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Venice Film Festival - an FFW festival profile
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Venice Film Festival

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  • Venice, Italy August 2015, TBA
  • Call for Entry Deadline: June 2015, TBA
  • Festival Data:
    • Established: 1932
    • Attendance: 50000
    • Media Attendance: 3500
    • Accredited Industry Attendance: 6000
    • Total Number of Films Submitted: 3859
    • Total Number of Films Screened: 170
    • Total Screenings: 275
    • Total National and International Premieres: 75
    • # of Shorts Screened: 34
    • # of Features Screened: 75
    • Competitive
    • Has Panels
  • Festival Website:
  • Festival Description:

    The 68th Venice International Film Festival, directed by Marco Müller and organized by the Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta, will be held on the Venice Lido from August 31st to 10th September 2011. The world's oldest film festival, Venice has promoted international cinema as art, entertainment and industry since it began in 1932.

    The Festival will include the following programs:


    3.1 Venezia 68

    An international competition comprising a maximum of 21 feature films, presented as world premieres.

    3.2 Out of Competition

    Some of the most important works of the year, and in particular those by directors already established in past editions of the Festival, will be presented in the non-competing section, comprising a maximum of 11 films.

    A maximum of six Out of Competition films will be screened at around midnight, whose characteristics are particularly suitable for showing at this time of night.

    Only feature films presented as world premieres will be admitted. Only in exceptional circumstances will exceptions be allowed for films which have not yet been given public screenings outside their country of origin.

    3.3 Orizzonti

    A line of programming devoted to new tendencies in world cinema without distinction of genre or duration, presenting works that reflect the continual redefinition of filmmaking within the whole range of contemporary visual expression.

    The section is open to films of all formats (full-length, medium-length, short), with a maximum of 21 programmes scheduled (in Competition and Out of Competition). Only films having their world première at the festival will qualify for selection. In exceptional cases this rule may be relaxed to allow the selection of films that have not been screened to the public outside their country of origin.

    3.4 Controcampo Italiano

    A section aiming to take stock of the latest trends in Italian cinema, comprising a maximum of 7 programmes in Competition and 1 Special Event Out of Competition. Only works presented as a world premiere will be included.


    5.1 Settimana Internazionale della Critica (SIC- International Critics’ Week)

    A series of 7 or 8 films – debut works – independently organized by a commission nominated by the National Syndicate of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI) in accordance with its own regulations.

    5.2 Giornate degli Autori (Venice Days)

    A series of 10-12 films independently organized by a commission nominated by the Italian Association of Film-makers (ANAC - Associazione Nazionale Autori Cinematografici) and by the Association of Independent Directors and Producers (API - Associazione Autori e Produttori Indipendenti) in accordance with their own regulations.

    As well as all the sections mentioned above, the Festival will include retrospectives and homages to major figures as a contribution towards raising awareness of the history of cinema. The "Industry Office" is set up during the Festival which places screening rooms at the disposal of producers and international sales companies.

  • Film Submissions:
  • Email:cinema(at)labiennale.org
    Phone:(39) 041 521 88 61
    Fax:(39) 041 521 88 54
    Mailing Address: Palazzo Giustinian Lolin San Marco 2893
    Venice 30124


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