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Busan International Film Festival - an FFW festival profile
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Busan International Film Festival

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  • Busan, South Korea October 2015, TBA
  • Call for Entry Deadline: June 2015, TBA
    No entry fee: Short films: June 30th Features: July 31
  • Festival Data:
    • Established: 1996
    • Attendance: 198818
    • Media Attendance: 1695
    • Accredited Industry Attendance: 7361
    • Total Number of Films Screened: 315
    • Total Screenings: 827
    • Total National and International Premieres: 228
    • Competitive
    • Film Market
    • Has Panels
  • Festival Website:
    http:/ / www.biff.kr/ intro/ default.asp
  • Festival Description:

    Renamed in 2011 from the Pusan International Film Festival to the Busan International Film Festival Korea's famous film festival screens international and domestic films in the following program sections:

    1) Gala Presentation

    Gala Presentation screens master cineastes’ new films, or most-talked-about films of the year, or world/international premieres.

    2) A Window on Asian Cinema

    A showcase of brand new and/or representative films by the talented Asian filmmakers with their diverse point of views and style.

    3) New Currents

    A competition section featuring the first or the second feature films by the future leading directors of Asian cinema. All films are restricted to world/international premieres.

    4) Korean Cinema Today

    Selected Korean feature films are shown in two sub-sections Panorama and Vision. These two spectrums will recognize the current production trend of Korean cinema and anticipate its future.

    5) Korean Cinema Retrospective

    Re-shedding on the history of Korean cinema by spotlighting the films by a certain notable director or a significant theme.

    6) World Cinema

    A presentation of new works by world renowned filmmakers along with the year best films that will help in understanding of the recent trend in world cinema.

    7) Flash Forward

    Flash Forward is a competition section launched in 2010, set to discover yet-surfaced cineastes and create buzz among the young film generation. This section is an eclectic collection of first or second films of up-and-coming filmmakers from non-Asian countries, and all films are world/international premieres.

    8) Wide Angle

    A section dedicated in showing the outstanding short films, animation, documentaries, and experimental films presenting different and distinct vision via broader cinematic viewpoints.

    9) Open Cinema

    A collection of new films, combining both art and mass popularity, along with internationally acclaimed works, are shown at the unique outdoor screening venue.

    10) Special Programs in Focus

    A retrospective and/or a special showcase of films by a certain notable director or genre.

    11) Midnight Passion

    Midnight Passion presents films of diverse genres selected for entertaining value from all over the world to meet the audience at night.

    Busan International Film Festival 2011 provides the following awards:

    New Currents Award

    New Currents Award is given to two best feature films selected from works of new Asian directors in New Currents section. The jury consisted of world-famous film experts will choose winner with the hopes to encourage continuous endeavor of discovering hidden jewels of Asian cinema, and USD 30,000 will be awarded to each film.

    Flash Forward Award

    Flash Forward section spotlights first or second feature films by emerging artists outside of Asia. The best film selected will be awarded with USD 30,000.

    Sonje Award

    This award is given to the best Korean and Asian short films in Wide Angle section, to assist in producing another masterpiece by providing KRW 10,000,000 for each director.

    PIFF Mecenat Award

    PIFF Mecenat Award is granted to the best Korean and Asian documentary films from Wide Angle section. A cash award of KRW 10,000,000 is given to the each director for the purpose of assisting in the best production.

    KNN Award

    Voted by the audiences during the festival, this award is presented by KNN foundation to the most popular film from New Currents section. USD 20,000 will be awarded to its director

  • Film Submissions:
  • Email:info(at)piff.org
    Phone:+82 51 747 3010
    Fax:(82) 51 747 3012
    Mailing Address: Busan International Film Festival
    Yachting Center, Annex 2-1
    1393 Woo 1-Dong, Haeundae-Gu
    Busan 612-021 Korea


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  • The Pusan International Festival hosted 315 films from 60 countries and 827 screenings. 198,818 audience members enjoyed 85 world premier, 48 International Premieres and 95 Asian Premieres. 4,640 industry delegates insured a successful film market.

    PIFF awarded films as follows:

    New Currents Award (Best Film): "Land of Scarecrows" Directed by: Roh Gyeong-tae (South Korea)

    and "Naked Of Defenses"
    Directed by Masahide Ichii ( Japan)

    Special Mentions: "Members of the Funeral"
    Directed by Baek Seung-bin (South Korea)

    and "Er Dong"
    Directed by Jin Yang (China)

    Sonje Award: "Andong"
    Directed by Milo Tolentino ( Philippines)

    and "Girl"
    Directed by Hong Sunghoon (South Korea)

    Mecenat Award: "Mental"
    Directed by Kazuhiro Soda (Japan)

    and "Old Partner"
    Directed by Lee Chung Ryoul (South Korea)

    FIPRECI Award: "Jalainur"
    Directed by Ye Zhao (China)

    NETPAC Award: "Members of the Funeral"
    Directed by Baek Seung-bin (South Korea)

    and "Treeless Mountain"
    Directed by Kim So Yong (South Korea)

    KNN Movie Award (Audience Award): "100"
    Directed by Chris Martinez (Philippines)
  • New Currents Award:

    Pusan Bank Award: “Life Track”
    Directed By: Guang Hao JIN (China/Korea)
    An unpretentious depiction of a sad and tragic human story that not only delves into the instincts of human nature, but also reveals a courageous way of filmmaking.

    Bean Pole New Currents Award: “Flower in the Pocket”
    Directed By: Seng Tat LIEW (Malaysia)
    A touching and humanistic story that tells a neglected father-and-sons relationship with a good sense of humor, while using a simply and beautifully composed cinematic style.

    “Wonderful Town”
    Directed By: Aditya Assarat (Thailand)
    The rendering of a simple and fluent love story made realistically with a cinematically impressive and rigorous style.

    New Currents Jury:
    Dariush Mehrjui - Director (Head Of New Currents Jury), Nan Yu (Actress), Cristian Mungiu (Director), Goran Paskaljevic (Director) and Lee Chang-Dong (Director)

    FIPRESCI Award: “The Red Awn”
    Directed By: Shangjun CAI (China)
    The film reflects upon the social issues arise in the middle of beautiful country side and it well-illustrates the cold relationship between a son and a father.

    FIPRESCI Jury:
    Ronald Bergan (UK, Film Critic), Diego Brodersen (Argentina, Film Critic), Harri Rompotti (Finland, Film Critic), Nirmal Dhar (India, Film Critic) and Hye-jung Cho (Korea, Film Critic)

    NETPAC Award: “Hello Stranger”
    Directed By: Kim Dong-Hyun (Korea)
    Humorous depiction of feelings against strangers

    “With a Girl of Black Soil”
    Directed By: Jeon Soo-il (Korea)
    Excellent portrayal of a child’s growth in the mist of much difficulty and problems.

    NETPAC Jury: Aijaz Gul (Pakistan, Film Critic), Kim Byung-Cheol (Korea, Professor) and Chang Sanling (Taiwan, Producer)

    KNN Audience Award: “Flower in the Pocket”
    Directed By: Seng Tat LIEW (Malaysia)

    Sonje Award: “Woong’s Story”
    Directed By: Lee Ha-song (Korea)
    Through the eyes of children, the reality of poor residents in redevelopment area unfolds in front of our eyes without filter. Taking an unusual genre of a thriller, the film deals with social problems while leaping back and forth between the child’s mind and fright.

    “A Man under the Influenza”
    Directed By: Jung July (Korea)
    This film is a witty illustration of the psychological situation of a timid man in a cheap restaurant – a common scene in real life. It portrays the momentary emotion in a confined space with no redundancy. In this sense, this film maximizes the essence of short film.

    Woonpa Award: “Tear Drops”
    Directed By: Mun Jeong-hyun (Korea)
    This film demonstrates a keen insight in bringing out the scar of modern Korean history from a personal family history of the director’s. The jury regards highly of the fact that a family’s hidden scar comes to symbolize the scar each one of us living in “broken” Korea.

    Korean Cinema Award
    Sabrina Baracetti, Festival President of Udine Far East Film Festival
    Jean-François Rauger, Head Programmer of the Cinémathèque Française

    Asian Filmmaker of the Year: The late Edward Yang
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