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Cinéma du Réel - an FFW festival profile
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Cinéma du Réel

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  • Paris, France March 2015, TBA
  • Call for Entry Deadline: November 2014, TBA
  • Festival Data:
    • Established: 1978
    • Attendance: 17000
    • Media Attendance: 120
    • Accredited Industry Attendance: 700
    • Total Number of Films Submitted: 2200
    • Total Number of Films Screened: 150
    • Total Screenings: 315
    • # of Shorts Screened: 70
    • # of Features Screened: 80
    • Competitive
    • Retrospective
    • Film Market
    • Has Panels
    • Has Seminars
    • Workshops
  • Festival Website:
    http:/ / www.cinereel.org/
  • Festival Description:

    Since its creation in 1978 by the Bibliothèque publique d'information, Cinéma du réel has developed into a major documentary film festival, a reference event in which the public as well as the professionals discover new films and new filmmakers, in which today's documentary filmmaking confronts with the best of documentary cinema history. Workshops and special events complete a program supported by a numerous and enthusiastic audience.

    - Grand Prize of the Cinéma du Réel, €8000.
    - The Library Award (Prix des Bibliotheques),  €6000.
    - Scam International Prize, €4600.
    - Louis Marcorelles Award, given by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the form of purchase of rights, of English and Spanish subtitling, off DVD publishing and promotion and financing of a mission abroad.
    - Short Film Prize, €2500.
    - The Young Jury Award - Cinema du Reel, €2500.
    - Joris Ivens Award for a first film, €2500.
    - Heritage Award, for a film whose subject matter involves France, €2500.
    - Pierre and Yolande Perrault Grant awarded to a young filmmaker, €2500.


  • Film Submissions:
  • Email:cinereel(at)bpi.fr
    Phone:(33) 01 44 78 45 16
    Fax:(33) 01 44 78 12 24
    Mailing Address: Bibliothèque Publique d'Information Centre Pompidou 25 Rue du Renard
    Paris 75197


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  • The International Jury composed of :
    Lav Diaz, filmmaker (The Philippines)
    Françoise Etchegaray, filmmaker (France)
    Gulya Mirzoeva, filmmaker (France) Scam representative
    Eugenio Polgovsky, filmmaker (Mexico)
    Olaf Möller, critic (Germany)

    Has awarded

    - Cinéma du Réel Grand Prize with the support of the Procirep (8000€): "Holunderblüte"
    Directed by: Volker Koepp (Germany)
    Honorable mentions: "Wollis Paradies"
    Directed by: Gerd Kroske (Germany)
    and "San"
    Directed by: Du Haibin (China)

    - Scam International Award (4600€)
    ex aequo
    "Qian men Qian"
    Directed by: Olivier Meys (Belgium, France)
    "Invisible City"
    Directed by: Tan Pin Pin (Singapore)

    - Short Film Award (2500€): "Minot North Dakota"
    Directed by: Cynthia Madansky and Angelika Brudniak (United States/Austria)

    - Joris Ivens Award, attributed to a young filmmaker (2500€): "La Frontera Infinita"
    Directed by: Juan Manuel Sepúlveda (Mexico)

    The Young Jury composed of 5 highschool students and of filmmaker Pierre-Oscar Levy has awarded

    - the Young Jury Award – Cinéma du Réel, with the support of the Centre Pompidou and of Paris Townhall (2500€): "L’Empreinte"
    Directed by: Guillaume Bordier, France

    The Young Jury wishes to attribute honorable mentions to "La Frontera infinita"
    Directed by: Juan Manuel Sepúlveda (Mexico) and
    "Podul de Flori"
    Directed by: Thomas Ciulei (Romania)

    The Librarian Committee, composed of
    Julien Farenc, Bibliothèque nationale de France (Paris)
    Thierry Maillot, Bibliothèque Kateb Yacine (Grenoble)
    Dominique Rousselet, Bibliothèque de Villepinte
    And of filmmaker Vincent Martorana

    has awarded

    - the Library Award (6000€)
    to "Podul de Flori"
    Directed by: Thomas Ciulei (Romania)

    - The Intangible Heritage Award (2500€): "Gugara"
    Directed by: Jacek Naglowski and Andrzej Dybczak (Poland)

    Honorable Mentions: "C’est beau les vacances"
    Directed by: Anna Zisman (France) and
    "Le Chamane son neveu et le capitaine"
    Directed by: Pierre Boccanfuso (France)

    The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has awarded

    - The Louis Marcorelles Award (purchase of rights, english and spanish subtitling, DVD edition, DVD promotion, mission abroad, equivalent to about 15000€)
    to "Barcelone ou la mort"
    Directed by: Idrissa Guiro (France)

    The Festival selection committee has awarded

    The Pierre and Yolande Perrault Grant, attributed to a young filmmaker (2500€)
    to "Listener’s Tale"
    Directed by: Arghya Basu (India)
  • The International Jury was composed of: Sergueï Dvortsevoï, filmmaker (Russia) Patric Jean, filmmaker (Belgium) representing la Scam Bouchra Khalili, video filmmaker et co-director of the Cinémathèque de Tanger (Morocco), Jean-Pierre Duret, filmmaker and sound engineer (France) and Karin Jurschick, filmmaker (Germany)

    The Cinéma du Réel Grand Prize: “Santiago”
    Directed By: João Moreira Salles (Brazil)
    Prize: 8,000 Euros offered by Procirep

    SCAM (Société Civile des Auteurs Multimedia) International Prize: “Maxi Xuexiao” (L’Ecole de Cirque)
    Directed By: Guo Jing and Ke Dingding (China)

    “And Thereafter II”
    Directed By: Hosup Lee (South Korea)
    Prize: 4,600 Euros, offered by SCAM with its mission to support the audiovisual and multimedia projects.

    Short Film Prize: “Le Bruit du Canon”
    Directed By: Marie Voignier (France)
    Prize: 2,500 Euros

    The Joris Ivens Prize for a Young Filmmaker: “En Lo Escondido” (Ceux qui attendent dans l’obscurité)
    Directed By: Nicolas Rincón Gille (Belgium)
    Prize: 2,500 Euros

    The Youth Jury Prize: “Aus Der Zeit” (Hors du temps) “
    Directed By: Harald Friedl (Autstria)
    Prize: 2,500 Euros given by the Centre Pompidou and the Mairie de Paris.

    The Patrimoine Prize: “Stella”
    Directed By: Vanina Vignal (France)
    Prize: 2,500 Euros given by the Mission Ethnologie

    Special Mentions: “Malaak Et Le Vaste Monde"
    Directed By: Ahlem Aussant-Leroy (France)

    “Alguna Tristeza” (Une certaine tristesse)
    Directed By: Juan Alejandro Ramírez (Peru/USA)

    The Bibliothèques Prize: “En Lo Escondido” (Ceux qui Attendent Dans L’obscurité)
    Directed By: Nicolas Rincón Gille (Belgium)
    Prize: 6,000 Euros

    Special Mention: “Kurz Davor Ist Es Passiert” (Peu Avant),
    Directed By: Anja Salomonowitz (Austria)

    The Louis Marcorelles Prize: “El Telon De Azucar “ (Le Rideau De Sucre), Camila Guzmán Urzúa
    Prize: purchase of rights, English and French subtitling, DVD, promotion and distribution support valuing 15000 Euros)

    Special Mention: “Nisida, Grandir En Prison”
    Directed By: Lara Rastelli (France)

    The Pierre et Yolande Perrault Scholarship for a Young Filmmaker: “Für Den Ernstfall (En Cas D’urgence)”
    Directed By: Knut Karger (Germany)

    “Giac Mo La Cong Nhan” (Rêves d’Ouvrières)
    Directed By: Phuong Thao Tran (Vietnam).
    Prize: 2,500 Euros
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