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ShockerFest International Film Festival - an FFW festival profile
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ShockerFest International Film Festival

  • Modesto, United States October 2015, TBA
  • Call for Entry Deadline: July 2015, TBA
  • Festival Data:
    • Competitive
  • Festival Website:
    http:/ / www.shockerfest.com
  • Festival Description:

    ShockerFest International Film Festival was one of the first festivals of its type in the world. At the time it began, there were only a handful of genre festivals in the world.

    Sponsored by the Fireside Foundation, Inc., a California nonprofit corporation dedicated to the promotion and perpetuation of independent film, ShockerFest is now entering its 5th year and continues to grow annually. Proceeds from the festival provide film funding and scholarships, and assist the development of independent films.

  • Email:director(at)shockerfest.com
    Mailing Address: ShockerFest Film Festival
    P.O. Box 580450
    Modesto, CA 95358.


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  • Contribution to the Arts Award: VERNON WELLS

    Larry Stanley "B Movie" Award
    The Best "B Movie" Feature: "PLAGUERS"

    Fujifilm Award
    Best movie shot on Film - $2,500.00 in film stock. (16mm sound.)


    Gorilla Softward Awards

    "Yesterday Was A Lie"
    "The Consumed"

    Horror Genre Awards

    Best Picture Mini-Short: "EXCISION"
    Honorable Mention: "PEEKERS," "PENNY DREADFUL," and "KIRKSDALE"

    Best Picture Short: "AM1200"
    Honorable Mention: "THE CONSUMED"

    Best Picture Feature: "PAPER DOLLS"
    Honorable Mention: "THE ASSESSMENT," "THE SHADOW WITHIN'

    Best Actor: KEITH BLASER for "The Assessment"
    Honorable Mention: ERIC LANGE for "AM1200"

    Best Actress:TESSA FERRER for "Excision"
    Honorable Mention: Kristin Mellian for "Without Within" Victorial Englelmayer for "Hanah's Gift"

    Science Fiction Genre Awards
    Best Picture Mini-Short/Short: "SUPERHUMAN"
    Honorable mention: "GOD'S MARBLE," "WELL FOUNDED CONCERNS"

    Best Picture Feature: "ALIEN RAIDERS"
    Honorable Mention: "PLAGUERS," "CAVE WOMEN ON MARS"

    Best Actor: STEVE RAILSBACK for "Plaguers"
    Honorable Mention: CARLOS BERNARD for "Alien Raiders"

    Best Actress: COURTNEY FORD for "Alien raiders"
    Honorable Mention: ALEXIS ZIBOLIS for "Plaguers"

    Fantasy Genre Awards
    Best Picture: - Mini Short: "BELIEVE"
    Honorable mention: "MIRROR, MIRROR" and "EPICAC"

    Best Picture Feature: "YESTERDAY WAS A LIE"
    Honorable Mention: "NOBODY" and "CARNIVOROUS"

    Best Actor: COSTAS MANDYLOR for "Nobody"
    Honorable Mention: ED O'ROSS for "Nobody" and RYAN SCHAUFLER for "Carnivorous"

    Best Actress: KIPLEIGH BROWN for "Yesterday Was A Lie"
    Honorable Mention: LEAH ROSE for "Carnivorous"

    Rising Star Award: - VICTORIA ENGLEMAYER for "Hanah's Gift"
    Honorable Mention: - MOLLY SHIFFERR for "Mirror, Mirror" and LAURENCE BELCHER for "The Shadow Within"

    Director's Choice: "Without, Within"

    Audience Choice Award: "HANAH'S GIFT"
  • Horror Genre Winners
    Best Picture Mini-Short: “A.W.O.L.”
    Director: Jack Swanstrom

    Honorable Mention: “Seekers”
    Director: Jon Jorgensen

    and “The Dollhouse”
    Director: Mark Degaetani

    Best Picture Short: “Zombie Love”
    Director: Yfke Van Berckelaer

    Honorable Mention: “Tree,”
    Director: Daniel Boneville

    Best Picture Feature: “Book Of Lore”
    Director: Chris Lamartina

    Honorable Mention: “Portal”
    Director: Geoff Schaaf

    “Day Of Darkness”
    Director: Jake Kennedy

    Best Actor: - Horror: David Morse For “A.W.O.L”
    Director: Jack Swanstrom

    Honorable Mention: Thomas Calabro For “Chill"
    Director: Shaun Kurtz

    Peter Facinelli For “Lily”
    Director: Daniel Boneville

    Best Actress: - Horror: Robin Hathaway For “Chains”
    Director: Chris France

    Honorable Mention: Axelle Grelet For “Killing Ariel”
    Director: Danuta Tomzynski

    Science Fiction Genre Winners
    Best Picture Mini-Short: “Eight Thirty Two”
    Director: Ben Mcdaniel

    Honorable Mention: “A Thousand Words”
    Director: Sean Kennedy

    and “Genesis Antipode”
    Director: John Robinson

    Best Picture Short: “Deployment Strategy”
    Director: Mark Cheng

    Honorable Mention: “Gunmen”
    Director: Evan Sempler

    Best Picture - Feature: “It Came From Another World”
    Director: Christopher Mihm

    Honorable Mention: “Decaying Orbit”
    Director: Tim Pyle

    Best Actor: - Sf/Fantasy: John Soares For “Gauntlet Of Sorrow”
    Director: John Soares

    Honorable Mention: Andy Allen For “Decaying Orbit”
    Director: Tim Pyle

    Best Actress: Osa Wallander For “Decaying Orbit”
    Director: Tim Pyle

    Fantasy Genre Winners
    Best Picture Mini-Short: “Folklore”
    Director: Parker Briscoe

    Honorable Mention: “Lucifer”
    Director: Ray Griggs
    and “Tyrants Of Nazca”
    Director: Ben Beames

    Best Picture Short: “Vanished Acres”
    Director: Adam Bolt

    Honorable Mention: “Gauntlet Of Sorrow”
    Director: John Soares

    Rising Star Award: Christina Barlas For “The Dollhouse”
    Director: Mark Degaetani

    Fujifilm Award: “God Of Vampires “
    Director: Rob Fitz

    Avid Editing Award: “Folklore”
    Director: Parker Briscoe

    Gorilla Software Awards: “Chains” And “Gauntlet Of Sorrow”
    Director: John Soares

    Production Pro Budgeting Award: “Tree,”
    Director: Daniel Boneville

    and “Cecilia Rose”
    Director: Judd King

    Digital Hotcakes Awards: “Gunmen”
    Director: Evan Sempler

    “Vanished Acres”
    Director: Adam Bolt

    Creative Cow Award: “Consciousness”
    Director: Addison Bhuyan

    Director: Alexander Berezovsky

    “Genesis Antipode”
    Director: John Robinson

    “Jamie Hit Single”
    Director: Chris Duke

    “Diabolical Tales 2”
    Director: Brandon Kane

    Director's Choice – “God Of Vampires”
    Director: Rob Fitz

    Larry Stanley Best "B" Movie: “Brain Dead”
    Director: Kevin Tenney
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