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SistagodA film by Robert Yao Ramesar

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    • Run time: 72 minutes
    • Country of origin: Trinidad and Tobago
  • Genre:
    Drama/Mystery - Thriller
  • Synopsis:

    The first feature of a trilogy that tells the story of the coming of a black female messiah in the future, during a period known as the Apocalypso – a global holocaust that she alone survives.

    The main character, Mari, emerges on a Caribbean island, the child of a black West Indian woman and an American Marine sniper, wounded in the first Gulf War. When she is born a “throwblack” (i.e. she comes out darker than expected), her father abandons her, believing that she is not his child. Her mother goes mad and spends most of life in an asylum, having no more children for fear of the outcome. She blames Mari for the loss of her man and is convinced that she is possessed by the devil.

    When Mari becomes pregnant by an unknown suitor, her mother sews a Baby Doll Carnival costume for her, to hide her “shame” and “ugliness.” In costume (complete with mask, gloves & cape), Mari assumes a supershero persona, SISTAGOD and is able to re-seed the human race after the destruction - echoing Eve, Apocryphally a Bantu woman – ancestor of all. “As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.”

    • Director:
      Yao Ramesar
    • Writer(s):
      Yao Ramesar
    • Producer(s):
      Robert Yao Ramesar
    • Cast and Credits:

      Evelyn Caesar Munroe
      Indigo Minerve
      Matthew McHugh
      Nicole Minerve
      Michael Cherrie
      Yashmin Campagne

      Cinematographer: Edmund I. Attong
      1st Production Assistant, Makeup, Wardrobe: Angela Francis
      Technical Assistance, Editing: Debra Lezama
      2nd Production Assistant: Sheldon Buckmire
      Sound: Debra Lezama, Sheldon Buckmire
      Music: Anderson Cave, Ella Andall

  • Prior Festival Screenings:
    • Pan African Film Festival, 2007
    • Toronto International Film Festival, 2006


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