-coming einst gegründet wurde. Der Film ins einfallsreich, ungewöhnlich humorvoll, schlau, provokativ, eigenwillig..."


Der 'Deutsche Nachwuchsfilmpreis 2007' ist mit jeweils 2.000 Euro dotiert. Preisstifterin ist Bundesbildungsministerin Dr. Schavan. Die Auszeichnung geht außerdem mit einer Produzentenpatenschaft einher. Die ersten Patenschaften übernehmen Regina Ziegler, Peter Rommel und Volker Engel.


'Schülerfilmpreis des BDK':

Ausgezeichnet wird die Schulklasse 4c der Grundschule Grimselweg (Hannover) für die beiden Filme 'Where are you little kangaroo' und 'The magic ball'.


Jurybegründung:"Beide Filme haben uns sehr beeindruckt und poesievoll unterhalten... Dabei spiegeln die fertigen Filme die Liebe und den Enthusiasmus wieder, mit denen sie gemacht wurden..."


Der 'Schülerfilmpreis des BDK' wird in diesem Jahr zum ersten Mal im Rahmen von up-and-coming vergeben; er ist mit 1.000 Euro dotiert.


'International Young Film Makers Award 2007':

'Continuum' von Anand Gandhi und Kushboo Ranka (*) aus Indien



'Ein Film, der 5 schwere Themen auf ein sehr leichte, unterhaltsame Art und Weise erzählt. Der Film behält immer seinen humoristischen und liebenden Blick auf die Menschen, ohne sie oder ihre Kultur bloßzustellen. Und schlussendlich ergeben die einzelnen Fäden ein Ganzes.'

'Lovers Lover' von Mak Hei Yan (*1984) aus Hong Kong



'LOVERS LOVER ist ein hochinnovativer Kurzfilm, dessen brilliant verdichtete Story auch einen Spielfilm hätte füllen können. Ein Hongkong Portrait entfremdeter Young Urban Professionals, welches zu der Einsicht kommt, daß die alles miteinander verbindenden Mobiltelefone auch in der Lage sind, Kommunikationswege und damit verbundende Liebesbesziehungen zum Stillstand zu bringen.'


'Mirror and Water' von Bijan Zampanpira (* 1979) aus dem Iran



'Der Film wird ausgezeichnet wegen seiner Komplexität und Schönheit in der Behandlung des Zeitlichen, des Räumlichen und der Einschreibung des Imaginären in das Reale. Der Preis gilt seiner Frische in der Annäherung an soziale Themen und dem innovativen Diskurs im Bezug auf sich selbst. All dies wird auf dem Wege des Humors und der liebevollen Ironie vermittelt.'

'Fliegende Kamera' der kestnergesellschaft Hannover:

'Adjustment' von Ian Mackinnon (* 1980) aus Großbritannien



'Der Film beweist eine meisterhafte Beherrschung des Animationshandwerks und erzählt eine Trennungserfahrung auf sehr persönliche Weise. Verschiedenste Techniken der Animation vom rein Zeichnerischen über das Daumenkino bis zu den fotografischen und elektronischen Medien werden beiläufig, aber oft auch irritierend in reale Szenen einbezogen.'

Eine Lobenden Erwähnung erhielten:

'Procrastination' von Johnny Kelly (*1980) aus Großbritannien



'Der brilliant animierte Kurzfilm ironisiert die höchst menschliche Tendenz, sich durch tausend Nebensächlichkeiten vom wirklich Wichtigen abhalten zu lassen.'


'Their Circumstances' vonJiHyun Ahn (*1980) aus den USA



'JiHyun Ahn erzählt eine tragisch-komische Geschichte in Form eines interaktiven Webmenüs, jedoch in einem handgezeichenten Interface. Auf humorvolle Weise wird hier der Kreis zwischen alten und neuen Animationstechniken geschlossen.


'Leila' von einer Gruppe (*1977) aus Belgien



'Unter den jüngsten Teilnehmern des Festivals ist eine Gruppe von Kindern aus Belgien und Burkina Faso mit einem Animationsfilm. Seine einfache, auf den ersten Blick kindliche Geschichte ist beklemmend nahe an der sozialen Realität des afrikanischen Landes.'

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 12:20:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Up_and_Coming_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=517#comments
GIJON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AWARD LIST FOR THE 45TH. EDITION http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Gijon_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=516#comments The International Jury of the 45th. edition of Gijón International Film Festival, formed by: Verónica Sánchez, Roser Aguilar, Hal Hartley and Martin Rejtman, has awarded the following prizes to the films participating in the Official Section:



by Lee Kang-Sheng (Taiwan)



by Leonid Rybakov (Russia)


BEST DIRECTOR AWARD: Aleksey Balabanov for "Gruz 200" (Cargo 200) (Russia)


BEST ACTOR AWARD: Mathieu Amalric for "La question humaine" (France)


BEST ACTRESS AWARD: Marie-Christine Friedrich for "Tout est pardonné" (France)


BEST SCRIP AWARD: Ariel Rotter for "El Otro" (Argentina/France/Germany)


"GIL PARRONDO" AWARD FOR BEST ART DIRECTION: Antoine Platteau for "La question humaine" (France)


SPECIAL PRIZE OF THE JURY: "El Silencio antes de Bach" by Pere Portabella (Spain)




The Jury formed by Dennis West, Nil Baskard and Violeta Kovacsics has awarded the "FIPRESCI" prize to the film:

"Cochochi" de Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas (México)


The Young Jury of the 45th. Edition of Gijón International Film Festival, formed by 50 young people, aged 17 to 25 years old, has awarded the following prizes:



by Jason Reitman (USA)



by Philippe Pollet-Villard (France)


The Young audience of the "Enfants Terribles" section has voted to award the following prizes:


ENFANTS TERRIBLES AWARD FOR THE BEST FILM IN THE 6-12 CATEGORY: "Förortsungar (Kidz in da Hood)" by Catti Edfeldt and Ylva Gustavson (Sweden)



by Shane Meadows (United Kingdom)


The Jury of the "Día D'Asturies" section, formed by Ruth Pombo, Víctor Guillot and José Ramón Pérez Ornia, has awarded the "DÍA D'ASTURIES" prize to the short film: "De Alpargates y Orbayando" by Iñaki Ibisate


The Jury formed by Miguel Angel Pérez, Angel Quintana and Michael Thornton, has awarded the "NON-FICTION / DOCUMENTARY" prize to the film: "A Very British Gangster" by Donald MacIntyre (United Kingdom)


The Jury of the Nuevos Realizadores del Principado de Asturias Prize, has awarded the two prizes to the following projects:



by Jorge Rivero



by Diego Llorente

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 12:02:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Gijon_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=516#comments
ENCOUNTERS SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2007 WINNERS ARE...... http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Encounters_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=515#comments The Encounters Short Film Festival tonight announced the winners of its 13th annual international competition to find the best new animated and live action films of under 30 minutes length.


At a gala ceremony, held at Watershed, Bristol, UK, the festival’s 10 principal prizes went to the following entries:



Directed by: Jean-Gabriel Periot, (France, 10 mins)


French video artist Jean-Gabriel Periot received the £2,000 Animate cash prize for the best single-screen, innovative work, experimenting with form, technique and

content, for "Nijuman No Borei" (200,000 Phantoms) which uses intricate montages and overlays of stills imagery to reveal the changes experienced by Hiroshima from 1914 to 2006.



Directed by: Thomas Marshall (UK, 10 mins)


Thomas Marshall won £5,000 and a prime-time slot on BBC3 for his comedy short, BIGBOY-74 about a suicidal guy named Henry and his crash course in ‘dogging’.

Thomas’s film and the other nine finalists future also win a BBC Online showcase.



Directed by: Simon Ellis (UK, 14 mins)


Nottingham-based film-maker Simon Ellis added yet another award to his fast- growing collection by winning the festival’s £1,000 prize for the best UK entry with

‘SOFT’, his 16th short, in which a father re-discovers his fear of confrontation at the worst possible moment. Simon’s win at Encounters comes just as he is about to

start work on his first full-length feature: "DOGGING: A LOVE STORY."



Directed by: Trevor Hardy (UK, 5 mins)


Bristol-trained stop-frame animator Trevor Hardy, who now lives in West Sussex, earned the honour of representing Britain in the prestigious Cartoon d’Or

competition with PUSHKIN, about a missing cat and a worried owner.



Directed by: Francisco Ruiz & Sean McNally (USA, 7 mins 45 secs)


Comic book artist Ruiz and his Blur Studios colleague, character animator McNally won over the Encounters festival’s specially convened jury of 12-18-years-old

cinephiles with their finely designed story about an elegant tea party being upturned when two aristocrats find they are rivals in love.



Directed by Matthew Walker (UK, 90 secs)


Bristol-based writer, director and animator Matthew Walker wins the £2,000 first prize in the latest Depict! challenge to find the best 90 seconds micro-film with his animation OPERATOR which begins with a man calling telephone enquiries to ask: “Do you have a number for God?”



Directed by: Radu Jude (Romania, 23 mins)


Romania’s growing reputation as a centre of fresh film talent is confirmed with the jury’s decision to give 2007’s £3,000 ‘best in festival award to Radu Jude’s film about the seven-year-old boy who wakes up early in a remote village and decides it is time for he and his father to take their tv set to the city to be mended.



Directed by Joel Green (UK, 1 min 42 seconds)


Young British animator, Joel Green, from the National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth, wins £2,500 and the title of best animation newcomer

against opposition from Australasia, Asia, Europe, and North America with THE ITCH, about a man being trailed by an unwelcome companion he can’t shake off.



Directed by: Isabel Anderton (UK, 11 mins)


Isabel Anderton, Bristol, becomes the only woman to win an Encounters 2007 prize with her short about a young white inmate who becomes increasingly disturbed as he serves out his time in a multi-racial institution for young offenders. She receives £1,000 as the maker of the best entry this year to be made in the South West.




Directed by: Geoffrey Taylor (UK, 11mins 26 secs)


The same film wins both of this year's prizes from the National Association for Higher Education and the Moving Image (NAHEMI) for the best film by a student at a film school in the UK or Ireland: ISABELLA, by University of the West of England graduate (and regular Encounters volunteer), Geoffrey Taylor, on a budget of £900.




The Encounters 2007 ceremony also included the presentation of three further awards – each chosen by festival and/or online audiences. Here, the winners were:


DepicT! Audience Award: "THE PICNIC,"

by Bristol-born, University of the West of England graduate David Gilbert. David Gilbert receives a bundle of benefits from Shooting People, the online news service and resource bank for film-makers.


South West Screen Audience Award: "A SHORT COLLECTION OF HILARY FLAMINGO’S DREAM VOCATIONS" by Harriet Fleuriot, a graduate from The Arts Institute, Bournemouth, now based in Bristol. She receives a cash prize of £1,000 from and mentoring by an industry professional.


UK Film Council Audience Award: "LES COUILLUS" (Home Team) by French film-maker Mirabelle Kirkland, who receives £500 after her entry, about a bunch of guys

attending a seminar on resolving domestic strife, was voted the favourite of festival delegates.

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 11:52:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Encounters_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=515#comments
Awards Announced for the 2007 Oulu International Children's Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Oulu_Intl_Childrens_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=514#comments Awards 2007


The recipients of the three awards given out at the 25th Oulu International Children's Film Festival, organized by the Oulu Film Centre, have been chosen.


STARBOY AWARD: "The substitute" (Vikaren),

director Ole Bornedal, Denmark 2007

Jury’s statement:


"The best movie was really good. The plot was intelligently put together and it was a little unusual, but that is only positive. The special effects were good, at times they made the crowd jump. Still, there was no blood. The story was slightly dark, at times a little scary. The movie can help improve one’s self-esteem. The feelings and life of the main character were well presented, the progress of the character was even more pronounced later on. The actors, despite their young age, performed very well.


With just slightly fewer votes the runner-up was "That special summer" by Nanna Huolman."


CIFEJ PRIZE: "That special summer" (Kid Svensk/ Aavan meren tällä puolen),

director Nanna Huolman, Sweden - Finland 2007

"The jury of the international centre of films for children and young people awards the CIFEJ prize to the film That special summer by Nanna Huolman for her sensitive approach in treating a beautiful touching story in a very suitable way. She portrays not only very well the difficulties of the very first demonstration of love between adolescents, but also illustrates the different levels of tensions created by misunderstanding of the relationships and generation gap.


She depicts the life as a continual battle in showing how an immigrant has to deal and to work with a foreign language.


The script is clear.


The pace is just fine.


The performances of the two young characters are very natural.


The mother-acting is very convincing to evoke the position of the mother role in the story."


The CIFEJ prize was created by the Centre international de film pour l’enfance et la jeunesse in 1981. It has been awarded at the Oulu festival since 1995.



LITTLE BEAR Award: Festival director emeritus Pentti Kejonen


The Little Bear Award, founded in 2004 by the POEM - Northern Film and Media Foundation, is given every year during the Oulu International Children’s Film Festival to a Finnish professional who during the year or in his/her career served the cause of children's films with distinction.


Little Bear 2007 award is given to the founder and first director of the Oulu International Children's Film Festival, co-founder of the Oulu Film Centre, pioneering film educator, Mr. Pentti Kejonen.

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 11:35:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Oulu_Intl_Childrens_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=514#comments
Awards Announced for the 2007 Castellinaria - International Youth Film Festival Bellinzona http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Castellinaria_Intl_Youth_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=512#comments CASTELLO D’ORO: "A grandi passi" (Hoppet)

Directed by: Petter Naess – Sweden 2007


CASTELLO D’ARGENTO: "Il segreto di Paula"

Directed by: Gernot Krää – Germany 2006



Directed by: Claudio Antonimi – Italy 2006


PREMIO ASPI: "Il segreto di Paula"

Directed by: Gernot Krää – Germany 2006



Directed by: Lucia Puenzo – Argentina 2007



Directed by: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud – France 2007



Directed by: Yasmin Ahmad – Malaysia 2006



Directed by: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud – France 2007


SPECIAL MENTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL JURY: "XXY" Directed by: Lucia Puenzo – Argentina 2007



Directed by: Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani – Belgium 2006



Directed by: Ditta Allah Choudry – Switzerland 2007


and "Vos papiers!"

Directed by: Claire Fouquet – France, Belgium 2006


PREMIO MINICASTELLINARIA: "Nome in codice: il brutto anatroccolo"

Directed by: Karsten Kiilerich and Michael Hegner – Denmark, France, UK, Ireland 2006


PREMIO DEL PUBBLICO: "La giusta distanza"

Directed by: Carlo Mazzacurati – Italy 2007

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 11:10:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Castellinaria_Intl_Youth_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=512#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Huelva Latin American Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Huelva_Latin_American_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=511#comments La cinta mexicana ‘Luz Silenciosa’, de Carlos Reygadas, se alza con el Colón de Oro en la 33 edición del Festival de Cine Iberoamericano



El jurado de la Sección Oficial de la 33 edición del Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva compuesto por Arturo Ripstein, Camilo Vives, Adriana Aizemberg, Tristan Bauer y Paz Sufrategui –en el apartado de largometrajes- ha decidido por unanimidad otorgar los siguientes premios:


Colón de Oro for Best Best Feature Film: ‘Luz silenciosa’

Directed By: Carlos Reygadas (Mexico/France/Holland)


Special Jury Prize: ‘El año que mis padres se fueron de vacaciones’ (O ano em que meus pais saíram de ferías)

Directed By: Cao Hamburger (Brazil)


Carabela de Plata: ‘Maldeamores’

Directed By: Carlos Ruiz y Mariem Pérez (Puerto Rico/UK).


Colón de Plata for Best Direction: Carlos Reygadas for ‘Luz silenciosa’ (Mexico/France/Holland)


Colón de Plata to the Best Actor: Leonardo Medeiros for ‘Nâo por acaso’ (Brazil)


Colón de Plata to the Best Actress: Sofía Gala for ‘El resultado del amor’

Directed By: Eliseo Subiela (Argentina)


Colón de Plata to Best Original Screenplay Original: Enrique Fernández and César Charlone for ‘El baño del Papa’ (Uruguay/Brazil/France).


Colón de Plata for Best Cinematography: Paula Grandío for ‘La León’

Directed By: Santiago Otheguy (Argentina).

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 10:58:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Huelva_Latin_American_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=511#comments
Awards Announced for the 48TH THESSALONIKI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Thessaloniki_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=510#comments Feature Films


First Prize for fiction film: EL GRECO

Direction: Iannis Smaragdis

Production: Eleni Smaragdi, Alexandros Film, Greek Film Center, Le Spot, Multichoice Hellas - Nova, Graal Digital, Max Productions, ERT SA Hellenic Broadcasting Corp., Raimon Masllorens, Denes Szekeres, La Productora SL, Tivoli Film Productions


Second Prize for fiction film: URANYA

Direction: Costas Kapakas

Production: Cinegram, ERT SA Hellenic Broadcasting Corp., Greek Film Center, Nova, Odeon, Kapa Films, Finos Films, CL Productions, Dionysis Samiotis


Third Prize for fiction film: DIORTHOSI (CORRECTION)

Direction and Production: Thanos Anastopoulos


First Prize for documentary or animated picture film:

Direction: Stavros Stagos



Second Prize for documentary or animated picture film:

Direction: Dimitris Kitsikoudis



Short Films


First Prize for fiction, documentary or animated picture film: KALI CHRONIA, MAMA! (HAPPY NEW YEAR, MAMMA!)

Direction: Irina Boiko

Production: Greek Film Center, ERT SA, N-Orasis, Irina Boiko


Second Prize for fiction, documentary or animated picture film: TO PERASMA (THE PASSAGE)

Direction: Yannis Katsaboulas

Production: Vlassis Stathoulias, ERT SA


Third Prize for fiction, documentary or animated picture film: I EKTASI POU ANALOGI (DISCUSSING SPACE)

Direction: Panagiotis Christopoulos

Production: ERT SA, Blonde


10 (TEN) equal Special Prizes for fiction, documentary or animated picture film and 2.348 Euros are awarded to the films:


1. Gina Dostoyevsky, dir. V. Zouganeli


2. What is This?, dir. K. Pilaviou


3. Transit, dir. Y. Gaitanidis


4. Sunny Day, dir. A. Daoundaki


5. Can Anybody Hear Me?, dir. T. Gerakinis


6. Rose for A Day, dir. V. Kazis, E. Triantafyllidis


7. Shoulder for Hire, dir. D. Emmanouilidis


8. Invasion, dir. M. Vellou


9. Spinalonga, dir. C. Athoussakis


10. Interior, Night, dir. A. Kyriakidis


Other feature film awards


Best Director award and 29.350 Euros is awarded to IANNIS SMARAGDIS for the film EL GRECO.


Best Debut-Film Director award and 14.675 Euros is awarded to CONSTANTINA VOULGARI for the film VALSE SENTIMENTALE.


Best Screenplay award and 14.675 Euros is awarded ex aequo to THANOS ANASTOPOULOS and VASSILIS RAISSIS for the film DIORTHOSI (CORRECTION) and to COSTAS KAPAKAS for the film URANYA.


Best Leading Actor award and 11.740 Euros is awarded to YORGOS SYMEONIDIS for the film DIORTHOSI (CORRECTION).


Best Leading Actress award and 11.740 Euros is awarded to LOUKIA MICHALOPOULOU for the film VALSE SENTIMENTALE.


Best Supporting Actor award and 5.870 Euros is awarded to MANOLIS MAVROMATAKIS for the film URANYA.


Best Supporting Actress award and 5.870 Euros is awarded to MENI CONSTANDINIDOU for the film STRAIGHT STORY.


Best Cinematography award and 8.805 Euros is awarded to ARIS STAVROU and NIKOS SMARAGDIS for the film EL GRECO.


Best Set Design award and 5.870 Euros is awarded to DAMIANOS ZAFIRIS for the film EL GRECO.


Best Music award and 5.870 Euros is awarded ex aequo to PANAYOTIS KALATZOPOULOS for the film URANYA and to VANGELIS PAPATHANASSIOU for the film EL GRECO.


Best Sound award and 5.870 Euros is awarded to MARINOS ATHANASSOPOULOS for the film EL GRECO.


Best Editing award and 5.870 Euros is awarded to YANNIS TSITSOPOULOS for the film EL GRECO.


Best Costumes award and 5.870 Euros is awarded to EVA NATHENA for the film URANYA.


Best Makeup award and 2.935 Euros is awarded to ARGIRO KOUROUPOU for the film EL GRECO.

Wed, 12 Dec 2007 10:39:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Thessaloniki_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=510#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Festival dei Popoli http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_dei_Popoli/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=509#comments Premio Jean Rouch: "HARAT"

Directed by: Sepideh Farsi (France/Iran, 2007)

Prize: (5.000,00 €)


Targa "Giampaolo Paoli" for Best Ethnographic/ Anthropological Film: "WORLDSTAR"

Directed by: Nataša Von Kopp (Germany/Czech Republic, 2007)


Special Mention: "DON’T ASK WHO I AM"

Directed by: Zheng Yi (China, 2007)


Prize of the Student Jury of the Instituto Lorenzo de'Medici: "UKU UKAI"

Directed by: Audrius Stonys (Lithuania, 2006)

Prize: 1.000,00€


Prize of the Jury of the Italian Competion: "CASA MIA"

Directed by: Debora Scaperrotta (Italy, 2007)

Prize: 2.500,00 €


Special Mention:"I PROMESSI SPOSI"

Directed by: Massimo D’Anolfi and Martina Parenti (Italy, 2007)

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 08:50:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_dei_Popoli/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=509#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Exground Filmfest http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Exground_Filmfest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=508#comments German Short Film Contest: DER AUFREISSER [THE PICK-UP ARTIST]

Directed by: Steffen Weinert

Prize: EUR 3,000



Directed by: Michael Dörfler

Directed by: Jan Peters

Prize: EUR 2,000



Directed by: Jan Peters

Prize: EUR 1,000


The international jury of experts for the ON VIDEO contest: PROCRASTINATION

Directed by: Johnny Kelly (UK)

Prize: EUR 1,500


A special mention goes to UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Directed by: Zhenchen Liu (France)


Short Film Contest ex aequo go to:


Directed by: Michael Sommer


Directed by: Daniel Seideneder


"youth days" – International Youth Film Contest: WIE ES BLEIBT [AS IT GOES]

Created By: eight directing students of the Munich Academy for Film and Television

Prize: EUR 2,500


Wiesbaden Youth Film Contest was announced: BLAUPAUSE [BLUEPRINT]

Directed by: Maria Bidian and Fiona Heib

Prize: EUR 450



Directed by: Linus Secker

Prize: EUR 50

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 08:39:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Exground_Filmfest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=508#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 L'Alternativa Independent Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/LAlternativa_Independent_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=507#comments L'Alternativa Short Fiction Award: "Le Cahier Froid" (The Cold Notebook)

Directed By: Jean-Claude Taki (France)


Special Mention: "Como todo el mundo" (Like Everybody Else)

Directed By: Franco Lolli (France)


Jury: Félix Piñuela, Verónica Pallini, Pedro Soler


L'Alternativa Animation Award: "Le manteau" (The Coat) Directed By: Orlanda Laforêt (France)


Special Mention: "Under Construction"

Directed By: Zhenchen Liu (France)


Jury: Carmen Garrido, Jose Luis Losillo, Sebastià Puiggrós


L'Alternativa Documentary Award: (ex aequo)

"Nijuman no borei" (200.000 Phantoms)

Directed By: Jean-Gabriel Périot (France)


"Raghs haye talai" (Golden Dances)

Directed By: Ali Kalantari (Iran)


Jury: Eugenio Polgovsky, Isaki Lacuesta, Pep Dardanyà


L'Alternativa Feature Film Award: "Tejut" (Milky Way) Directed By: Benedek Fliegauf (Hungary)


Jury: Xavi Serra, Queralt Antú, Casimiro Torreiro


Audience Award: "The Tourists"

Directed By: Malcolm Sutherland (Canada)


AVID Award: "Le printemps de Sant Ponç" (The Spring of Sant Ponç)

Directed By: Eugenia Mumenthaler & David Epiney (Switzerland/Spain)

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 08:24:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/LAlternativa_Independent_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=507#comments
2007 Cinemagic Award Winners Announced http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinemagic_Festival_for_Young_People/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=506#comments CINEMAGIC CELEBRATES SUCCESS OF YOUNG PEOPLE AND FILMMAKERS AS CURTAIN CLOSES ON FILM FESTIVAL.


The curtain closed on the Coca-Cola Cinemagic International Film and Television Festival after two action packed weeks of international film screenings, workshops, masterclasses, and industry discussions, with a special awards ceremony on Friday 30 November at Storm Cinemas, Belfast.


Hosted by Citybeat’s Marc Mallett, the awards ceremony celebrated the success of the winning competition films announced by the young Cinemagic Jury who watched and reviewed all the festival films.


The winning films in the following categories were:


Best Short for a Children’s Audience: "The Sunday Man" (American Film Institute)


Best Feature for a Children’s Audience: "Rudy the Return of the Racing Pig" (Bavaria International)


Best Short for a Teenage Audience: "Teeth"

(Diva Media, Ireland)


Best Feature for a Teenage Audience: "Zozo"

(Swedish Film Institute)


The ceremony, followed by a special screening of "It’s a Wonderful Life" was a celebration of new and upcoming talent which shone through over the two days of Talent Lab masterclasses hosted by top names in the film and television industry. In a fantastic mix of creativity, fun and learning, the Cinemagic Talent Labs provided practical advice with unique hands-on experience for 16-25 year olds in areas such as Acting with Pauline Quirke (Birds of a Feather), Television Presenting with Dermot O’Leary (X Factor), Writing for Film with Martin Duffy (The Boy from Mercury), Magazine Publishing with Barry McIlheney (Emap) and Radio Production with Marc Mallett (Citybeat).


In addition, young filmmakers from across Northern Ireland and the UK shared their talents with captive audiences at Cinemagic Young Filmmaker in association with First Light Movies, with a showcase of their films short listed from hundreds of entries, which took place in Queen’s Film Theatre Belfast from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 November. Winning films and filmmakers were:


Films made by under 15 year olds:

Winner: "Skirmish"

Directed by: George Morris


Highly recommended: "Trick or Treat"

(Studio On Halloween School Project)


Highly recommended: "The Mummy’s Pyramid"

Directed by: Jay Hodge


Films made by 15-17 year olds:

Winner: "The Great Hat Heist

Directed by: Lewi Firth Bolton


Highly recommended: "Blow Out"

(Mornington and Donegall Pass Community Centres)


Highly recommended: "One Week Later"

(Ferndown Upper School)


Films made by 18-25 year olds:

Winner: "Sweat Box"

Directed by: Dan Orrells


Highly recommended: "Handheld"

Directed by: Bryan Stewart


Highly recommended: "All is Well"

Directed by: Martin Lye

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 08:14:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinemagic_Festival_for_Young_People/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=506#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Tallinn_Black_Nights_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=505#comments FESTIVAL AWARDS


Official Competition EurAsia Jury Awards



Director Özer Kiziltan, (Turkey / Germany)



JURY PRIZE FOR THE BEST ACTOR: ZDENĔK SVĔRÁK (Czech Republic / Great Britain) for "Empties" (Vratnè lahve)


JURY PRIZE FOR THE BEST ACTRESS: MAARJA JAKOBSON (Estonia) for "Autumn Ball" (Sügisball)



Director Veiko Õunpuu, (Estonia)



Director: Shawkat Amin Korki, (Iraqi/Kurdistan)



Director: Shivajee Chandrabhushan, (India)


Scottish Leader Estonian Feature Film Competition Jury Awards



Director: Veiko Õunpuu, (Estonia)



Director Ilmar Raag, (Estonia)



Director Veiko Õunpuu, (Estonia)



Director Naomi Kawase, (Japan)



Director Veiko Õunpuu, (Estonia)



Director Veiko Õunpuu, (Estonia)



Director: Julie Delpy, (France / Germany)



Animation film director, (Estonia)



for the Best Director of Photography of the International competition- Eurasia: CHANKIT CHAMNIVIKAIPONG

(Director of Photography - PLOY, Thailand)



for the Best Director of Photography of the Scottish Leader Estonian- Feature Film Competition: SULEV KEEDUS

(Cinematographer - JONATHAN FROM AUSTRALIA, Estonia)

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 08:07:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Tallinn_Black_Nights_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=505#comments
Award Winners of the 2007 Stockholm International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Stockholm_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=503#comments Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award 2007: Paul Schrader


Paul Schrader possesses a unique voice, which gives life to sharp, relentless characters in a modern city. Schrader’s images of an urban jungle are drawn with intellectual clarity, and he never hesitates to push his characters to their limits. With the linguistic brilliance of a screenwriter and a director’s eye for visuals, Paul Schrader has helped advance the cinematic medium for over three decades.


Stockholm Visionary Award 2007: Wes Anderson


Wes Anderson receives the Stockholm Visionary Award for his humane and humoristic portraits of solitary human beings. In his films, he creates unique and stylized universes inhabited by characters searching for something to search for. Through his visionary filmmaking, Anderson has given a modern face to the classic ‘auteur’.


Best film: "4 months, 3 weeks and 2 dys"

Directed by: Cristian Mungiu


This brilliant film expresses the impact of societal repression on its characters with honesty and devastating humanity. Every aspect of the film – script, photography, performances and most importantly direction – uncovers profound truth in the smallest gestures. With its opinionated use of long takes and off-screen space, Cristian Mungiu understands the power of simplicity.


Best first feature: "The Zone"

Directed by: Rodrigo Pla


This film features an intelligent and original execution of an increasingly evident and alarming global problem. Through its microcosm and thriller-like suspense, The Zone keeps the audience alert to the good and bad and the fear we all carry within. The simplicity of the storytelling and the genuine characters, combined with an elegant and subtle musical score, result in a film that stays with you.


Honorable mention, best first feature: "Control"

Directed by: Anton Corbijn


Never resorting to clichés about the iconic Ian Curtis, Control creates a stark, fully realized world. Featuring powerful performances throughout, Anton Corbijn goes beyond the genre of the “rock film” into an evocative portrait of these characters lives. The spare simplicity of the camera and compelling use of music captures the emotional despair and alienation of Joy Division’s sound.


Best script: Carlos Reygadas for "Silent Light"


Carlos Reygadas’ screenplay in Silent Light captures the essence of life. With sparse, poetic and often painfully simplistic delivered dialogue (and through an almost documentary feeling), the film features genuine performances enhancing the cruelty of the silence. With an incredible backdrop of grand nature, Silent Light is a raw and truthful tale about human’s incapability for dealing with love, desire and responsibility.


Best actress: Anamaria Marinca for "4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days"


Never sentimental, always sharply specific, Anamaria Marinca brings empathy and complexity to her role. Throughout this film, she expresses the shifting internal tensions of her character, often with barely a word. We forget we are watching a “performance” and instead experience, moment by devastating moment, the brutal events of this day in the life of Otilia.


Best actor: Jason Patric for "Expired"


Daring to be unlikable, Jason Patric combines humor and rage with unexpected shifts of rhythm and tone in this electrifying performance. It is rare in film that a deeply flawed and potentially unsympathetic character can evoke such depth of emotion. Beneath his prickly exterior and commanding physicality, we experience a fully realized character, balanced between comedy and tragedy.


Best music award: Oliver Bernet for "Persepolis"


In this mesmerizing and original animated film, the music of Oliver Bernet enhances and contrasts the emotional experiences of the characters. His original score intertwines and explores different genres in a skillful and precise way.


Best cinematography: Janusz Kaminski for "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly" (Fjärilen i glaskupan)


Janusz Kaminski’s cinematography brings expressive subjectivity and an original, off-kilter point of view to this powerful story. His bold photographic choices succeed in grounding us in the unforgettable perspective of the film’s protagonist, Jean Do. Combining visual economy with poetic lyricism, the photography of The Diving Bell and The Butterfly looks at the world with a fresh eye.


Best short film: "Pathways"

Directed by: Hagar Ben-Hasher


In a strong and naked realistic approach, Hagar Ben-Asher explores the boundaries of how far a woman can go in her path to self- confirmation before she gets penalized for it. A reminder of how forbidden and threatening that female sexuality still is. In an impressive performance director/actor Hagar Ben-Asher captures this woman’s journey.


FIPRESCI-prize for best film in competition: "Caramel"

Directed by: Nadine Labaki


The FIPRESCI jury for 2007 include Stephen Locke (Germany), Gorazd Trusnovec (Slovenia) and Geir Kamsvåg (Norway).


The FIPRESCI Jury awards the International Critics Prize to a self-assured first feature that presents serious issues in an unpredictable and entertaining way. The director, who also plays one of the main roles, weaves together the destinies of six women of different ages, backgrounds and religions, demonstrating the possibility of the co-existence of different cultures in a non-violent context. The International Critics Prize goes to CARAMEL, directed by Nadine Labaki, a new voice in the film art of Lebanon.


Scholarship 1 km film:

Andreas Tibblin for "När Elvis kom på besök"


For an emotional intelligent and highly aesthetical and solid director. In only a few moments' intimacy and closeness are established, proving a talented eye for characters, content and visual presentation. The director has also presented the best future project.


Honorable mention 1 km film: Alexandra Dahlström for "Lacrimosa"


From a playful and highly tempered director delivering work straight from the heart, and with a passion for the art of narration. This director charms us with an uncompromising, young and promising voice


Star! Audience Award: "Juno"

Directed by: Jason Reitman


Stockholm International Film Festivals audience prize for 2007 goes to Juno by Jason Reitman. The audience has voted at the theatres and online.


ifestival - World Wide Web Award: Michalis Konstantatos for "Two Times Now"


For an emotional everyday horrorpiece, told through a cross cutting frenzy, the director poses questions on relations and where you draw the line between love and hate.


ifestival is presented in collaboration with HP.

Guldbubblan - Let's make a film: Niklas Fröberg


The audience of Let’s make a film has voted online. The award for Let’s make a film 2007 goes to Niklas Fröberg.

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 07:52:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Stockholm_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=503#comments
Awards Announced at the 2007 I Castelli Animati http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/I_Castelli_Animati/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=501#comments Jury




Directed By: Koji Yamamura, Japan


Special Jury Prize: "MADAME TUTLI-PUTLI"

Directed By: Chris Lavis, Maciek Szczerbovski, Canada


Best First Film: "FOG-NIEBLA"

Directed By: Emilio Ramos, Mexico


Best European Film: "MARATHON"

Directed By: Kaspar Jancis, Estonia


Best non narrative film: EX -AEQUO


Directed By: Sandy Claes, Daan Wampers, Belgium



Directed By: Pieter Vanluffelen, Belgium


Special mentions: "RAIN DOWN FROM ABOVE"

Directed By: Ivan Maximov, Russia



Directed By: The Blackheart Gang, South Africa



Directed By: Roman Klochkov, Belgium



Directed By: Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina



Directed By: Polona Sepe, Slovenia



Directed by: Avi Ofer, Israel

With a delicate and effective stroke, the author paints with apparent lightness the real drama of childhood, the main victim of war.








Grand Prize: "L’AUDIOGUIDA"

Directed by: Cristina Diana Seresini

For the particular effectiveness in addressing psycho-analysis of the ego, suggesting an unusual map of the lines defining subconscious.


Special Jury Prize: "WIFE’S SUPERMARKET"

Centro sperimentale di cinematografia – Dipartimento di

animazione, di Alice Bartolini, Valeria Pavin, Verena Fanny Trausch

For the liveliness and irony of setting the search for true love in a musical.


Menzione Speciale/ Special Mention: "I/O"

Directed By: Luigi Ricca

For the originality of the theatrical stroke and the extraordinary drawing which evokes the issue of the death penalty.



Realizzato in collaborazione con La Repubblica XL




Directed By: Stefano Argentero, Italy

For the originality of the project and the surreal tone of the concept, but above all for the 2.0 philosophy of the product, which can be serialized and is open to re-elaboration from the bottom.


Audience Prize: "ANGELES"

Directed By: Luca Lumaca, Italy



Realizzato in collaborazione con il MEI di Faenza




Grand Prize: "DICEMBRE"

Directed By: Argentero, B5, Angelici,

Music: Roberto Angelini


Special Jury Prize: "WHITE"

Directed By: Andrea Falbo, Andrea Gianfelice,

Music: Showroom Dummies



Premio organizzato in collaborazione con Andrea Baricordi



For the best realization of an animated trailer based on the comic “Lambrusco e Cappuccino.” For the ability to create professional animation in a short time, while retaining the spirit of the original work.




Jury finalisti







Tue, 11 Dec 2007 07:26:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/I_Castelli_Animati/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=501#comments
Awards Announced at the 2007 Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films – Feature Films Competition http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Animafest_Zagreb_World_Festival_Animated_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=499#comments Grand Prix: "Azur and Asmar"

Directed by: Michel Ocelot


Special Mention for children film: "Mug Travel"

Directed by: Aaron Lim



Directed by: Anders Morgenthaler


and "Persepolis"

Directed by: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud.


Audience Award: "Bee Movie"

Directed by: Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith.


The Best Project at Pitching Forum: "Tomi's Struggle" by Geza M. Toth


Special Mention goes to Faruk Šabanović and his "Birds Like Us."

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 06:57:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Animafest_Zagreb_World_Festival_Animated_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=499#comments
Awards Announced at the 2007 Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Kassel_Documentary_Film_Video/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=498#comments COWBOYS & COMMUNISTS CAPTURE THE 24TH KASSEL DOKFEST


The 24th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival ended with a grand finale on Sunday. 8,616 visitors came to the various festival sections. 5,754 saw the 235 films and videos and 1,500 visited the 16 media installations in the exhibition MONITORING. The festival within the festival, SPLICE IN, which premiered in Kassel before moving to Berlin, Hamburg and Kabul received special attention. In addition to the screenings, the DokfestLounge presented an audiovisual performance program.


After the presentation of films from Kunsthochschule Kassel, the culmination of this year’s festival was the presentation of the four awards in the FINALE.


The Golden Key, the award for an outstanding documentary work of a young director, donated by the city of Kassel and amounting to a current value of 5,000 Euro, was awarded to Jess Feast from New Zealand for her film COWBOYS & COMMUNISTS which tells about the cultural clash around the whimsical underground bar “White Trash Fast Food” in Berlin. The jury pronounced the film to be “entertaining, thrilling, and of great lightness without ever slipping into the banal.”


The Golden Hercules, donated by the newspaper HNA that awards the best regional work with 2,500 Euro went to MARLA by Marta Malowanczyk. The Jury acclaimed the story of a self-discovery for its “unconventional and original narrative form.”


The media installation PUBLIC FIGURES by Erik Olofsen "which literally visualizes what remains indiscernible to our limited perception" was awarded the Golden Cube (2,500 Euro), sponsored by Micromata GmbH.


An honorary mention was received by the work ZONE*INTERDITE by Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud, “which uses the options of the world wide web, to fill in the blind spots on the world map.”


The A38–Production Grant went to Daniela Rusnokova for her documentary SONA AND HER FAMILY which approaches the protagonist Sona, a mother of 14 children, with “minimal means and untainted narrative”. The reward is endowed with 4,000 Euro for living expenses and production costs plus an equivalent of 4,000 Euro for material support and the usage of technical equipment.

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 06:52:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Kassel_Documentary_Film_Video/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=498#comments
Awards Announced at the 2007 Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno- En Italiano http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_Intl_del_Cinema_di_Salerno/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=497#comments GRAN TROFEO GOLFO DI SALERNO “IGNAZIO ROSSI” AL FILM THE SHADOW WITHIN


Miglior attore emergente Ludovico Fremont, miglior regista Davide Marengo, miglior attrice Ellen Page.


Le Giurie del 61° Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno hanno assegnato come da tradizione premi e riconoscimenti a film, attori, produttori e registi.


Il primo premio della sessantunesima edizione è stato conferito come Gran Trofeo Golfo di Salerno “Ignazio Rossi” al film “The Shadow Within” di Silvana Zancolò con Laurence Belcher, Hayley Lwilliams, Beta Winslet.


Medaglia d’oro EPT Salerno come miglior attrice ad Ellen Page per il film “Juno” di Jason Reitman, distribuzione 20th Century Fox Italia e miglior attore emergente Ludovico Fremont per il film “Scrivilo sui muri” di Giancarlo Scarchilli, Eagle Pictures.


Medaglia d’Oro Prefetto di Salerno alla Trees Pictures per la produzione del film “Io, l’altro” di Mohsen Melliti, con Raoul Bova e Giovanni Martorana, per aver creduto in un progetto di grande valore culturale.


Vince come miglior regista rivelazione Davide Marengo per il film “Notturno Bus”, 01 Distribuzione.


I premi speciali del Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno “Celluloide d’oro” sono stati assegnati a Giuseppe Tornatore e a Ferzan Ozpetek.


Menzione speciale a “Jani Gal” per il felice tentativo di realizzare un linguaggio di immagini diverso dalla tradizionale cinematografia occidentale.


Due premi speciali della direzione del festival a Veronica Pivetti e Paolo Conticini. Premiati anche Eva Henger per la caratteristica e personale interpretazione del film “Bastardi” e Claudia Koll e Antonella Ponziani per “Petali di Rosa”.


Per le Top Fiction sono stati premiati con l’Arechi d’oro: Patrizio Rispo ed Ilenia Lazzari per “Un posto al sole”, Alessandra Mastronardi e Matteo Branciamore per “I Cesaroni”, Igor Righetti, per Distretto di Polizia 7.


Per i film tv, invece, premi per Luca Barbareschi, Monica Scattini, Elena Barolo per “Sette vite”; Claudio Santamaria per “Rino Gaetano”; Mary Petruolo per “Chiara e Francesco”; Anna Kanakis ed Enzo De Caro per “La terza verità”; il regista Sergio Giussani, gli attori Giuseppe Zeno, Antonella Stefanucci e Paola Casella per “Giuseppe Moscati”, Federico Costantini, Giulia Steigerwalt, Claudio Benedetti e Giulietta Revel per “Noi due”.


Premio Cinefestival Salerno a Simone Chiari, autore dello Speciale “Meglio esser Chiari”, prodotto da SKY CINEMA, per lo stile col quale ha scelto di raccontare suo padre Walter Chiari


Tra i Premi Speciali segnaliamo il “Premio Beppe Costa” a Tommaso Agnese, regista del Film “Appena Giovani” con Alessandro Haber, Edy Angelillo, Walter Croce e Joele Dix, il premio speciale "Cinema&Sport" al film “L’ombra del pugile” di Emanuele Flangini, produzione Ars Millennia di Isabel Russinova e la menzione di merito al film “Il Rabdomante” di Fabrizio Cattani.


La serata di chiusura è stata presentata da Maria Monsè e Gaetano Stella, con la partecipazione di artisti di fama internazionale che hanno dato il loro prestigioso contributo allo spettacolo: il fantasista Luis, che vanta la partecipazione alla trasmissione Rai “ Tutti gli zero del mondo” con Renato Zero ed i Lyric Brothers, i due tenori del cast del Bagaglino.

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 06:43:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_Intl_del_Cinema_di_Salerno/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=497#comments
Awards Announced at the 2007 Bradford Animation Festival (Baf!) http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Bradford_Animation_Festival_Baf/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=496#comments The National Media Museum is delighted to announce the winners of this year’s Bradford Animation Festival Awards. The awards were presented at a ceremony hosted by legendary stop-frame animator Barry Purves (King Kong and Mars Attacks!) on Saturday night at the museum in Bradford which culminated the hugely successful four-day festival.


Grand Prix: "The Pearce Sisters"

Dir. Luis Cook / UK / 2007 / 9mins 27secs

The Pearce Sisters is a bleak tale of love, loneliness, guts, gore, nudity, violence, smoking and cups of tea.


Special Jury Prize: "Their Circumstances"

Dir. Ji Hyun Ahn / USA / 2007 / 10mins 6secs

This is an experimental animation which introduces a new way to watch animation. There are five storylines from four characters' viewpoints. Stories are seemingly random yet vitally connected with the tale of a set of incidents in one day. The animation starts with the end of the story and then the viewer can find the clue to the story by watching each character's viewpoint like fitting the pieces of a puzzle. It adds layers and events to the intriguing story until the final shot, where everything is made clear.


Best Professional Film: "Down the Road"

Dir. Rune Christensen / Denmark / 2006 / 15mins 56secs

Down the Road is a dark thriller that revolves around the vicar Henry, who picks up a mysterious hitchhiker late in the evening. The hitchhiker claims to possess psychic powers and discloses a surprising knowledge of Henry’s innermost thoughts and secrets. The scene is set for a seemingly casual encounter to turn into a game of life and death.


Best Student Film: "Administrators"

Dir. Roman Klochkov / Belgium / 2006 / 6mins 37secs

The administrative forest. Rabbit Egor’s house is burning down. Egor asks for a fire extinguisher. He is sent from pillar to post…


Best Independent Film: "The Old, Old, Very Old Man"

Dir. Elizabeth Hobbs / UK / 2007 / 6mins 38secs

The 152-year-old Thomas Parr is taken to meet King Charles I, who orders an immediate celebration of his longevity - with fatal consequences.


Best Music Video: "The Hours – Ali in the Jungle"

Dir. Jonas Odell / UK / 2007 / 4mins 10secs

This promo is in essence a theatrical show of clockwork machines and skull headed chorus lines. Odell captures a perfect mix between old-fashioned stage trickery and contemporary graphic design to change scenes, using both the sense of moving sets pushed in and out or emerging from trapdoors as well as pure animation transitions. Odell has also incorporated Hirst’s use of skulls, clocks and colour in the band’s artwork, mixing it up with dancers and singers. As the track grows, so the visual imagery and colour are expanded until by the end of the track, the stage is far more crowded and visually arresting than at the beginning.


Best Commercial: "Cravendale – The Last Glass"

Dir. Pic Pic Andre / UK/ 2007/ 40 secs

In Last Glass the three house-mates realise that they only have enough milk to fill one glass so organize an impromptu game of musical statues to see who should win this last glass. The wily cyclist wins by replacing himself with a cardboard cut-out and the other two shriek in horror as he drinks the milk with a moustachioed grin.


Best TV Series: Shaun the Sheep – "Still Life"

Dir. Chris Sadler / UK / 2006 / 8mins

The farmer takes up oil painting and is determined to paint a masterpiece but, when his back is turned, Shaun and Co. decide to have a go.


Best Film for Children: "Zhiharka"

Dir. Oleg Uzinov/ Russia / 2006 / 13mins

Based on a Urals Fairytale. A fox is trying to steal a little girl named Zhiharka in order to eat her.


Best Film Produced By Children: "The Great Hat Heist"

Dir. Lewi Firth Bolton / UK / 2007 / 7mins 55secs

Mr. Hater Bugleperp, a great lover of hats, has fallen on hard times and is forced to plan the ultimate hat heist to feed his habit. Things are going well - until his dim-witted manservant Homburg gets involved...



Dir. Signals Media Arts / UK / 2006 / 4mins 50secs

Accompanied by a cutting edge soundtrack, this visually stunning black-and-white line animation depicts a couple's fantastical car journey.


AWARDED AT BAF KIDS: CHILDREN’S AWARDS Audience Award: "The Pearce Sisters"

Dir. Luis Cook / UK / 2007 / 9mins 27secs The Pearce Sisters is a bleak tale of love, loneliness, guts, gore, nudity, violence, smoking and cups of tea. As voted for by festival goers

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 06:32:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Bradford_Animation_Festival_Baf/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=496#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 SKENA UP International Students Film and Theatre Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/SKENA_UP_Intl_Students_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=495#comments Awards & Jury 2007


Film Jury:

Arno Aschauer – Austria

G.J. Echternkamp – USA

Nebi Qena – Kosova


Theatre Jury:

Jerry Coyle - USA

Bajrush Mjaku – Macedonia

Jeta Xharra – Kosova


Awards 2007


BEST FILM: “Walking out on Love”

directed by Beau Yarrow, American Film Institute, USA.


BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM: “Brothers by blood”

directed by Manara Nivron, Camera Obscura School of Art, Israel.



directed by Jens Blank, Camberwell College of arts, UK.



directed by Amir Vitia, Faculty of Arts, Kosova.


BEST THEATRE SHOW: “…the rest is silence”

directed by Agon Myftari, Faculty of Arts, Kosova.


BEST THEATRE DIRECTOR: Payam Azizi for the performance “State” from Azad University of Arak, Iran.


BEST THEATRE ACTOR: Besnik Krapi from the performance “…the rest is silence” from Faculty of Arts, Kosova.


Loredana Gjeçi from the performance “Alice’s Journeys” from Academy of Arts, Albania.

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 06:27:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/SKENA_UP_Intl_Students_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=495#comments
Award WInners Announced for the 2007 Festival de Cine de Alcala de Henares http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_de_Cine_de_Alcala_de_Henares/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=492#comments PRIMER PREMIO 'CIUDAD DE ALCALÁ'


Directed By: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo



'Diente por ojo'

Directed By: Eivind Holmboe




Directed By: José Manuel Carrasco



'Hezulbeltzak, una fosa común'

Directed By: Izibene Oñederra



Ana Rayo, for 'Padam...'



Raúl Arévalo, for 'Traumalogía'



Directed By: Alegría Collantes and Estíbaliz Burgaleta




Directed By: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo




Directed By: Marta Aledo and Natalia Mateo



Directed By: Arturo Ruiz


TROFEO 'CAJA DE MADRID' AL MEJOR MONTAJE: David Valero, for 'Niños que nunca...'


TROFEO 'CAJA DE MADRID' A LA MEJOR DIRECCIÓN ARTÍSTICA" Montse Sanz and Vicent Díaz, for 'Traumalogía'



David Valero, for 'Niños que nunca existieron'



Zacarías Martínez, for 'Tadeo Jones y el sótano maldito'


PREMIO ESCUELA SUPERIOR DE IMAGEN Y SONIDO CES AL MEJOR SONIDO: José Luis Rubio e Iñaki Olaziregui, for 'Columba Palumbus (Uso Basatia)'


PREMIO TECHNICOLOR A LA MEJOR FOTOGRAFÍA: Michal Popiel-Machnicki, for 'Pomiedzy’




PRIMER PREMIO 'ALCINE': 'Lampa cu caciula'

Directed By: Radu Jude


SEGUNDO PREMIO 'ALCINE': 'Herfra til manen'

Directed By: Hatya Eyde Jacobsen


TERCER PREMIO 'ALCINE': 'Braedrabylta'

Directed By: Grimur Hakonarson


PREMIO DEL PÚBLICO: 'Tanghi Argentini'

Directed By: Guido Thys




PREMIO DEL PÚBLICO: 'Amor en defensa propia'

Directed By: Rafa Russo

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 02:33:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festival_de_Cine_de_Alcala_de_Henares/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=492#comments
Award WInners Announced for the 2007 Amiens International Film Festival- en Francais http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Amiens_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=491#comments Grand Prix du Long Métrage (Licorne d’Or): "EZRA"

Par: Newton I. Aduaka (France/Nigeria/Autriche, 110 min)

Prix doté d’une aide à la distribution (en France) de 7 500 €, d’une campagne promotionnelle d’une valeur de 25 000 € sur les chaînes CINÉCINÉMA et d’une aide au sous-titrage d’une valeur de 2 500 € offerte par Titra Films.


Prix spécial du jury pour le long métrage: "MENG NA LI SHA Li Ying"

(Chine/Japon, 2007, 110 min)


Prix d’Amiens métropole: "EL ASALTANTE"

Par: Pablo Fendrik (Argentine, 2007, 67 min)


Prix d’interprétation féminine: LUBNA AZABAL

pour le film "24 mesures"

Par: Jalil Lespert (France, 2007, 90 min)


Prix d’interprétation masculine: KADER BOUKHANEF & ABEL JAFRI

pour le film "l’Autre moitié"

Par: Rolando Colla (Suisse/Belgique, 2007)


Grand Prix du Court Métrage (Licorne d’Or): "LA DÉCHIRURE"

Par: Mikaël Buch (France, 2007)


Mention spéciale du jury pour le court métrage: "I WANT TO BE A PILOT"

Par: Diego Quemada-Diez (Espagne/Mexique/Kenya, 2006)


Prix du public long métrage: "EZRA"

Par: Newton I. Aduaka (France/Nigeria/Autriche, 2006)


Prix du public court métrage: "DERNIER VOYAGE"

Par: Pierre Duculot (Belgique, 2007)


Prix de la Maison d’arrêt d’Amiens Détenues femmes : "Il neige à Marrakech"

Par: Hicham Alhayat (Suisse, 2006)


Mention spéciall: "Dernier voyage"

Par: Pierre Duculot (Belgique, 2007)


Détenus hommes: "Sale boulot"

Par: Erwann Lameignère (France, 2006)


Prix du public : "Il neige à Marrakech"

Par: Hicham Alhayat (Suisse, 2006)


Prix Femis (décerné pas des élèves de La fémis): "Rachel" Par: Frédéric Mernoud (Suisse/France ­ 2006)


Mention spéciale: "Songes d’une femme de ménage"

Par: Banu Akseki (Belgique ­ 2007)



Par: Isaac Chung (Rwanda/États-Unis, 2007)



Par: Jean-Pierre Lledo (Algeria/France, 2007)



Par: Andreas Tibblin (Suède, 2006)


Prix CINÉCOURTS Prix doté d’un achat du film pour diffusion sur les chaînes CINÉCINÉMA: "USUKU LWAM" Par: Bela Lukac (Afrique du Sud, 13’)


Prix des Enfants de la Licorne: "SPECTATEUR PERSONNEL"

Par: Emmanuel Jespers (Belgique, 2006, 14’30)

12e Fonds d’aide au développement du scénario



Par: Leila Kilani (Maroc)



Par: Luis Marquès et Sékou Traoré (Burkina Faso)



Par: Tawfik Abu Wael (Palestine)



Par: Ammar Al Beik (Syrie)



Par: Andreï Schtakleff et Jonathan Le Fourn (France)

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 02:21:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Amiens_International_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=491#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Cph:Dox Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cph_Dox/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=490#comments CPH:DOX Award 2007: "Santa Fe Street"

(Director Carmen Castillo, Chile, France, Belgium 2007)


"A film richly layered with history exploring the personal consequences of political engagement across three genrations. Many films have been made about the 1970s revolutionary movement, but few with as much complexity and craft as this one. It begins from one person's perspective and widens to encompass multiple views. Its director confronts the past with a remarkable honesty and self-reflection conveyed in your eyes long after the film has ended."


Special mention: "Vesterbro"

(Director Michael Noer, Denmark 2007)


Amnesty Award 2007: "No end in sight"

(inst. Charles Ferguson, USA 2006)


"A highly researched investigative documentary addressing the occupation of Iraq by the American government. A film that reveals important findings of the mismanagement, carelessness and arrogance of the American leadership occupying Iraq and raises serious doubts about the legitimacy of the leader of the free world."


Special mentions: "The Not Dead"

(inst. Brian Hill, UK 2007)

and "Umbrella"

(inst. Du Haibin, China 2007)


Sound & Vision Award 2007: "Joy Division"

(Director: Grant Gee, UK 2007)


"Great selection of footage, a deep engagement with the subject and intimate interviews combines to make a restless and engaging documentary. The background material gives a good sense of the psychogeography of Manchester at the time, and the effects create a tension and energy which mirrors the evolving epilepsy of lead singer Ian Curtis."


Special mention: "Pilgrimage from Scattered Points"

(Director: Luke Fowler, UK 2006)


We would like to extend an honourable mention to Pilgrimage from Scattered Points, a thoughtful and original portrait of composer Cornelius Cardew. It documents uncompromising political music and stays faithful to its subject.


New Vision Award 2007


BEST SHORT: "France 2007"

(Director Gee-Jung Jun, France 2007)


"A film comprised of footage of ambiguous origin, whose friendly direct gaze evokes in its subjects a casual open playfulness. On the edge of France 2007, shantytown inhabitants briefly take possession of their own space and their own lives."



(Director Hartmut Bitomsky, Germany 2007)


and "A Crime Against Art"

(Director Hila Peleg, Germany 2007)



"We have a clean film about dust and a dirty video about art. Both are comparable achievements with completely distinct subjects and strategies. Therefore the jury for New Vision has decided to split the prize.


"Dust" by Hartmut Bitomsky - An indexical exploration of the little pieces of our selves and our lives that we are obsessed with keeping under control and brushing away if necessary.

This film evokes a kind of heightened awareness towards our entire physical surroundings, reaching as far as the grains of celluloid that create the very images we are watching.


"A Crime Against Art" by Hila Peleg - This staged conceptual trial on the morals of participation in the contemporary art field blurs the lines of script and character with its real performers and their possibly actual beliefs. Suddenly art promoters and theorists take on the appearance of criminals in a kind of daily TV-court, questioning the responsibility and negotiating the performative aspects of the art discourse."

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 02:08:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cph_Dox/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=490#comments
Award WInners for the 2007 Leeds International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Leeds_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=483#comments Golden Owl Award 2007: "Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America"

Directed by: Tony Stone

This extraordinary film goes all out with its regressive strategies, doing as much as possible to achieve as little as possible. Extending cinema's existing parameters, we

are challenged to question all assumptions we may bring to this film, including whether it is even a film at all. Whilst this seemingly simple maximalist spectacular remains bravely and resolutely indeterminable to the point of barely existing, it's heroic and whole-hearted engagement with failure may be one of the most interesting and successful terrorist interventions in cinema we have yet seen. Huge. And yet hardly there.


Special Mention: "Noise"

Directed by: Matthew Saville

A witty character observation that shines for its subtle human insight.


Special Mention: "The Man from the Embassy"

Directed by: Dito Tsintsadze

Catching us unawares, this gentle journey takes us with ease right into the dark heart of our globalized world, leaving us with the realization that social inequality allows no one to remain innocent.


Best Short Film: "Aie"

Directed by: Virginie Gourmel

A beautifully whimsical synthesis of bold choreography and technical inventiveness.


Special Mention: "Coco-Nuts"

Directed by: Charlotte Blom

"A joyous melding of cinematic modes. Bonkers."


Special Mention: "Dad"

Directed by: Daniel Mulloy

A brave and tender engagement with the politics of representation, open to a multiplicity of readings.


Best Animated Short Film: "Tyger"

Directed by: Guilherme Marcondes

A sinister and glorious evocation of unstoppable force.


The Golden Owl Jury comprises:

Laurin Federlein, Director. His first feature film, 'Build A Ship, Sail To Sadness' screened at the Festival.


Rocio Freire-Bernat, Distributor of world cinema in Britain. Her company, Axiom Films will be responsible for the BFI's upcoming Wim Wenders retrospective. Rocio did not vote for the Golden Owl winning film 'Severed Ways'.


Christopher Thomas, filmmaker and also Director of the Institute for New Cinema which is commissioning feature films by artists.


Melies d'Argent Award: (feature film)

The Orphanage (El Orfanato) - Dir. Juan Antonio Bayona - Mexico/Spain, 2007.


Special Jury Mention: "Hyena" (Hiena)

Directed by: Grzegorz Lewandowski, Poland, 2006.


Melies d'Or Nomination: (short film): "Machine" (Maquina)

Directed by: Gabe Ibanez - Spain, 2006.


Special Jury Mention: "Moment of Glory" (Moment de Gloire)

Directed by: Hendrik Moonen, Belgium, 2006.

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 11:44:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Leeds_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=483#comments
Award WInners for the 2007 International Short Film Festival Winterthur http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Winterthur/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=482#comments Grand Prize of the International Competition: "René"

Directed by: Tobias Nölle (Switzerland 2007)

Prize: 12'000 Swiss Francs (€ 7'100) for the best film, provided by Kulturstiftung Winterthur

Jury Motivations:

The psychogram of an oddball on the fringes of society. The film invokes a dense atmosphere and creates its own universe, which doesn’t adhere to the norms of classical dramaturgy, and thus enables "René" to give us a naked and fresh look on the phenomenon of isolation in our society.


Promotional Award of the International Competition: "Hoy no estoy"

Directed by: Gustavo Taretto (Argentina 2007)

Prize: 10'000 Swiss Francs (€ 5'920) for an extraordinarily talented director, provided by the Swiss Television

Jury Motivations:

An urban fairytale about disappearing into the blind spots of modern architecture. With its sharp eye for urban landscapes, this meticulous and imaginative film calls to mind the modernist magic of Jacques Tati, but it keeps an originality of vision that challenges our perspectives of space.



Prize for the Best Swiss Entry of the National or International Competition: "Twist"

Directed by: Alexia Walther (Switzerland/France 2006

Prize: 8'000 Swiss Francs (€ 4'730) for the best Swiss production, provided by Suissimage, the Swiss Authors' Society SSA and the International Short Film Festival Winterthur.

Jury Motivations:

A film like a poem. Associative, lyrical, and dream-like, "Twist" is a liberating experience that blasts away the formal conventions of narrative.


Audience Prize: "Il neige à Marrakech"

Directed By: Hicham Alhayat (Switzerland 2006)

Prize: 8'000 Swiss Francs (€ 4'730) for the film getting the most votes from the audience, provided by Zürcher Kantonalbank.


Special Mention: "We will win"

Directed by: Mahmoud Hojeij (Lebanon 2006)

Jury Motivations:

This seemingly simple political allegory attacks the big issue of political conflict in the Middle East, but brings it to a human level and even dares to use humur.

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 11:29:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Winterthur/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=482#comments
AURORA Awards 2007 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Aurora/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=479#comments At the meeting of the main competition jury on Friday 9 November, and the Dick Arnall Award jury on Saturday 10 November, it was decided that the following films be awarded prizes at the festival:


Main competition

Music Videos


Best Music Video: Subtle: ‘The Mercury Craze’


"The film intrigues through a creepy aesthetic consistency in a variety of techniques that generates a relentless flow of very intriguing images that draw the viewer into a dystopian place. Its sophisticated sense of continuity playfully binds the musical flow to its strong visual identity."


Special Mention: "Hold On by Hei Cheng"

(Royal College of Art)

"Using a formal ingenuity, the filmmaker develops what initially seems to be a simple concept into surprising double-takes for the viewer. This self-reflexive film incites curiosity by exploring the unreliability of constructed space, time and content in the moving image."


Special Mention: "Series of Experiments"

Directed by: Martin Ruyant (Royal College of Art)

"Elegant and inventive, using mischief and wit, the film displays calculated precision in the construction of its units. Pushing visual music by unexpected syncopations, it transmutes possible musical figures into conceivable visual images."


Best Student Film: "Our Footsteps in the Leaves"

Directed by: Ben Sanders

"With remarkable sensitivity to small and unnoticed gestures of everyday life, through sophisticated use of narrative ambiguity, the film poetically expresses the substance of being young and coming of age."


Short Films


Special Mention:"…as they pass…"

Directed by: Brigitta Bödenauer

The film explores spatial dimensions of the 2D screen through every relevant formal element of film, including colour, movement, light, sound and pace. Abstracting images of the material world, it constructs the immaterial architecture of a mental place.


Special Mention: "Sydameen Katketty" (Learned By Heart)

Directed by: Marjut Rimminen and Päivi Takala

"The digital technique usually lends itself to ostentatious display: in this film, it is used modestly in service of the content. Narrated with an ease of pop culture attitude and with the seriousness of high art, the directors lyrically document the invisibility of women’s contributions in a way that is not bound to geographical or cultural specificity."


Best Short Film: "The Old, Old, Very Old Man"

Directed by: Elizabeth Hobbs

"Revelling in skilful use of minimalist media, low-tech imagery and extending the technique’s visual vocabulary, the film’s compelling narrative line unfolds a story of real compassion and philosophical content. The work of one hand, we are interested to see what’s next."


The main competition jury comprised Suzanne Buchan (UK; chair); Jeff Scher (US); Alicia Guerrero Yeste (ES); Jim Trainor (US); and Robert Buchschwenter (AT).


The Dick Arnall Award, for rogue vision in the manipulated moving image


Special Mention: "Under Construction"

Directed by Zhenchen Liu

"For the fluent and compassionate means by which it exposes the hidden cost of regeneration."


Special Mention: "Crazy Rock"

Directed by Becky James

"For the wit and economy of its singular tale."


Dick Arnall Award: "Nijuman no Borei" (200,000 Phantoms)

Directed by: Jean-Gabriel Périot

"For its extraordinary precision and attention to the potency of the image; for the integrity of its vision and its responsibility to history and the humanity that endures. Here the rogue vision is manifested as calm persistence. A moving and remarkably compelling work."


The Dick Arnall Award jury comprised Gareth Evans (chair); Rose Cupit and Andrew Kötting, with Marjut Rimminen as an observer. It was generously supported by the Royal College of Art, Animate Projects and the National Film & Television School.

Mon, 10 Dec 2007 05:45:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Aurora/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=479#comments
Sheffield Doc/Fest is delighted to announce the winners of the first Grierson: Sheffield awards. http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sheffield_DocFest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=478#comments These new British documentary awards have three categories: The Green Award, The Youth Jury Award and The Innovation Award.


it’s the first time the Grierson Trust has given awards in Sheffield. After wading through an impressive number of submissions, the jury finally made their decision.


The winner of The Green Award, a single documentary that has contributed to the climate change debate, is Davis Guggenheim’s "An Inconvenient Truth" the acclaimed environmental doc linked to Al Gore.


The Innovation Award a documentary that exhibits innovation in style or content was awarded to Mark Craig’s "Talk to Me" a quirky documentary about voicemail messages.


The Youth Jury Award, the award recognizes films that are engaging for young audiences and was chosen by a jury of young people aged 16-18 years, chaired by a member of the Grierson Trust. After much deliberation, the jury chose "We Are Together" a moving story about orphans living in South Africa and their passionate for music.


Spokesperson for the youth jury said: 'The films moved and inspired us and taught us something about other young people in parallel cultures to our own. We never imagined that we would be able to empathize and relate so strongly to the young people who appeared in Baghdad High. For these reasons, we would like to recommend the film. However, no film touched us as much or made as great an impact as the winning film "We Are Together."'


Heather Croall, festival director said: ‘The awards have been a tremendous success. The quality of the entries was high, making it a hard job for the jury. The winning films represent innovative methods of production and storytelling and capture the imagination of a youth audience.’


Roger Graef, patron of the Grierson Trust is delighted with the response: 'The festival is an ideal place to celebrate the achievements in documentaries amongst a talented collection of peers. Who have all devoted themselves to using documentaries to inform the world about what’s going on in our immediate horizons. The winners are a strong field of candidates that reflect that concern vividly.'


The 2007 Sheffield Doc/Fest was the most success yet with over 1200 delegates traveling from all over the world to attend the 5-day event.

Mon, 10 Dec 2007 05:38:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sheffield_DocFest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=478#comments
Another Successful Year and Competition Awards for the 2007 Sheffield Doc/Fest http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sheffield_DocFest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=476#comments The organizers of Sheffield Doc/Fest are celebrating after welcoming over 1200 industry delegates from as far away as Japan and Australia to Sheffield. The Festival, which screened over 100-documentary over five days, was the most successful event in its fourteen-year history.


Heather Croall, festival director said: ‘The international reputation of the Festival has grown immensely over the last 12 months and the increase in delegates confirms this. The opening night film Joy Division went down a storm, we had two simultaneous screenings just to cope with the crowd. Sheffield and the Yorkshire region have grown to recognize what a great event they have on their doorstep. Our hard work over the last 18 months to grow the Cross Platform business opportunities for Yorkshire is paying off.’


As always, Doc/Fest offers established and first time filmmakers the opportunity to win funding and gain expert advice from industry experts.


The winners of the 2007 competitions are:


During the Channel 4 Pitch, six new directors competed in front of a panel of television executives, to win the chance to make a 24-minute film for Channel 4's documentary new talent strand. The winner, Anoop Pandhal will receive a 10-week freelance placement at a production company to make the film, on a budget of £45,000, which includes a £5,000 director's bursary.


For the third year running, Doc/Fest hosted the Sky One Development Prize. Sky One invited production companies to pitch their ideas for a new documentary series or factual entertainment series aimed primarily at adults for the 10pm Sci-Fi slot. Winner Patrick McGradey from Wave Length Films was awarded £5,000 for his idea World Wide Weird, an innovative witty take on the wilder conspiracy theories about the internet.


Filmmaker Daniel Dewsbury won the BBC New Talent competition with his impressive pitch about two aspirant skaters and their rivalry as they compete to be the first British Olympic competitors. He wins a nine-month placement with the BBC.


Current TV the first TV network created by, for and with young adults, ran a competition in which eight lucky individuals got a chance to pitch live to a panel of Current TV executives. The winner was Mateo Willis with a film about multi-religious commune in Northern Italy. He wins £1000 to make his film, along with the promise of additional commissions.


For the first time Doc/Fest, added two Cross Platform competitions to the line up, aimed at finding factual ideas that would work across a range of media platforms.


The Crossover Lab Pitch Competition saw documentary makers and content producers pitch ideas they’d created while on a five-day Doc/Fest creative laboratory earlier in the year. The winners were Diarmid Scrimshaw Warp Films, Anna Higgs, Quark Films and Tim Morgan, Mint Digital, with their idea Museum of Our Futures a television show, website and gallery installation about contemporary human society and how it might be discussed and perceived in the future.


Doc/Fest also teamed up with the National Film Board of Canada to launch the Cross-Media Challenge a co-production competition for innovative, interactive, socially engaged content with applications for mobile and broadband that offered a £5,000 co-production development deal with the NFB. The winner is Virginia Heath, Vita Nova Films & Quba New Media and her idea My Dangerous Loverboy, a groundbreaking web and mobile site that will raise awareness about global sex trafficking and create a community for at-risk young girls and their wider peer group to tell their stories and offer advice.


Both winners of the Cross Platform competitions are from Sheffield.

Mon, 10 Dec 2007 05:31:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sheffield_DocFest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=476#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Ljubljana International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Ljubljana_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=475#comments Kingfisher Award: Best film of the Perspectives Section: "Windows on Monday"

Directed by: Ulrich Köhler


Audience Award: Golden Reel: "Empties"

Directed by: Jan Svěrák


FIPRESCI Prize: "Just About Love?"

Directed by: Lola Doillon


Amnesty International Slovenia Award, best human rights film: "XXY"

Directed by: Lucía Puenzo


ITAK filmfest Award: "Postaja"

Authors: Matevž Jerman, Matej Bandelj, Matevž Rener, Gregor Vuga and Amir Ahmetovič from Koper

Mon, 10 Dec 2007 04:59:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Ljubljana_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=475#comments
Award WInners for the 2007 Braunschweig International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Braunschweig_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=474#comments The Europa: The European actors award, "The Europa", went to Hanna Schygulla for her outstanding performances and important contribution to European film culture.


The Heinrich: "Trust me"

Great Britain 2006, 96 min., 35mm

director & script: Andrew Kazamia


The Leo: "Dilshad and Tohti by a frozen lake"

Great Britain 2006, 4:47 Min.

director: Sam Huint


Kinema – The German-French Youth Award

French winner: "April in Love"

France 2005, 95 min., 35mm

director & script: Gérald Hustache-Mathieu


German winner: "Die Anruferin"

Germany 2007, 81 min.

director: Felix Randau

Mon, 10 Dec 2007 04:53:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Braunschweig_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=474#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Virtuality Conference- WORLD WIDE SHORT COMPETITION USING 3D ANIMATION AND VFX http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/VIEWFest_Digital_Movie_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=473#comments Best 3D Short: "Ark"

Directed By: Grzegorz Jonkajtys (Poland)


Best Digital Visual Effects: "893"

Directed By: Eric Toubal, Yves D'Incau, Thomas Castellani, Clement Renaudin and Supinfocom Arles


Best 3D Digital Character: "Dreammaker"

Directed By: Leszek Plichta – Filmakademie


Best Environment Design / Digital Matte Painting: "Dock 5"

Directed By: Paul Chaudet, Benjamin Devaux, Simon Landreis and Supinfocom Valenciennes


Best 3D Design (TIE): "Marin"

Pierre Pages, Alexandre Bernard, Damien Laurent

Supinfocom Arles


and "Poetico Mecanico"

Antoine Demongeot, Julien Ferry, Gregory Weiss

Supinfocom Valenciennes




Pam Hogarth, Director of Advancement, Gnomon School of Visual Effects - President


Prof. Maria Elena Gutierrez, Associate Professor SUNY at Buffalo; Rientro dei Cervelli Grant, University of Turin, Italy - Chair


Prof. Larry Bafia, Head of Animation & Visual Effects, Vancouver Film School


Prof. Erik Balzaretti, Coordinator, IED, Istituto Europeo di Design


Prof. Sabine Hirtes, Studies Coordinator and 2D/3D Software Support, Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany


Prof. Marie-Anne Fontanier, Director Supinfocom Valenciennes


Nino Battaglia, Journalist RAI - Radio Televisione Italiana


Prof. Vincenzo Lombardo, Associate Professor MultiDAMS, University of Turin. Director VRMMP School


Elena Casetta, Istituto Italiano di Scienza Umane


Aniello De Santi, Cinema and Media Engineering, Politecnico of Torino

Mon, 10 Dec 2007 04:44:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/VIEWFest_Digital_Movie_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=473#comments
Awards for the 2007 International Short Film Festival of Berlin http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_of_Berlin/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=462#comments INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION:

Jury: Sergio Barrejon, Rolf Giesen, Fabrice Marquat, Tommaso Mottola and Roswitha


Berlin-Brandenburg Short Film Award - Best Short Film: "Soft"

Directed By: Simon Ellis

England, 2006, 14 min

Prize: 6.000 €


Best Animation: "Isabelle au bois dormant" (Sleeping Betty)

Directed by: Claude Cloutier

Canada, 2007, 9 min

Prize: Transferral of digital data to 35mm valued

at 4.000 € from TrickWILK


Best Short Fiction: "Tanghi Argentini"

Directed by: Guido Thys

Belgium, 2006, 13 min

Post production valued at 7.000 € from das werk Novalisstrasse


Special Mention: "Personal Spectator"

Directed by: Jespers Emmanuel

Belgium, 2006, 14 min


Special Mention: "Madame Tutli-Putli"

Directed by: Chris Lavis

Canada, 2007, 17



Jury: Florian Lukas, Veit Helmer, Janin Reinhardt and Thomas Wobke

Best German Film: "Bende Sira" (It's My Turn)

Directed by: Ismet Ergun

Germany / Turkey, 2007 10 min

Prize: Post production, valued at 13.000 € from

das werk Novalisstrasse


Skoda Short Film Prize: "Peters Prinzip"

Directed by: Jim Lacy

Germany, 2007 05 min

Prize: 2.000 € in cash von Skoda Auto


Audience Award: "Der Aufreißer"

Directed By: Steffen Weinert

Germany, 2006 13 min

Prize: Film material and developing valued at 2.500 € from Fuji Kine Film und Film+Videoprint


Special Mention: "Hit the Floor"

Directed By: Kays Khalil

Germany, 2006 11 min


Special Mention: "Bum Bum"

Directed By: Richard Kropf & Marcus Schuster

Germany, 2006 16 min



Jury: Uli Gaulke, Angelika Kruger-Leißner, Dr. Gabriele Weyand and Marcus Winterbauer


Best Documentary - ZDFdokukanal (Documentary Channel) P

go to:

Directed By: Jenifer Malmqvist

and the film "13 lat i 10 Miesiecy / 13 Years

and 10 Months

Poland, 2006 9 min

Prize: Buying and broadcasting a short documentary film, 15 Minutes max. up to 2000 € from ZDFdokukanal


interfilm Dokumentary film award: "The Wrong Trainers"

Directed By: Kez Margrie

England, 2006 15 min

Prize: 1000 EUR cash from Bewegliche Ziele e.V.


Special Mention: "Rasende Liebe"

Directed By: Beni Wulser, Carlo Coppola & Jonas Meier

Switzerland, 2006 15 min


Special Mention: ""Is so"

Directed by: Anna Deutsch

Germany, 2006 2 min



Jury: Barbara Kisseler, Bernd Scherer, Jordis Triebel and Dorothee Wenner


Best Film Against Violence and Intolerance:

go to: "Uova" (Scrambled)

Directed by: Alessamdro Celli

Italy, 2006 04 min

Prize: 2.000 € cash von der Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung


Bester Film gegen Gewalt und Intoleranz: ""Hoy es un Dia Distinto" (Today is a Different Day)

Directed By: Pablo Gonzalez

Colombia, 2006 11 min

Prize: 2.000 € cash from Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung


Audience Award: "Trotzdem Danke"

Directed by: Mischa Leinkauf & Matthias Wermke

Germany, 2006 06 min

Prize: 500 € cash from Bewegliche Ziele e.V..



Jury: Nina Grabowski, Maximilian Brandle, Sam Keogh und Sophie Ella Bocher


KuKi 1st. Place : "Pauls Opa"

Directed By: Ove Sander, Maren Erdmann

Germany, 2007 19 min

Prize: 1.000 € in cash from Zapf Umzuge


KuKi 2nd. Place: "Voor een paar knikkers meer"

(For a Few Marbles More)

Directed by: Jelmar Hufen

Netherlands, 2006 11 min

Prize: 500 € in cash from Branchenbar - Public Data


KuKi 2nd. Place – Audience Award: "Un bisou pour le monde" (A Kiss for the World)

Directed By: Cyril Paris

France, 2007 09 min

Prize: 500 € in cash from Branchenbar - Public Data


Special Mention: "Bende Sira" (It's My Turn)

Directed By: Ismet Ergun

Germany / Turkey, 2007 10 min

Fri, 07 Dec 2007 04:04:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_of_Berlin/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=462#comments
Awards of the 2007 Animacor- International Animation Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Animacor_Intl_Animation_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=461#comments BEST FULL-LENGTH FILM: "CRISTÓBAL MOLÓN"

DIRECTION AND EDITING: Aitor Arregi and Íñigo Berasategi

35mm / 70' / 3D / 2006 / Spain



DIRECTION: Chris Sadler

Betacam / 7’ / Clay / 2006 / UK



DIRECTION: Virgile Trovillot and Jean-Sébastian Vernerie

Betacam / 13' / 2D / 2006 / France



DIRECTION AND SCREENPLAY: Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbouski

35mm / 17' / Puppets and 3D / 2007 / Canada



DIRECTION: Marina Karpova

Betacam / 13' / Clay and 2D / 2007 / Russia




Betacam / 9’ / 2D / 2007 / UK




Betacam / 3D / 6' / 2007 / Spain



DIRECTION: Joris Clerté

Betacam / 4' / 2D / 2007 / France




35 mm / 4' / 2D / 2007 / Brasil




35 mm / 10' / Clay / 2007 / Spain



DIRECTION: Inga Korzhneva

Betacam / 13' / Clay 2D / 2007 / Russia

Fri, 07 Dec 2007 03:32:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Animacor_Intl_Animation_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=461#comments
Award WInners for the 2007 Cinanima -International International Animated Film Fest http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinanima_Intl_Animated_Film_Fest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=460#comments Grand Prize CINANIMA 2007 -Prize Caixa Geral de Depositos (Ex-aequo): "MADAME TUTLI-PUTLI"

Directed by: Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (Canada)



Directed by: Luis Cook (United Kingdom)


Jury's Special Prize - Prize City of Espinho: "LE LOUP BLANC"

Directed by: Pierre-Luc Granjon (France)


Best Short Film - Class A (up to 15 minutes): "THE DRESS"

Directed by: Jelena Girlin

Mari-Liis Bassovskaj (Estonia)


Short Film - Class A (up to 15 minutes)

Honourable Mention: "A SUNNY DAY"

Directed by: Gil Alkabetz (Germany)


Best Medium Length Film - Class B (more than 15 minutes and up to 50 minutes): "DOWN THE ROAD"

Directed by: Rune Christensen (Denmark)


Best Feature Film - Class C (more than 50 minutes): "LE TUEUR DE MONTMARTRE"

Directed by: Borislav Sajtinac (France)


Best First Film or Graduation Film -Class D: "FOOLISH GIRL"

Directed by: Zojya Kireeva (Russia)



Directed by: Vladimir Petkevich (Russia)


Prize Jose Abel: "JEU"

Directed by: Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland / Canada)


Grand Prize Tobis: "CANDIDO"

Directed by: Jos� Pedro Cavalheiro (Portugal)


Prize for the Best Original Soundtrack: "THE TALE OF THE HOW"

Directed by: The Blackheart Gang (France)


Prize of the Audience: "SLEEPING BETTY"

Directed by: Claude Cloutier (Canada)


Prize Alves Costa: "MADAME TUTLI-PUTLI"

Directed by: Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (Canada)


Prize Antonio Gaio: "CANDIDO"

Directed by: Jose Pedro Cavalheiro (Portugal)


Prize Antonio Gaio

Honourable Mention: "CAES MARINHEIROS"

Directed by: Joana Toste (Portugal)


Prize for the Best Portuguese Young Director (Directors up to 18 years old): "UM MUNDO MELHOR"

Directed by: Crianeas das Oficinas da Anilupa



Premio Jovem Cineasta Portugues (Directors with more than 18 years old): "YULUNGA"

Directed by: Cristiano Mourato (Portugal)


Prize RTP2 - Onda Curta

(In no particular order)



Directed by: Luis Cook (United Kingdom)



Directed by: Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland / Canada)



Directed by: Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski




Directed by: Laura Neuvonen (Finland)



Directed by: Tom Brown and Daniel Gray (United Kingdom)



Directed by: Gil Alkabetz (Germany)



Directed by: The Blackheart Gang (France)



Directed by: Peter Baynton (United Kingdom)


Special Mentions:



Directed by: Jose Pedro Cavalheiro (Portugal)



Directed by: Joana Toste (Portugal)

Fri, 07 Dec 2007 02:29:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinanima_Intl_Animated_Film_Fest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=460#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Évora International Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Evora_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=455#comments Best Film: "It Wasn’t God’s Will" (Deus Não Quis)

Directed By: António Ferreira (2007 - Portugal)


Best Documentary: "The Pilgrims of Pomegranate Valley" (Rebwarani Doli Hanar)

Directed By: Ashkan Ahmadi (2006 - Iran)


Special Mention: "Even if She Had Been a Criminal..." (Eût-Elle été Criminelle...)

Directed By: Périot Jean-Gabriel (2006 - France)


Best Animation: " Tragic History With Happy Ending" (Historia Tragica com Final Feliz)

Directed By: Regina Pessoa - Animação (2005 - Portugal)


Best Short Film (Under 5 minutes): "Thirst" (Durst)

Directed By: Martin Repka (2006 - Eslováquia)


Best European Short Film: "Eva Reste au Placard Les Nuits De Pleine Lune"

Directed By: Alex Stockman (2006 - Belgium)


Best Portuguese Short Film: "It Wasn’t God’s Will" (Deus Não Quis)

Directed By: António Ferreira (2007 - Portugal)


Award of the City of Evora for Best Film: "Electrodoméstica"

Directed By: Kleber Mendonça Filho (2005 - Brasil)


Special Competition FIKE / IVM: "Nothing to Lose" (Nada Que Perder)

Directed By: Rafa Russo (2002 - Spain)


Dom Quixote Award (International Federation of CineClubs): "Indians"

Directed By: Sam Hearn and Richard Penfold (2005 - UK/ North Ireland)


Special Mention: "A Little Tiger" (En Liten Tiger)

Directed By: AnnaCarin Andersson (2006 - Sweden)


Award of the Orgainzation: "Muddy Mae’s Shoes" (Los Zapatos de Muddy Mae)

Directed By: Miguel Campana (2005 - Spain)


Audience Choice Award: "Maestro"

Directed By: Geza M. Toth (2005 - Hungry)

Tue, 27 Nov 2007 12:46:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Evora_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=455#comments
2007 Award WInners for the 25F PS Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/25FPS/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=453#comments Grand Prixs:


Directed By: PV Lehtinen, Finland


“Let There Be Whistleblowers”

Directed By: Ken Jacobs, USA


“La proiezione è cominciata”

Directed By: Oleg Tcherny, France


Special Mentions:


Directed By: John Price, Canada



Directed By: Ulu Braun, Germany


“Das Modell”

Directed By: Florian Gwinner, Germany



Directed By: Thorsten Fleisch, Germany


Croatian Film Critics’ Award: “The Slippery Mountain” Directed By: Provmyza, Russia


Audience Award: “La petite mort”

Directed By: Damir Cucic, Croatia

Tue, 27 Nov 2007 10:43:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/25FPS/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=453#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Cinema Tout Ecran Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinema_Tous_Ecran/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=444#comments Reflet d'Or for the Best Film: "LA PLUIE DES PRUNES"

Directed By: Frédéric Fisbach


Reflet d'Or for the Best Production: "BOLDOG UJ ELET" (HAPPY NEW LIFE)

Directed By: Harpad Bogdan


Titra-Film SA Award: "MENG NA LI SHA" (MONA LISA)

Directed By: Ying Li


Bluewin Audience Award for the Best Film: "MAMAN EST FOLLE"

Directed By: Jean-Pierre Améris



Directed By: Mikhaïl Segal


EgliFilm Award: "MUTUM"

Directed By: Sandra Kogut


Reflet d'Or for the Best Collection & Long Drama: "LES PREDATEURS"

Directed By: Lucas Belvaux


Reflet d'Or for the Best Series: "CAPE WRATH"

Directed By: Robert Murphy


Special mention of the Jury: "LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE"

Directed By: Zarqa Nawaz


Tudor Award for the Best Actress' Performance to SOFIA "LEDARP in DEN MAN ÄLSKAR" (TO LOVE SOMEONE)

Directed By: Ake Sandgren


Tudor Award for the Best Actor's Performance and Special Mention of the Jury to ERKAN CAN in "TAKVA"

Directed By: Özer Kiziltan


Cinéma Tout Ecran Young Jury Award: "OUTSIDE LOVE"

Directed By: Daniel Espinosa


Reflet d'Or for the Best Film REGARD D'AUJOURD'HUI: "A MAN'S JOB"

Directed By: Aleksi Salmenperä


TV5MONDE Award for the Best French-speaking Feature Film: "SOUS LES VENTS DE NEPTUNE"

Directed By: Josée Dayan


Reflet d'Or "Cinema Tout Ecran" for the Best Short Film: "SOFT"

Directed By: Simon Ellis


TSR Award for the Best Short Film: "THE WHITE DRESS"

Directed By: Vanessa Gildea


Kodak Award for the Best Swiss Short Film: "LA VALISE"

Directed By: Kaveh Bakthiari


Cinéma Tout Ecran Audience Award for the Best Short Film: "TANGHI ARGENTINI"

Directed By: Guido Thys

Thu, 08 Nov 2007 01:46:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinema_Tous_Ecran/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=444#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 DOK Leipzig- International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film Announced http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/DOK_Leipzig/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=443#comments Award Winners 2007


The International Jury for Documentary Film awards for Documentary Films and Videos (longer than 45 min):


Golden Dove: "Nu te supara, dar ..." (Don’t Get Me Wrong)

by Adina Pintilie (Romania)

Prize: € 10,000 granted by TELEPOOL to the film

We can recognize ourselves and our lives in the repetitions of these people. In only 8 days the 27-year-old Adina Elena Pintilie found hope in hopelessness.


Silver Dove: "Kinder. Wie die Zeit vergeht" Children. As Time Flies.

by Thomas Heise (Germany)

Prize: € 3,000 partially funded by Corona Films

Twilight, industrial landscape, young boys, bleak future – And Germany.


The International Jury for Documentary Film awards

for Documentary Films and Videos / Short Metrage (to 45 min)


Golden Dove: "Moujarad Raiha" (Merely a Smell )

Directed by: Maher Abi Samra (Lebanon)

Prize: € 5,000 partially funded by Filmverband Sachsen e. V.

Five shots – one dedication – the rest is your imagination.


The International Jury for Documentary Film awards


Honorary Mention to the film: "Doel Leeft" (Doel Is Alive )

Directed by Tom Fassaert (Belgium)

Old people are fighting back and therefore live longer.


Honorary Mention: "Dirty Pictures (Hotel Diaries 7)

Directed by John Smith (UK, Palestine)

A personal way of thinking and filming at the same time.


The German Jury for Documentary Film awards for Documentary Films and Videos:


Zweitausendeins Filmpreis: "Nach der Musik" (A Father’s Music )

Directed by Igor Heitzmann (Germany)

Prize: € 10,000

An intimate portrait about public life and a great documentary film about the secrecy of the private. When

filmmaker Igor Heitzmann realises that he can understand his father, the conductor Otmar Suitner, only through

his art, he explains both: Not only does he open up the complex nature of the classical interpretation of music,

he also relates an almost incredible love story. This masterful montage combines the discrete approach to the likeable protagonists and the carefully selected footage from the archives in a unique filmic composition.


The International Jury for the Young Talent Competition


Talent Dove of the Media Foundation of the Sparkasse Leipzig: "Someone Like You"

Directed by Nanna Frank Møller (Denmark)

Prize: € 10,000 as start-up funding for the next documentary film project

This film portrays the relationship between two sisters at a crucial point of their life. We see dramatic scenes

unfold in front of the camera which reveal their personalities in a touching and poetic way. The director shows a combination of real interest in human psychology together with serious artistic intentions and professional craftsmanship.


The International Jury for the Young Talent Competition awards for an extraordinary documentary film talent

an Honorary Mention to the film: "Ugolnaja Pyl" (Coal Dust)

Directed by: Marija Miro (Russia)

In this film a young director is using expressive images to construct a metaphorical picture that illustrates the life

and destiny of a community facing social and economical problems. The story is being told in a cinematographic

way, with different instruments, from photography to sound design.


Honorary mention to the film: "One Day"

Directed by Ditte Haarløv Johnsen (Denmark)

The film tells the story of an African woman prostituting herself in Europe. The director courageously uses an

original style, with precise close ups, stressing small details of the protagonist’s everyday life, thus revealing the situation she is caught up in.


The International Jury for Animated Films awards for Animated Films and Videos


Golden Dove: "Eletvonal" (Life Line)

Directed by Tomek Ducki (Hungary)

Prize: € 5,000

The breathtaking aesthetics of the images and especially the soundtrack carry us into a world foreign yet close

to us.


Silver Dove: "Kafka Inaka Isha" (Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor)

Directed by Koji Yamamura (Japan)

Prize: € 2,000

The film shows us a new way of using animation and a unique interaction of cinematographic components.


The International Jury for Animated Films awards


Honorary Mention: "Bildfenster I Fensterbilder" (Framing)

Directed by Bert Gottschalk and Rudi Zieglmeier (Germany)

The film succeeds in finding poetry in places, where one might not expect it.


The International Jury for Animated Films awards


Honorary Mention: "Le Pont" (Bridge)

Directed by Vincent Bierrewaerts (France, Belgium)

In this touching and convincingly related story, a child’s curiosity and innocence are confronted with the harsh

world of the adults.


The MDR (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk) awards for an excellent Eastern European documentary film


MDR Film Prize along with

to the film: "La Mere" (The Mother )

Directed by Antoine Cattin and Pawel Kostomarow (Switzerland, France, Russia)

Prize: € 3,000

With great intensity and from a close distance we get an insight into the life of a mother with 9 children who live

deep in the Russian countryside. Every-day life is hard and bleak, but still full of energy, zest for life and love. It

is exclusively women who run the daily affairs. Ljuba argues, cries, laughs and executes her protective role

alternately at a breath-taking speed. Camera and montage keep drawing us back into this maelstrom of events and blows of fate. There are images which are going to haunt us for a long time to come, such as the one, when a child drags a sledge through the mud of a cow shed. And still: We are not dismissed with an uneasy feeling, but are hoping and dreaming together with Ljuba and her sprightly family.


The DEFA Foundation awards


the DEFA Sponsoring Prize: "Heinz und Fred" (Heinz and Fred)

Directed by Mario Schneider (Germany)

Prize: € 4,000

"Once upon a time, there used to be a king who lived with his only son in a huge kingdom...," are the words

how the story of Heinz and Fred begins. Their kingdom in Ahlsdorf is a world of work made up of steel and

scrap. Director Mario Schneider combines reality and fiction in a marvellous way. He increases the film’s fairy-tale potential further by choosing a dialect speaker as narrator, by his love of details and colours as well as by the background provided. The subject matter of this documentary film is artistically alienated by the expressive

images which tell a very emotional story about father and son in an otherwise rather rough and strange atmosphere of this region, the Mansfelder Land.


The Jury of the Trade Union ver.di – Department of Media and Arts : "Rain in My Heart "

Directed by Paul Watson (UK)

Prize: € 1,500

"You can’t solve the problems – but you have to show that they exist," are the words of filmmaker Paul Watson.

He was refused access to more than 70 medical facilities when he was working on his film project – just one

opened its doors. This is where he met Wanda, Mark, Tony and Nigel, four people whose lives have been

determined by alcohol. Watson became their confidant during the shooting – and he didn’t let them down.

He accompanied these people with his camera – paying them respect without being voyeuristic –– both in

hopeful situations and when they received devastating body-blows in their fight between life and death. He

manages to keep the right balance between closeness and distance thus reminding us in a pitiless and yet

sensitive way of our fellow-men who live a life on the brink and are forgotten by society. For this he deserves

our gratitude.


The Ecumenical Jury awards


Prize of the Ecomenical Jury: "Kamienna Cisza" (Stone Silence )

Directed by Krzysztof Kopczynski (Poland)

Has Amina, a married woman, been stoned for adultery in an Afghan village? The fascinating pictures of the movie are taking the viewer through a labyrinth of truths and lies, of unspoken words and contradictions, where the village community tries to evade the pressure exerted by the law, religion, tradition and human feelings. In an exciting search for the truth, the film manages to go far beyond the local context and, in a provocative way, puts the old biblical words to the test: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”


The FIPRESCI Jury awards


FIPRESCI Prize: "Juizo" (Behave )

Directed by Maria Augusta Ramos (Brazil)

For the brilliant portrayal of the vicious circle of a judicial system expressed through a cinemathographic language, as fresh as it is adequate.


The Youth Jury of the Filmschule Leipzig e. V. awards: "Draußen bleiben" (Run Out )

Directed by Alexander Riedel (Germany)

The film presents a highly explosive subject firsthand on the screen: the life in a home for asylum seekers and

the ongoing fear of being expelled. The film largely owes its high quality especially to the dynamic camera work,

the expressive images and the harmonious interaction between interview and everyday-life scenes. "Draußen

bleiben" lives above all on its young and lively protagonists who present their situation in a convincing manner. The film will therefore reach especially people of the same age who recognize in some scenes events and

incidents that happen in their personal environment. Still, the women-protagonists remain witty, direct, self- confident and enjoy life, despite the poor living conditions. Valentina was particularly fascinating: She made a great step forward in her development during the shooting, from the cheeky little kid in a city ghetto to a young and independent woman. The strong and friendly relationship that flourishes between Alex, the director, and Valentina gives the film its special flair. – The film associates joy and exuberance, but never loses its touching seriousness.


Discovery Channel Audience Prize: "Sportsfreund Lotzsch" (Sportsman Lotzsch )

Directed by Sandra Prechtel and Sascha Hilpert (Germany)

Prize: € 5,000


the mephisto 97,6-Publikumspreises: "Ubornaya Istoriya – Lyubovnaya Istorya" (Lavatory - Lovestory )

Directed by Konstantin Bronzit (Russia)

Thu, 08 Nov 2007 01:37:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/DOK_Leipzig/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=443#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/San_Sebastian_Horror_Fantasy/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=442#comments The Jury of the International Short Film Competition at the 18th Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, comprising Nicolas Breviere (France), Asun Lasarte (Spain), Rafael Maluenda (Spain), Isabel Mancebo (Spain) and Tim Sullivan (USA), has decided on the following:



BEST SHORT FILM JURY AWARD: "The Pearce Sisters" Directed By: Luis Cook (Great Britain, 2006)



Directed By: Luis Cook (Great Britain, 2006)


SPECIAL MENTION: "The Cat and Claudia"

Directed By: Lily Coates (Australia, 2006)

For its capacity to create a worrying and disturbing atmosphere with the use of the photography, the art direction and the excellent work of the leading actress.


AUDIENCE AWARD FOR THE BEST FEATURE FILM: "How to Get Rid of the Others" (Hvordan vi slipper af med de andre)

Directed By: Anders Rønnow Klarlund (Danemark, 2007)


AUDIENCE AWARD FOR THE BEST SHORT FILM: "Meme les Pigeons Vont au Paradis"

Directed By: Samuel Tourneux (France, 2007)



Directed By: Samuel Orti Marti “Sam” (2007)



Directed By: Mike Williamsom (USA, 2007)




The Jury for the Canal + “Proyecto Corto” Prize, comprising Jose Luis Rebordinos (Donostia Kultura) and Guadalupe Arensburg (Canal +), has awarded the short film project "Dos Manos Zurdas y un Racimo de Ojos Manchados de Gris," original screenplay by Antonio Trashorras, presented by Arsenico Producciones Cinematograficas and Roxbury Pictures S.L.

Thu, 08 Nov 2007 12:54:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/San_Sebastian_Horror_Fantasy/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=442#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 World Festival of Underwater Pictures http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/World_Festival_Underwater_Pictures/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=438#comments President Of The Republic Prize Gold Prize : “Les Gravières Du Ried, Une Biodiversité À Découvrir”

By: Serge Dumont, Association Ried Bleu [France]

Prize: 5000 €


Silver Prize: “Requins Sous Haute Surveillance”

By: Christian Petron, Yves Lefevre , Cinémarine, Sorciers Productions [France]

Prize: 3000 €


Bronze Prize: “Princes Des Épaves”

By: Jérôme Espla, Poisson-Lune Productions [France]

Prize: 2000 €


Special Jury Prize: “Un Lagon En Héritage”

By: Jacque-Olivier Trompas, Néo Productions [France]


Prix Du Public: “Le Grand Festin”

By: Ralf Kiefner, Peter Spielmann, Andréa Ramalho [Germany]


Albert 1st Monaco Oceanographic Foundation Prize: “Requins Sous Haute Surveillance”

By: Christian Petron, Yves Lefevre , Cinémarine, Sorciers Productions [France]

Prize: 1500 €


Planete Thalassa Prize: “Otaries - Derrière Le Masque Du Clown”

By: De Riberolles François, Saint Thomas Productions [France]


Information & News Prize: “Mari In Paci (Série)”

By: Balducchi Isabelle, Antoni Georges, Ferrer Geneviève, France 3 [France]


Prize For Animal Documentary: “Hyeres Islands”

By: Sebastian Hernandis, Jose-Manuel Herrero [Espagne]


Prize For Historical Documentary: “Les Mémoires De La Mer”

By: Bernard Crutzen, Olivier Fontaine, Myrose Hoareau Prod., Alefa Prod. [France]


Humour Prize: “Débit De Poissons”

By: Jacques Romieu, Jacker Studio [France]


Speciale Mention: “Le Secret Des Déferlantes”

By: Yves Bourgeois, Atom Productions [France]


Gold Prize SMY Ondina Prize: “Les Fenêtres De La Vie”

By: Danny Van Belle [Belgium]

Prize: 2000 € And Cruise For A Value Of Approx. 1680 To 2200 €)


Silver Prize Odyssea Divers Prize: “Secrets De Rivière”

By: Philippe Laforge, Jean-Clauby Micha [Belgium]

Prize: 1500 € and Cruise Value 2300 €


Bronze Prize: “Histoire D'île”

By: Georges Antoni [France]

Prize: 1000 €


Special Jury Prize: “La Mer”

By: Leonardo Sergiani [Italy]


Public Prize: “The Majesty Of Muck”

By: Mark Thorpe [Great Britain]


F.F.C.V. (Fédération Française Of Cinéma And Vidéo) Prize: “Une Seule Pour Tous”

By: Leandro Blanco [Espagne]


Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute Prize: “L'hippocampe - Une Valse Pour La Vie”

By: Elodie Turpin [Canada]


Dimitri Rebikoff Prize: “Klin Wara”

By: John Boyle, Fionn Crow Howieson [Great Britain]


Brigitte Cruickshank Prize: “Les Fenêtres De La Vie”

By: Danny Van Belle [Belgium]

Prize: 750 €


Information & News Prize: “Le Dernier Voyage”

By: Rafael Gonzalez-Olias, Mayte Sanchez-Giron [Espagne]


Prize For Animal Documentary: “Action... Let's Eat!”

By: Alberto Penna [Italy]


Prize For Historical Documentary: “Szent Istvan”

By: Fabio Ruberti, Stefano Marconcini, Iantd Srl [Italy]


Fiction Prize: “Cabaret”

By: Alexander Penkin [Russia]


Humour Prize: “Neptunia”

By: André Laban [France]


Prize For The Unusual: “Insatiable”

By: José Lachat [Suisse]


Prize For The Best Musical Adaptation: “Les Fenêtres De La Vie”

By: Danny Van Belle [Belgium]


Archipelaego Competition


'Architecture Of The Sea Prize' Jacques Rougerie: “Aménagement Du Front De Mer”

By: Guillaume Durand [France]

And “Coral'eye “

By: Fabrice Et Cédric Burel [France]

Prize: 1500 € Given By Nausicaa


Design Prize: “Réhabilitation Du Fort Historique "La Casamar" À Tarfaya (Maroc) (Projet N °4)

By: Lahousseni Tahar Ouedraogo [Burkina-Faso]

Prize: 500 €


The Sea As Imagined By Children Award: “Project N°11”

By: Nastia Denisova [Russia]

Wed, 07 Nov 2007 10:24:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/World_Festival_Underwater_Pictures/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=438#comments
Awards for the 2007 Aarhus Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Aarhus_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=436#comments INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION



Directed By: Katja Eyde Jacobsen (Norway 2006)

Prize: 1000 Euros

Motivation: “Strong acting performances and well chosen locations are two important factors in making this film excellent and our chosen winner. The strong bonds between the brothers in their mercyless fight for survival are skilfully shown in various scenes and wakes compassion and empathy in the audience. The film both wakes laughter and tears and one is left with clear imprints from several scenes afterwards and a deep insight into the existence of the brothers and the problems of their social inheritage.”



Directed By: Pernille Rose Grønkjær, (Denmark 2006)

Prize: 1000 Euros

Motivation: “The documentary is a masterpjece. No more, no less. Great emotions, universal questions and ethical values are pivitol points in the film. Mr. Vig and Sister Amvrosija encounter several disagreements in the attempt of fulfilling Mr. Vig's ambition and dream to make a monastery for the Russian Orthodox church in the old castle, Hesbjerg, on Fyen. Finally they end up with and understanding and acceptance of one an other. The funny situations during the film bring out smiles and laughter. The story about Mr.Vig and Sister Amvrosja and the creation of the monastery is embeded in the

sunlit dust of Hesbjerg and makes it almost magic.”


The awards in the internal competition were presented by an audience jury.





Directed By: Rune Christensen and Anders Berthelsen

Prize: A Kodak digital camera

Motivation: “The award for the best West Danish film this year goes to an extraordinary classy and refined film. The plot is clearly the motor which at times compromises the characters. But there are next to no flaws in this story so well told, and crafted, that the different film referenced melts together in the most stylish film noir.

On a desolate country road our main character meets his nemesis but as once before he just might escape destiny again.”



Directed By: Rasmus Møller og Edda Kristindottir

Motivation: “The talent price this year goes to a film that in a very delicious, professional and absolutly convincing way, shows us what film is all about: It's magic. The film presents 5 wonderful minutes of magic as we know it from childhood fantasies and as we, as grown-ups, wishes to preserve - to be taken away from reality to dreamland where daily nightmares turns into tasty cakes: This film IS a tasty cake..."



Directed By: Morten Lundgaard

Prize: 16mm film stock and/or lab expences covered for a total sum of 12.000 DKK:

Motivation: “This is a film that in a brilliant and funny way renews Waiting For Godot into a modern time. A film that consequently grabs the essence of Jutlandic humour in a charactaristic reclining way that enriches its audience with a wonderful sparkling feeling inside. The opening picture is outstanding. The camera pans viewing a beautiful forest, when suddenly something appears to fall down in the periphery of the picture. Camera doesn't pay very much attention. Black humor in it's essence that strikes an outstanding and compelling tone of voice in

this little genius film.”


The awards in the regional competition were presented by a jury consisting of: Birgit Pedersen, Stefan Frost and Thomas Trier.

Wed, 07 Nov 2007 03:17:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Aarhus_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=436#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Jihlava_Intl_Documentary_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=435#comments The following juries sat at the 11th year of IDFF Ji hlava and the following filmmakers were awarded:


BETWEEN THE SEAS INTERNATIONAL JURY to award Best Central and Eastern European Documentary Film: “Artel”

Director: Sergei Loznitsa (Russia, 2006)


This year the jury also gave a special mention to the film: “It Happened Just Before”

Director: Anja Salomonowitz (Austria, 2006)


The following persons sat on this jury:


Michal Bregant / Czech Republic

Film historian and theoretician, chief editor of the magazine Iluminace, since 2002 dean of Prague FAMU; due to his merit the whole department has shifted in a fundamental way towards a more free curriculum structure and hosting international tutors.


Arnold Dec / Poland

Film critic and organizer of film events, he has finished studies in geography, film studies and media studies, director of the Sanok Film Festival and Summer Film School in Zwierzyniec, since 2006 executive director of the International Documentary Film Festival Crossroads of Europe in Lublin.


Juan Manuel Eujanian / Argentina

A producer schooled at Buenos Aires University. National, Public and State University - a versatile author, graduate student of film studies, author of several television films and short films, worked as cameraman and editor, held seminars of digital editing technologies and film editing in Mexico and Argentina.


Mária Ferenčuhová / Slovakia

Prorector of the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava, film theoretician and editor of the Slovak Film science and the "moving pictures" magazine Kino-Ikon, besides Kino-Ikon she also publishes in the Cinepur revue or the National film archive quarterly Iluminace.


Jean-Philippe Tesse / France

Film critic writing for the French magazine Les Cahiers du Cinéma, dramaturgist of the Nantes Three Continent Film Festival dealing with the contemporary film of African, Asian and Latin American countries.


OPUS BONUM JURY to award BEST WORLD DOCUMENTARY FILM: “731: Two Versions of Hell”

Director: James T. Hong (China, USA, Taiwan, 2006)



Woody Vasulka Award for the best documentary film of 2007, juried by Woody Vasulka / USA

Born in Brno, he studied hydraulic mechanics and metalurgy, subsequently the documentary film department at FAMU, he belongs to the first generation of video technology experimenters, he has lived in the US since 1965, he founded the electronic media theater The Kitchen in New York, currently he works as curator and archivist in the Center for Art and Media Technologies (KZM) in Karlsruhe, Germany.



Directors: Ondřej Provazník, Martin Dušek (Czech Republic, 2007)


The following persons sat on the jury:


Juraj Horváth

Artist and graphic designer of books, head of the illustration and graphics atelier at VŠUP. He was awarded The Most Beautiful Czech Book Award several times and in 2001 he received the Finest Book of the World Award at the Book Fair in Leipzig, Germany. His activities include drawing, graphics, illustration and publishing of children´s books and magazines in a family publishing house Baobab, for seven years he has been the author of the graphic design of the Jihlava festival.


Jan Šikl

Film director and screenwriter, after graduating from the Prague FAMU he has worked in the Short Film Studio since 1984, besides how own documentaries or commission work he also cooperated at the screenplay for the TV series The Criminalist Adventure. In 1991 he founded his own production company Pragafilm. He was awarded the Best Czech Documentary Film Award at the IDFF Jihlava in 2005 (along five five more filmmakers) and 2006.


Drahomíra Vihanová

Chief pedagogue at FAMU, film director, famous especially for her safe film Zabitá neděle, made a whole range of creative documentary films (among others Proměny přítelkyně Evy, Denně předstupuji před tvou tvář) and keeps coming back also to feature films (last time in 2000 with her film Zpráva o putování studentů Petra a Jakuba).


Petr Pirochta

Currently a taxi driver in Jihlava, in the past he worked as a Construction Industry driver in Brno, after 1989 he worked as an assessor of the municipal court in Jihlava and a local manager of the political party Občanské hnutí (Civil Movement), later on he went over to security services; he has been a long-time subscriber of Literární noviny.


AUDIENCE AWARD: “The Tadpole, the Rabbit and the Holy Ghost”

Director: Filip Remunda (Czech Republic, 2007)




The contribution to world cinematography was personally received in Jihlava by the Brno-born Woody Vasulka.


Born in Brno, he studied hydraulic mechanics and metalurgy, subsequently the documentary film department at FAMU, he belongs to the first generation of video technology experimenters, he has lived in the US since 1965, he founded the electronic media theater The Kitchen in New York, currently he works as curator and archivist in the Center for Art and Media Technologies (KZM) in Karlsruhe, Germany.


THE "RESPEKT" AWARD for the BEST REPORTAGE went to the two-part “Highway” from the ČT Reporters program.

Wed, 07 Nov 2007 03:04:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Jihlava_Intl_Documentary_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=435#comments
Awards for the 2007 Uppsala International Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Uppsala_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=434#comments International Competition


Jury: Mark Cosgrove, Kajsa Hedström, Hynek Pallas, Richard Raskin, Kathrin Resetarits


Uppsala Grand Prix 2007: “THE TUBE WITH A HAT”

Directed By: Radu Jude (Romania)

"This film is a visual and humouristic journey that explores with great honesty the relationship between a father and son. The Jury's grand prize goes to the Romanian film The Tube with a Hat directed by Radu Jude."

Prize: 25000 SEK.


The Special Prizes of the Jury:


Directed By: Martin Rit (France)

"This film uses the intrinsic qualities of cinema to create a unique and beautiful experience in its portrayal of a middle-aged man learning to play the guitar. The jury's special prize goes to the French film La Leçon de Guitare, directed by Martin Rit."



Directed By: Paz Fabrega (Costa Rica/UK)

"For the exceptional performances in its exploration of a close friendship between two young women, the jury's special prize goes to Temporal directed by Paz Fabrega."


Audience Award: “DECROCHE”

Directed By: Manuel Schapira (France)


Children's Film Festival


Jury: Erik Lillrank, Josefine Ringstad, Aurora Goldstick, Ingrid Heed, Katja Smits, Ali Yousefi, Antonia Bolin, Sara Wünsche, Erik Lindvall, Jennifer Anér


Uppsala Film Jackdaw for Best Children's Film 2007: “LITE GRANN FRÅN OVAN”

Directed By: Goran Kapetanovic (Sweden)


"A realistic, sad and touching film. It creates a feeling of sadness and sympathy for the people in the film, even though they make mistakes. Good acting and beautiful cinematography."


National Competition

Jury: Lova Hagerfors, Jonas Odell, Charlotte Suarez Mazar


Uppsala Film Jackdaw for Best Swedish Short 2007: “HUR MAN GÖR”

Directed By: Gunilla Heilborn, Kim Hiorthøy, Mårten Nilsson


Uppsala Film Jackdaw, the prize sum 25 000 SEK from Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin, Short Film Commissioner at the Swedish Film Institute, and MySpace Short Film Scholarship which consists of promotion for the winning film on MySpace worth 100 000 SEK.


"Out of deepest seriousness, humour is born. Out of confusion, a dense structure is born. Out of well-captured clichés, a truly personal expression is born. Play! We still don't know what to do, or why, but after watching this film, we most definitely want to do, and do it together!"


The Special Prize of the Jury to the Film With Best Cinematography: "JUNI"

Directed By: Fijona Jonuzi (Cinematographer: Dan Sandqvist)

Prize: 1 km 16 mm film from Kodak, and development from sto.pp.


"For congenial cinematography, which in an unbreakable combination with perfectly tuned acting and direction renders a complete feeling of presence."


Honorary Mentions: “KILLARNA OCH JAG”

Directed By: Martina Iverus


"In this film, the director's revealing, direct and unsentimental confrontation with her own self-image succeeds in making us, the audience, reflect on ours."



Directed By: Anders Skog


"A film, which continues to ask new questions about what is normal, and who or what decides the rules of the game, a long time after you've left the cinema.”


Audience Award: “SITUATION FRANK”

Directed By: Patrik Eklund


Film from Uppland Honorary Mention: “PAPOLA”

Directed By: Karzan Kader


"The honorary mention for a film in the regional programme Film from Uppland goes to a film with many high caliber scenes that display a genuine talent for cinematic storytelling giving us hope for the future of film."

Wed, 07 Nov 2007 02:06:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Uppsala_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=434#comments
GRAND PRIX of the International TV Festival Bar http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/International_TV_Festival_Bar/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=433#comments The Grand Prix of the Festival goes to the film "(Hate) Machine", author and producer Phil Caron, Canada. The film is about the power of the media. It is warning how dangerous it can be to accept the constructed new truth.

Wed, 07 Nov 2007 01:53:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/International_TV_Festival_Bar/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=433#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 International TV Festival Bar http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/International_TV_Festival_Bar/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=432#comments JURY'S DECISIONS IN THE CATEGORY OF DOCUMENTARY:


GOLDEN OLIVE goes to the film "Wolverines – hyenas of the north" directed by Oliver Goetzl and produced by GULO FILM PRODUCTIONS (for NDR NATURFILM – STUDIO HAMBURG DOCUMENTARIES), Germany, for the passionate commitment to discover the world never before captured by the camera, and for the intriguing portrait of the wildlife photographer.


SILVER OLIVE goes to the film "Statement 710399", directed by Refik Hodžić and produced by XY FILMS, BiH, sober and moving for the investigation into the crimes of the past. It finds the reason for hope on the both sides of conflict.


BRONZE OLIVE goes to the film "Welcome Europa", directed by Bruno Ulmer and produced by ARTE FRANCE / Son et lumière, France. A poetic exploration of relentless, hopelessness and emasculation experienced by four refugees in Europe which powerfully questions the lack of humanity faced by these vulnerable people.


THE AWARD FOR DIRECTING goes to Nurit Kedar for the film "Wasted" produced by Ruth Diskin Films, Israel. Through a skilful and innovative structure and approach, the director explores the visceral experiences of Israeli soldiers and invites the audience to contemplate the many levels of waste brought about by war and politics.


THE AWARD FOR THE SCREENPLAY goes to Claudio Canepari, Piergiorgio di Cara, Salvo Palazzalo, Clelio Benvento and Francesco la Licata for the film "Checkmate – Provenzano", directed by Claudio Canepari, Claudio Mariano Cirino and Paolo Santolini, and produced by RAI, Italy, because excellent and dynamically structuring of story turns this documentary into suspensful thriller movie.


THE AWARD FOR PHOTOGRAPHY goes to the director of photography Ivo Nörenberg for the film "Wolverines – hyenas of the north", produced by GULO FILM PRODUCTIONS (for NDR NATURFILM – STUDIO HAMBURG DOCUMENTARIES), Germany, with its exceptional cinematography the film invites the audience into the beauty and mystery of Finland's landscape and into the lines of the elusive wolverine.



The Grand Prix of the Festival goes to the film "Crime named Katyn", directed by Petra Shelikova and produced by CZECH TV, Czech. An excellently structured film with international signifance to the past, present and future. Trough the words of witnesses, families of victims, historians and even denialists, it exposes the truth of the massacre at Katyn.



Jury decided that the award for the best selection on the Festival goes to RAI, Italy, because of consistency of quality and innovative ways in dealing with serious topics.





The award for the best director in the category of ecology goes to Villi Hermann for the film "Greina", produced by RTSI Televisione Svizzera / Imagofilm Lugano, Switzerland. Through the story of one cheese maker who wants to continue old ecological cheese-making tradition he in a beautifully cinematic and silence way shows the change in the agricultural system.



The award for the best photography in the category of ecology goes to Damir Bednjanec for the film "Kornati Islands", produced by HRT, Croatia.. Photography vividly captured natural beauties and cultural heritage of this Croatian islands.



The award for the best screenplay goes to Roonak Sonboli for the film "A black night" produced by IRIB, Iran. The script brought dramatic structure to this ecological story and the complicated subject matter was delivered with great clarity.



In the category of ecology Golden Olive goes to the film "A black night", produced byIRIB, Iran and directed by Saeid Nabi. "A black night" is a well structured story of the invasion of alien jellyfish into the Caspian sea over last 5-6 years. With the very effective use of cinema language it illuminates the devastation that jellyfish cause into the livelihood of the fisherman and the scientists effort to find a solution.





The award for the best photography in the category of TV Film/ TV Drama goes to Marek Traskowskit for the film "Feast of St Barbara" produced byTVP SA – Film Agency, Poland, for discovering a surprising beauty in the most unexpected surroundings.



The award for the best director in the category of TV Film/ TV Drama goes to Gianfranco Albano, for the film "The moon's child", produced by RAI Fiction 11 MARZO FILMS, Italy. For the successful transformation of a historical event into a truthful film story, where the director interprets this true story in a warm, human and gripping film with a large ensemble of excellent perfomances.



The award for the best screenplay in the category of TV Film/ TV Drama go to Rupert Henning and Uli Brée for the film "Brothers – on the road to Santiago" produced by DOR FILM PRODUCTION / ORF / ARTE, Austria. The Jury liked how the script integrated personal stories with large social issues and combined it with a light-hearted touch.



The award for the best actor in the category of TV Film/ TV Drama goes to Piotr Fronczewski for the film "Conversations with an executioner" produced by TVP SA – Film Agency, Poland, for the detailed depiction of the mind and soul of the totalitarian man for whom the emotions are suspended by rigid ideology.



The award for the best actress in the category of TV Film/ TV Drama goes to Alexandra Kurikova for the film "The God of sadness and joy", produced by Viktor Minsky and Maksim Ykhanov – Film.UA, for the realistic portrayal of woman who is suddenly confronted with unresolved issues from the past, and in that confrontation she must find her true self.



In the category of TV Film/ TV Drama Bronze Olive goes to "Nothing is forgotten", directed by Nils Willbrandt, produced by Dagmar Rosenbauer / WDR. The eternal human dilemmas: guilt and forgiveness and consequences of lack of absolution are competently explored in this film.



In the category of TV Film/ TV Drama Silver Olive goes to film "Before you hit the ground" produced byDramatiska Istitutet, Sweden, directed by Magnus Holmgren. Creatively directed and structured love story. Lucid dream subject has dealed with care, which beautifully adds more layers on this surviving story.



In the category of TV Film/ TV Drama Golden Olive goes to film "The moon's child" produced by RAI Fiction 11 MARZO FILMS, directed by Gianfranco Albano, Italy, for the epic story of a most difficult struggle for the human dignity and freedom.

Wed, 07 Nov 2007 01:52:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/International_TV_Festival_Bar/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=432#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Molodist Film Festival of Kiev http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Molodist_Film_Festival_of_Kiev/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=431#comments Main Jury has awarded the following prizes:


Grand Prix- Scythian Deer statuette and $10,000 of prize money (sponsored by Loto Zabava) – for the best film of the competition program: “Band’s visit”

Directed by: Eran Kolirin (Israel/France)


Special Prize from International Jury: “California Dreamin’”

Directed by: Cristian Nemescu (Romania)


Prize for the Best Full Feature film $2500 (sponsored by Innova film): “Wholetrain”

Directed by: Florian Gaag (Germany/Poland)


Prize for the Best Short Film $2500 (in subtitle service from Laser Video Titres): “Ark”

Directed by: Gzhegorz Jonkajtys (Poland)


Diplomas in this category were awarded to:

Short Film: “BennysTattoo”

Directed by: Lisa Marie Gamlem (Norway)


Short Film: "On the enge”

Directed by: Artem Sukharev, Mykyta Ratnikov (Ukraine)


Prize for the Best Student film $2500 (from Kyiv Region State Administration): “Heartcut”

Directed by: Anne Sewitsky (Norway)


Diplomas in this category were awarded to:


Student Film: “Porno”

Directed by: Jan Wagner (Poland)


Student Film: "Botteoubateau"

Directed by: Marina Rosset (Switzerland)


Best Acting Prize named after Yves Montand 1000 Euro (sponsored by the Embassy of France in Ukraine) – Anna Begunova for film "Cruelty"

Directed by: Marina Lubakova (Russia)


Audience Prize: 1000 Euro (sponsored by Tele-City magazine) awarded: “Wholetrain”

Directed by: Florian Gaag (Germany / Poland)


Onthe 37-the Kyiv International Film Festival “Molodist” beside main jury the prizes were awarded by:


FIPRESCI Jury: Rwita Dutta (India), Gyorgy Karpati (Hungary) and Milorad Djokic (Sebia)


Film Awarded: "California Dreamin’"

Directed by: Cristian Nemescu, (Romania)


FICC Jury: Yan Yusim (Ukraine), Jenny Eimer (Germany)

and Mart Rummo (Estonia)


Film awarded: "Monotonija"

Directed by: Juris Poskus, (Latvia)


Ecumenic Jury: Tetyana Kulykivska (Ukraine), Achim Forst (Germany) and Sakarias Jaan Leppik (Estonia)


Main Prize: "Band’s Visit"

Directed by: Eran Kolirin, (Israel-France)


Special Mention: "Mutum"

Directed by: Sandra Kogut, (Brazil-France)


Jury of Ukrainian Panorama 2006-2007: Olga Klingenberg, Iryna Zubavina and Hans Joachim Shlegel


"Zerkalo Nedeli" editorial prize ($1000) for the Best Film of Ukrainian panorama 2006-2007: "Free Sashko"

Directed by: Katelevskyy Vyacheslav


And prize for contribution to Ukrainian cinema from International charitable fund “Ukraine 3000” where of the Head of supervisory council is Mrs. Kateryna Yushchenko, is awarded to Hanna Chmil, the Head of State service of cinematography of Ukraine

Wed, 07 Nov 2007 01:25:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Molodist_Film_Festival_of_Kiev/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=431#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Cinekid- International Film, Television, New Media Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinekid_Intl_Film_Television_New_Media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=429#comments On Saturday October 20th, accompanied by an iconoclastic storm produced by VJ Eboman, Cinekid celebrated the announcement of the winners of the Cinekid Lions, the Cinekid Kinderkast prizes and the Cinekid New Media awards: the ten prizes awarded for the best productions made for children during the past twelve months.



The Cinekid Lions are highly coveted. Each is sponsored by KPN/KlasseTV and accompanied by a prize of €15.000, a sum large enough to inspire winners in the realisation of new projects, and to highlight Cinekid’s role in supporting high quality films.


Cinekid Lion Jury Prize: "Max Minsky and Me"

Directed By: Anna Justice, (Germany, 2006)


Dauphin d’Or - CIFEJ-Delphis film prize for the best family film: "Kidz in da Hood"

Directed By: Catti Edfeldt & Ylva Gustavsson, (Sweden)

Prize: $5.000


KPN Cinekid Lion Audience Prize: "Kidz in da Hood"

Directed By: Catti Edfeldt & Ylva Gustavsson, (Sweden)


New Media

In the new media competition this year was notable for the large number of simulation games: more than 25% of all submissions.


The Cinekid New Media Award Jury Prize: "Hello You! Game"

Created By: Ranj Serious Games & Malmberg Publishers

(€ 7.500)

The "Hello You! Game" is an educative web game that takes children into a world with the atmosphere of a cartoon strip. They engage in games, expeditions and visual jokes while simultaneously learning English.


The Cinekid New Media Award, audience prize: "FIFA 07" (XBOX360) from Electronic Arts Benelux, a much improved version of the game submitted last year.




The Cinekid Kinderkast is awarded to a Dutch children’s television program.

The Golden Cinekid Kinderkast: "Donkey Girl" and

Directed By: Ties Schenk (VPRO),

Prize: €7.500

It's a story with a Mediterranean character about a girl and a donkey. The film is a product of "Child and Colour," a Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Stimulation Fund project that aims to attract more color to the television. The jury selected it as being the most original production from all entries in both the fiction and non-fiction categories. Last year Ties Schenk also received the Golden Cinekid Kinderkast, and is currently regarded as the new talent in television.


Other prizes:


Cinekid Kinderkast, Audience Prize, fiction: "The Anubis House"

Directed By: Dennis Bots, (Nickelodeon)


Cinekid Kinderkast Audience Prize, non-fiction: "Anne Frank Special"

Directed By: Yvonne Smits (NPS)


Cinekid Kinderkast Jury Prize, fiction: "Adriaan"

Directed By: Mischa Kamp (KRO)


Cinekid Kinderkast Jury Prize, non-fiction: "Naked"

Directed By: Mischa Kamp (VPRO)

Wed, 07 Nov 2007 11:55:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinekid_Intl_Film_Television_New_Media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=429#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Viennale- Vienna International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Viennale_Vienna_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=428#comments The Vienna Film Prize: "Brandstätter"(Rule of Law)

Directed By: Susanne Brandstätter, A 2006)


Jury decision: “Brandstätter’s film is a plea for justice instead of revenge and for tolerance towards dissenters and, on top of that, extremely exciting from the first to the last minute.”


Honorary Mention:


An honorary mention was awarded to the film "Almfilm" by Gundula Daxecker. The jury would further like to suggest that this prize be awarded in the future in the categories feature film as well as documentary film.


Members of this year's jury: Helga Bergmann, Susanne Michel, Olga Neuwirth, Linda Stift und Ralph Wieser.


The Standard VIENNALE Readers' Jury Award 2007 goes to:


"Rubljovka − Straße zur Glückseligkeit"

Directed By: Irene Langemann


Excerpt from the jury decision:

"Among twenty contributions to choose from, one documentary jewel stood out, which the Readers’ Jury soon agreed on as the worthy prizewinner. The filmmaker has made a road movie of quite a different kind, entertaining and staged with subtle humor."


Jury: Mario Döberl, Ülkü Ocak, Philipp Schlögl, Bernhard Studlar and Philip Waldner


The Winner 2007


The FIPRESCI PRIZE: "Shotgun Stories"

Directed By: Jeff Nichols (USA 2007)


Excerpt from the jury decision:

"For its mixture of realism and poetry and for giving a fresh visual style and haunting atmosphere to a classical American story."

Tue, 06 Nov 2007 08:38:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Viennale_Vienna_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=428#comments
Awards for the 2007 backup festival in new media http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/backup_festival_in_new_media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=426#comments First Prize: "Raymond"

Director: BIF


Second Prize: "Their Circumstances"

Director: Ji Hyun Ahn


Third Prize: "The Tale of How"

Director: The Blackheart Gang


Audience Prize: "Video 3000"

Director: Marc Schleiss


backup.clipaward winners


First Prize: Zero 7 feat. José Gonzáles - "Futures"

Director: Robert Seidel


Second Prize: Tété - "Fils de Cham"

Director: Eduoard Salier


Third Prize: Clark - "Herr Bar"

Director: Clemens Kogler


Förderpreis: phononoir - "My paperhouse on Fire"

Director: Sebastian Haslauer, Sebastian Koch

Tue, 06 Nov 2007 05:42:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/backup_festival_in_new_media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=426#comments
Award WInners for the 51st BFI London Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/London_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=422#comments Sutherland Trophy: "Persepolis"

Directed By: Vincent Paronnaud and Marianne Satrapi


The FIPRESCI International Critics Award: "Unrelated"

Directed By: Joanna Hogg (UK)


Alfred Dunhill Award: "Brick Lane"

Directed By: Sarah Gavron (UK)


The Satyajit Award: "California Dreamin’"

Directed By: Cristian Nemescu (Romania)


The TCM Short Film Award: "A Bout de Truffe"

Directed By: Tom Tagholm


The Grierson Award for Best Documentary: "The Mosquito Problem and Other Stories"

Directed By: Andrey Paounov (Bulgaria)


Variety UK Achievement in Film Award: Paul Greengrass, ("Open Fire," "The One That Got Away," "Bloody Sunday," "The Murder of Stephen Lawrence," and "United 93")

Tue, 06 Nov 2007 03:10:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/London_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=422#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Hamburg International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Hamburg_Intl_Lesbian_Gay_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=419#comments 2007 Audience Awards

Best Lesbian Short- URSULA Lesbisch: "Private Life"

Directed By: Abbe Robinson (Great Britain, 2006)


Best Gay Short- URSULA Schwul: "Peking Turkey" Directed By: Michael Mew (Canada, 2006)


Best Transgender Short- URSULA Transgender: "Trannymals Go To Court"

Directed By: Dylan Vade and Abe Bernard (USA, 2007)


Each prize winning film was awarded 1000 Euros.


Best European Feature- EUROLA: "Sønner" (Sons)

Directed By: Erich Richter Strand (Norway, 2006)


Best Feature from outside Europe- GLOBOLA: "Red without Blue"

Directed By: Brooke Sebold, Benita and Todd Sills (USA, 2006)

Tue, 06 Nov 2007 12:40:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Hamburg_Intl_Lesbian_Gay_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=419#comments
Corona Cork Film Festival 2007 Short Film Awards http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Corona_Cork_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=417#comments Best International Short Film: "Tolya"

Directed By: Rodeon Brodsky, (Israel)


Special Mentions: "The Tube With A Hat"

Directed By: Radu Jude, (Romania)

and "Suburban Train"

Directed By: Maciej Cuske, (Poland)


Prix UIP Cork for Best European Short Film: "The Apology Line"

Directed By: James Lees, (England)


Special Mention: "Frankie"

Directed By: Darren Thornton, (Ireland)

Jury Statement:

The International Jury comment on the variation and high caliber of films in this year's International Shorts programs. They acknowledge the thoughtful way in which the programs were assembled and feel that films within each program complemented each other and took you all around the world. The jury shared similar sensibilities and, from a long list of nineteen films and a shortlist of six, made a unanimous decision with relative ease. They commend the people of Cork for their support of the festival and appreciate the immediate responses they received from these generous audiences.


International Jury: Dieter Wiecorek, (Germany); Paddy Jolley, (Ireland); Felicity Sparrow, (England).


Absolut Award for Best Irish Short Film: "Frankie"

Directed By: Darren Thornton

Jury Statement:

Darren Thornton's work demonstrates not only impressive accomplishment in the artistry of filmmaking, but also perceptive empathy with human frailty, taking a familiar 'social problem' subject and bringing it to very affecting life, in the person of a young boy trying very hard to do the right thing.


Special Mention: "An Cailleach Bhéarra"

Directed By: Naomi Wilson's

Jury Statement:

Animator Naomi Wilson's original vision and playfull inventivness enlivens this retelling of a traditional Irish legend with striking images that will remain with us for a long time to come.


Claire Lynch Award for Best First-time Irish Director: "Death In The West"

Directed By: Keith Mannix

Jury Statement:

Director Keith Mannix's work blends documentary with fiction to take us into the life of an elderly man and, with humour, compassion and patient observation, constructs from his day's simple routines a deeply moving portrait.


Special Mention: "The Discreet Charms of the Refugee"

Directed By: Colm Quinn

Jury Statement:

Writer-Director Colm Quinn makes pointedly effective use of economical means to examine and critique the artifice of filmmaking's pretensions to 'truth'.


National Jury: Andrew Kötting, (England); George Eldred, (USA); Geraldine Gomez, (France)


Irish Examiner 'Made In Cork' Award: "Torture Is Us"

Directed By: Noel Twomey

Jury Statement:

It's not an exaggeration to say that the standard in the 'Made In Cork' category this year was higher than ever. And that made for a long and protracted discussion among the Jury members. So, after much horse-trading, it came down to two films. Sliding into a convincing second is Trails, Ciara Kennedy's well-crafted, memorable and charming boy meets snail story. And for its significant accomplishment, we'd like to give Trails a special mention. A special mention also goes to Mosquito Bites.


However, the overall prize goes to a film depicting the questionable entrepreneurial skill of one Scooter Twomey. For its humorous approach to a serious subject - Ireland's role in international torture through US 'extraordinary rendition' - this year's Irish Examiner 'Made In Cork' award goes to Noel Twomey, for Torture Is Us.


'Made In Cork' Jury: Emma Bowell, Ian McDonagh, Ian Kilroy


Youth Jury Award for Best International Short Film: "The Last Dog in Rwanda"

Directed By: Jens Assur, (Sweden)

Jury Statement:

Firstly we would like to thank Cork Film Festival, our parents and our schools for this great opportunity. We selected this film for its evocative, powerful and disturbing narrative. This is a story of two nihilistic men, their passion for war in their quest for glory and fame.


Youth Jury: David O'Mahony, Hayley Maher, Johannes Ruckstuhl


Gradam Gael Linn for Best Irish Language Short Film: "Rolla Saor"

Directed By: Cathal Watters


'Award of the Festival' for Best Short Film: "The Minutes After"

Directed By: Nikolay Todorov, (Bulgaria)


OutLook Award for Best LGBT Short Film: "Gero, Gerd and the Great"

Directed By: Lisa Adler, (Germany)

Jury Statement:

"This is a memorable short film that explores sexuality and relationships through humour and music."


Audience Award for Best International Short Film: "New Boy"

Directed By: Steph Green, (Ireland)


Audience Award for Best Irish Short Film: "An Créatúr"

Directed By: Peter Foott


Kommando Film Award: "Piebald"

Directed By: Robert O'Halloran

Mon, 05 Nov 2007 02:48:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Corona_Cork_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=417#comments
AWARDS OF THE 23RD WARSAW INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Warsaw_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=413#comments Audience Award: "The Band's Visit" (Bikur Ha-Tizmoret)

Directed By: Eran Kolirin (Israel/France)


New Films New Directors International Competition


Grand Prix NESCAFÉ: "Night Train" (Ye che)

Directed By: Yi Nan Diao (China / Hong Kong / France)


The Special Jury Award: "Ex Drummer"

Directed By: Koen Mortier (Belgium / Netherlands / Italy / France)


The Best Script Award: "The Art Of Crying" (Kunsten at grade i kor)

Directed By: Peter Schønau Fog (Denmark)


Warsaw Competition


Warsaw Award: "The Band's Visit" (Bikur Ha-Tizmoret)

Directed By: Eran Kolirin (Israel/France 2007)


The Special Jury Award: "The Class" (Klass)

Directed By: Ilmar Raag (Estonia)


Free Spirit Competition


Free Spirit Award: "Funuke Show Me Some Love, You Losers!" (Funukedomo, kanashimi no ai wo misero)

Directed By: Daihachi Yoshida (Japan)


Documentary Features Competition


Best Documentary Features: "Stone Time Touch"

Directed By: Garine Torossian (Canada/Armenia)


FIPRESCI Award: "The Class" (Klass)

Directed By: Ilmar Raag (Estonia)


NEW FILMS NEW DIRECTORS JURY: Janusz Kondratiuk, Maria Popistasu, Łukasz Dzięcioł, Alexei Popogrebski and Pavle Vuckovic


THE WARSAW COMPETITION JURY: Anatol Jerema, Ema Konstantinova and Przemysław Nowakowski


FREE SPIRIT COMPETITION JURY: Jerzy Skolimowsaki Jr., Blanka Elekes Szentágotai and Francisco Pérez Laguna


DOCUMENTARY FEATURES COMPETITION JURY: Victoria Belopolskaya, Andreas Horvath and Artur Urbański


JURY FIPRESCI: France Hatron, Marita Nyrhinen and Tonci Valentic

Fri, 02 Nov 2007 02:59:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Warsaw_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=413#comments
Award WInners Announced for Lausanne Underground Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Lausanne_Underground_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=406#comments Best Feature Length Film: "Dante’s Inferno"

Directed By: Sean Meredith, 2007, (USA)


Best Short Film- Fiction: "Shame"

Directed By: Tom Geens, 2005, (UK)


Best Short Film- Animation: "Weiss"

Directed By: Florian Grolig, 2007, (Germany)


Best Short Film- Experimental: "Memo to Pic Desk"

Directed By: Chris Kennedy et Anna van der Meulen, (Canada)

Fri, 02 Nov 2007 12:39:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Lausanne_Underground_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=406#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Flanders International Film Festival of Ghent http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=401#comments The Grand Prize for Best Film: "Die Fälscher"

Directed by: Stefan Ruzowitzky.

The Grand Prize for Best Film consists of a distribution premium of 20,000 €, intended to promote the release of the winning film in Flanders and Brussels (in at least five cinemas).


The Georges Delerue Prize for Best Music: "You The Living" (Roy Andersson).

The distribution premium in this case amounts to 10,000 €, intended to promote the release of the winning film in Flanders and Brussels.


SABAM Prize for Best Scenario: "The Savages"

Directed by: Tamara Jenkins

The film receives a distribution premium worth 10,000 €.


Robert Wise Award for Best Director: Saverio Constanzo for "In Memoria di Me"


All winning films receive a media campaign worth 6.000 €.


A Special Mention of the Jury for Best Actor and Actress of "The Band’s Visit."


Prix UIP Ghent: "Raak"

Directed by: Hanro Smitsman

Apart from 2,000 € in prize money, Smitsman was also nominated for the Prix UIP for Best European Short. He is in the running for an award worth 10,000 € in that competition.

Fri, 26 Oct 2007 11:14:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=401#comments
Lifetime Achievement Award for Walter Hill http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=400#comments Western legend Walter Hill received a Joseph Plateau

Lifetime Achievement Award at the Ghent International Film Festival. Jury president Kathleen Turner handed over the award and praised Hill for keeping the western genre alive. Click:


to read more

Fri, 26 Oct 2007 11:09:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=400#comments
Actor Danny Glover receives Lifetime Achievement Award http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=399#comments Actor and Unicef Ambassador Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon, Beloved, Manderlay) received on Monday a Joseph Plateau Lifetime Achievement Award for his rich career. Glover came to Ghent to present Bamako, a film the festival showed because of it's partnership with Unicef.


Click on: www.filmfestival.be/about.cgi

to read more

Fri, 26 Oct 2007 11:07:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=399#comments
World Soundtrack Awards Announced for the 2007 Flanders International Film Festival of Ghent http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=398#comments Film Composer of the Year: Alexandre Desplat (The Queen, The Painted Veil)


Best Original Soundtrack of the Year: The Fountain (Clint Mansell)


Best Original Song Written Directly for Film: "You Know My Name" (Casino Royale) written by Chris Cornell and David Arnold – Performed by Chris Cornell


Discovery of the Year: Daniel Tarrab and Andres Goldstein (XXY, Inheritance)


Public Choice Award: The Fountain (Clint Mansell)


The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Mikis: Theodorakis who unfortunately couldn’t be present due to health problems.


The Best Young Belgian Composer prize was awarded to Werner Viaene. He wrote the best score for Belgium, The Movie by Wim Robberechts and won € 2.500.


The World Soundtrack Awards are organized in cooperation with Sabam, the province East-Flanders and the Ghent City Marketing Fund.

Fri, 26 Oct 2007 11:05:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=398#comments
Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Docupolis International Documentary Film Festival of Barcelona http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Docupolis_Intl_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=392#comments Official Competition Awards:


Docúpolis Award Best Documentary: "Welcome Europe" Directed By: Bruno Ulmer (France)

Prize: 6.000 euros


Special Mention by the Jury of Best Documentary: "The Mother’s House"

Directed By: François Verster (South-Africa)


Best First Documentary Award ex aequo:" Encounter Point "

Directed By: Julia Bacha and Ronit Avni (USA)

and "A verdade do gato" (The truth of the cat)

Directed By: Jeremy Hammers (Belgium)


Best Short Documentary Award Gran Angular: "ShantyGARDENtown"

Directed By: Cagla Zencirci and Guillaume Giovanetti (France)


OFF DOCÚPOLIS Award: "Roaming Around"

Directed By: Brigitte Maria Bertele (Germany)


Honorific Prices :


Best Documentary Concerning Human Rights: "A Walk to Beautiful"

Directed By: Mary Olive Smith (USA)


Best Latin-American Documentary: "Descaminhos" (Dead End)

Directed By: Marilia Rocha, Luis Felipe Fernández, Alexandre Baxter, Joao Flores, Maria de Fátima Augusto, Leandro HBL, Armando Mendz and Cristiano Abud (Brazil).


Best Experimental Documentary Award Tercer Ojo: "A Ilha da boa vida"

Directed By: Merces Tomaz Gomez (Portugal)


Audience Award: "Djiarama"

Directed By: Chus Barrera and Alícia Fernández Carmena

Thu, 25 Oct 2007 12:20:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Docupolis_Intl_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=392#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Reykjavik International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Reykjavik_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=390#comments Discovery of the Year and The the Golden Puffin: "Iska’s Journey"

Director: Csaba Bollók (Hungary)


Iska’s Journey tells the tale of young Iska who is living in poverty, begging for food and trading scrap metal for money that goes straight into buying booze for her violent parents. When she is taken off the streets and put into care at a children’s shelter, Iska doesn’t want to leave the abusive home and returns to her parents’ drunken arms. But during her stay at the shelter she made a good friend and the two of them fantasize about running away to the ocean. The audience is pulled into the world of this mesmerizing young girl and have already become travelling partners on Iska’s journey when it suddenly hits a snag and mysterious men decide to give her a lift. Csaba Bollók graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film in 1994 and directed his first feature in 1998.


Jury: Hal Hartley, Friðrik Þór Friðriksson (Children of Nature, Cold Fever, Angels of the Universe) and Gréta Ólafsdóttir (The Brandon Teena Story).


FIPRESCI Award and the Church of Iceland award: "The Art of Crying"

Director: Peter Schønau Fog (Denmark)

“The film deals delicately with issues that often are kept quiet and presents them with respect, understanding and sympathy. 'The Art of Crying' raises awareness of the fragility of life, moves the audience and calls for discussion and responses,” is stated in the jury’s motivation.


The Audience Award: "Control"

Director: Anton Corbijn


Amnesty International Award: "El Ejido, The Law of Profit"

Director: Jawad Rhalib

Thu, 25 Oct 2007 12:00:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Reykjavik_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=390#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Animadrid http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Animadrid/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=389#comments INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: SHORT FILMS



Director: Koji Yamamura (Japan, 21’)


Second Prize Short Film: "LE PRINTEMPS DE SANT PONÇ"





Director: Koji Yamamura (Japan, 21’)


Second Prize Short Film: "LE PRINTEMPS DE SANT PONÇ"

Director: Eugenia Mumenthaler and David Epiney (Switzerland, 20’)


Third Prize Short Film: "NIJUMAN NO BOREI"

Director: Jean-Gabriel Périot (France, 10’)


Special Mentions: "ADJUSTMENT"

Director: Ian Mackinnon (UK, 6’)



Director: Katarzyna Kijek (Poland, 3’)


Audience Award / Best Children's Short Film: "EIN SONNIGER TAG"

Director: Gil Alkabetz (Germany, 6’)



Director: Marc Riba and Anna Solanas (9’)


Special Mentions (Spanish Short Films): "LA CHANSON DE SATIE"

Director: Florence Henrard and Carles Porta (4’)



Director: Izibene Oñederra (5’)




Best Full Length Film: "RENAISSANCE"

Director: Christian Volckman (France-UK-Luxemburg, 105’)



Director: Jan Balej (Czech Republic, 69’)





Director: Kitty Taylor (UK, 12’)




Best Short Film: "LIEBESKRANK"

Director: Spela Cadez (Germany-Slovenia, 8’)


Special Mention


Director: Michael Faust (Israel, 6’)





Director: Carmen Pérez (Spain, ECAM, 30’’)




Winner: "YO COMO TÚ"

Director: Fran Rodríguez Sousa and David Cobo Díaz

Eugenia Mumenthaler and David Epiney (Switzerland, 20’)


Third Prize Short Film: "NIJUMAN NO BOREI"

Director: Jean-Gabriel Périot (France, 10’)


Special Mentions: "ADJUSTMENT"

Director: Ian Mackinnon (UK, 6’)



Director: Katarzyna Kijek (Poland, 3’)


Audience Award / Best Children's Short Film: "EIN SONNIGER TAG"

Director: Gil Alkabetz (Germany, 6’)



Director: Marc Riba and Anna Solanas (9’)


Special Mentions (Spanish Short Films): "LA CHANSON DE SATIE"

Director: Florence Henrard and Carles Porta (4’)



Director: Izibene Oñederra (5’)




Best Full Length Film: "RENAISSANCE"

Director: Christian Volckman (France-UK-Luxemburg, 105’)



Director: Jan Balej (Czech Republic, 69’)





Director: Kitty Taylor (UK, 12’)




Best Short Film: "LIEBESKRANK"

Director: Spela Cadez (Germany-Slovenia, 8’)


Special Mention: "BETON"

Director: Michael Faust (Israel, 6’)





Director: Carmen Pérez (Spain, ECAM, 30’’)



Director: Fran Rodríguez Sousa and David Cobo Díaz

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 05:32:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Animadrid/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=389#comments
Awards for the 2007 Filmfest Hamburg http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Filmfest_Hamburg/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=387#comments Douglas-Sirk-Award:

This famous award is presented annually to a personality or a company that has made outstanding achievements around film culture and film industry.

Recipient 2007: David Cronenberg


Montblanc Scriptwriting Award

Together with the renowned Hamburg company Montblanc, Filmfest Hamburg presents the Montblanc scriptwriting award which is endowed with 10,000 Euros. The award is granted as part of the NORDLICHTER (NORTHERN LIGHTS) section. Nominated are all feature films of the NORDLICHTER (NORTHERN LIGHTS) section. It presents films that are set in the North, were shot in the North and star “northern lights”.

Recipient 2007: Jan Hinrik Drevs for his screenplay of the film "Underdogs"


Jury members 2007:

Ursula Keller (Author and former head of the Literaturhaus Hamburg), Sigrid Behrens (Author) and Nikolaus Hansen (Publisher of the Mare Buchverlag GmbH)


Hamburg Film Critic Award:

For the fourth time Filmfest Hamburg is presenting the ‘Hamburg Film Critic Award’. The German news magazines ‘Der Spiegel’, ‘Stern’, Hamburg’s daily newspaper ‘Hamburger Abendblatt’ and the radio station ‘NDR 90,3’ run this joint initiative to honor a production that offers an original view of present issues. Out of Filmfest Hamburg’s main programme, twelve different movies, ranging from international big-budget productions to German low-budget movies will be nominated. A jury consisting of four journalists of the presenting media will chose the production to be awarded with the non-material ‘Hamburg Film Critic Award’.

Recipient 2007: Anton Corbijn (Director) for his film "Control"


Jury members 2007: Lars-Olav Beier (Der Spiegel), Bernd Teichmann (Stern), Volker Behrens (Hamburger Abendblatt) and Frank Fingerhuth (NDR 90,3)


TV Producer Award:

This award is endowed with Euro 30,000. It goes back to a joint initiative with Hamburg’s Department of Economy and Labor that provides the prize money of 30,000 Euro. The award will be presented to TV producers and is solely available for orders at Hamburg post-production companies. The prize money must be called within 24 months.

Recipient 2007: magnolia Filmproduktion for "Kuckuckszeit"


Jury members 2007: Claudia Schröder (Producer), Karoline Eichhorn (Actress) and Peter Luley (Journalist)


TV Movie Audience Award:

TV Movie wants to find out: which one of this year’s European box office hits is the best? As partner of Filmfest Hamburg, TV Movie – “Europe’s most rigorous TV guide” – features the Audience Award 2005. The audience gets to decide by public vote which of the eight competing films in the “eurovisual” section is their favorite.

The TV Movie Audience Award is endowed with 5,000 Euros.

Recipient 2007: Jan Sverák (Director) for his film "Empties"


micromovie award:

For the second time DAS VIERTE presents in cooperation with Filmfest Hamburg and the co-partner TV Movie the competition “micromovie – a 100 seconds film”. 2000 ideas for short-films were sent in, the 10 best ideas were made into short-films and the best one gets chosen at Filmfest Hamburg. The winner receives € 4.444,- and the possibility to take part in a script-writing seminar.

Recipient 2007: Florian Siegrist who had the idea to "Unser Kind"


Universal Pictures Germany 'Michel' award at the KinderFilmfest:

A jury of children takes a decision on which of all the screened international films of the children's film programme is their favourite. The 'Michel' award is endowed with 2,500 Euro

Recipient 2007: Cristiano Bortone (Director) for his film "Rot wie der Himmel"


RWE Westfalen-Weser-Ems audience award

Together with our new partner RWE Westfalen-Weser-Ems the KinderFilmfest will for the first time award a non-material audience award for the most popular children's film.

Recipient 2007: Hayo Freitag (Director) for his film "Die drei Räuber"

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 04:57:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Filmfest_Hamburg/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=387#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Imago International Young Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Imago_Intl_Young_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=386#comments PREMIADOS IMAGO 2007 AWARDS



JURY: Benn Northover (USA); Xavi Giménez (SP); Tom Hambleton (USA); Rui Poças (PT); Marina Ginzburg (RU)


CITY GREAT AWARD: "The Tube With a Hat"

Director: Radu Jude

"An exquisite balanced very human film."



Director: Yann Chaya (FR)

An unique cinematic experience for conveying a surprising poetic vision.



Director: David Dusa (FR)

A subtle and refreshing approach, well executed defying a clear and strong message.



Director: Bobbie Peers (NO)

It’s a fantastic and unique experience opening doors to transmit feelings in a very powerful manifestation.


and "Plot Point"

Director: Nicolas Provost (BE)

A very powerful experience of audiovisual movie production



JURY: Montse Marti (SP); Fernando Alvim (PT); Jan Lankish (DE)



Director: Cláudia Clemente (PT)

The jury has decided to reward the ones who haven’t surrendered to capitalism, as well as to emphasize the realistic and direct form in which film was made.



Director: Marina Moshkova (Ru)

The jury appreciated the simplicity of the film, filled with so much humour and love. It’s an unique and funny film we could watch over and over… and over again.



Director: Matti Lehtine (FI)



JURY: Jorge Pereirinha Pires (PT); Frederico Somsen (PT); Amélia de Sousa Tavares (PT)



Director: Sandra Ruesga (SP)

An exercise in which the memory gets revived with an excellent archive material, worked in a way in which it’s transformed into an universal dialogue.


PRÉMIO DO PÚBLICO AUDIENCE AWARD (Best Film in all competitions): "In Scale"

Director: Marina Moshkova (RU)



JURY: João Pedro Silva; Miguel Carranca; Laura Cazaban; Raphael S. Jerónimo; Carlos Silva: Ricardo Jorge Frade; Mónica Baptista; Helena Menino.



Director: Simon Ellis (GB)

We have rewarded Soft for the dramatic intensity, realism and complexity of its characters



ONDA CURTA JURY: João Garção Borges (PT); Pedro Neves (PT); Eduardo Cerveira (BR)


"The Tube With a Hat"

Director: Radu Jude (RO)


"Three Towers"

Director: Emily Harris & Yoni Bentovim (IT)


"Plot Point"

Director: Nicolas Provost (BE)


"The Phonebooth Trio"

Director: Bo Fan (GB)



Director: BIF (FR)

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 04:49:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Imago_Intl_Young_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=386#comments
Awards for the 2007 Raindance Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Raindance_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=382#comments With increased attendances and over 15,000 admissions, Raindance 15 has been a huge success. Held over 12 days in 3 locations (Cineworld Haymarket, Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue and The Rex Cinema) with 180 individual feature films, special events & shorts, Raindance has been at its best ever; Masterclass with Michael Madsen, live pitching session with Ewan McGregor and the best line of documentaries this side of Edinburgh!


Raindance closed tonight; 7th October, with Tartan Films’ Gus Van Sant’ feature “Paranoid Park. Before the film, a presentation of this year’s winners introduced by festival founder Elliot Grove and festival producer Jesse Vile followed by one of Raindances infamous closing night parties at Sound in Leicester Square


At the presentation, Grove and Vile announced the following winners:



Director: John Carney

(Republic of Ireland)


Best UK FEATURE: "Exhibit A"

Director: Dom Rotheroe



Director: Koen Mortier (Belgium)



Director: G.J Echternkamp (USA)


BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT: "Dragonflies" [Poland]


UK SHORT sponsored by Delta Airlines: " The Truffle Hunter"


Delta Air Lines supports the Best UK Short Film Award with a prize of 2 return tickets to anywhere in the US. The prize was designed to give UK filmmakers the opportunity to attend screenings of their film in US festivals. Last year’s winner, Osbert Parker, used his tickets to fly to Aspen Shorts Fest where he was awarded the best animation prize for his short film.


TISCALI SHORT FILM AWARD [UK]: "Amelia and Michael"




Back for the second year, the winner of the SAE Digital Short Film Award is chosen from a strict rule of criteria - the film must have been entirely shot and edited using only digital means of production and must demonstrate a unique approach to filmmaking utilising new digital technology.




This year sees the introduction of a brand new award that focuses on the photography of a film and the work of the cinematographer. The Canon Best Cinematography Award goes to the best cinematographer in a short film with the winner taking home a brand new Canon XH A1 HD camera. The award will be chosen by a panel of established cinematographers.




2007 marks the creation of the Adobe Animation Award for the best-animated short film. The award winning film will be chosen for its originality and technical proficiency by the Raindance jury and an Adobe animation specialist.

Diesel Film of the Festival


The Truffle Hunter [UK]


For the fourth year running we are very excited to announce the Diesel Film of the Festival prize. The winners of last year’s award, Kasimir Burgess & Edwin McGill (Australia), were selected for their unique and original style of filmmaking as well as demonstrating a strong passion for their art. Diesel supported their win by funding their project to produce the 15th Raindance Film Festival trailer. Diesel has been working with Raindance since 2003 to help support the next generation of film-makers and give them the opportunity to showcase their work internationally. The winner of the Diesel Film of the Festival Award will be given the opportunity and financial support to produce the trailer for the following years Raindance Festival that is shown before every film screening.


Raindance is the UK largest independent film festival showcasing shorts and features from all over the world and specialising in directorial debuts. Distinguishing itself with its rock and roll attitude, Raindance runs riot in the West end of London in Late Sept/ Oct. As well as showing independent films from around the world, the festival hosts a number of special events (26 in 12 days this year) including master classes, Q&A sessions, its renowned pitching event where you could end up pitching your film to an exec from a key distributor and of course Parties Galore. In its first year 1993 Raindance hosted 22 features, 130 shorts and attracted 130 visitors with closing night film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, the feature screen debut of 14 year of Leonardo DiCaprio. In the years since, Raindance has premiered amongst others Pulp Fiction, The Blair Witch Project and Memento. In 2007, festival attendance rose to 15,000 with 73 features and 90 short films from 40 different countries.


Jury 2007

Iggy Pop; Mick Jones, Penny Woolcock, Andrea Arnold, Oli Harbottle, Jonathan Harvey, Sandy Lieberson, Anthony Quinn, Jemma Rodgers, Tessa Ross, Ed King, Davide Scalenghe and Brian Tufano.

Thu, 18 Oct 2007 04:06:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Raindance_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=382#comments
Awards for the 2007 Athens International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Athens_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=381#comments All good things must come to a close. The end credits roll, the lights go on, Festival guests fly home, the happy crowds leave the theaters and the curtain falls on the 13th Athens International Film Festival.


Highlights of this year's Festival include classics, such as Max Ophüls's "Lola Montes," Todd Haynes's shorts, Anton Corbijn's "Control," presented by Peter Hook, "Boxes" presented by a ravishing as ever Jane Birkin and Zoe Cassavetes's exceptional "Broken English."


The 13th Athens International Film Festival officially ended on Sunday with the Awards Ceremony.


Audience Award: "Water Lilies"

Directed By: Celine Sciamma


The Award for Best Screenplay, presented by the Festival's Youth Jury: "La Zona"

Directed By: Rodrigo Pla


Mrs Daskalaki-Mitilineou, chairwoman of the City of Athens Cultural Organization, presented the City of Athens Award for Best Director to Eilon Ratzkovsky, producer of "The Band's Visit by Eran Kolirin."


The Golden Athena, which comes with a cash prize of 10,000 Euors, was awarded to: "XXY"

Directed by: by Lucia Puenzo.

"XXY" actor Martin Piroyanski was present to receive the



The Music & Film Jury, composed of Michael Galasso (Chairman), Stephen Dalton, Blaine Reininger, Christine Vachon and Themis Bazaka, awarded the Music & Film Golden Athena, which also comes with a 10,000 Euro cash prize, to Stefan Schwietert's "Echoes of Home."


After the Awards Ceremony, producer Christine Vachon presented the world premiere of Todd Haynes's latest film "I'm Not There" which officially closed the 13th Athens International Film Festival.


The Athens International Film Festival is organized by the ATHENS FILM SOCIETY (Non-profit organization) in collaboration with the CINEMA magazine (PEGASUS PUBLISHING).


Chairwoman: MARIA BOBOLA



Commercial Director: IOANNIS PAPPAS Advertising Manager: IOANNA MANDOUVALOU

Programming Consultant: LOUKAS KATSIKAS



Thu, 18 Oct 2007 01:42:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Athens_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=381#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 KROK International Animated Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/KROK_Intl_Animated_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=380#comments The Jury of the KROK International Animated Films Festival head by Igor Kovalyov (USA) and including Sayoko Kinoshita (Japan), Alexandr Boubnov (Ukraine), Valentin Olshvang (Russia) and Rao Heidmets (Estonia) decided to award:


In the category “Films up to 5 minutes of running time”

Diploma to the film: "Pole Hole,"

Directed By: Alexey Alexeev, (Hungary)

"For lightness and elegance"


Diploma to the film: "Unbreakable Nail-Do"

Directed By: Mikhail Tumelya (Belarusse)

"For brevity and wit"


Diploma to the film: "Lapsus"

Directed By: Juan Pablo Zaramella, (Argentina)

"For humour and harmony of the black and white"


Prize and diploma to the film: "Play"

Directed By: George Schwitzgebel, (Switzerland-Canada)


In the category “Films of 5-10 minutes of running time”

Diploma to the film: "Rain down from Above"

Directed By: Ivan Maximov, (Russia)

"For creating the moving and surreal world"


Diploma to the film: "Dreams and Fantasies – Family Ties" Directed By: Joanna Quinn, (Great Britain)

"For acuteness and expressiveness"


Diploma to the film: "The Memory of Dogs"

Directed By: Simone Massi, (France-Italy)

"For the philosophical comprehension of movement in time"


Diploma to the film: "Lavatory-Lovestory"

Directed By: Konstantin Bronzit, Russia

"For virtuosity and transparency"


Diploma to the film: "The Runt"

Directed By:Andreas Hykade, (Germany)

"For grasping the poetry of the cruel world"


Prize and diploma to the film: “Rabbit”,

Directed By: Run Wrake, (Britain)


In the category “Films of 10-40 minutes of running time”

Diploma to the film: “Leviathan”,

Directed By: Simon Bogojevich-Narath, (Croatia)

“For the refinement of the apocalyptic vision”


Diploma to the film: "Lullaby"

Directed By: Andrey Zolotukhin, (Russia)

“For feeling the fragile link between the real and the conventional.”


Diploma to the film: "Printed Rainbow"

Directed By: Gitanjali Rao (India)

"For wisdom and poetry"


Diploma to the film: "Apple Pie"

Directed By: Isabelle Favez, Switzerland

"For lightness of the tragicomic story"


Prize and diploma to the film: "Franz Kafka Village Doctor"

Directed By: Koji Yamamura (Japan)


Prize and diploma to the film: "My Love"

Directed By: Alexander Petrov, (Russia)


In the category “Films for children”

Diploma to the film: "Aston’s Stones"

Directed By: Lotta Geffenblad, Uzi Geffenblad, (Sweden) "For the imageable understanding of childish psychology."


Prize, diploma and $3000 to the film "The White Wolf" Directed By: Pierre-Luc Granjon, (France)


In the category “Applied and Commissioned Animation”

Diploma: "Multi-Russia" ("We Live in Russia")

Directed By: Stepan Biriukov, Alexey Pochivalov

“For the ironic patriotism."


Diploma: "Jukebox"

Directed By: Alexey Budovsky, (USA)

"For the brightness of form"


Prize and diploma: commercial "Safety of Traffic" Directed By: Alena Oyatieva and Elena Chernova, (Russia)


In the category “Film – the part of animation project”

Diploma to the film: "Karelian Lullaby" (part of the project "World Lullabies"), director Lisa Skvortsova, (Russia)

"For the elegance of the lulling design"


Diploma to the film "Epistolary Novel" (part of the project "Funny-Balls"),

Directed By: Alexey Gorbunov, Russia

"For the dramatic composition"


Prize and diploma to the film: “Zhikharka» (part of the project "Pile of Gems")

Directed By: Oleg Uzhinov, Russia



"For the new interpretation of Prokofiev’s theme" and $3000 to the film "Peter and the Wolf"

Directed By: Suzie Templeton,(Great Britain-Poland)

"For the originality of the cinematic language and visuals”


and $3000 to the film "Declaration in Love"

Directed By: Dmitriy Geller, (Russia)

"For the Funniest Film" and $3000 to the film "Brothers Bearhearts"

Directed By: Riho Unt, (Estonia)


ALEXANDER TATARSKY PRIZE "THE PLASTICINE CROW" - "Virtuoso Pilot" and $3000 - to the film "Wolf Daddy"

Directed By: Chan Hyung-Yun, (South Korea)


GRAND PRIX and $5000 to the film “The Pearce Sisters”, Directed By:Luis Cook, (Great Britain)

Wed, 17 Oct 2007 06:27:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/KROK_Intl_Animated_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=380#comments
Award WInners for the 2007 AsoloInternationalArtFilmFestival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/AsoloInternationalArtFilmFestival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=379#comments The The jury chaired by Mario Brenta, and composed by Francis Bissong, Enrico Ghezzi, Toni Jop, Mark mcIlrath, Guglielmo Monti, Luciano Zaccaria, bestowed Awards to the Winners of Twenty-Sixth Edition of AsoloArtFilmFestival:



Directed by: Ulu Braun and Alexej Tchernyi (Germany 10’)

Like unaware and candid chefs who contribute to create a global soup, you become also the ingredients of that.



Directed by: Sophie Narr (Germany 15’)

The award is given for the perspicacity with which the kid’s world is drawn, a world that, through vibrant metaphor, it can become a drama..



Directed by: Riccardo de Cal (Italy 68’)

MEMORIAE CAUSA The film succeed to take out and exalt, from the Carlo Scarpa’s work, the connection of measurements and rhythm that architecture and music have in common.


and to “GLASS HOUSE”

Directed by: Chi Jang Yin (USA 9’)

GLASS HOUSE It’s great the completeness of the architectural process’ definition, with a rigorous use of images, without talks.



Directed by: Dario Zanasi (Italy 18’)

The interview to the progeny of Arcangeli’s family succeed to unveil originally a world not only artistic but also feminine and domestic.



Directed by: Salvo Cuccia (Italy 56’ 30’’)

The Magna Greece become palpable in a film that stimulate more than one sense.



Directed by: Nicole Romine (USA 17’)

It’s a work of strong visual and emotive impact , the director doesn’t protrude the choreography and music too much, rather she imposed her aesthetic and stylistic personality.



Directed by: Rodolfo Bisatti (Italy 50’).

The film succeed to treat thought and works of the artist Gigi Carron, in an happy balance between concrete and abstract, between visible and invisible.



Directed by: Johannes Schiensl (Germany 2’ 54’’).


The Prize-Giving took place on Saturday 29Th September 2007 at Teatro Eleonora Duse. In this occasion it will be awarded the Prize to Career “Flavia Paulon” to Marco Müller and to Renato Nicolini.

Wed, 17 Oct 2007 05:49:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/AsoloInternationalArtFilmFestival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=379#comments
Awards for the 2007 Sitges- Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sitges_Intl_Film_Festival_Catalonia/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=376#comments OFICIAL FANTÀSTIC JURY:

Zoë Bell, Ruggero Deodato, Mark Palansky, Casimiro Torreiro, Eloy Azorín


Best Motion Picture: "The Fall"

Directed by: Tarsem Singh


Best Director: Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza for "REC"


Best Actress: Manuela Velasco for "Rec"


Best Actor: Sam Rockwell for "Joshua" (El Hijo del Mal)


Best Script: Chung Seo - Kyung , Park Chan-Wook for "I'm a Cyborg but that's Ok"


Best Cinematography: Toyomichi Kurita for "Sukiyaki Western Django"


Best Production Design: Takashi Sasaki for "Sukiyaki Western Django"


Best Make Up FX: "À L'Intérieur"


Best Special Effects: Mushishi


Best Original Soundtrack: Kuniaki Haishima for "Mushishi"


Best Short Film: "Saliva"

Directed by: Esmir Filho



Carles Matamoros, Néstor Fernández, Aleix Ortuño, Toni Junyent, Mar Canet


Best Motion Picture FANTÀSTIC: "À L'Intérieur"

Directed by: Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo


Best Motion Picture MIDNIGHT X-TREME: "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer"

Directed by: Jon Knautz



Paz Gómez, Roland Reber, José Tito Martínez


Best Motion Picture: "Zoo"

Directed by: Robinson Devor


Special Mention: "It's fine, everything it's fine"

Directed by: Crispin Hellion Glover & David Brothers




Best Director" Lizania, presented by the Universitat Ramón Llull- Marta Palacín and Elisabet Sort


Best Screenplay: "OP. 1207-x," presented by the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), Juliâo Luciana


Best Original Score: Vestido Nuevo, presented by the ESCAC-Escàndalo Films, Roger Padilla



Lorenzo Bertucci, Mario Dominski, Jesús Antonio López


Best Motion Picture: "Dororo"

Directed by: Akihiko Shiota


Special Mention: "Mad Detective"

Directed by: Johnnie To


ANIMA'T - Gertie Award JURY

Manuel Bartual, Gaelle Denis, Rosa Pera


Best Animated Film: "Aachi & Ssipak"

Directed by: Joe Bum-jin


Special Mention: "Tekkonkinkreet"

Directed by: Michael Arias


Best Animated Short Film: "The Pearce Sisters"

Directed by: Luis Cook



Josefina Blaya, Marc Benabé, Héctor García


Best Short Film: "Brico Killer"

Directed by: Adrián Cardona



Rodrigo Cortés, Marta Figueras, David Pizarro


Silver Méliès for Best European Motion Picture: "Á l'intérieur"

Directed by: Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo


Special Mention, for making possible our fantasy, by letting us watch dying live an upsetting TV presenter, to "Rec"

Directed by: Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza


Silver Méliès Award for Best European Short Film: "Die Grosse Wekstatt" (The Big Garage)

Directed by: Uwe Nagel (Germany)




Audience Award El Periódico de Catalunya - Best Motion Picture: "Rec"

Directed by: Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza



Stephan Ivancic, Imma Merino, Marcus Kenschnigg, Desiree de Fez, Ferran Auberni


Jose Luis Guarner Critic Award: "Rec"

Directed by: Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza, unanimously


Special Mention: George Ratliff for "Joshua" (El hijo del mal)

For its subtile way of expressing the fear to today's everyday life.


Citizen Kane Award to an up-and-coming director: Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo for "Á l'intérieur"

Tue, 16 Oct 2007 06:14:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Sitges_Intl_Film_Festival_Catalonia/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=376#comments
Awards for the 2007 International Panorama of Independent Filmakers http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Panorama_of_Independent_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=373#comments “…a celebration of culture a celebration of freedom of speech…”


On Saturday the 29th of September the awards were given.


The award winning films are the following:


International Competition


Best feature film: "The High Cost of Living"

Directed by: Leonard Lai Yok Wai (Singapore 96min.)


Best Short Film: "The market"

Directed by Ana Husman (Croatia, 10min.) ’


Best Documentary: "Human development"

Directed by: David Munoz (Norway/Nigeria 30min.)


Best Video Art: "Labirint"

Directed by: Krunoslav Pticar (Croatia 9min. 56’sec.)


Best Animation" "The Bungee Jump Skeleton man"

Directed by: Rune Eriksson & Erik Eriksson (Norway 3min.)


Special awards:


Video Art: "Traffic"

Directed by: Eytan Ipeker (Turkey 6min. 40sec.)


Feature Film: "The summer solstice"

Directed by Li RuiJun (China 106min.)


Documentary: "Iranian Kidney, Bargain Sale"

Directed by Nima Sarvestani (Sweden 52min.)


Short Film for People with Infirmity: "And you?" Directed by: Ferenc Boldvai (Hungary 10min. 12sec.)


Greek competition


Best Feature Film: “And if I leave… I return”

Directed by: Dora Masklavanou


Best Short Film: “Pyramid”

Directed by: Papathanasis Dimitris


Best Documentary: “One life at history”

Directed by: Zachos Samolathas


Best Video Art “Dream within a dream”

Directed by: Anastasia Chrisanthakopoulou a.k.a natrYX


Best Video Dance: “Liebestod – four actions”

Directed by: Stathis Athanasiou


Special award:


For the ecological message at the documentary: "Under the surface - Gulf of Kavala"

Directed by: George Kagialedakis


Video Art Pixel:"ah"

Directed by: Martha Koumarianou


For the Female Role of Mrs Evaggelia Andreadaki of the film “Pyramid”

Directed by: Papathanasis Dimitris


The festival was organized by the urban not-for- profit organization “International Panorama of Independent Film & Video makers” in co-operation with the editorial committee of the on-line magazine for alternative culture “Cineek” www.cineek.gr from the 21st till the 29th of September in Patras in the theatre of “Lithografeion”.

Mon, 15 Oct 2007 01:33:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Panorama_of_Independent_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=373#comments
Awards for the 2007 International Children's Film Festival LUCAS http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Childrens_Film_Festival_LUCAS/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=369#comments LUCAS Awards:

"Leaps and Bounds"

Director: Petter Næss (Sweden, Norway, Germany 2007)

The Swedish-Norwegian-German Co-Production Hoppet tells the story of the brothers Azad and Tigris who were send by their parents to a country which promises both peace and freedom. Azad loves jumping, and particularly high. In this way he overcomes boundaries, helping in the end to bring together his family under a new constellation.

The film by Petter Naess stands out in high degree due to its humorous dialogues and authentic characters. Moreover, the children act independently and courageously. The deeply felt bond between the two brothers and their unconditional belief in each other are touching. Here, a current and serious issue is authentically told with sympathetic effortlessness. A deeply moving film.


"Behind the Clouds"

Director: Jorge Queiroga (Portugal 2006)

Through his curiosity and open mind, Paulo changes the people found in his immediate surroundings, thereby bringing his family together again. By acting independently and courageously, the main character exemplifies the earnestness of children’s desires. With poetic pictures, impressive music and striking panoramas, a magical atmosphere composed of a multi-layered construction of fantasy and reality is shown. Focusing on the essentials, the director's trust in calm cinematic narration is both convincing as well as allowing him to develop its own strength. The audience is taken along. Grand cinema for the whole family.


Laudable Mention:

"Blame it on Fidel France"

Director: Julie Gavras (2006)

Anna doesn't understand the world any longer: over night, the little girl from a good family is wrenched out of her usual surroundings and must now confront the radically altered political views of her parents, which she only step by step begins to learn to understand.

A film which breaks away from usual viewing habits by consistently focusing on the view of the child, thereby also making grown-up audiences experience a certain degree of uncertainty. Its special manner of story-telling, leaves definite strong impressions. A film which consternates and challenges, stimulating exchange in its wake.


LUCAS Short Film Award:

"Baluba Runa"

Director: Christian Lo (Norway 2007)

Eight year old Runa has a dream: she wants to become Prime Minister in order to buy a new school bus. However, for this she needs to live in Oslo – a real nightmare for the little girl.

Convincing through human warmth and love towards his figures, the Norwegian director Christian Lo invites the audience to participate in a “What if…”-story with a bizarre sense of humor. Not only has he found the ideal cast with Runa in this successful blend of both reality and dream. “Baluba Runa” is a refreshing film for young and old people.


Laudable Mention:

"Working for Living"

Director: Preeya Nair (India 2007)

The 23 minute documentary film accompanies the young Indian girl Quamer in her everyday work life. Unlike German children, she must contribute to the family household and therefore cannot go to school.

The Jury was highly impressed by the power of the film. Far beyond all the usual images of poor Indian quarters, the filmmaker Preeya Nair successfully presents a little girl, who talks authentically and trustingly about her both life and her hopes. In the Jury's view, her great wish of becoming a strong personality has already been fulfilled. Sometimes reality writes the best stories!



"Behind the Clouds"

Director: Jorge Queiroga (Portugal 2006)

The CIFEJ Jury of LUCAS 2007 is very pleased to give its award to the film Behind the Clouds by Jorge Queiroga.

An original story about a young boy’s struggle to find out the truth about his family and his heritage. This journey is revealed through a warm and poetic script, in which words are used sparingly allowing the underlying emotions to unfold. The cinematography is imaginative in expressing the boy’s quest, both in the present and the magical trips into memory and what have been. A film about discovering and coming to terms with the past but ending with a positive outlook into the future.

“A world in which the older generation can also learn from the young.”


Don-Quijote-Award of the FICC:

"Leaps and Bounds"

Director: Petter Næss (Sweden, Norway, Germany 2007)

The film we all loved most, is a universal story about a young boy and his desire to fly. The film succeeds in bringing serious and current themes, in this refugees´ story, in such a way that children are emotionally involved, excited and amazed.

It promotes important values like solidarity, self confidence and the courage to pursue one´s beliefs. Throughout the entire film, we are amazed at the young boy´s presence on camera, giving refugees a real face.


FICC Laudable Mention:

"Crow Lake"

Director: Inesa Kurklietyte (Lithuania 2007)

Crow Lake by Inesa Kurklietyte, Lithuania 2007 is an exciting film experiment that shows us, in a creative documentary form, children acting without moral limits.

Mon, 15 Oct 2007 12:26:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Childrens_Film_Festival_LUCAS/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=369#comments
Awards for the 2007 dokumentART http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/dokumentART/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=367#comments Latücht Award of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ministry of Education, Science and Culture: "Klinika"

Directed By: Tomasz Wolski (Poland 2006)


The City of Neubrandenburg Award: "Under Construction" by Zhenchen Liu (France 2007)


Award of the Mecklenburgische Versicherungsgruppe: "Over the Hill"

Directed By: Sunny Bergmann (Netherlands 2007)


Lobende Erwähnung: "First Elections"

Directed By: Sarah Vanagt (Belgium 2006)


Findlings-Preis des Landesverbandes Filmkommunikation Mecklenburg- Vorpommern:"Over the Hill"

Directed By: Sunny Bergmann (Netherlands 2007)


Preis der Studentenjury der Hochschule Neubrandenburg: "Vali Asr– Juli 2006"

Directed By: Norman Richter (Germany/Iran 2007)


Preis der Studentenjury der Universität Stettin: "Afghan Muscles"

Directed By: Anders M. Dalsgaard (Dänemark 2006)

Fri, 12 Oct 2007 12:09:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/dokumentART/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=367#comments
Awards for the 2007 Nordisk Panorama 5 Cities Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Nordisk_Panorama_5_Cities/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=364#comments Nordic Documentary Award: "USA vs Al-Arian"

Directed by: Line Halvorsen, Norway

Jury Motivation: "The film gives us a unique access to a family in crisis and offers a perspective which might often be missed. The director insists on sticking around to capture the moments. The film shows precisely how a common man becomes a victim of the situation in the contemporary world, where the Big Brother is watching you even when you're ordering pizza. The film combines all the elements any documentary needs: a powerful story, strong characters and an emotional journey well crafted together."


Honorary Mention: "Lilli"

Directed by: Oliwia Tonteri, Finland

Jury Motivation: "The film depicts a mental landscape by experimenting skillfully with form."


Honorary Mention: "Girls "

Directed by: Hanne Myren, Norway

Jury motivation: "The film is shot with a special energy which looks its subject in the eye."


Nordic Short Film Award: "Love and War"

Directed by: Fredrik Emilson, Sweden

Jury motivation: "The jury was incredibly impressed with the stunning combination of Hollywood epic war picture puppet animation and classic opera in a film that successfully creates a genre of its own."


Honorary Mention: "Wrestling"

Directed by: Grimur Hákonarson, Iceland

Jury motivation: "Brokeback Mountain goes Islandic with a happy ending in this charming, laconic love story."


Honorary Mention: "Situation Frank"

Directed by: Patrik Eklund, Sweden

Jury motivation: "For its deft handling of a heavy subject with a light touch."


New Nordic Voices Award: " The Wal"

Directed by: Csaba Bene Perlenberg, Sweden

Jury motivation: "It's said that creativity grows from confusion. That moment when you don't know what is coming next, what is waiting for you behind the next turn. But when you are brave enough and able to follow your intuition it is very rewarding.

The filmmaker has created a personal directing method that is challenging the actors and the crew in a creative process full of mutual trust.

Taking our attention from the very first moment keeping us there until the very end. A two kilometer one shot one take masterpiece."


Honorary Mention: "In the Meantime"

Directed by: Lisa Jonsson & Malin Nicander, Sweden

Jury motivation: "This film gives an intimate touch of a close society with elderly people who do not have anybody to take care of them - but with one common reason , waiting to die.

In spite of these people not having any privacy the filmmakers manage to show human dignity through daily details. People who take care of each other, two by two, things that matters like friendship, keeping a diary, sharing moments, helping changing clothes or having time on the dance floor.

This realistic and honest way of observing the characters can indeed sometimes be painful to watch, but in the same way you feel great wisdom in mind and body ageing."


Honorary Mention: "Stuck"

Directed by: Olavi Linna, Denmark

Jury motivation: "The director places the camera with great sensitivity in the right place at the right time. Portraying the main character with great sense of respect and love. Showing us the sadness that exists in the world of the individual living somewhere on the bridge between two worlds in the past and the present. The saying "The home is where the heart is" is given a new sense of depth. A finely tuned and well crafted portrait by a new filmmaker."


Canal+ Award: "Harvest"

Directed by: Sami Korjus, Finland


Neo Arena Award: "The Irresistible Smile"

Directed by: Ami Lindholm, Finland


SF Film: Nordic Talent Award: "Flatmates"

Directed by: Magnus Mork, Norway

Fri, 12 Oct 2007 11:39:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Nordisk_Panorama_5_Cities/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=364#comments
Awards for the 2007 San Sebastian International Film Festival (Donostia) http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/San_Sebastian_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=362#comments Golden Shell for Best Film: “A Thousand Years Of Good Prayers"

Directed By: Wayne Wang (Usa)


Special Jury Prize: “Buda Az Sharm Foru Rikht” (Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame)

Directed By: Hana Makhmalbaf (France-Iran)


Silver Shell for Best Director: Nick Broomfield for “Battle for Haditha” (UK)


Silver Shell for Best Actress: Blanca Portillo for “Siete Mesas De Billar Francés” (Spain)


Silver Shell for Best Actor: Henry O. for “A Thousand Years Of Good Prayers” (USA)


Jury Prize for Best Cinematography: Charlie Lam for “Ceot Oi Kap Gei” (Exodus) (Hong Kong)


Jury Prize for Best Screenplay (Ex-Aequo)

Gracia Querejeta Y Daniel Planell for “Siete Mesas De Billar Francés” (Spain)

John Sayles for “Honeydripper” (USA)


Altadis-New Directors Award: “Soul Carriage”

Directed By: Conrad Clark (China-UK)


Horizontes Award: “El Baño Del Papa”

Directed By: Enrique Fernández and César Charlone (Uruguay-Brazil-France )


Special Mentions:

“Párpados Azules”

Directed By: Ernesto Contreras (Mexico)


Directed By: Andrés Baiz (Colombia)


Tcm Audience Award: “Caramel”

Directed By: Nadine Labaki (Lebanon-France)


Award to the European Film: “Le Scaphandre Et Le Papillon”

Directed By: Julian Schnabel (France)


Youth Award: “Caramel”

Directed By: Nadine Labaki (Lebanon-France)


Films in Progress Awards:


Directed By: Julio Hernández Cordón (Guatemala)

Tve Award



Directed By: Federico Veiroj (Uruguay-Argentina-Spain-Mexico)

“Sol Na Neblina”

Directed By: Werner Schumann (Brazil)

Casa De América Award



Directed By: Julio Hernández Cordón (Guatemala)



Cinema in Motion Awards


Each Of The Four Films Selected Will Receive A Total Of 13,000 Euros Toward Subtitles In Spanish By Casa Arabe.


“Salt of This Sea”

Directed By: Anne-Marie Jacir (Palestine)

-to be determined in agreement with production.

- to aid toward post-production for the amount of 15,000 euros, provided by the MACTARI mixing auditorium (www.mactari.fr) in Paris.

- one 35 mm copy provided by the Amiens Festival



Directed By: Mahmoud Al Massad (Jordan)

- for the amount of 15,000 euros.

- digital calibration provided by Mikros Image.

- conversion from digital to 35 mm provided by Swiss Effects and Kodak Suisse

- subtitles in French and English provided by Titra Film.

- one 35mm copy provided by the Fribourg Festival.

The chosen filmmakers will have the opportunity to participate in the yearly Cinema in Motion tour of Latin America, organised by the San Sebastian and Tarifa Festivals, and in screenings of Cinema in Motion at different centres belonging to the international network of Cervantes Institute centres.



Panavision Award: “Vita De Giacomo”

Directed By: Luca Governatori (La Femis, France)


Special Mentions


Directed By: Ian Menoyot (Belgium)

“De Las Relaciones”

Directed By: Jorge Acebo.(Barcelona)

“La Invención”

Directed By: Andrés García Franco (Mexico)

Thu, 11 Oct 2007 03:27:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/San_Sebastian_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=362#comments
Awards for the 2007 Prix Danube http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Prix_Danube/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=361#comments Prix Danube 2007 in the category of fiction programs: "Behind the clouds"

submitted by: Abril Cinema TV, PORTUGAL


Prix Danube 2007 in the category of animated programs: "Maestro"

submitted by: KEDD Animation Studio, HUNGARY


Prix Danube 2007 in the category of documentary programs: "On the Block"

submitted by: RTE, IRELAND


Prix Danube 2007 in the category of educational programs: "I didn’t want to die but just to kill myself"

submitted by: The Factory, FRANCE


THE PRIZE OF MAYOR to creators of the following fiction program: "Salvatore"

submitted by Buena Vista International, ITALY


Young Jury Prize


Prix Danube 2007


for the best children and youth’s programme in the category of fiction programmes has been awarded to:

"Hansel and Gretel"

submitted by: Kinderfilm, GERMANY


Young Jury Prize Prix Danube 2007 for the best children and youth’s programme in the category of educational program has been awarded to: "I didn’t want to die but just to kill myself"

submitted by: The Factory, FRANCE


CIFEJ award: "The Liar Shepherd"

Directed by Siroos Hassanpour

Submitted By: CIMA Media International, Iran and prezented at Prix Danube 2007


Jury: Mr. Samir Nasr, Ms. Dagmar Ditrichová, Mr. Andrzej Jasiewicz




HONOURABLE MENTION in the category of fiction programs: "Silly’s sweet summer" to children actors

submitted by: Kinderfilm GmbH, GERMANY


HONOURABLE MENTION in the category of fiction programs: "Supernov"

submitted by: Fabelaktiv A/S, NORWAY


HONOURABLE MENTION in the category of animated programs: "Thread the tailor"

submitted by: Telewizja Polska, Poland


HONOURABLE MENTION in the category of animated programs: "A sunny day"

submitted by: Südwestrundfunk, GERMANY


HONOURABLE MENTION in the category of animated programs: POCOYO – episode “A Little something between friends“

submitted by: CITV / ITV Plc., UNITED KINGDOM


HONOURABLE MENTION in the category of documentary programs: "Tamar Wants To Hear"

submitted by: IBA, ISRAEL


HONOURABLE MENTION in the category of documentary programs: "Boxing Beauty"

submitted by: IBA, ISRAEL


HONOURABLE MENTION in the category of educational programs: "Fantastic phenomena - Supernoses"

submitted by: Südwestrundfunk, GERMANY


HONOURABLE MENTION in the category of educational programs: SKITRIP – episode “BAREFOOT”

submitted by: Fabelaktiv A/S, NORWAY


HONOURABLE MENTION OF THE YOUNG JURY in the category of fiction programs: Silly’s Sweet Summer, to children actors

submitted by: Kinderfilm, Germany


HONOURABLE MENTION OF THE YOUNG JURY in the category of fiction programs: "Fairy Tale or Don’t Touch The Bag" to screenwriter Jan Bártek

submitted by: University of Tomas Bata in Zlin, Faculty of Multimedial Communication, Czech Republic


HONOURABLE MENTION OF THE YOUNG JURY in the category of animated programs: "MAESTRO"

submitted by: KEDD Animation Studio, Hungary


HONOURABLE MENTION OF THE YOUNG JURY in the category of animated programs: "A Sunny Day"

submitted by: Südwestrundfunk, GERMANY


HONOURABLE MENTION OF THE YOUNG JURY in the category of animated programs: "Where is the New Year"

submitted by: Telewizja Polska, POLAND


HONOURABLE MENTION OF THE YOUNG JURY in the category of educational programs: "We Never Did Anything Wrong - The Genocide of the Sinti and Roma"

submitted by: Südwestrundfunk, GERMANY


HONOURABLE MENTION OF THE YOUNG JURY in the category of educational programs: Cmyplanet! – episode “The Right For Child Not To Be Exploited At Work”

submitted by: RTBF Belgian Television, BELGIUM


HONOURABLE MENTION OF THE YOUNG JURY in the category of documentary programs: "As Time Goes By"

submitted by: Centre de l’Audiovisuel, BELGIUM


HONOURABLE MENTION OF THE YOUNG JURY in the category of documentary programs: Stark! – episode Khombisile – Dance and Fly of Joy

submitted by: ZDF German Television, GERMANY

Thu, 11 Oct 2007 02:58:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Prix_Danube/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=361#comments
Awards for the 2007 International New Film Festival Split http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_New_Film_Festival_Split/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=355#comments GRAND PRIX (FEATURE COMPETITION): "MAJAK"

Directed by: Maria Saakyan, Russia



Directed by: Albert Serra, Spain



Directed by: John Smith, UK



Directed by: Yoni Bentovim and Emily Harris



Directed by: Damir Čučić, Hrvatska


and "FAST, FASTER, FASTEST (AMERICAN ATTRITION)" Directed by: Brian Dugan Block, SAD / USA


SPECIAL FESTIVAL AWARD: Lars Von Trier, (Denmark)

Thu, 11 Oct 2007 01:38:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_New_Film_Festival_Split/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=355#comments
Awards for the 2007 Milano Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Milano_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=353#comments Feature film competition: "Reprise"

Directed by: Joachim Trier

Norway, 2006, 35mm, 105’


Special Mentions: "California Dreamin’ (endless)"

Directed by: Cristian Nemescu, Romania, 2006, 35mm, 155’

"Mister Lonely"

Directed by: Harmony Korine, France / Usa, 2007, 35mm, 112’


Short Film competition: "Just Like the Movies"

Directed by: Michal Kosakowski, Austria, 2006, DV, 21’


Special Mentions: "Nijuman no borei" (200.000 Phantoms)

Directed by: Jean-Gabriel Périot, France, 2007, 35mm, 10’


Directed by: Rodeon Brodsky, Israel, 2006, 16mm, 9’

"Valuri" (Waves),

Directed by: Adrian Sitaru, Romania, 2007, 35mm, 16’

"Soldat" (Soldier),

Directed by: David Peros Bonnot, Croatia, 2006, digiBeta, 5’

"Energie!" (Energy!),

Directed by: Thorsten Fleisch, DEU, 2007, miniDV, 5’


Aprile award: "Zur Maloche" (Getting Ready),

Directed by: Roberto Anjari-Rossi, DEU, 2007, 35mm, 16’


Special Mentions: "Tommy"

Directed by: Ole Giaever, Norway, 2007, DvCam, 12’


Directed by: Alexia Walther, FRA/CH, 2006, 16mm, 11’


Directed by: David Dusa, FRA/DEU/NL, 2007, miniDV, 9’

"Waiting at the Gate"

Directed by: Rocky Palladino, Great Britain, 2007, 16mm, 75’


CGIL award: "Outsourcing"

Directed by: Markus Dietrich, DEU, 2006, 16mm, 6’


Italian Get-togethers: "Lacreme Napulitane"

Directed by: Francesco Satta, Italy, 2007, HDCam, 18'


Audience award: "I Am Bob"

Directed by: Donald Rice, GB, 2007, DvCam, 19’


Staff award: "The Lonely Bliss of the Cannonball Luke"

Directed by: Levi Abrino, USA, 2007, 16mm, 11’


Students' award: "Soft"

Directed by: Simon Ellis, GB, 2006, 35mm, 14’


Special mention: "Ujbaz Izbeneki Has Lost His Soul"

Directed by: Neil Jack, GB, 2006, digiBeta, 5’


Animation Award Winner: "Patty, kratki film v perverzih" (Patty, Short Film in Perverses),

Directed by: Matej Lavrencicand and Roman Razman, Slovenia, 2006, DVD, 3’35

Thu, 11 Oct 2007 01:10:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Milano_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=353#comments
Awards as the 2007 Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Lisbon_Gay_Lesbian_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=352#comments Best Feature Film - "Solange du hier bist" (While you are Here)

Director: Stefan Westerwelle

Germany, 2006, 77’

Prize: 1.000,00€


“The majority of the Jury decided to give the Award for Best Feature Film to Stefan Westerwelle’s “Solange du hier bist”. The Jury appreciated the coherence of the film’s theme and form. The film is narrated in a visual language characterized by artful composition with great attention to detail. Loneliness and the proximity of death are rarely explored in cinema, thus making the film appealing to audiences regardless of their sexuality.”

-Jury statement


Special Mention: Carla Ribas for "A Casa de Alice"

Director: Chico Teixeira

Brazil, 2007, 90’


“The Jury decided to award a Special Mention to Carla Ribas for her excellent portrayal of the character Alice, in “A Casa de Alice”, directed by Chico Teixeira.”

-Jury statement


Best Documentary: "Estrellas de la Línea" (The Railroad All-Stars)

Director: Chema Rodríguez

Spain, 2006, 90’

Prize: 1.000,00€


“The winner of the best documentary award is Estrellas de la línea/ The Railroad All-Stars, by Chema Rodríguez. It’s about a group of prostitutes from Guatemala who decide to create a football team to give visibility to their fight against discrimination, violence and exclusion. It´s not a gay film, nor a lesbian or a transgender film. It’s all that and more. It´s a universal, clever, unexpected and moving film about the ability to resist, to defy one’s destiny and sexual, social, cultural and gender conventions. The hookers ‘de la linea’ don´t want to be perceived as victims. They laugh as they fight, and they make us laugh a lot. There’s really no better way to bring people together. And that’s what this fight is all about.”

-Jury statement


Best Short Film – Audience Award: "Singularidades"

Director: Luciano Coelho

Brazil, 2006, 35’

Prize: 500,00€

Thu, 11 Oct 2007 01:02:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Lisbon_Gay_Lesbian_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=352#comments
Awards for the 2007 Fantastisk Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Fantastisk_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=351#comments Méliès d'Argent/Silver Méliès:"Die Blaue Grenze"

(A Quiet Love)

Directed by: Till Franzen(Germany/Denmark, 2005, )


Nomination for a Méliès d'Or - Best European Short Film: "Mebana"

Directed by: Daniel Wallentin (Sweden, 2005)


Audience Choice Award - Best Feature Film: "The Kovak Box"

Directed by: Daniel Monzón (Spain, 2006)


Audience Choice Award - Best Short Film- Animation: "Bendito Machine"

Directed by: Jossie Malis (Spain, 2006)


Audience Choice Award - Best Short Film- Live-Action: "Dupe"

Directed by: Chris Waitt (Scotland, 2005)

Thu, 11 Oct 2007 11:54:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Fantastisk_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=351#comments
Awards for the 2007 International Student Festival of Film Arts http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/IN_THE_PALACE_International_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=344#comments At the closing ceromony for the 2007 International Student Festival of Film Arts the following films and filmmakers were awarded:


For Best Film: “The T-Shirt”

Directed by: Hossein Martin Fazeli, Czech Republic


Best Animation: “T.O.M”

Directed and Created by: Tom Brown and Daniel Gray


Best Documentary: “Sona and Her Family”

Directed by: Daniela Rusnokova, Slovak Republik


The Special Award for Drama: “A little tiger”

Directed by: Anna-Carin Andersson, Sweden


Best Bugarian Movie: “Crossroads”

directed by: Hristo Gochev


Best Bulgarian Documentary: “Four”

Directed by: Branimir Bogdanov


Best Bulgarian Animation (tie) “If only we had women” Directed by: Nedelcho Bogdanov and


“The air ace”

Directed by: Svilen Dimitrov


Best Television Movie: “Stories for a studio”

Director Damian Petrov (BNT).


The special award of DKI-KC PALACE and the award of Ministry of Culture in Republic Bulgaria for bulgarian movie were give to “Waltzes and Tangos”, producer company “Front film”


Наградените както следва в категориите, са:


За игрален филм: “Тениската”, Чехия, реж. Хюсеин Мартин Фазели


За анимация наградата отиде при Том Браун и Даниел Грей за “Т.О.М.”


За документален филм бе отличен “Сона и нейното семейство”, Словакия, реж. Даниела Руснокова.


Специалната награда за драма получи “Малък тигър”, Швеция, реж. Анна-Карин Андерсон


От българската програма за най-добър филм бе избран “Crossroads” реж. Христо Гочев, за документален филм наградата получи “Четири”, реж. Бранимир Богданов, а наградата за анимация поделиха “Да имахме жени”, реж. Неделчо Богданов и “Господаря на небето”, реж. Свилен Димитров.


Награда за най-добър телевизионен филм спечели “Истории за ателие”, реж. Дамян Петров /БНТ/.


Специалната награда на ДКИ-КЦ ДВОРЕЦА и наградата на Министерството на Културата на Република България за български филм бяха присъдени на “Валсове и танга от село Бела вода” на продуценска къща “ФРОНТ ФИЛМ

Tue, 09 Oct 2007 12:03:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/IN_THE_PALACE_International_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=344#comments
The 2007 Compass of Resistance Int"l Film Festival in Bristol http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Compass_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=336#comments Resistance' in international cinema forms the theme for the second Compass Film Festival in Bristol which will offer an impressive range of film screenings, discussions, workshops and other events. The festival will kick off on 21st October with an international experimental short film competition, Radical Reels: Five Minutes of Mayhem! The main festival weekend will take place on the 3rd–4th November with the compass needle turning to India, Russia, Jamaica, Algeria and England. The films will be accompanied by talks with internationally acclaimed academics and film directors. Festival audiences can take part in a range of workshops from VJ masterclasses to seminars on resistance-related themes. Festival director Sam King says: “Resistance is not a defined film genre but cinema has always had a tradition of questioning and challenging the status quo. It has given voice to those who often go unheard."

Tue, 02 Oct 2007 11:38:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Compass_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=336#comments
IMAGO 2007 Film and Event Line-Up http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Imago_Intl_Young_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=331#comments CAIXA GERAL DE DEPOSITOS OFFICIAL SELECTION


JONAS MEKAS - RETROSPECTIVE www.jonasmekas.com


"A Letter from Greenpoint" (JONAS MEKAS 1, 30 Sept, 15h30)


"Three Friends": "Zefiro Torna", "Happy Birthday John", "Scenes from the life of Andy Warhol: friendships and intersections" (JONAS MEKAS 2, 2 Oct, 16h30)


"15 FROM THE FIRST 40" (JONAS MEKAS 3, 4 Oct, 23h00):


PROSPECTIVE - PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTORS RUI POCAS www.ruipocas.com AND XAVI GIMENEZ www.imdb.com/name/nm0319885/


Feature Films:


"Odete", Joao Pedro Rodrigues (RUI POCAS 3, 3 Oct, 23h00)


"Andre Valente", Catarina Ruivo (RUI POCAS 2, 2 Oct, 18h00)


"A Cara que Mereces", Miguel Gomes (RUI POCAS 1, 1 Oct, 23h00)


Shorts (RUI POCAS 4, 15H00)


"China China", Joao Pedro Rodriges and Joao Rui G. Da Mata


"Contraritmo", Joao Figueiras


"Cantico das Criaturas", Miguel Gomes


"Sangue Sobre Vermelho", Pedro Baptista


Feature films:


"Los Sin Nombre", Jaume Balaquero (XAVI GIMENEZ 1, 29 Sept, 16h30)


"El Camino de Los Ingleses", Antonio Banderas (XAVI GIMENEZ, 30 Sept, 23h00 NATIONAL PREMIERE)


"The Machinist", Brad Anderson (XAVI GIMENEZ 3, 3 Oct, 18h00)


Curtas (XAVI GIMENEZ 4, 5 Oct, 23h00)


"La Musa", Jordi Molla


"Walter Peralta", Jordi Molla


"Dr. Curry", David Alcalde


"Genesis", Nacho Cerda





Shorts (DAVID LYNCH 2, 2 Oct, 23h00):


"Six Figures Getting Sick" (1966) "The Amputee" (1974) "The Grandmother" (1970) "The Alphabet" (1968) "Dumbland" (2002)


Feature films:


"Eraserhead" (DAVID LYNCH, 29 Sept, 15H00)

"Inland Empire" (DAVID LYNCH 3, 6 Oct, 15h00)






FLORIA SIGISMONDI - VIDEOCLIP SERIES (29 Sept - 15h30, 1 Oct - 18h00, 5 Oct- 15h30)





The Pixies - LoudQuietLoud, Steve Cantor & Matthew Galkin 85' (USA, 2006) - 29 Sept, 21h45



The Polyphonic Spree - Raise Your Ears And Hold On To Your Heart, Julie Doyle 51' (USA, 2007) - 30 Sept, 21h45



Sonar Around The World, 65' (SP, 2007) - 30 Sept, 21h45



Glastonbury, Julien Temple 138' (UK, 2006) - 1 Oct, 21h45



American Hardcore - The History of American Punk Rock 1980-1986, Paul Rachman & Steven Blush (USA, 2006) - 2 Oct, 21h45



Rock The Bells, Dennis Hennelly & Casey Suchan 110' (USA, 2007) - 3 Oct, 21h45



Brava Danca, Jorge Pereirinha & Jose Pinheiro (PT, 2007) - 4 Oct, 21h45



Beastie Boys - Awesome, I Fucking Shot That, Adam Yauch (USA, 2006) - 5 Oct, 21h45



Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man, Lian Lunson (USA, 2006) - 6 Oct, 21h45



R. Stevie Moore, (USA, 2007) - 7 Oct, 21h45



DIGITAL GENERATION (30 Sept - 15h30, 2 Oct - 15h30)



OPEN CINEMA 2006 (RUSSIAN FESTIVAL) (1 Oct - 17h30, 4 Oct - 17h30)






Diba 1 (30 Sept, 18h30) - DIba Club International Short Films

Diba 2 (3 Oct, 18h30) - DIba Club Sound And Vision

Diba 3 (5 Oct, 17h30) - DiBa Express


QOOB.TV "Broadcasting Ideas



THIS IS....TOMLAB (29 Sept, 17h30 and 2 Oct, 17h30)






PROJECTO SAL GROSSO (1 Oct, 18h30 and 4 Oct, 15h30) www.fbcu.com.br


MUVIES.PT (30 Sept, 17h30, 3 Oct, 15h30 and 6 Oct, 17h30)


Old Jerusalem



Born a Lion









Margarida Pinto



Jorge Cruz



The Poppers






Micro Audio Waves



Linda Martini



The Weatherman






David Fonseca











GONZALES (CAN/FR) - 6 Oct (Auditorio Moagem, limited capacity)



KALABRESE (CH) - 6 Oct (Concert Room Moagem)



THIS IS...TOMLAB (SHOWCASE) 5 Oct (Cocnert Room Moagem)












NORTON (PT) - 4 Oct (Concert Room Moagem)



THE ALLSTAR PROJECT (PT) 29 Sept (Auditorio Moagem - limited capacity)




B-Music Night w/ CHRIS GEDDES from Belle and Sebastian & ANDY VOTEL (UK) -

29 Sept (Moagem Lounge)





COCO from Nitsa Barcelona/Primavera Sound (SP) + LOS ALATAQUERS (SP) - 6 Oct

(Moagem Lounge)






VAGHAN & SENOR PELOTA (PT) - 4 Oct (Moagem Lounge)


FRIENDS & GUESTS DJs & VJs - 30 Sept, 01 Oct, 02 Oct, 03 Oct (Moagem Lounge)


TOMLAB DJs (GER) - 5 Oct (Concert RoomMoagem)








(Auditorio Moagem - limited capacity)



Oct (Auditorio Moagem - limited capacity)



Wed, 26 Sep 2007 01:03:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Imago_Intl_Young_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=331#comments
World Soundtrack Academy honours composer Theodorakis with Lifetime Achievement Award http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=330#comments The Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the distribution of the World Soundtrack Awards on October20, 2007. Theodorakis has written the music for Zorba The Greek, Z and Serpico. The Flemish Radio Orchestra conducted by Dirk Brossé will play music from Zorba The Greek .


Mikis Theodorakis was born on the Greek island Chios on July 29, 1925. Still being a child he became acquainted with Greek folk music and after hearing Ludwig von Beethoven's Ninth Symphony he decided to become a composer himself. He received a musical formation both in his own country and at the Conservatory in Paris, where he studied under Olivier Messiaen. His gift for music was immediately recognised and he was commissioned with film scores and ballet music. In 1959, his ballet Antigone was performed at Covent Garden in London. The death of a young striker and the poems about the incident he set to music, urged him to return to his homeland. Political incidents have never let him indifferent.


The German occupation of Greece, the Greek civil wars and the never-ending tensions between Turkey and Greece in the Cyprus dispute have marked Mikis Theodorakis deeply. He has always tried to reconcile, but has also taken stands as a result of which he ended in prison more than once and was even tortured. When the Colonels took power in 1967, he was first interned in his homeland and in 1970, under the pressure of an international solidarity movement, released and sent to exile in Paris.


He reached fame with his scores for Michael Cacoyannis' Zorba the Greek (1964) and Costa-Gavras' Z (1969). He also wrote the music for The Trojan Women, The Day the Fish Came Out and Iphegenia in Aulis, three films made by Cacoyannis. Also with Costa-Gavras he hit it off immediately, and the score for Z was followed by music for Etat de Siège. Among his sixty music scores should not be forgotten that for Sidney Lumet’s Serpico.


In the sixties and in the eighties Mikis Theodorakis was a Member of Parliament and a minister. He was even solicited to become Greek president, but he declined that offer because of his age. Although some of his political statements were controversial, he has got several peace prizes.


At the seventh edition of the World Soundtrack Awards the Flemish Radio orchestra conducted by Dirk Brossé will not only perform music of Mikis Theodorakis, but also of the Canadian composer Mychael Danna (Little Miss Sunshine, Capote, Monsoon Wedding, Ice Storm), of Harry Gregson-Williams (Man of Fire, Shrek, Chronicles of Narnia), of Evanthia Reboutsika (My Father & My Son), World Soundtrack Discovery 2006 and of Belgian jazz musician Jef Neve (Dagen Zonder Lief).


7th edition of the World Soundtrack Awards, at Music Centre De Bijloke Ghent at 8 p.m. on Saturday 20 October. Tickets €42/€32 via TeleTicketService (www.teleticketservice.be - 070 345 345)



Wed, 26 Sep 2007 12:19:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=330#comments
Triple movie kick off for 34th Ghent International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=326#comments The 34th edition of the Ghent International Film Festival kicks off on Tuesday October 9 featuring not one but 3 movies. "Closing the Ring," a very strong European première opens the section Festival Previews in the presence of Lord Richard Attenborough. The same evening the competition is launched with "Die Fälscher" by Stefan Ruzowsky and in Vooruit the section Almost Cinema is opened with "Sand & Sorrow," a documentary about the Darfur genocide.


In "Closing the Ring" Lord Richard Attenborough tells us a story in two different time zones. It starts during WWII when 3 pilots fall in love with the same woman, Ethel. A few dozen years later, the truth comes to light when in Northern Ireland a boy digs up a ring in which are engraved the names of Ethel and one of the pilotes. He wants to know more… The movie stars Shirley Maclaine, Christopher Plummer, Neve Campbell and Mischa Barton. Lord Attenborough can look back on a vast career. He acted in about 70 movies (a.o. Jurassic Parc). The first movie he directed was the war musical "Oh! What a lovely war". In total he directed 10 movies but peaked in 1982 when he delivered his masterpiece "Ghandi," winning 8 Academy Awards. Lord Richard Attenborough was our esteemed guest in 2004 when he visited us as a Unicef ambassador and featured in “An Evening with…” at Arts Centre Vooruit. The festival warmly welcomes his Lordship once again along with the cast of "Closing the Ring," which will come to our theatres in spring next year.


The competion opens with "Die Fälscher," the Austrian candidate for the Academy Awards. The movie tells us the story of a huge and well organised counterfeiting in Nazi Germany. Salomon “Sally” Sorowitz, Berlin’s champion of forgery, is arrested by Nazi inspector Friedrich Herzog. His lovely life changes abruptly when he is sent to the Mathausen concentration camp. He is ordered to produce masses of false dollars and British Pounds to destroy the allies’ economies. In return for their favours the counterfeiters can live in comfortable barracks. Adolf Burger is one of them. But he is reluctant to use his talents for the benefit of the Nazis and tries to sabotage the operations whenever he can. "Die Fälscher" is based on Adolf Burger’s book Des Teufels Werkstatt. Ruzowitsky wanted to make as truthful a report as possible and so he worked closely with Burger himself, who celebrated his 90th birthday this year. Ruzowitsky made his debut in 1996 with the movie "Tempo" and then directed a.o. the horror movie Anatomy and the comical war movie All the Queen’s Men. In 1998 he won the Grand Prix for Best Movie at the Ghent International Film Festival with "Die Siebtelbauern," a story about a farmer’s family.


The third opening movie is "Sand & Sorrow." It will open the section Almost Cinema, a co-production with the Art Centre, Vooruit. "Sand & Sorrow" is about the Darfur Conflict, and is staged in the refugee camps by the Sudanese border and the mass graves of Darfur itself and even switches to the US Senate. Director Paul Freeman creates a shocking image of the sorrow of a people that stands to be destroyed due to political obstinacy and the shameful indifference of a world only watching. Actor George Clooney who insisted on getting this “forgotten conflict” on the agenda lends his voice to "Sand & Sorrow" and co produces.

Tue, 25 Sep 2007 03:01:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=326#comments
Festival Boasts Biggest Ever Industry Slate of Events http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/London_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=318#comments London's first ever Production Finance Market, launched by Film London in association with The Times BFI 51st London Film Festival, will take place 22-23 October, focusing on new private forms of investment, film finance and new distribution avenues; one of the many events in the Festival's expanded industry calendar. 120 international and UK financiers and established producers will participate in more than 400 face-to-face matched meetings, including 11 emerging producers who have been selected to pitch their projects and attend training seminars at the market. The Production Finance Market is also supported by the UK Film Council, UK Trade and Investment, Skillset, the London Development Agency and peacefulfish.


In collaboration with ACE (Ateliers du Cinéma Européen) and the French Institute, with support from Skillset, the UK Film Council and the MEDIA Plus Programme of the European Community, the seminar CREATIVE PRODUCER - A CONTRADICTION IN TERMS? will take place on October 24 at the French Institute.


POWER TO THE PIXEL is a one-day forum hosted by the Festival on Friday 26 October that will explore pioneering new ways of distributing, marketing and financing independent films. Leading industry experts will explore overviews of cutting-edge digital distribution business models and services, as well as discussing how to build new audiences, maximise revenues and reach core, global audiences.



The UK Film Council will co-host a series of events with the Festival. Together with the German Federal Film Board, a co-production event on October 25 will explore German rebates working with UK tax relief, as well as other sources of production finance. The second event, IN FOCUS - WORKING WITH DISABILITY IN THE FILM INDUSTRY will allow panellists to discuss whether disability could be a barrier to working in the film industry, while the UK Film Council will be launching a DVD of the same name.


Building on the success of last year's industry screenings and the inaugural MEET THE BUYER session (titles picked up for UK distribution included HALF NELSON, ANGOSTO, STOLEN HOLIDAYS and THE SINGER), both will return, thanks to the continued funding from the London Development Agency and the Mayor of London through Film London. Industry screenings will be at the Curzon Soho from Monday 22 - Thursday 25 October and MEET THE BUYER is on Tuesday 23 October.


The Festival continues its commitment to training and presents, in conjunction with Skillset and Film London, a five-day programme at The Hospital for 25 filmmakers who are seeking to develop their careers at THINK-SHOOT-DISTRIBUTE from October 22 - 26. A lively series of talks, workshops and master-classes by top industry speakers will look at the business, creative and technical aspects of the film industry.


Further enhancing its role in nurturing the film talent of tomorrow, the Festival continues to work with key film schools to present the fourth edition of WORKING YOUR FUTURE - aimed specifically at undergraduates to give them post-graduation career guidance via panel presentations and screenings, as well as a keynote address by Julie Baines of Dan Films.


Also working with a wide range of established partners such as The Script Factory, the Directors Guild of Great Britain, the New Producers Alliance, Film London, B3 Media and the National Film and Television School, the Festival will also host a series of panel discussions and filmmaking events.


For further information regarding Industry Events visit:


Tue, 25 Sep 2007 10:55:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/London_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=318#comments
CIFEJ and Delphis Films are proud to announce the second edition of "Dauphin D'Or" http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinekid_Intl_Film_Television_New_Media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=313#comments "Dauphin D'Or" is an international touring prize given to the production house of a family film that has both high artistic and commercial merits, at one specific festival (usually a CIFEJ member) each year. This year, CINEKID FESTIVAL has been chosen to host the Prize in order to celebrate the dynamic Dutch production and distribution industry in family films.


Along with a certificate and a trophy, a check of $5000 US will be awarded to the production house of the winning film. Delphis Films will also make an on-the spot worldwide distribution offer on competitive terms to the producer should the rights be still available.


A world sales agent specialized in high quality family films, Delphis Films has already a unique collection of widely acclaimed family films acquired from around the world including the Netherlands. Over the years, these films such as "Minoes," "Ikingut" or "Daniel and the Superdogs" have been successfully distributed in over 100 countries. Through the "Dauphin D'Or" Prize, Delphis Films wishes to show its goodwill to the international production community and encourage more and better feature films for children from all countries and races that may find an international life outside its national border through the specialized and market-tested sales services provided by Delphis Films.


CEO/President of Delphis Films, Mr. Richard Laferriere says: " To spread the word that we are actively looking for high quality family films for world distribution, we had this idea of creating a prize. Due to the 50 year old history of CIFEJ, the International Center of Film for Children and Youth, in this area our collaboration with them was a natural."


Jo-Anne Blouin, Executive Director of CIFEJ, comments, "we are very impressed with the experience and determination of Delphis Films in helping independent producers getting their films seen by children and their parents around the world. It is a blessing to have a specialist willing to work in such a niche market."

Tue, 25 Sep 2007 10:04:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cinekid_Intl_Film_Television_New_Media/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=313#comments
Mychael Danna, Harry Gregson-Williams and Jef Neve to star at WSA http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=308#comments The 7th edition of the World Soundtrack Awards on 20th October 2007 promises once again to be an event for lovers of film music. World-class film music composers will come to Ghent for the presentation of the World Soundtrack Awards and concert, with music from Mychael Danna, Harry Gregson-Williams and Jef Neve being the highlight.


Since the World Soundtrack Awards and Academy were established at the Ghent Film Festival 2001, the event has become an annual celebration for lovers of film music. From this year on, the ceremony and accompanying concert will officially close the 34th edition of the Ghent Film Festival. The final phase of the festival is a three-day film music event, beginning on 18th October with a concert from double Oscar winner Gustavo Santaolalla and his Bajofondo Tango Club, followed by a film-music concert by Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias on 19th October.


During the 7th edition of the World Soundtrack Awards, the Flemish Radio Orchestra will give a live performance of music by Mychael Danna (Little Miss Sunshine, Capote, Exotica, Monsoon Wedding), Harry Gregson-Williams (Antz, Shrek, Chicken Run, Veronica Guerin) and the Greek composer Evanthia Reboutsika (My Father & My Son), who won the WSA Discovery of the Year award last year. The orchestra will be conducted by Dirk Brossé. All composers will, of course, be present in Ghent.


In accordance with tradition, a Belgian is always on stage during the presentation of the World Soundtrack Awards. This year, jazz musician Jef Neve, who caused a stir with his first film score for Felix van Groeningen's Dagen zonder lief (With Friends Like These...), will bear the honour. There will also be a forum for new Belgian music talent with the annual composition competition for young composers, where candidates were asked to compose music for a montage from the film Belgium, The Movie by Wim Robberechts. The Flemish Radio Orchestra will perform the winning score live to an international audience.


For the list of nominees for the World Soundtrack Awards 2007 click here. More info on the WSA can be found on the website www.worldsoundtrackawards.com. Film music lovers can already vote for the World Soundtrack Public Choice Award on this website, by voting for their favourite soundtrack from the past 12 months.



World Soundtrack Awards, Saturday 20th October 2007 at 8:00pm in De Bijloke music centre, Ghent. Tickets: €42, €32 (+ €2 reservation fee per ticket) via Tele Ticket Service (www.teleticketservice.com - 0032 34 0000 34)

Thu, 06 Sep 2007 02:32:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Flanders_Intl_Film_Festival_Ghent/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=308#comments
LUCAS Film Market Place http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Childrens_Film_Festival_LUCAS/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=307#comments In the year 1991 LUCAS Film Festival has announced the 1st film market place. From this time on LUCAS Film Festival is accompanied by the forum focused on films for children and youth every year.


In 2007 during its 30th edition LUCAS wants to take the opportunity to increase its film market place. From now one LUCAS will in addition to the festival catalogue, also publish an extensive market catalogue containing crew and genre information, brief descriptions in two languages and contact addresses for each film submitted.


The main objective is to present fiction, shorts and documentaries focused on films for children and youth every year. Indexes organized by title, genre, director and running time facilitate working with the catalogue.


We hope the market place to become a remarkable opportunity for buyers, festival representatives, TV stations with appropriate program profile and other trade visitors to look at the current state of worldwide productions for children and youth in a concentrated

atmosphere, and to select works for their own use. All accredited visitors have a catalogue in German and English at their disposal from which to make their selections.


And we also hope the market place to become a outstanding forum for producers, distributors, filmmakers and other experts to share and ex-change their experiences.

Thu, 06 Sep 2007 02:19:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Childrens_Film_Festival_LUCAS/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=307#comments
Fantoche 07's first programof shorts is available to view now on the Internet http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Fantoche_Intl_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=301#comments "Flash&Co" is a compilation of nine animated films which have been made for the Internet and can be watched online. Fantoche has made "Flash & Co." in collaboration with "Webcuts", the Berlin Internet Film Festival. The films being presented show the rich diversity of the content and the aesthetics of animation on the Web.


For example, there's "Elephants Dream" by Bassam Kurdali, a film which only came about thanks to the medium of the Internet. It was made exclusively using open source graphics software. Therefore, this high-quality work is now available for anyone to download free of charge.


"I Am Not a Biscuit" by Brad Wolfley, on the other hand, is an extremely simply made, low-budget production. This tale about the destiny of the son of a pretzel and a biscuit is amusing, but also carries a deep message. This is a film which attracted its audience thanks to the Web.


The Brazilian production "Tyger" by Guilherme Marcondes allows you to escape from reality and immerse yourself in a whole new world. Right now, for example, on an ordinary Tuesday afternoon.


To view these shorts, click here: www.fantoche.ch/webanimationen.

Thu, 06 Sep 2007 12:35:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Fantoche_Intl_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=301#comments
With "RIFF ON TOUR" the Independent Italian Cinema travels around the world http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Roma_Independent_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=299#comments "Il Rabdomante" arrives at the Temecula Valley International Film Festival in San Diego

The shorts of the "RIFF to the EAST"


"Il Rabdomante," launched as exclusive premier at the Roma Independent Film Festival in April 2007 (RIFF), following a number of important reviews, finally will be screened in the Italian cinemas starting from September 7th. At the same time, thanks to the strong activity of the "Riff On Tour," the section of the Festival that promotes the Italian authors abroad, with the support of the Ministry of the Arts General Direction for Cinema and IMAIE, "Il Rabdomante " will be exported to the prestigious Temecula Valley International Film Festival in San Diego (September 12th-16th) and to the Umeå International Film Festival in Sweden (September 16th).


Directed by Fabrizio Cattani and starring Pascal Zullino awarded as best actor at the Clorofilla Film Festival 2007 and the Hungarian actress Andrea Osvart, the movie tells about two current and burning subjects: drought and water trade.


Courageously and independently, they have preferred to self-produce through the system of The Coproducers.

Two more movies that have been much appreciated by the RIFF audience, "Billo, il Gran Dakar" by Laura Muscardin (epic comedy on integration, produced by The Coproducers) and "Il pugile e la ballerina" by Francesco Suriano, together with a selection of 9 short movies selected within the RIFF, will also be hosted by the Temecula in San Diego.


The shorts of the RIFF will be on Tour towards two important East European Countries, Bulgaria, within the International Short Film Festival 2007 in the Palace in Balchik, on the coast of the Black Sea, that will be held from September 9th to 15th, and Hungary, at the International Festival of Young Filmmakers (CineFest) in Miskolc, from September 16th to 23rd.


Roma Independent Film Festival

Piazza Buenos Aires, 5 -000198 Rome

U: +39.06.45425050

www.riff.it - press@riff.it

Thu, 06 Sep 2007 12:12:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Roma_Independent_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=299#comments
Award Winners of the 2007 Locarno International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Locarno_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=285#comments The official jury of the 60th Locarno International Film Festival, composed of:


• Walter Carvalho, cinematographer and director, Brazil

• Saverio Costanzo, director, Italy

• Irène Jacob, actress, France

• Jia Zhang-Ke, director, China

• Romuald Karmakar, director, Germany

• Bruno Todeschini, actor, Switzerland / France

Awarded the following prizes:


Golden Leopard

Grand Prize of the city and region of Locarno (90,000 CHF to be shared equally between the director and the producer) to :

“AI NO YOKAN” (THE REBIRTH) by Masahiro Kobayashi, Japan



Special Jury Prize:

Prize of the cities of Ascona and of Losone (30,000 CHF to be shared equally between the director and the producer) awarded to the film that best conveys the spirit of communication between people and culture to:

“MEMORIES” by Pedro Costa, Harun Farockis, Eugène Green, South Korea



Best Director:

Prize of the city and region of Locarno (30,000 CHF to be shared between the director and the producer), to the best director :

Philippe Ramos for “CAPITAINE ACHAB,” France/Sweden



Leopard for Best Actress:

Marian Alvares in “LO MEJOR DE MI,” Spain



Leopard for Best Actor:

Joint winners:

Michel Piccoli in “SOUS LES TOITS DE PARIS” by Hiner Saleem (France)


Michele Venitucci in “FUORI DALLE CORDE” by Fulvio Bernasconi (Switzerland/Italy)



Special mention to:

Cho Sang-Yoon, cinematographer in the film “BOYS OF TOMORROW” by Noh


Mon, 20 Aug 2007 05:41:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Locarno_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=285#comments
Award WInners for Avanca 2007 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Avanca/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=283#comments Feature Film Prize: “Iron Island”

Directed by: Mohammad Rasoulof (Iran)


Special Mention: “Franz + Polina”

Directed by: Mikhail Segal (Russia)


and “NimmerMeer”

Directed by: Toke Constantin Hebbeln (Germany and Denmark)


Short Film Prize: “Security”

Directed by: Lars Henning (Germany)


Video Prize: “Rendez-vous dans l’inachevé”

Directed by: Richard Jutras (Canada)


TV Prize: “Anderman”

Directed by: Jaap van Heusden (Netherlands)


Special Mention


Directed by: Romas Lileikis (Lithuania)



Directed by: Darius Kuciewicz (Poland)


Multimedia Prize: Vlog “The call Of The Dead”

Directed by: Dane Watkins (USA)



Animation Prize: “Oblomov’s cat”

Directed by: Hans Richter (Netherlands)


Special Mention


Directed by: Florian Grolig (Germany)


Prémio Interpretação (ex-aequo) / Best Actor/Actress Prize (ex-aequo)

Svetlana Ivanova and Adrian Topor in “Franz + Polina”,

Directed by: Mikhail Segal (Russia)


Best Screenplay Prize

Mohammad Rasoulof in “Iron Island” (Iran)


Cinematography Prize: Maxim Trapo in “Franz + Polina”

Directed by: Mikhail Segal (Russia)


Avanca Competition Prize: “Logo hoje”

Directed by: José Pedro Magano


Special Mention: “Cães Marinheiros”

Directed by: Joana Toste


“Grandes Esperanças”

Directed by: Miguel Marques

Mon, 20 Aug 2007 04:52:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Avanca/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=283#comments
Award Winners of the 2007 Motovun Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Motovun_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=281#comments Propeller of Motovun went to: “Sweet Mud”

Directed by: Dror Shaul.


The Propeller Award Jury used the opportunity to award a special mention to the following films:


Kujtim Csasku singled out “The Cats Of Mirikitani”

Directed by: Linda Hattendorf.


Mi‰a Radivojeviç highlighted “The Mourning Forrest”

Directed by: Naomi Kawasa.


Ognjen Sviliãiç singled out “The Art Of Crying”

Directed by: Peter Schonau Fog.


Istvan Szabo highlighted “Red Road”

Directed by: Andrea Arnold.


The Award FromAtoA went to “Problem With Mosquitoes And Other Stories”

Directed by: Andrey Paounov.


The FIPRESCI Award, given by the international jury of film critics, went to “Hallam Foe”

Directed by: David Mackenzie.


The winner of the short film competition: “T-Shirt.”

Directed by: Hissein Fazeli's


Based on cell-phone votes, the Audience Award went to Goran Kulenoviç's film “Sing A Love Song”

Mon, 20 Aug 2007 04:34:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Motovun_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=281#comments
Awards for the 2007 Imaginaria - Independent Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Imaginaria_Independent_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=280#comments BEST FEATURE FILM: “ZULO” (Hole)

Directed by: Carlos Martin Ferrera (Spain)


Special Mention to:


Directed by: Pietro Reggiani (Italy)


BEST SHORT FILM: “Meridionali Senza Filtro”

Directed by: Michele Bia (Italia)


Special Mention to: “La Cena di Emmaus”

Directed by: Josè Corvaglia and

“Tana Libera Tutti”

Directed by: Vito Palmieri.


The Documentary Section jury composed of:

Valentina Brero (the Secretary-General of the National Association of Italian documentary film-makers Doc/It)

Karianne Fiorini (one of the members of the executive of Home Movies – National Archive of Family Film)

Paolo Simoni (co-founder of Home Movies - National Archive of Family Film)


has deliberated:



Directed by: Marco Battaglia (Italy)


Special Mention to:


“Plac” (Market)

Directed by: Ana Husman (Croatia)


The Animation Section jury composed of:

Edi Bianco (web, graphic design and communication)

Michele Casella (show business critic, dj and radio announcer)

Pierangelo Di Vittorio (professor of Philosophical Lexis in French, at University of Bari)


has deliberated:




“Dreams and Desires - Family Ties”

Directed by: Joanna Quinn (UK)



Directed by: Julien Vray and Yohann Angelvy (France)


The video art section jury composed of:

Agnese Purgatorio (artist)

Pierpaolo Guaragno (dj, curator of art library)

Rossana Rubino (video maker, curator of creative laboratories)

Tommaso Lagattolla (set designer and costume designer)


has deliberated:




“Three Sisters”

Directed by: Sergey Provorov, Galina Myznikova (Russian Federation)


Special Mention to:


Directed by: Chris Flach (USA)


“Time Variations”

Directed by: Ming-Yu Lee (Taiwan)

Mon, 20 Aug 2007 04:27:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Imaginaria_Independent_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=280#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Message to Man International Documentary, Short and Animated http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Message_to_Man_Intl_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=275#comments “Golden Centaur” Grand Prix and 5000 USD for the best Festival film: “MY LOVE”

Director: Alexander Petrov (Russia)


Prize “Centaur” and 2000 USD for the best full length documentary film: “MY DAUGHTER THE TERRORIST”

Director: Beate Arnestad (Norway)


Prize “Centaur” and 2000 USD for the best short documentary film: “SARAFAN”

Director: Alexandra Strelyanaya (Russia)


Prize “Centaur” and 2000 USD for the best debut to: “THREE FOR TAKING”

Director: Bartek Konopka (Poland)


Prize “Centaur” and 2000 USD for the best short fiction film: “SOFT”

Director: Simon Ellis (UK)


Diplomas awarded to: “THE CEMETERY CLUB”

Director: Tali Shemesh (Israel)



Director: Konstantin Bronzit (Russia)



Directors: Jan Gassmann, Christian Ziörjen (Switzerland)



Director: Jiska Rickels (The Netherlands)



Director: Alice Winocour (France)

Mon, 20 Aug 2007 11:52:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Message_to_Man_Intl_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=275#comments
Award Winners of the 2007 Pula FIlm Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Pula_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=271#comments Big Golden Arena for best film: “THE LIVING AND THE DEAD”

Directed by: Kristijan Milic


Golden Arena for directing to Kristijan Milic for “THE LIVING AND THE DEAD”


Golden Arena for screenplay to Ognjen Svilicic for “ARMIN” by Ognjen Svilicic


Golden Arena for best female leading role to Natasa Dorcic for “I HAVE TO SLEEP, MY ANGEL” by Dejan Acimovic


Golden Arena for best supporting role to Olga Pakalovic for “I HAVE TO SLEEP, MY ANGEL” by Dejan Acimovic


Golden Arena for best male leading role to Emir Hadzihafizbegovic for “ARMIN” by Ognjen Svilicic


Golden Arena for best male supporting role to Borko Peric for “THE LIVING AND THE DEAD” by Kristijan Milic


Golden Arena for cinematography to Dragan Markovic and Mirko Pivcevic for THE LIVING AND THE DEAD by Kristijan Milic


Golden Arena for editing to Goran Guberovic (posthumously) for “THE LIVING AND THE DEAD" by Kristijan Milic


Golden Arena for music to Andrija Milic for “THE LIVING AND THE DEAD” by Kristijan Milic


Golden Arena for screenplay to Tanja Lacko for “PLAY ME A LOVE SONG” by Goran Kulenovic


Golden Arena for costume design to Sanja Seler for “PLAY ME A LOVE SONG” by Goran Kulenovic


Special Golden Arena for special effects to Goran Rukavina and Branko Repalust for “THE LIVING AND THE DEAD” by Kristijan Milic


Vjesnik's Breza award for best debutant to Livio Morosin for music in “I HAVE TO SPEEP, MY ANGEL” by Dejan Acimovic


Jury of the International competition programme composed of: Eva Zaoralova, president; Annamaria Percavassi, member; Serge Sobczynski, member; Roland Rust, member and Phillip Bergson, member


Special Golden Arena for artistic achievement to “LOVE SONGS” by Cristophe Honoré


Special Golden Arena for best directing to Jirí Menzel for “I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND”


Special Golden Arena for best film form the International competition program to “SALT AIR” by Alessandro Angelini


The Jury of young film lovers has granted following awards:


Award of the young film lovers' Jury for best International competition programme film to “I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND” by Jirí Menzel


Award of the young film lover's Jury for best film from the National competition programme to “I HAVE TO SLEEP, MY ANGEL” by Dejan Acimovic


Arena audience jury

The Arena audience has awarded THE GOLDEN GATE OF PULA to “PLAY ME A LOVE SONG” by Goran Kulenovic

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 04:10:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Pula_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=271#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Galway Film Fleadh http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Galway_Film_Fleadh/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=269#comments Best First Feature First Place: “32A”

Director: Marion Quinn & Producer: Tommy Weir


Second Place: “On Broadway”

Director: Dave McLaughlin & Producers: Mark Hankey, Charlie Harrington


Best Feature Documentary


Joint First Place:

“God Grew Tired of Us” Director: Christopher Dillon Quinn

“The Cats of Mirikitani” Director: Linda Hattendorff

Second Place: “Saviours”

Directors: Ross Whitaker and Liam Nolan


Best Irish Short Animation


First Place: “The Red Ball”

Director: Alan Holly & Producer: Barry O’Donoghue


Second Place: “The Crumblegiant”

Director: John McCloskey & Producer: Pearse Moore


Special Mention: “Ding Dong Denny’s” History of Ireland

Director: Cathal Gaffney & Producer: Brian Gilmore

for it’s use of 3D technology


RTÉ Best First Short Animation - The James Horgan Award


First Place: “The Red Ball”

Director: Alan Holly & Producer: Barry O’Donoghue

Second Place: “Getting Round”

Director: Chris O’Hara & Producer: IADT

Special Mention: “Cúpla”

Director: Eamonn O’Neill & Producer: IADT

for original style and content


Best Irish Short Documentary


First Place: “The McDonagh Pictures”

Director: Ian Palmer & Producer: Ian Palmer

Second Place: “Saol an Mhaor”

Director: Seán ó Cualáin & Producer: Seán ó Cualáin


Best Irish Shorts –Tiernan McBride Award


First Place: “Teeth”

Directors: John Kennedy and Ruairi O’Brien & Producer: Noreen Donohoe

Second Place: “Scumbot”

Director: Ciarán Foy & Producer: Philip Rogan

Special Recommendation: “The Missing Link”

Director: Cecelia McAllister & Producer: Bronagh McCartan


RTÉ Two Best First Irish Short


First Place: “Hesitation”

Director: Virginia Gilbert & Producers: Julien Berlan and Michelle Eastwood

Second Place: “The 18th Electricity Plan”

Director: Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa

Producers: David Holmes and Brendan Byrne

Special Recommendation: “Frankie”

Director: Darren Thornton & Producer: Collette Farrell


Stella Artois Pitching Award


“My Brothers” by William Collins

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 03:25:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Galway_Film_Fleadh/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=269#comments
Awards for 2007 Montecatini Terme Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Montecatini_Terme_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=268#comments The 'Golden Heron' Award: 'The Clap'

Directed by: Geoff Lindley


A Jury’s Special Award: ‘The Delivery’

Directed by: Till Novak


Best Actress: Aude Pépin, protagonist of ‘Water Closed’


Best Actor: Steve Furst for ‘The Clap’


The ‘President of the Republic’ award of the ‘Europe’s Look: The Migrant People’ section: ‘De getuige’ (‘The Witness’)

Directed by: Erik De Bruyn (The Netherlands)


The ‘Cinemamondo’ Jury - formed by the students of three Milano high schools: ‘Ricochet’ (‘The Bounce’)

Directed by: V. Sarah Gurevick (France)


Jury Award as Best Short Film: 'The Admirer'

Directed by: Petros Silvestros


The Audience Award: 'Jamaica'

Directed by: Giancarlo Cammarota

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 02:51:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Montecatini_Terme_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=268#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Pärnu International Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Parnu_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=267#comments Estonian People's Award: “DEVIL'S MINER”

Directed by: Richard Ladkani and Kief Davidson


The Best Film of the XX Pärnu IDA Film Festival - GRAND PRIX - “BEFORE FLYING BACK TO EARTH”

Directed by: Arunas Matelis (Lithuania)

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 02:37:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Parnu_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=267#comments
Awards Winners for the 2007 Vila do Condo http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Vila_do_Conde_Shorts/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=266#comments Vila Do Conde Great Prize: “Capitalism: Child Labor”

Directed by: Ken Jacobs (USA)


Directed by: Ken Jacobs (USA)


Best Animation Award: “Blue Karma Tiger”

Directed by: Mia Hulterstarm And Cecilia Actis (Sweden)


Best Fiction Award: “Compilation 12 Instants D'amour Non Partagés”

Directed by: Frank Beauvais (France)


Best Documentary Award: “De Funció The Last Performance”

Directed by: Jorge Tur (Spain)


Best Experimental Film Award: “Anne Sinema Ogreniyor My Mother Learns Cinema”

Directed by: Nesimi Yetik (Turkey)


Best Music Video Award: “Birds” (Vitalic)

Directed by: Pleix (France)


UIP/ Vila Do Conde Award: “Plot Point”

Directed by: Nicolas Provost (Belgium)


Audience Award: “Yaptik-Hasse”

Directed by: Edgar Bartenev (Russia)

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 02:31:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Vila_do_Conde_Shorts/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=266#comments
Awards Winners at the 2007 International Documentary Film Festival of Marseilles- FIDMarseille http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Documentary_Film_Festival_of_Marseille/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=262#comments French Competition

Grand Prix: “Cäne”

Directed by: Andy Guerif


Georges De Beauregard National Prize

“Nawna (Je Ne Sais Pas…)

Directed by: Nazim Djemaa


Special Mention Decerned To: “France 2007”

Directed by: Gee-Jung Jun


First Film And Sound Prize for First Film Prize: “Huling Balyan Ng Buhi : O Ang Sinalirap Nga Asoy Nila”

Directed by: Sherad Anthony Sanchez


Special Mention Decerned To “1.Orakel (Orakel Von Prohlis)”

Directed by: Andråas Fohr


Sound Prize: “1937”

Directed by: Nora Martirosyan


Special Mention Decerned To “Le Goåt Des Olives”

Directed by: Anne Lacour


Public Libraries Prize: “The Halfmoon Files”

Directed by: Philip Scheffner


GNCR Prize (Groupement National Des Cinämas De Recherche): “Hic Rosa, Partition Botanique”

Directed by: Anne-Marie Faux


Marseille Esperance Prize: “Mostrame”

Directed by: Anneleen Hermans

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 12:41:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Documentary_Film_Festival_of_Marseille/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=262#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Neuchâtel International Fantasy Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Neuchatel_Intl_Fantasy_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=261#comments Prix H.R. Giger Best Film: “You, the Living”

Directed by: Roy Andersson (Sweden)


Special Mention of the Jury: “The Ugly Swans”

Directed by: Konstantin Lopushansky (Russia)


Méliès d’argent Best European Feature: “The Ugly Swans”

Directed by: Konstantin Lopushansky (Russia)


Prix H.R. Giger Best Short Swiss Film and Prix SSA/Suissimage: “City Wasp”

Directed by: Stephan Wicki and Steven Tod


Nomination for the Méliès d’Or for Best European Short: “Silence Is Golden”

Directed by: Chris Shepherd (UK)


Le Prix TSR du Public: “Black Sheep”

Directed by: Jonathan King (New Zealand)


Prix Mad Movies: “Don”

Directed by: Farhan Akthar (India)


Prix de la Jeunesse: “La Antena”

Directed by: Esteban Sapir (Argentina).


Prix Titra Film: “You, the Living”

Directed by: Roy Andersson (Sweden)

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 11:20:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Neuchatel_Intl_Fantasy_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=261#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Paris Cinema http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Paris_Cinema/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=260#comments Audience Choice- Feature: “The Cats of Mirikitani”

Directed by: Linda Hattendorf


Audience Choice- Short: “La Main sur la Gueule”

Directed by: Arthur Harari


Jury Prize- Feature: “This is England”

Directed by: Shane Meadows


Pari de l'Avenir- Feature: Armin

Directed by: Ognjen Sviliãiç


Jury Prize- Short: “Nature’s Way”

Directed by: Jeane Shearer

Thu, 16 Aug 2007 11:06:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Paris_Cinema/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=260#comments
SHOWCOMOTION YOUNG PEOPLE'S FILM FESTIVAL (28 JUNE-12 JULY) PRESS RELEASE: WINNING FILMS ANNOUNCED http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Showcomotion_Children_Young_People/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=253#comments THE UNICEF UK AWARDS

This year Showcomotion had the honour of hosting the prestigious UNICEF UK AWARDS, the only human rights film awards specifically for young people. The winners are:




The UNICEF UK YOUTH AWARD is the competition for young film makers aged up to & including 18 years.


Winner: Remix made by young people at Sheffield Multiple Heritage Service with Film Making Mentor Navdeep Singh Kandola


Special Mention: "Autism And Me by Rory Hoy" (age 18)



The UNICEF UK AWARD is the competition for film makers aged 19+.


Joint Winners: "Bloodsisters" by Louise N. D. Friedberg; "Emily’s Song" by Thomas Kennedy & Frank Kelly; "When Elvis Came To Visit" by Andreas Tibblin

Special Mention: "Westi" by Madevi Dailly



For best film from both categories.


Winner: "Remix"

Special Mention: "Brain Damage" by Cameron Duguid



Primary and secondary pupils throughout Sheffield were invited at the beginning of the year to make two-minute shorts to enter into the city’s second film making competition for schools. The winners are:


Best Film Key Stage 1 (5-7 years): "Snowman" by Waterthorpe Nursery Infant School


Best Animation Key Stage 2 (7-11 years): "The Burst Of Dale Dyke Dam" by Bradfield Dungworth Primary School


Best Drama Film Key Stage 2 (7-11 years): "Who’s In School?" by Abbey Lane Primary School


Best Investigative Film Key Stage 2 (7-11 years): "What Goes On In The Head’s Head?" by Deepcar St John’s C of E Junior School


Joint Best Secondary Film (11 years+): "Graffiti" by Hollie Cornish-Jenkins of High Storrs School & Rollercoaster by Meadowhead School


The Steel City Globe Awards is an initiative organised by Sheffield Children & Young People’s Service ICT & Literary Advisors, Sheffield City Learning Centres and Showcomotion to promote Literacy and ICT work in schools.

Wed, 01 Aug 2007 05:09:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Showcomotion_Children_Young_People/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=253#comments
EASTERN PROMISES TO OPEN THE TIMES BFI 51ST LONDON FILM FESTIVAL http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/London_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=252#comments London… Tuesday 31st July: The Times BFI 51st London Film Festival is delighted to announce that this year’s Festival will open on Wednesday 17th October with David Cronenberg’s EASTERN PROMISES.


The London set thriller, written by Steven Knight (DIRTY PRETTY THINGS), reunites multi-award winning director David Cronenberg with his HISTORY OF VIOLENCE leading man, Viggo Mortensen, and also stars Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassel and Armin Mueller-Stahl.


The plot centres on the mysterious and ruthless Nikolai (Mortensen), who is tied to one of London’s most notorious organised Russian crime families. A harrowing chain of murder, deceit and retribution is put in motion when he crosses paths with Anna (Watts), an innocent midwife, trying to right a wrong she accidentally uncovers…


EASTERN PROMISES is produced by Paul Webster and Robert Lantos, co-produced by Tracey Seaward, and executive produced by Stephen Garret, David Thompson, Jeff Abberley and Julia Blackman.


Pathé will release the film in the UK on 26th October 2007.


Sandra Hebron, the Festival’s Artistic Director comments: “It’s hugely exciting that a director who has consistently thrilled and challenged us throughout his career has made a film in our city. This gripping, powerfully directed and acted story of lives colliding in contemporary London is the perfect opener for our Festival.”


David Cronenberg adds: "I’m thrilled to be returning to the scene of the crime. Eastern Promises is the first film I’ve ever shot entirely away from my home in Canada, and it makes perfect sense that it is set in London, home of so many of my most potent film influences. I can’t wait to be there!"


The full programme for The Times BFI 51st London Film Festival will be announced on Thursday 13th September. www.lff.org.uk <http://www.lff.org.uk/>

Tue, 31 Jul 2007 12:50:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/London_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=252#comments
Films of the Juries http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Locarno_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=251#comments Building on the success of last year's inaugural programme, the Locarno Festival will offer a selection of films directed by or featuring those jury members, across the various sections, who are filmmakers or

actors/actresses. The Locarno audience thus has an opportunity to discover a range of films, some of which are impossible to see outside the festival circuit - including some real rarities - and to see again a number of contemporary cinema masterpieces.


The programme includes the following films:


The International Competition Jury:

"La double vie de Véronique" by Krzysztof Kieslowski (featuring Irène Jacob, France)


"Hamburger Lektionen" by Romuald Karmakar (Germany)


"In memoria di me" by Saverio Costanzo (Italy)


"Moacir - Arte Bruta" by Walter Carvalho (Brazil)


"Platform" by Jia Zhang-Ke (China)


"Son frère" by Patrice Chéreau (featuring Bruno Todeschini, Switzerland/France)


The Filmmakers of the Present Jury:


"Kurpe" (The Shoe) by Laila Pakalnina (Latvia)


"L'orchestra di Piazza Vittorio" by Agostino Ferrente (Italy)


"Tan de repente" by Diego Lerman (Argentina)


The Jury for the Best First Feature Film:


"Johanna" by Kornél Mundruczó (Hungary)


"Satin rouge" by Raja Amari (Tunisia/France)


The Leopards of Tomorrow Jury:


"After the Last Sky" by Alia Arasoughly (Palestine)


"Alex" by Lyes Salem (Algeria/France)


"Das Fräulein" by Andrea Staka (Switzerland)


"Horst Buchholz... mein Papa" by Christopher Buchholz (Germany)

Thu, 26 Jul 2007 02:02:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Locarno_Intl_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=251#comments
2006 Award Winners for the Exground Filmfest http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Exground_Filmfest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=247#comments FAIR TRADE by Michael Dreher wins the German Short Film Competition


The audience in the Caligari FilmBühne in Wiesbaden has chosen FAIR TRADE as winner of the 14th German Short Film Competition of exground filmfest. On behalf of director Michael Dreher, Saskia Hanser-Strecker took the prize money of EUR 3,000 from Rita Thies, Head of Cultural Department of the State Capital Wies-baden. WIGALD by Timon Modersohn came in second place – and was awarded with a prize money of EUR 2,000 sponsored by ESWE Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH. The prize money of EUR 1,000 for the third place went to Christine Lang for her short movie DIE BABYSITTERIN.


In the course of the Award Ceremony for the German Short Film Competition, exground filmfest announced the winners of further competitions of the festival: British director Gemma Burditt won the International ON-VIDEO Competition with her short movie NIGHT SHIFT. The prize money of EUR 1,500 is also donated by the Cultural Department of the State Capital Wiesbaden. Furthermore the international jury gave a special mention to Bogdan George Apetri from Romania for his short film A VERY SMALL TRILOGY OF LONELI-NESS. The short documentary BENIDORM by Carolin Schmitz took the audience award for the best film within the "Wiesbaden Special – Short Film Competition". Film journalist Gerd Klee from exground filmfest’s media partner "Wiesbadener Kurier" handed over the cheque with the prize money of EUR 500 sponsored by Wiesbaden’s most important local newspaper.


Last Saturday a youth jury from Wiesbaden published the winner of the "youth days – International Youth Film Competition": director Florian Gaag got the prize money of EUR 2,500 for his feature film debut WHOLETRAIN, sponsored by the Cultural Department of the State Capital Wiesbaden as well. This award ceremony took place within the second Wiesbaden Youth Film Competition. This audience award went to Maria Bidian, Caroline Löw and Fiona Heib for their short film SCHUH WIE DU. Last, but not least Daniel Meinl won the "Golden exground Cucumber": last Wednesday, the exground jury gave him the highest vote and thus the prize money of EUR 50 and the trophy for his moving amateur movie FEELIN’ SAD.

Mon, 23 Jul 2007 11:37:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Exground_Filmfest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=247#comments
Awards for the 2007 International Television Festival GOLDEN PRAGUE http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Television_GOLDEN_PRAGUE/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=240#comments PRI ZE OF the Dagmar and Vacl av Havel Foundati on “VI SI ON 97”


ZDF/ARTE, Germany

Coproducers/ Koproducenti: InsideOutFilm




TVP SA, Poland




Category 1: Music or dance programmes made for television


Nederlandse Programma Stichting (NPS), Netherlands




Category 2: Documentary programmes dedicated to music and dance


13 Production, France

Koproducenti/Coproducers: Arte France



Category 3: Musical drama /Opera, operetta, musical, dance, ballet, etc./


ORF Österreichischer Rundfunk,Austria

Koproducenti /Coproducers: ORF/UNITEL Classica in Cooperation, BF Moving Images BR, Salzburger





Poorhouse International Ltd., UK

Koproducenti /Coproducers: Senso Films, ARTE France, Compagnie Montalvo

Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:19:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Television_GOLDEN_PRAGUE/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=240#comments
Awards for the 2007 Taormina BNL FilmFest http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Taormina_FilmFest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=239#comments SPECIAL JURY PRIZE FOR BEST SCRIPT: Stefano Incerti, Salvatore Parlagreco, Heidrun Schleef for “L’UOMO DI VETRO” (MAN OF GLASS)


PRIZE FOR BEST PERFORMANCE: Lotfi Abdelli in “AKHER FILM” (MAKING OF) directed by Nouri Bouzid





Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:11:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Taormina_FilmFest/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=239#comments
Awards for the 2007 Plein La Bobine-Festival de Cinéma Jeunes Publics du Massif du Sancy http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Plein_La_Bobine_Cinema_Jeunes/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=237#comments Competition 1 (for Children 3yrs)



“Les aventures de Krickel – Animaux en danger”

Directed by: Michael Zamjatnins




“Les Chasseurs”

Directed by: Janis Cimermanis /Latvia /2007/Animation)



“Les Chasseurs”

Directed by: Janis Cimermanis /Latvia /2007/Animation)


Competition 2 (for children 7yrs)



“Le Loup Blanc”

Directed by: Pierre-Luc Granjon

(France / 2006 / Animation)




Directed by: Dyana Gaye

(Sénégal-France / 2006 / Fiction)



“Histoire à la gomme”

Directed by: Eric Blésin

(Belgique-France / 2006 / Animation)


Competition 3 (for Children 12 yrs.)



“Le tatouage de Benny”

Directed by: Lisa Marie Gamlem

(Norvège / 2007 / Fiction)




Directed by: Renaud Callebaud

(Belgique / 2006 / Fiction)




Directed by: Renaud Callebaud

(Belgique / 2006 / Fiction)

Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:00:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Plein_La_Bobine_Cinema_Jeunes/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=237#comments
Awards for the 2007 Arcipelago-International Festival of Short Films and New Images http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Arcipelago_Intl_Festival_Short_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=236#comments International Short Film Competition

Best Short Film:

“Den sista hunden i Rwanda”

Directed By: Jens Assur - Sweden


Special Prize of the Jury:

“Treinta años”

Directed By: Nicolás Lasnibat - France/Chile


Best European Short Film:


Directed By: Louise Friedberg - Denmark


Special Mentions of the Jury:

“Phantom Canyon”

Directed By: Stacey E. Steers - Usa

“Lampa cu caciula”

Directed By: Radu Jude – Romania


International New Images Competition


Best Computer Animated Short Film:

“Aldrig som första gången!”

Directed By: Jonas Odell - Sweden


Best Digital Video Short Film:

“Pièces détachées”

Directed By: Sébastien Drouin - France


Best Italian Digital Short Film:


Directed By: Laura Guandalini/Ernesto Mandara/Chiara Porri - Italy


National Short Film Competition


Best Short Film:

“Il bambino di Carla”

Directed By: Emanuela Rossi


Special Prize of the Jury:

“Fermata Pigneto”

Directed By: Ivano De Matteo


Best Cinematography:

Giuditta Paolini for

“La diabolica invenzione del Dottor S.”

Directed By: Gianluca Sportelli


Special Mentions of the Jury:

“Verso Sera“

By: Andrea Serafini Vla

Directed By: Francesco Vaccaro/Livia Signorini


Best Young Film Editor Award:

Emanuele Bosco per/for

La diabolica invenzione del Dottor S. di/by Gianluca Sportelli


National Documentary Competition


Best Documentary:

“Vita da Ines”

Directed By: Giulio De Leo/Sandro Carnino


Special Prize of the Jury:

“Urgon “

Directed By: Frediana Fornari


Special Mentions of the Jury:


Directed By: Piero Messina


“Oltre Selinunte”

Directed By: Salvo Cuccia


Regional Competition


Best Video:

Lo stato dell’arte

Directed By: Gaetano Buompane/Davide Morabito/Massimo Piesco


Special Mention of the Jury:


Directed By: Alessandro Marinelli

Wed, 18 Jul 2007 09:45:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Arcipelago_Intl_Festival_Short_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=236#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Norwegian Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Norwegian_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=235#comments Prix Uip Grimstad And 2000 Euros For Best European: “Tommy” Directed By: Ole Giæver


Grand Prix Grimstad And 2500 Euros For Best Film In The International Competition: “The Tube With A Hat” (Lampa Cu Caciula)

Directed By: Radu Jude (Romania)


The Golden Chair And 50 000 Nok: “Flatmates”

Directed By: Magnus Mork.


Terje Vigen-Award: “No Man's Land”

Directed By: Lowri Rees


Music Video Award And 15 000 Nok: “Singer/Songwriter”

Directed By: Janic Heen (For Artist Egil Olsen)


Honorary Mentions: “Life Worth Living”

Directed By: Eirik Svensson And Jyrki Väisänen,


Directed By: Linda Farerli And

“To The Moon”

Directed By: Katja Eyde Jacobsen


Documentary Film Award And 50 000 Nok For Best Documentary Film: “Porn Star?”

Directed By: John Sullivan


Honorary Mentions: “Girls”

Directed By: Hanne Myhren And

“Natural Born Star”

Directed By: Even Benestad


The Norwegian Playwrights' Associations Award The Hour Glass And 10 000 Nok For Best Script: Linda Fagerli Sæthren And Siri Røhr-Staff For Their Script For The Film “Janus” (Director Linda Fagerli Sæthren)


Honorary Mentions Given To Hannd Ramsdal For Her Script In The Film “Hangman” (Directed By Hanne Ramsdal And Cecilie Semec)


The Norwegian Film Workers' Association's Technical Award And 10 000 Nok Was Shared By Production Designer Guri Giæver And Costume Designer Jorunn Maria Djønne For Their Collaboration In The Film “Spandex Man” (Directed By I Bobby Peers)


The Film Critics Award For Best Norwegian Short Film In Competition: “Flatmates”

Directed By: Magnus Mork


The "Filmpolitiets" Short Film Award And 10 000 Nok: “Raspberry”

Directed By: Morgan Davidsen


The Talent Award From Nordic Film: “Tommy”

Directed By: Ole Giæver


The Audience Award: “Kilolirakis”

Directed By: Kent Jensen

Tue, 17 Jul 2007 07:38:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Norwegian_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=235#comments
THE MIFA 2007 Headline Report http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Annecy_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=227#comments CITIA, the Festival and Mifa organiser, and its

team would like to thank all the sponsors and participants for helping make the 2007 Festival such a memorable one.


Mifa 2007 headline report


The 17th Mifa took place from 13th - 15th June 2007 With new energy introduced by the organising team 3 recruitment sessions were held (DreamWorks, Disney, Marathon...) along with some very fruitful discussion between artists, directors (Rintaro, Carlos Saldanha, Bibo Bergeron...) and decision-makers.


The professional conferences attracted large numbers of public from the first day, whether for topics to do with feature fi lm making, writing for animation or ‘making-ofs’ (Persepolis, Surf’s Up, Shrek III).


Running in parallel with Mifa, various other happenings punctuated the three day gathering: opening party sponsored by Fondation Groupama Gan for the cinema, Creators party sponsored by Autodesk, Mifa opening party co-organised with the Benelux (Film Fund Luxembourg, Flanders Image, NIAF and Wallonie Buxelles

Images), Cocktails (Imaginove, Arte, Argentine Film Commission, Nerima, Marathon...), “Les Espoirs de l’animation” (Canal Junior/ SPFA), and a press conference held by Joann Sfar about his Le Chat du Rabbin feature film project...


The next Festival paying tribute to India will take place from 9 to 14 June 2008.

Tue, 17 Jul 2007 11:27:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Annecy_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=227#comments
Awards for the 2007 Annecy Animation Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Annecy_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=226#comments The Annecy Cristal: “Peter & The Wolf”

Directed By: Suzie Templeton

(United Kingdom)


Special Distinction: “The Tale Of How”

Produced By: The Blackheart Gang

(South Africa)


The Canal+ Award: “Premier Voyage”

Directed By: Grégoire Sivan



Junior Jury Award For A Short Film: “Même Les Pigeons Vont Au Paradis”

Directed By: Samuel Tourneux



Audience Award: “Peter & The Wolf”

Directed By: Suzie Templeton

(United Kingdom)


Fipresci Award: “The Runt”

Directed By: Andreas Hykade



Jean-Luc Xiberras Award For A First Film: “Devochka Dura”

Directed By: Zojya Kireeva

(Russian Federation)


Sacem Award: “L'homme De La Lune”

Directed By: Serge Elissalde



Jury's Special Award: “The Pearce Sisters”

Directed By: Luis Cook

(United Kingdom)


The Cristal For Best Feature: “Slipp Jimmy Fri”

Directed By: Christopher Nielsen



Special Distinction: “La Traversée Du Temps”

Directed By: Mamoru Hosoda



Audience Award: Max & Co”

Directed By: Samuel Guillaume And Frédéric Guillaume



The Cristal For Best Tv Production: “Shaun The Sheep ‘Still Life’"

Directed By: Christopher Sadler

(United Kingdom)


Special Award For A Tv Series: “Charlie And Lola "I Will Be Especially, Very Careful’”

Directed By: Kitty Taylor

(United Kingdom)


Tv Special Award: “The Wrong Trainers”

Directed By: Kez Margrie

(United Kingdom)


Unicef Award: “The Wrong Trainers”

Directed By: Kez Margrie

(United Kingdom)


Educationnal, Scientific Or Industrial Film Award: Bloot "Seks"

Directed By: Mischa Kamp



Advertising Or Promotional Film Award: United Airlines "The Meeting"

Directed By: Wendy Tilby And Amanda Forbis

(United States)


Award For Best Music Video: Gérald Genty "Plaire"

Directed By: Patrick Beraud Dit Volve



Graduation Films

Ex Æquo Special Distinction: “Beton”

Directed By: Ariel Belinco And Michael Faust



Ex Æquo Special Distinction: “The Wraith Of Cobble Hill”

Directed By: Adam Parrish King

(United States)


Junior Jury Award For A Graduation Film: “Welcome To White Chapel District”

Directed By: Marie Vieillevie



Award For Best Graduation Film: “T.O.M.”

Directed By: Tom Brown And Daniel Benjamin Gray

(United Kingdom)


Jury's Special Award: “Milk Teeth”

Directed By: Tibor Banoczki

(United Kingdom)

Tue, 17 Jul 2007 11:19:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Annecy_Animation_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=226#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Huesca International Short Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Huesca_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=217#comments Award Danzante Iberoamerican Short Film Contest:

“Nasija” (Spain)

Director: Guillermo Ríos Bordón


Award Cacho Pallero Iberoamerican Short Film Contest: “Parece La Pierna De Una Muñeca” (Argentina)

Director: Jazmín López


Award Jinete Iberico Iberoamerican Short Film Contest;

“El Prestidigitador” (Spain)

Director: Hugo Sanz


Award Los Olvidados Aragonese Short Film Contest:

“Los Que Callaron, Los Que Quedaron” (Spain)

Director: Felipe Osanz Sanz


Award Danzante International Short Film Contest:

“Lampa Cu Caciula” (Romania)

Director: Radu Jude


Special Award Of The Jury International Short Film Contest:

“Deweneti "Ousmane"

Director: Dyana Gaye


Award Francisco Garcia De Paso:

“Soufiane” (Netherlands)

Director: Natasja André De La Porte


Award Of The Critics:

“La Leçon De Danse” (France)

Director: Philippe Prouff


Award Of The Youth:

“Porno” (Poland)

Director: Jan Wagner


Award Danzante European Documentary Film Contest:

“Photo Souvenir” (Netherlands)

Director: Paul Cohen, Martijn Van Haalen


Sponsorship Of Tve:

“Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears” (United Kingdom)

Director: Simon Chambers


Award European:

“Indigènes” (France)

Director: Rachid Bouchareb


Special Mention Aragonese Short Film Contest:

“Por Tres Botes De Anchoas” (Spain)

Director: Pilar Gutiérrez


Special Mention Aragonese Short Film Contest:

“Vislumbre” (Spain)

Director: Domingo Moreno


Special Mention Of The Jury European Documentary Film Contest:

“De Larges Détails” (Sur Les Traces De Francis Alÿs)


Director: Julien Deveaux


Special Mention Of The Jury Iberoamerican Short Film Contest:

“Fin De Trayecto” (Mexico)

Director: Acán Coen


Special Mention Of The Jury Iberoamerican Short Film Contest:

“Stuart” (Portugal)

Director: Zepe Cavalheiro


Special Mention Of The Jury International Short Film Contest:

“Joyriders” (Ireland)

Director: Rebecca Daly


Special Mention Of The Jury International Short Film Contest:

“Le Diner” (France)

Director: Cécile Vernant


Special Mention Of The Jury International Short Film Contest:

“Public Spaces” (Netherlands)

Director: Martijn Veldhoen


Special Mention Of The Jury Of Critics:

“Alene Menn Sammen” (Norway)

Director: Trond Fausa Aurvag


Special Mention Of The Jury Of Critics:

“Fair Trade” (Germany)

Director: Michael Dreher


Special Mention Of The Jury Of Critics:

“Lampa Cu Caciula” (Romania)

Director: Radu Jude


Sponsorship Of Tve

“Abandonatii” (Spain)

Director: Joan Soler

Tue, 10 Jul 2007 03:45:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Huesca_Intl_Short_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=217#comments
JANA BENNETT LEADS IMPRESSIVE LIST OF SPEAKERS AT SHOWCOMOTION CHILDREN’S MEDIA CONFERENCE http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Showcomotion_Children_Young_People/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=198#comments 4 - 6 JULY 2007 SHOWROOM CINEMA, SHEFFIELD UK



At a time of an unprecedented crisis in their industry, delegates from the kids’ media industry are getting ready to head to Sheffield for the Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference which runs from 4-6 July this year.


They’ll be listening to an impressive list of international speakers starting with the opening keynote address by Jana Bennett, Director, BBC Vision. Bennett will give her view on the future of children’s media and join a round-table discussion with senior industry and regulatory figures including John McVay, Chief Executive, PACT and James Thickett, Head of Research, Ofcom.



As the pressure on commissioning grows, panellists in the Broadcaster Forum discuss what existing networks are planning for the future. Speakers include Finn Arnesen, SVP, GM, Original Series & International Development, Turner Entertainment Networks International; Michael Carrington, Creative Director, CBeebies; Boel Ferguson, SVP Jetix UK & Nordic MD, Jetix Europe; Rob Gilby, MD, Disney UK; Anne Gilchrist, Creative Director, CBBC; Howard Litton, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Nickelodeon UK; Paul Robinson, Managing Director, Kids Co.


Is there a future for collaboration between the games industry and kids’ TV? Key speakers from the games industry give their insight into what they do, how they do it and the ways in which they’re looking to connect with kids in future. Speakers are Grant Dean, Development Manager, Eidos; Harvey Elliott, Executive Producer, Electronic Arts UK Studio; Jacob Habgood, Head of Serious Games, Sumo Digital; Jonathan Smith, Head of Production, TT Games Publishing.


Conference speakers include: Steve Aranguren, Disney Channel Worldwide; Ted Bather, Storyland Group Plc; Mahmoud Bouneb, Executive General Manger, Al Jazeera Children's Channel; Frank Boyd, Unexpected Media; Jan Willem Bult, KRO Netherlands; Kate Dean, BT Vision; Sheila DeCourcy, RTÉ; Marc Goodchild, BBC Children’s Interactive; Marco Giusti, Creative Director Tiscali UK; Christian Jacobs, Yo Gabba Gabba; Catherine Kelly, Korea Culture & Content Agency (KOCCA); Frank Klasen, Super RTL; Tim Pearson, Director of IPTV, Orange Home; Alison Warner, Cookie Jar Entertainment; Anne Wood, Ragdoll.



Organisers have set the theme of ‘Ally and Aspire’. The event will be looking at the challenging environment faced by today’s kids’ media producers, commissioners and buyers since the Ofcom ban and the reduction in ITV kids’ hours. Anna Home OBE, Chair of the Showcomotion Children’s Media Conference, said:


‘Many of the predictions made about the new regulatory climate, and the changes in the way young people consume media, have become daily realities for producers and distributors, as they struggle to find commissions, and funding becomes ever more squeezed.’


‘Broadcasters are making new relationships with their audience, and finding new partners and platforms in order to reach them. New entrants into the children’s marketplace promise a range of possible futures, but how much can they deliver? Producers need to know where their opportunities lie, while networks – traditional and newcomers – need a clear understanding of how the market and industry is re-shaping. And where does creativity, and the aspiration to provide the very best for kids, find a place in this brave new world?’


‘Showcomotion 2007 will provide an A-Z of information and inspiration in this changing media landscape. People in the know will reveal their understanding and delegates can debate the issues affecting funding, the realisation of new ideas and the pursuit of quality.’


‘For me ‘Ally and Aspire’ is a call to maintain ambition at a difficult time, and to find new ways to communicate great ideas and inspiring stories to children.’



Delegates can register online at www.showcomotionconference.com <http://www.showcomotionconference.com/> . Delegates can receive a booking form by emailing info@showcomotionconference.com <mailto:Showcomotion@showroom.org.uk> and by phoning 0114 276 3534.


For further information contact Helen Dugdale, Scribble Helen@scribbleaway.com <mailto:Helen@scribbleaway.com> or call 07780 614898

Thu, 14 Jun 2007 09:20:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Showcomotion_Children_Young_People/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=198#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 International Short Film Festival Hamburg http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Hamburg/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=195#comments INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION

Jury: Anna Berger, Carol Mansour, Erik Hemmendorff, Veton Nurkollari, Philip Ilson




Directed by: Radu Jude

Prize: 3.000 EUROS


François Ode Award: “BARE”

Directed by: Santana Issar

Prize: 1.500 EUROS



Directed by: Martin Rit, Frankreich


and “SOFT”

Directed by: Simon Ellis



Directed by: Martin Rit

Prize: 750 EUROS


and “SOFT”

Directed by: Simon Ellis

Prize: 750 EUROS



Jury: Oliver Baumgarten, Peter van Hoof, Dana Levy


Jury Award: “THIS IS MY LAND”

Directed by: Ben Rivers

Prize: 2.000 EUROS


Special Mention: “HAIRLADY”

Directed by: David Birdsell


Audience Award: “THANKS ANYWAY”

Directed by: Mischa Leinkauf und Matthias Wermke

Prize: 1.500 EUROS



Jury: Filomeno Fusco, Markus Prasse, Christiane Müller-Lobeck


Pilsner Urquell Innovation Award 2007 For A German Short Film: “IN A GOOD POSITION”

Directed by: Nancy Brandt

Prize: 2.000 EUROS


Special Mention: “POOLSIDE”

Directed by: Michael Koch


Jury Prize Of The Hamburg Cultural Foundation: “HOW I BECAME A FREELANCE TRAVEL GUIDE”

Directed by: Jan Peters

Prize: 2.000 EUROS


Special Mention: “NIGHTSHADE”

Directed by: Sabine Höpfner


Audience Award – Natural American Spirit: “HILDA & KARL”

Directed by: Toke Constantin Hebbeln

Prize: 1.500 EUROS


Audience Award Of The Hamburg Cultural Foundation: “HOW I BECAME A FREELANCE TRAVEL GUIDE”

Directed by: Jan Peters

1.500 EUROS


Three-Minute Quickie Competition Audience Award: “HOMEWORK”

Directed by: Fabian Möhrke

Prize: 1.000 EUROS


Zdf Dokukanal – Best Documentary Short:

Jury: Angelika Hoffmann, Andrea Windisch



Directed by: Nancy Brandt

Prize: 2.000 euros (Acquisition of the film and boradcast on ZDFdokukanal)




Jury: Ricardo Cortez, Corinna Dästner, Andrea Rothaug


International: “I”

Directed by: Luke Losey

Prize: 2.000 EUROS


National: “OSMOTIC”

Directed by: Jan Verbeek

Prize: 2.000 EUROS

Tue, 12 Jun 2007 03:51:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Hamburg/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=195#comments
Awards for the 2007 MO & FRIESE CHILDREN’S SHORT FILM FESTIVAL http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/MO_FRIESE_KinderFilmFestival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=194#comments FRIESE-AWARD: (Children’s Jury between 8 and 10 years): “LITTLE MAN”

Directed by: Esben Tonnesen

Prize: 1.250 EUROS


MO-AWARD:(Children’s Jury between 11 and 13 years): “THE WRONG TRAINERS”

Directed by: Kez Margrie

Prize: 1.250 EUROS


SPECIAL MENTION: “The Silence Between Us”

Directed by: Katie O’Neill





Directed by: Luis Arndt, Vincent Delius, Mirco Erichsen, Sebastian Pinzke, Oliver Zurhelle,

Prize: 300 EUROS



Directed by: Wildis Streng



Directed by: Thomas Fischer


Arte Short Film Award: “MAMMAL”

Directed by: Astrid Rieger

Prize: 6.000 euros (Acquisition of the film and broadcast as part of arte’s short film programme)

Tue, 12 Jun 2007 03:48:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/MO_FRIESE_KinderFilmFestival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=194#comments
Awards for the 2007 Festroia Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festroia_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=191#comments Best Film - Gold Dolphin: “BORDER POST”

Directed by: Rajko Grlic


Special Jury Prize – Silver Dolphin: “AFTER THE WEDDING”

Directed by: Susanne Bier.


Best Director – Silver Dolphin: Rajko Grlic for “BORDER POST”


Best Actress – Silver Dolphin: Helena Bergstrom and Maria Lundqvist for “HEARTBREAK HOTEL”


Best Actor – Silver Dolphin: Rolf Lassgard for “AFTER THE WEDDING”


Best Script – Silver Dolphin: Ognjen Svilicic for “ARMIN”


Best Cinematography – Silver Dolphin: Raul Perez Ureta for “MADRIGAL”


Special Prizes


Audience Award: “THE OPTIMISTS”

Directed by: Goran Paskaljevic


Sapo Short Digital Videos


Ex-Aequo to “MALUS” and “CROSSWALK”


Prize Man And His Environment: “CHERNOBYL: THE INVISIBLE “THIEF

Directed by: Christoph Boekel


Special Mention: “CLANDESTINO”

Directed by: Sylvain Rigollot


Special Mention: “LULLABY”

Directed by: Margreth Olin


Prize City Hall of Setúbal – American Independents


Best Film: “BOY CULTURE”

Directed by: Q. Allan Brocka


First Work’s Award: “PRINCESS”

Directed by: Birgit Grosskopf


Special Mention: “THE ART OF CRYING”

Directed by: Peter Schonau Fog



Directed by: Rajko Grlic



Directed by: Bettina Oberli



Directed by: Peter Schonau Fog

Tue, 12 Jun 2007 02:26:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Festroia_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=191#comments
Festival Events and Activities for 2007 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Zlin_Intl_Film_Festival_for_Children/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=188#comments ACCOMPANYING PROGRAM


This year’s accompanying program was again quite rich and offered thousands of visitors, both big and small, entertaining, cultural and charitable activities.


Entertaining Activities


On Tuesday the 29th of May Czech Television prepared and entertaining day with well-known personalities for children and teens. On Zlín’s main square was a record number of people attracted by the beatbox musical number. Children’s Day with Czech Radio took place on the first of June on the main square. Again you could find well-known faces and a lot of games and competitions. On the same day there was the Children’s Day at Zoo Lešná with the Czech Forestry Service.


Cultural Activities


Exhibitions were opened this year by Olbram Zoubek, Juraj Šajmovič, Karel Gott, Peter Župník, Evžen Jecho. The exhibitions included the traditional exhibitions of film clapperboards in the Minisalon and the Joy of Creation (pictures painted by visually-impaired children) and the photography of Zikmund and Hanzelka. The exhibition of Czech Grand Design also took place, as well as the exhibition of awarded works from the competition Office for the Protection of Personal Data; My Privacy! Don’t Look, Don’t Touch!


For fans of the pop music scene there were concerts put on by Dara Rolins, Gipsy.cz, Tři Sestry and Michael Foret.


Charitable Activities


The most significant philanthropic accompanying activity at this year’s Film Festival for Children and Youth was the charity concert An Evening of Hope. 626,000 CZK were raised for the charity fund Drop of Hope. The traditional An Afternoon at Slunecnice supported the untraditional Slunečnice centre with its children’s workshops. And at Zlín’s town hall there was an open door exhibition on the 60 years of aid by UNICEF.

Tue, 12 Jun 2007 12:00:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Zlin_Intl_Film_Festival_for_Children/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=188#comments
Festival Events and Activities for 2007 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Zlin_Intl_Film_Festival_for_Children/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=187#comments ACCOMPANYING PROGRAM


This year’s accompanying program was again quite rich and offered thousands of visitors, both big and small, entertaining, cultural and charitable activities.


Entertaining Activities


On Tuesday the 29th of May Czech Television prepared and entertaining day with well-known personalities for children and teens. On Zlín’s main square was a record number of people attracted by the beatbox musical number. Children’s Day with Czech Radio took place on the first of June on the main square. Again you could find well-known faces and a lot of games and competitions. On the same day there was the Children’s Day at Zoo Lešná with the Czech Forestry Service.


Cultural Activities


Exhibitions were opened this year by Olbram Zoubek, Juraj Šajmovič, Karel Gott, Peter Župník, Evžen Jecho. The exhibitions included the traditional exhibitions of film clapperboards in the Minisalon and the Joy of Creation (pictures painted by visually-impaired children) and the photography of Zikmund and Hanzelka. The exhibition of Czech Grand Design also took place, as well as the exhibition of awarded works from the competition Office for the Protection of Personal Data; My Privacy! Don’t Look, Don’t Touch!


For fans of the pop music scene there were concerts put on by Dara Rolins, Gipsy.cz, Tři Sestry and Michael Foret.


Charitable Activities


The most significant philanthropic accompanying activity at this year’s Film Festival for Children and Youth was the charity concert An Evening of Hope. 626,000 CZK were raised for the charity fund Drop of Hope. The traditional An Afternoon at Slunecnice supported the untraditional Slunečnice centre with its children’s workshops. And at Zlín’s town hall there was an open door exhibition on the 60 years of aid by UNICEF.

Tue, 12 Jun 2007 11:59:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Zlin_Intl_Film_Festival_for_Children/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=187#comments
AniFest 2007 is over, long live AniFest 2008! http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Anifest_Intl_Animated_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=181#comments AniFest – the only international animated film festival in the Czech Republic, one of the most prestigious ones in Europe!


AniFest 2007 which has just finished in the town of Trebon is the international animated film competition festival offering both films competing in 7 different categories and a non-competition section, drawing from the best international and Czech animated production. Accompanying events: ProfiForum for film professionals, Schools of Animation where children can try making their own animated films, exhibitions, concerts, meetings with noted personalities from the world of animation, cultural and social circles, and last but not least, the opportunity to stay in the unparalleled atmosphere of the spa town of Trebon and its charming surroundings.


“Those of you who have been to this year´s Anifest in Trebon with us, as well as everybody else are cordially welcome to attend the next edition which will take place in May 7 through May 13, 2008."

Tue, 12 Jun 2007 10:27:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Anifest_Intl_Animated_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=181#comments
Looking back on a successful festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=180#comments The 53rd International Short Film Festival Oberhausen came to an end on 8 May 2007 with an awards ceremony before a full house. Festival director Lars Henrik Gass was satisfied with the results: despite a significant fall-off in the Children's and Youth Cinema entries, the festival had been able to keep its attendance figures nearly constant, with 16,000 admissions this year. This can be attributed to a significant rise in both ticket sales and accreditations.


Considerably fewer school classes came to see the Children's and Youth Cinema programme this year, traditionally one of the best attended. Presumably responsible for this drop in attendance were the state-wide comparative academic tests conducted for some age groups during the festival days, as well as stricter rules on missed classroom hours. Gass announced that he would be speaking with the City of Oberhausen about measures to improve this situation.


The International and German Competitions as well as the MuVi Award have maintained their traditional top position as by far the most popular screenings. It was quite surprising and especially gratifying, though, that the theme-based programme "Kinomuseum" attracted large audiences, despite the complex issues it treated. The Market Screenings of current catalogues of international experimental film distributors, successfully introduced in 2006 and extended in 2007, likewise enjoyed sold-out theatres for almost every show this year. "We saw a great need for a specialized international marketplace for this type of work, which is not at home in other markets. And the success of the screenings for both the distributors and the professional audience proves that we were right", commented Gass.


The Short Film Festival would like to congratulate Pavel Medvedev, whose film "On the Third Planet from the Sun" won the Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen, and takes this opportunity to announce that the 54th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen will take place from 1 to 6 May 2008.


Oberhausen, 23 May 2007


Press contact: Sabine Niewalda, Tel +49 (0)208 825-3073, niewalda @ kurzfilmtage.de

Tue, 12 Jun 2007 10:16:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=180#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Cracow Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Kracow_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=178#comments THE VERDICT OF THE FEATURE-LENGHT DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION JURY


The Grand Prix – The Golden Horn: “Jimmy Rosenberg – The Father, The Son & The Talent”

Directed by: Jeroen Berkvens (Netherlands)

Honorary Diplomas to: “The Warrior”

Directed by: Jacek B_awut (Poland)




Grand Prix – The Golden Dragon: “Dad”

Directed by Daniel Mulloy (Great Britain)


The Silver Dragon for the Director of the Best Animated Film: “Dreams and Desires – Family Ties”

Directed by Joanna Quinn (Great Britain)


The Silver Dragon for the Director of the Best Fiction Film: “Lampa cu caciula” / “The Tube With a Hat”

Directed by Radu Jude (Romania)


The Silver Dragon for the Director of the Best Documentary Film: “Zawiedionka” / “As Is Their Wont”

Directed by Galina Adamovich (Belarus)


The Prix UIP Cracow – a nomination for the European Film Award in the short film category: “Dad”

Directed by: Daniel Mulloy (Great Britain)


The Special Mention to the films:

“Kabal i Hjerter” / “Hearts”

Directed by: Øyvind Sandberg (Norway)


and “Plakat” / “Poster”

Directed by Andrei Zaitsev (Russia)




Grand Prix – The Golden Hobby-Horse: “The 52 procent” (“52 percent”)

Directed by Rafal Skalski.


The Silver Hobby-Horse for the Best Documentary Film: “Wolnosc jest darem Boga” (“Freedom is a God-Given Gift”)

Directed by: Cezary Ciszewski,


The Silver Hobby-Horse for the Best Animated Film for “Arka” (“The Ark”)

Directed by: Grzegorz Jonkajtys,


The Honorary Diploma for animated film: Monodram” (“A Monodrama”)

Directed by: Przemyslaw Adamski


Additional awards:

The Jury has decided to award the following additional prizes:


The President of the Association of Polish Filmmakers Award: Miroslaw Dembinski for “Lekcja bialoruskiego” (“A Lesson of Bielarussian”)


The President of the Polish State Television Award for the Best Documentary film: “52 procent” (“The 52 Percent”)

Directed by: Rafal Skalski


The President of Polish State Television Award for the Best Director of Photography of a documentary film: Jakub Giza for pictures for the film “52 procent” (“The 52 Percent”)


The President of the Association of Polish Filmmakers Award for the Best Editing in the film: Cecylia Pacura for “52 procent” (“The 52 Percent”)


The Maciej Szumowski Award founded by Kino Polska and Cyfrowy Polsat ex equo: “Kredens” (“A Cupboard”)

Directed by: Jacob Dammas


and the film ”Radek”

Directed by: Magnus von Horn


A Bronislaw Chromy Sculpture for the Best Producer of Polish short and documentary films: Krzysztof Kopczynski of “Eureka Media”


Kodak Award for the best film: RafalSkalski the director of the “52 procent” (“The 52 Percent”)

Prize: 10 rolls of 16 mm film print


THE VERDICT OF THE FIPRESCI JURY /International Film Critics/

Don Kichote Award: “Dreams & Desires – Family Ties”

Directed by: Joanna Quinn (Great Britain).



ex equo: “Nothing to be Scared Of”

Directed by: Malgorzata Szumowska (Poland)


And “Mon dernier rôle” (“My last role”)

Directed by: Olivier Ayache


The Special Mention: “Dreams and Desires – Family Ties”

Directed by: Joanna Quinn (Great Britain)


The National Competition Students Jury Award: ‘A Cupboard” Directed by: Jacob Dammas




International Competition – “Fetch”

Directed by: Dana Dorian


National Competition – “The Runaway”

Directed by: Marek Tomasz Pawlowski


Feature – Length Documentary Competition – “The Existence”

Directed by: Marcin Koszalka

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 03:28:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Kracow_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=178#comments
Awards for the 2007 Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Zlin_Intl_Film_Festival_for_Children/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=177#comments The International Jury for Feature Film:


Golden Slipper for Best Feature Film for Children: “Little Heroes”

Directed by: Itai Lev, Israel


Golden Slipper for Best Feature Film for Youth: “Leaps and Bounds”

Directed by: Petter Naess, Sweden


City of Zlín Award – honorable mention of feature film for children:


Directed by: Arend Steenbergen, Holland


The Miloš Macourek Award – special recognition for a feature film for youth: “Vanaja”

Directed by: Rajnesh Domalpalli, Indie, USA


Joint International Jury of Children and Experts for Animated Film:


Golden Slipper for Best Animated Film: “Tyger”

Directed by: Guilherme Marcondes, Brazil


The Hermína T˘rlová Award – for young artists under 35 years of age: “My Happy End”

Directed by: Milen Vitanov, Germany


International Children’s Jury for Feature Film for Children:


Children’s Jury Main Prize for Best Feature Film for Children:


Directed by: Arend Steenbergen, Netherlands


International Children’s Jury for Feature Film for Youth:


Children’s Jury Main Prize for Best Feature Film for Youth: “Leaps and Bounds”

Directed by: Petter Naess, Sweden


International Jury for European Debuts:


The Europe Award: “Retrieval”

Directed by: S_awomir Fabicki , Poland


Special Prize of the Jury: “Triple Dare”

Directed by: Christina Rosendahl, Denmark


International Jury for Feature Films of Visegrad Countries:


The Czech Ministry of Culture Award: “White Palms”

Directed by: Szabolcs Hajdu, Hungary


Viewer’s Prize:


Viewer’s Prize – feature film: “Maharal”

Directed by: Pavel Jandourek, Czech Republic


Viewer’s Prize – animated film: “The Irresistible Smile”

Directed by: Ami Lindholm, Finland


FICC Jury:


Don Quixote Award: “Leaps and Bounds”

Directed by: Petter Naess, Sweden


Ecumenical Jury:


Ecumenical Jury Award: “Antonia”

Directed by: Tata Amaral, Brazil

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 02:59:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Zlin_Intl_Film_Festival_for_Children/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=177#comments
David Scharf's film "The Big Brother State" Wins! http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/EmergeAndSee/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=175#comments After a successful event on the 25th and 26th of May at Kino Babylon Berlin Mitte, EMERGEANDSEE is proud to announce the winner of the competition: David Scharf's film "The Big Brother State". The critical animation about public surveillance methods was chosen by the jury among 30 excellent submissions.

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 02:24:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/EmergeAndSee/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=175#comments
Award Winners for COURTisane 2007 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/COURTisane/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=173#comments First Award: “First Elections”

Directed by: Sarah Vanagt


Second Award: “_imovie_ [3]_ silver lips / for me”

Directed by: Els Opsomer


Third Award: “y,x”

Directed by: Shelbatra Jashari

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 02:15:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/COURTisane/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=173#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Anifest International Festival of Animated Films http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Anifest_Intl_Animated_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=172#comments AniFest Grand Prix: “The Runt”

Director: Andreas Hykade


Prize for the Best Feature-Length Film: “One Night in One City” (Jedne noci v jednom meste)

Director: Jan Balej


Prize for the Best Short Film: “Lost in Snow”

Director: Vladimir Leschiov


Jury Special Prize: “Lapsus”

Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella


Jury Special Prize: “Bendito Machine”

Director: Jossie Malis


Prize for the Best Television Film and Serial: “Nake” (Bloot)

Director: Mischa Kamp


Prize for the Best Video Clip: “Apple on a Tree”

Director: Astrid Rieger, Zeljko Vidovic


Prize for the Best Advertisement, Introductory Spot: “Bad Note”

Director: Craig Wessels


Special Jury Mentions: “Sunny Day” (Ein Sonniger Tag)

Director: Gil Alkabetz


Prize for the Best Internet Film: “The Park” (Le Parc)

Director: Hervé Marchal and Bruno Rhinn


Audience Prize for the Best Internet Film: “Bloody Mary”

Director: Zina Papadopoulou


Prize for the Best Student Film: “Botteoubateau”

Director: Marina Rosset


Special Jury Mention: “My Happy End”

Director: Milen Vitanov


Prize for the Best School Collection


École nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre


Arguments of the Jury:

The Jury has chosen La Cambré for the high standard and inventiveness of all the films chosen for the competition. The Jury appreciates particularly that the school encourages its students to use a wide variety of animation techniques and the development of complex and sophisticated storytelling.


Special Jury Prize: “Angst”

Director: Emiel Penders


Prize for the Best Film Made by Children: “Cheezy”

Directors: children - collective work


Special Jury Mentions: “Babies” (Les Bébés)

ReÏie: Collective work


The Trebon Town Prize / Audience Prize: “Ms G” (Pani G)

ReÏie: Michal Îabka


Prize for the Best Czech Short Animation: “Sweet Porridge” (Domecku var)

Director: Jiri Barta


Special Jury Mention: “Exit us”

Director: Josef Lep‰a

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 02:12:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Anifest_Intl_Animated_Films/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=172#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Visions du Reel- Nyon International Documentary Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Visions_du_Reel_Nyon_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=166#comments Grand Prix Visions du Réel: “Söhne”

Directed by: Volker Koepp


Prix SRG SSR: “Scenes De Chasse Au Sanglier”

Directed by: Claudio Pazienza


Prix du public de la Ville de Nyon: “Heimatklänge”

Directed by: Stefan Schwietert


Prix du jury interreligieux: “Welcome Europa”

Directed by: Bruno Ulmer


Prix de l´Etat de Vaud: “Akhmeteli 4”

Directed by: Artchil Khetagouri


Prix Suissimage/Société suisse des auteurs SSA: “Retour A Goree”

Directed by: Pierre-Yves Borgeaud


Prix «Regards sur le crime»: “Le Cote Obscur De La Dame Blanche”

Directed by: Patricio Henriquez


Prix spécial Templeton de la Fondation John Templeton: “State Legislature”

Directed by: Frederick Wiseman

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 01:18:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Visions_du_Reel_Nyon_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=166#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Stuttgart_Festival_of_Animated_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=165#comments Grand Prix: “The Memories of Dogs”

Directed by: Simone Massi


Promotion Award for the best graduation: “My Date From Hell”

Directed by: Tim Weimann, Tom Bracht


Award for the best children’s animated film: “Zhiharka”

Directed by: Oleg Uzhinov

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 01:17:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Stuttgart_Festival_of_Animated_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=165#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Stuttgart_Festival_of_Animated_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=164#comments Grand Prix: “The Memories of Dogs”

Directed by: Simone Massi


Promotion Award for the best graduation: “My Date From Hell”

Directed by: Tim Weimann, Tom Bracht


Award for the best children’s animated film: “Zhiharka”

Directed by: Oleg Uzhinov

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 01:12:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Stuttgart_Festival_of_Animated_Film/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=164#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Oberhausen Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=162#comments Principal Prize: “Metamorphosis”

Directed by: Clare Langan


Prize of the Jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia: “Capitalism: Slavery”

Directed by: Ken Jacobs


Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen: “On the Third Planet from the Sun”

Directed by: Pavel Medvedev


Prize of the Jury of FIPRESCI: “Kramasha”

Directed by: Amit Dutta


Prize for the Best Contribution to the German Competition: “Mammal”

Directed by: Astrid Rieger


The MuVi Online Audience Award: “1., 2., 3. (Bela B. feat. Charlotte Roche)”

Directed by: Norbert Heitker


First Prize: “Domin, libra nos”

Directed by: Oliver Pietsch


2nd Prize: “I Have Seen You Dancing Better Than This”

Directed by: Luigi Archetti, Bo Wiget


3rd Prize: “H.O.N.D. Aerobic”

Directed by: Mariola Brillowska


Special Mention of the international Jury: “Orquesta típica”

Directed by: Nicolas Entel


Special Mention of the international Jury: “We Will Win”

Directed by: Mahmoud Hojeij


Special Mention of the international Jury: “Mic Jean-Louis”

Directed by: Kathy Sebbah


Prize of the Ecumenical Jury: “Tolya”

Directed by: Rodeon Brodsky


Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury: “We Will Win”

Directed by: Mahmoud Hojeij


Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury: “Nemam ti sta rec' lijepo”

Directed by: Goran Devic


Prize for the Best Contribution to the German Competition: “Vali Asr - Juli 2006”

Directed by: Norman Richter


Prize for the Best Contribution to the German Competition: “Three Notes”

Directed by: Jeannette Gaussi


Prize of the International Short Film Festival

Oberhausen: “Ägtux”

Directed by: Tania Anaya


3sat-Promotional-Award: “Hit the Floor”

Directed by: Kays Khalil


Prize of the Children Jury: “Under There”

Directed by: Jeremy Lanni

Special Mention of the Youth Jury: “Emily's Song”

Directed by: Thomas Kennedy and Frank Kelly


Prize of the Cinema Jury for the best 35mm film

under 15 minutes in the Children's and Youth

Competition: “The Girl Who Swallowed Bees”

Directed by: Paul McDermott


Special Mention of the Youth Jury: “Emilka placze”

Directed by: Rafal Kapelinski


Special Mention of the Children Jury: “Ediths glasslott”

Directed by: Tove Cecilie Sverdrup, Sunniva Nervik


Special Mention of the Children Jury: “Poes en de maan”

Directed by: Suzanne Tuynman

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 01:02:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Intl_Short_Film_Festival_Oberhausen/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=162#comments
Award Winners for the 2007 Dokfest- International Munich Documentary Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/DOKFEST_Intl_Munich_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=159#comments The Documentary Film Award of Bayerischer Rundfunk and Telepool 2007: “Malon 9 Kovahim” (9 Star Hotel)

Directed by: by Ido Haar, Israel

Prize: worth 10.000 EUR


The Special Documentary Award: “The Bittner Case”

Directed by: Caterina Woj (Germany)

Prize: 2.500 EUR, sponsored by BLM, the Bavarian Authority for Private Broadcasting


The Horizons Prize of the 22nd International Documentary Film Festival Munich 2007: “Pïrinop, My First Contact” (Pïrinop, meu primeiro contato)

Directed by: Mari Corrêa and Karané Ikpeng (Brazil)


FFF-Documentary Talent Awards


As part of the International Documentary Film Festival Munich 2007 the Bavarian film and television fund, FFF Bayern, awards its FFF-Documentary Talent Award:

“Dear Mum, I hardly knew you…” (Liebe Mama, ich kannte dich kaum)

Directed by: Alice Agneskirchner (3,000 Euro)


and “Der rote Teppich”

Directed by Andrea and Eric Asch (2,000 Euro)

Mon, 11 Jun 2007 12:19:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/DOKFEST_Intl_Munich_Documentary/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=159#comments
Awards for the 2007 Cartoons on the Bay http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cartoons_on_the_Bay/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=150#comments TV Series For Infants: “Charlie And Lola”

United Kingdom, Tiger Aspect Productions

For strong dialogues, visually original, integrating real kids voices making the characters authentic


TV Series For Children: “Ruby Gloom”

Canada, Nelvana

For great design in which Ruby Gloom clearly is the leader of a group of eccentric friends in a cartoonesque world


TV Series For All Ages: “Minuscule”

France, Futurikon

For innovatively creating a world from real life footage and 3D characters, using humor and sound effects for adventurous stories


TV Series Of Action & Adventure: “The Secret Show”

United Kingdom, The Secret Show.

A spy comedy with funny identifiable characters. Energetic story-telling that put you on the edge of your seat


Educational & Social Program – Unicef: “The Little Short-Sighted Snake”

Estonia, A Film Estonia

A simple setting delivering many values. Effectively using humor and character to reach educational goals


Pilot Of TV Series: “Monster Safari”

USA, Nickelodeon

For characters with potential for a series of funny situations. Good animation and a strong pilot story about bad Yeti breath


TV Special: “Anna And The Moods”

Iceland, Caoz

A modern fairytale for teenagers with good direction and special design about a serious subject in a humorous style


Short Film: “Wives Supermarket”

Italy, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Dipartimento di Animazione

Funny little story with a surprising twist using a well-developed retro style


Best Character: “Guide Dog”

USA, Bill Plympton

Outstanding expressive character with credible emotions in a humorous dynamic style


Best Programe: “Charlie And Lola” – Season 2

United Kingdom, Tiger Aspect Productions

Strong and original concept, high standard of production, authentic characters you want to grow up with


Best European Programe: “Peter & The Wolf”

United Kingdom, Breakthru Films

High quality on every level of production. Bringing a fascinating new artistic vision to a European classic


Best Soundtrack Of The Year: “Class Of 3000”

USA, Cartoon Network Studios

Passion for music in the story is supported by an engaging rich soundtrack


Special Mentions: “How To Cook Italian By Arturo & Kiwi”

Italy, MY TV - Rai Fiction

For its fun and usefulness



Japan, Toei Animation

For its graphics and distinct atmosphere



France, Alphanim

For its visual style and imaginative world

The Jury of Rai Subscribers has assigned the


Pulcinella Awards 2007 To TV Series For Infants: “Pet Pals”

Italy, Gruppo Alcuni.

Expressed by children because they travel and discover new things, because there are a lot of different colored animals; because the little flea with the signs manages to resolve all situations; because I love little dogs.

Expressed by parents Easy to watch. It is fun and relaxing for children and maintains a proper balance between education and entertainment.

TV Series For Children: “Growing Up Creepie”

USA, Mike Young Productions, Llc

For the humour in certain moments, for the irony expressed and the originality of the message interaction between the animal world and the human world produced between a little insect and the teenage Creepie. All this combined with a captivating musical score.


TV Series For All Ages: “Minuscule”

France, Futurikon

The graphics are very realistic and because of its dynamism it has a great capacity to captivate the audience. The story is humorous and its morale can be easily applied to everyday life. The sound effects are very realistic and fun. The prize was unanimously voted. .


Carta Giovani Euro<26 Award: “Wives Supermarket”

Italy, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Dipartimento di Animazione

The Jury for Carta Giovani is composed of 23 children who watched all the programmes in competition. The award was assigned to “Wives Supermarket”. In this little musical the lead characters indecision turns into a trap in which he becomes the victim. Carmelo is a symbol of a society of consumers with his capriciousness and his superiority attitude, but…before he knows it he ends up in the same situation. Instructive, creative, original are the adjectives repeated by the jury that unanimously chose this little Italian masterpiece.


Rai Sat YOYO: “Charlie And Lola”

United Kingdom, Tiger Aspect Productions

Prize for the most voted program on Rai Sat YOYO website


Rai Sat SMASH: “Guide Dog”

USA, Bill Plympton

Prize for the most voted program on Rai Sat SMASH website


Rai Trade presenta Norman Mclaren - The Master’s Edition


The International Jury of the Pulcinella Awards 2007:

Jan-Willem Bult (Head of Youth department and Creative Director, KRO, The Netherlands), Maurizio Forestieri (Artist, Italy),

Beth Gardiner (Executive Director, Development and Programming, Playhouse Disney, USA), Céline Limorato (Head of the Animation and Children’s Television, France 5, France),

Wolfgang Wegman (Deputy Head of Children’s and Family Programmes, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Germany)

Tue, 01 May 2007 01:30:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Cartoons_on_the_Bay/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=150#comments
Film Academy 2007 http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Leeds_Young_Peoples_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=140#comments Want to do more than just watch films? Then come along and get creative!


Film Academy is the UK's leading interactive filmmaking programme for young people and your chance to find out how to make a film, design a costume or even create a Manga superhero. All the workshops are run by professionals working in the industry, so you get experience from real filmmakers, actors and artists who can show you the huge range of skills and talents that go to make up the film industry.


For a full list of all the Workshops and Masterclasses that you can get involved in, go to: www.leedsfilm.com/2007/lcypff/show/strand/Film_Academy


All workshops must be booked in advance and for some you will need to complete an application form too.

You can get an Application here: www.leedsfilm.com/2007/lcypff/page/apply

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 06:28:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Leeds_Young_Peoples_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=140#comments
The Young Consultants http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Leeds_Young_Peoples_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=139#comments The Young Consultants worked alongside the Festival Team all year to put this together.


For 2007 we're also planning our own year-round Movie Club. If you want to be part of it, e-mail martin.grund@leeds.gov.uk to find out more.


The Young Consultants are: Alfie, Rosa, Oliver, Harry, Sarah, Edward, Maud, Alex, Rachel, Freya, Oscar, Callum, Tamsin, Alex, Aidan, Jade, Harry, Bella, Lucy, Calvin, Caroline, Ruby, Ben, Matthew, Annie, Liam, James, Stephanie, Liam.

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 06:25:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Leeds_Young_Peoples_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=139#comments
Tribute to Park Chan-wook at the 2007 Deauville Asian Film Festival http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Deauville_Asian_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=138#comments Born August 23rd, 1963 in Seoul, South Korea, Park Chan-wook studied philosophy at Sogang University, where he founded a film club and developed a strong interest in film theory. After writing and directing two unsuccessful films, his third feature film “Joint Securtity Area” became a record-breaking national hit in 2000 and was also invited to numerous film festivals such as Berlin and Deauville where it won the Grand Prize in 2001. The following year, Park Chan-wook began a trilogy about vengeance with “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance”. “Oldboy”, his second instalment, won the Grand Prix of the Jury of the Cannes Film Festival 2004. “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”, his third instalment, won the Young Lion and the Best Innovative Award at the Venice Film Festival 2005. His seventh feature film « I'm a Cyborg, But That OK » was presented at the Berlin Film Festival a few weeks ago and won the Alfred Bauer Prize. P ark Chan-wook is currently preparing for his next project, “Evil Live”, which he will both direct and produce.



Director & screenwriter


(The Moon Is… the Sun's Dream)

1997 | SAM IN JO (A Trio)

2000 | GONGDONG GYEONGBI GUYEOK JSA (Joint Security Area)

2002 | BOK SU NEUN NA YI GEOT (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance)


(If You Were Me: N.E.P.A.L. Never Ending Peace and Love)




(Sympathy for Lady Vengeance)


(I'm a Cyborg, But That's Ok)

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 06:23:00 PST http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Deauville_Asian_Film_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=138#comments
Success at the Thessaloniki International Doc Market http://www.filmfestivalworld.com/festival/Thessaloniki_Documentary_Festival/?tx_ffw_pi15%5BpId%5D=136#comments Running alongside the Film Festival, t