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Conflict TigerA film by Sasha Snow Sasha Snow’ page

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    • Run time: 61 minutes
    • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Genre:
  • Synopsis:

    In the forests of the Russian Far East, an inexperienced and foolhardy poacher triggers an infamous series of tiger attacks on people.
    The authorities call upon the services of Yuri Trush, a specialist in tracking and eliminating tigers that have lost their fear of man.
    ˘Conflict Tiger" takes Yuri's most notorious pursuit of a ˘man-eating" tiger as the basis for a documentary thriller.
    From the aftermath of this epic confrontation, the film emerges as a parable which challenges the cosy illusions of the traditional ˘big cat" natural history by setting the animal˙s precarious situation against the pressing needs of human survival.

    • Director:
      Sasha Snow
    • Executive Producer(s):
      Roger James
    • Producer(s):
      Sasha Snow
    • Cast and Credits:

      Music: Juhana Riskala,
      Sound Recording: Robert Bourke,
      Sound Mixing: Sven Taits,

  • Prior Festival Screenings:
    • Wildscreen Festival, 2006
    • Planet in Focus Toronto Environmental, 2006
    • Trento Film Festival, 2006
    • Green Film Festival, 2006
    • EcoVision, 2006
    • FICA Film Festival, Brazil, 2006
    • Cervino Film Festival, 2006
    • Encounters Documentary Festival, 2006
    • Leipzig Doc. Festival, 2004
    • Cinema Ambiente, 2005
  • Awards:
    • Grand Prize: CineEco, 2006
    • Grand Prize: Planet In Focus, 2006
    • Grand prize: Banff International Film Festival, 2006
    • Grand Prize: Trento Film Festival, 2006
    • Grand Prize & Audience Award: Green Film Festival, 2006
    • AMAP Prize: EcoVision, 2006
    • Special Mention: FICA Film Festival, 2006
    • Grand Prize: Cervino Film Festival, 2006
    • Special Mention: Cinema Ambiente, 2005


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