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Shanghai International Film Festival - an FFW festival profile
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Shanghai International Film Festival

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  • Shanghai, China June 2015, TBA
  • Call for Entry Deadline: March 2015, TBA
  • Festival Data:
    • Established: 1993
    • Attendance: 200000
    • Media Attendance: 1109
    • Accredited Industry Attendance: 592
    • Total Number of Films Submitted: 1925
    • Total Number of Films Screened: 248
    • Total Screenings: 786
    • # of Shorts Screened: 8
    • # of Features Screened: 240
    • Competitive
    • Film Market
    • Has Panels
  • Festival Website:
  • Festival Description:

    The Shanghai International Film Festival, originated in 1993, is hosted by the State Administration of Radio, Film & Television and Shanghai Municipal Government; and organized by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV and SMEG. Compared to other competitive feature film festivals accredited by FIAPF such as Cannes and Berlin, the Shanghai International Film Festival is much younger. After being successfully established, the festival was soon accredited by FIAPF as one of the competitive feature film festivals. Every year in June, this only international festival in China opens its curtains, and brings to you a visual feast of films.

    Numerous shining stars perfects the festival with glory, but the true focus of the film festival is the screenings of excellent films selected from hundreds of films. These films include art films, commercial films, low-budget independent films, and also with the join in of short films and documentaries, the international panorama becomes much more diversified and splendid. The enriching selection is able to fulfill the multi needs of foreign guests, film specialist, and of course the local mass audience. Screenings during the festival is different from the usual box office line of screening. Festival screenings fully display the diversity and ever-changing phases of films. The pureness and aesthetics of films are intensified, thus making it easier for people in persuasion of high quality life and artistic taste.

    As China's ONLY film market, SIFF Film Market serves as a bridge for buyers, producers and distributors from both home and abroad. In 2009, about 100 domestic and overseas exhibitors had effective industry talks with more than 500 professional buyers all over the world which resulted in more than 400 deals signed.


  • Email:fanjie(at)siff.com
    Phone:(86) 21-62537115
    Fax:(86) 21-62552000
    Mailing Address: 11/F STV Mansions, 298 Wei Hai Road
    Shanghai 200041


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  • Award for Best Feature Film
    ORIGINAL directed by Antonio Tublén / Alexander Brøndsted

    Jury Grand Prix
    THE SEARCH directed by Pema Tseden

    Jury Award
    EMPIRE OF SILVER directed by Christina Yao

    Award for Best Director
    Julius Sevcik for NORMAL

    Award for Best Actor
    Sverrir Gudnason in ORIGINAL directed by Antonio Tublén / Alexander Brøndsted

    Award for Best Actress
    Simone Tang in ACHING HEARTS directed by Nils Malmros

    Award for Best Screenplay
    Fabio Bonifacci / Giulio Manfredonia for WE CAN DO THAT

    Award for Best Cinematography
    Nicolas Guicheteau / Hans Meier for NOWHERE PROMISED LAND

    Award for Best Music
    Hyoung-woo ROH for ROUGH CUT
  • Jin Jue Award Winners of 2008 Shanghai International Film Festival:

    Best Feature Film: "MUKHA"
    Directed by: Vladimir Kott (Russia)

    Jury Grand Prix: "OLD FISH"
    Directed by: Gao Qunshu (China)

    Best Director: Maris Martinsons for "LOSS" (Lithuania)

    Best Actor: Ma Guowei in "OLD FISH" (China)

    Best Actress: Emilia Vasaryova in "VACLAV" (Czech Republic)

    Best Screenplay: Marek Epstein for "VACLAV" (Czech Republic)

    Best Cinematography: Florian Schilling for "MY MOTHER'S TEARS" (Germany)

    Best Music: Andrius Mamontovas for "LOSS" (Lithuania)

    SIFF Asia New Talent Awards:

    Jury Prize: "Lucky Dog" (China)
    Hero of the film is a retired railway mechanical engineer. After his retirement he has to care for his sick wife and he is looking for new jobs in many different areas but must discover that he now belongs to a generation of the past for which people of today have little understanding. The film fascinates through its humorous and realistic narration, his fantasy and exact observation. It is also a film of human warmth and compassion.

    Best Director: Hyeon-gi Hong for "Thirsty, Thirsty" (Korea)
    The film portrays a middle aged man who is a debt collector for an agency but who is himself indebted. Many other persons around him are also victims of a universal system of loans and debts. With great cinematic originality and good camera work as well as superb direction of actors the film develops a critical image of contemporary Korean society.

    Best Film: "Winds of September"
    Directed by: Tom Shu-Yu Lin (Taiwan, China)
    The film tells the story of two friends who are high school students and who are passionate members of a baseball team. Through their story, the film develops with great subtlety a picture of the life style, the feelings and ambitions of a generation of Youth in Taiwan ten years ago.
  • The theme of this year's festival has been decided as "The Power of Filmmakers for The Light of Life". The Awarding Party of "Jin Jue Award" will be simplified this year due to the Sichuan earthquake.

    The 11th SIFF Press Conference was held in Shanghai International Convention Center on June 13rd. Ren Zhonglun, Vice-President of SMG, President of Shanghai Film Group and Executive Vice-President of 11th SIFF organizing committee and Tang Lijun, Deputy Secretary General of 11th SIFF organizing committee attended the conference.

    During the conference, Tang first made an overall introduction of the major activities and forum of SIFF. The 11th Shanghai International Film Festival, hosted by the State Administration of Radio, Film & Television and Shanghai Municipal Government, will be held from June 14th to June 22nd. To promoting the communication and cooperation between China and oversea countries in motion picture industry and encouraging the progress of Chinese motion picture industry, the theme of this year will be "The power of filmmakers for the light of life", in consideration of the current circumstances of earthquake relief work, and in hope of gathering the social influence of filmmakers and films. In this year's festival, the Red Carpet Show has been changed into the Walk of Love, and there will be more than 200 film stars walking on it. It is said the festival will have earthquake relief elements, for example: the awarding party of "Jin Jue Award" will be simplified, and the money raised in specific sections will be used to buy cinematographic projectors for the earthquake-hit areas.

    Meanwhile, this year's Shanghai Film Festival will further upgrade its authority, professionalism and easier access to common people. In organizing the major programs such as the "Jin Jue Award", "Asia New Talent", Film Market, Film Studio Exhibition and SIFF Forum, the Shanghai Film Festival is trying to make a boost to the Chinese or even the Asian film industry and take an active part in promoting the development of film industry. It is also making great efforts to make more and more people accessible to good films and have the chance to enjoy the artistic charm of films meanwhile enhance the power of the city.

    On behalf of the organizing committee, Ren Zhonglun delivered a speech and pointed out the three highlights of the 11th Shanghai Film Festival. Firstly, considering the particular background of the Wenchuan Earthqake , the festival has adjusted the old major events of the past festivals and arranged a series of new ones related to the theme: "The Power of Filmmakers for the Light of Life"to represent the media's sense of mission and responsibility. Secondly, the quality of the entries and the line-up of the juries are both better than those of the past. As for the entries, by April 30th, the 11th Shanghai Film Festival has received 1090 films from 76 countries and regions, which broke the record in history of the Shanghai film festivals. Moreover, number of the films entering for events such as "World Premier", "International Premier" and "Asian Premier" are on the substantial increase. The last highlight is the host of the "Cooperation of Film and Industry Capital" forum where master filmmakers and heads of some renowned investing institutes will be invited to attend.

    By Liu Jing
    Full Article at:
  • Best Feature Film: ACCORDING TO THE PLAN (Germany) by Franziska Meletzky
    Word by Jury: The truth of the life has been expressed with laughs and tears in the film.

    Jury Grand Prix: THE NEW MAN (Sweden/Finland) by Klaus Haro
    Word by Jury: The suffering never stops love! The human nature of caring is always shining in the film.

    Best Director: Tian Zhuangzhuang THE GO MASTER (China)
    Word by Jury: Tian Zhuangzhuang is more than a director, should say, he is also a writer and thinker. He is never afraid of the loneliness, but keeps showing the best of human nature through normal-life-details.

    Best Actor: Juan Jose Ballesta DOGHEAD (Spain)
    Word by Jury: The youth at a loss made him a pure person.

    Best Actress: Corinna Harfouch, Dagmar Manzel, Kirsten Block, Christine Schorn ACCORDING TO THE PLAN (Germany)
    Word by Jury: We really cannot decide who the best is, but we already can tell what love is and what life is by their performances.

    Best Screenplay: Shemi Zarhin AVIVA MY LOVE (Israel)
    Word by Jury: The touching details have been woven into the beautiful story by such talented writer.

    Best Cinematography: Wang Yu THE GO MASTER (China)
    Word by Jury: The simplest images tell the richest story.

    Best Music: Isao Tomita LOVE AND HONOR (Japan)
    Word by Jury: The music of this film is the soul of the film hiding behind film characters.

    Special Award of the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival: THE KNOT (China) by Yin Li
    Word by Jury: The "out-of-date" love story in this film deeply touches audiences nowadays, expressing pure feeling well interpreted by classical emotions.
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