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Seoul International Youth Film Festival - an FFW festival profile
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Seoul International Youth Film Festival

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  • Seoul, South Korea July 2015, TBA
  • Call for Entry Deadline: May 2015, TBA
  • Festival Data:
    • Established: 1999
    • Attendance: 10000
    • Media Attendance: 97
    • Accredited Industry Attendance: 1000
    • Total Number of Films Submitted: 696
    • Total Number of Films Screened: 51
    • # of Shorts Screened: 23
    • # of Features Screened: 28
    • Competitive
    • Retrospective
    • Has Panels
  • Festival Website:
    http:/ / www.siyff.com/
  • Festival Description:

    Since 1999, The Seoul International Youth Film Festival has provided a venue for youths to share their culture via films and media education. It grows to be a truly international youth film festival involving youngsters from home and abroad. Marking the 12th anniversary in 2010, the festival aims to promote broader international exchanges among gifted youths and establish network to improve their competitive edge in the relevant fields. To this end, the SIYFF paves the way for the young to have access to mature media culture. The SIYFF introduces international films about youths, by exploring works by budding writers and directors. Along with this, it presents youth-made films and distributes them overseas so that they can find their ways to meet global film audiences. The Festival provides great programs: screening of films about family and inner maturity of children, short films made by teenagers, the camp, media forum and a street festival. Awards given include:

    SYIFF Grand Prize: It is granted to best picture of the SYIFF.
    Two SIYFF Grand Prizes are each given to the work from Youth Competition 1&2.

    Special Jury Prize: The award is chosen after the fierce discussion among jurors.
    Two Juror Special Awards are each given to the work from Youth Competition 1&2.

    Experimental Art Award: It is for the picture with progressive and experimental touches in Youth Competition 1.

    Challenging Reality Award: It is for the picture showing critical eyes on reality and determination to overcome the challenge in Youth Competition 1.

    Best Director Award: It is for a director with great directing skills in Youth Competition 1.

    Best Cinematographer Award: It is for a cinematographer with great cinematographic skills in Youth Competition 1.

    Best Editor Award: It is for an editor with great editing skills in Youth Competition 1.

    SYIFF Youth Jury Award: It is selected by youth jurors in Youth Competition 1.

  • Film Submissions:
    • Accepts direct submissions
  • Email:siyff(at)siyff.com
    Mailing Address: 102, 19-13, 2-ga, Namsan-dong, Jung-gu,
    Seoul 100-042


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