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Cartoons on the Bay - an FFW festival profile
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Cartoons on the Bay

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  • Positano, Italy April 2015, TBA
  • Call for Entry Deadline: January 2015, TBA
  • Festival Data:
    • Established: 1996
    • Attendance: 711
    • Media Attendance: 112
    • Accredited Industry Attendance: 308
    • Total Number of Films Submitted: 289
    • Total Number of Films Screened: 190
    • Total Screenings: 44
    • # of Shorts Screened: 178
    • # of Features Screened: 12
    • Competitive
    • Has Panels
  • Festival Website:
  • Festival Description:

    Every year RAI Trade organizes the International Festival of Television Animation "Cartoons on the Bay" in order to sustain the commitment of authors and producers worldwide to unite art with entertainment, and to provide a service for buyers, TV distributors and executives, by offering them a wide range of successful and innovative products to choose from.

    The Competition is open to all animated products of any nationality which were expressly created for television: TV series, pilots of TV series, TV specials, and short-films. The definition of an animated product is as established by the Association Internationale du Film d'Animation - Asifa.

    Among all the programs submitted to Cartoons on the Bay, the Festival selects those that are considered the most representative of each country. The programs, divided according to the country of production, give an overview of the latest cultural, technological and industrial trends in the field all over the planet, with special attention given to those that seem most innovative. The programs in the Official Selection will feature in the Digital Library of Cartoons on the Bay, in the catalog and in the website of the Festival.

    Forty programs, chosen from the Festival Direction among those included in the Official Selection, are nominated for the Pulcinella Awards, five for each competition category. An International Jury of five celebrities from the field of animation and television assigns the Pulcinella Award for each of the following categories:

    Best TV Series of the Year for Infants
    Best TV Series of the Year for Children
    Best TV Series of the Year for All Ages
    Best Action & Adventure TV Series of the Year
    Best TV Special of the Year
    Best Pilot of a TV Series of the Year
    Best Short-film of the Year
    Best Educational and Social Film of the Year - Unicef Prize

    The following Pulcinella Awards will also be assigned by the Jury to the programs in the competition:

    Best Animated Character of the Year
    Best TV Series of the Year
    Best European Program of the Year
    Best Music Score of the Year

    The Jury may also award, at its discretion, three Special Mentions for direction, screenplay, animation, backgrounds, technical innovation or other qualities.


  • Film Submissions:
  • Email:cartoonsbay(at)raitrade.it
    Phone:39 0637498315
    Fax:39 0637515631
    Mailing Address: International Festival and Conference on Television Animation, via U. Novaro 18,
    Rome 195


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Members posting on this page

    Canada, Nelvana Limited
    For creating subtle, charming characters that warmly
    connect with its audience
    United Kingdom, Mackinnon & Saunders Productions Ltd, Kayenta Production
    For presenting a unique and gloriously quirky fast-paced, funny tale

    TV SERIES FOR ALL AGES to the program: "WATER & BUBBLES"
    Italy, Maga Animation Studio - Rai Fiction
    For its jovial, witty, word play and for portraying a typical Italian family from a fresh, watery-perspective

    TV SERIES OF ACTION & ADVENTURE to the program: "Gladiators"
    Italy, Rai Fiction, Mondo TV
    For its epic portrayal of historical storytelling within beautiful and accurate settings that told a resonating personal drama

    to the program: "BBC CHUNNILAL"
    India, Famous House of Animation
    For giving families succinct information that empowers them to make the necessary changes in fighting a universal disease and for showing that there is no prejudice to those already suffering

    PILOT OF TV SERIES to the program: "BUDDY & ELVIS"
    United Kingdom, The Illuminated Film Company
    For creating a rich, love-hate relationship between a cat and a dog that was touching, humorous and credible

    TV SPECIAL to the program: "WANTED"
    South Korea, Electric Circus
    For originality and beauty in artwork, and for its well-observed character design and for a surprising, unspoken, narrative

    SHORT FILM to the program: "JOHN AND KAREN"
    United Kingdom, Arthur Cox
    For displaying a complex relationship using wonderful rhythm with nuanced performances

    Germany, Studio Film Bilder
    For a vividly, originally realized, raw, and well-acted character portrayal in an outstanding ensemble show

    Canada, Cuppa Coffee Studios - Logo
    For pushing social boundaries and tackling stereotypes in a wickedly well-written, irreverent and hysterical one-of-a-kind television series

    Germany, Studio Film Bilder
    For its dry, well-acted humor that combined technical innovations with witty design and appropriate use of movement for comedic timing

    USA, Nickelodeon
    For its successful use of surprising instruments that delightfully added to an already vivid visual palate

    USA, Walt Disney Television Animation

    SPECIAL MENTIONS for Best Direction to: "A BICYCLE TRIP"
    Italy, Centro Sperimentale Di Cinematografia, Dipartimento Animazione

    Canada, National Film Board Of Canada

    Jury consisted of: Patricia Hidalgo (Executive Director, Programming Walt Disney TV Italia), Giovanna Milano
    (Management Consultant, France-Italy), Barry Purves
    (Artist, United Kingdom), Claudia Sasso (Broadcasting for kids Manager, Rai Due), Eric Shaw (Writer, USA)

    The Jury of Rai Subscribers has assigned the Pulcinella Awards 2008 to

    Italy, Enarmonia Motionworks
    The award goes to "Me myself and the others" for the lively animation, the fun characters, the hilarious dialogues and cheerful music. The message on the importance of friendship got to us children in a simple and ironic way.

    TV SERIES FOR CHILDREN: "TAK and the power of JUJU"
    USA, Nickelodeon
    It is fun and jolly cartoon. The story involves and excites and it makes you live fun and magical adventures. The colours and graphics are exceptional and reflect the high quality of the overall film.

    TV SERIES FOR ALL AGES: "Water & Bubbles"
    Italy, Maga Animation Studio - Rai Fiction
    It was chosen for the message it sends out right from the start. To understand that in order to not be afraid of what’s different from us we must know ourselves and each other. The authors got this message to us in a simple and serene way.

    Youth Card Euro<26 Award: "Sleeping Betty"
    Canada, National Film Board Of Canada
    For the subtle irony, the paradoxical subversion of roles, the surreal Look and finally, the somewhat "feminist' element evident in the final assertion
    "sleep is mine and I’ll manage it".


    Each year Cartoons on the Bay assigns two Pulcinella lifetime achievements awards, one Italian and one international, to the animation world’s important personalities. The Italian Pulcinella lifetime achievements 2008 award went to Fusako Yusaki. This is Hiroshi Azuma’s, Japan’s Consul in Italy, message: "I would like to express my sincere congratulations for the Pulcinella lifetime achievements 2008 award to Fusako Yusaki. This prestigious award doesn’t only recognizer Yusaki’s professional activity, but is also a tangible evidence of Italy’s appreciation towards a deeply and profoundly sensitive artist; with great admiration and looking forward for even more success."

    The Pulcinella International Lifetime Achievement Award went to Gerald Potterton. The Canadian Ambassador in Italy, his Excellency Mr. Alex Himelfarb, sent a few words to Mr. Potterton: "Dear Mr. Potterton, please accept my warmest congratulations for the prestigious award that the festival Cartoons on the Bay in Salerno conferred you. Cartoons on the Bay and its director, Alfio Bastianchio, have been great friends of Canada and have supported and encouraged Canadian talents over the years. The official recognition for your work’s high quality by this important festival honours us greatly. On behalf of Canada, I send my most heartfelt thank you for your career’s considerable creative achievements and for your long and constant commitment to art. Yours sincerely, Alex Himelfarb, Ambassador of Canadian.”

    Special Career Award went to Pietro Campedelli. Pietro Campedelli, born in Milan, fell in love for animation in the mid 1990s when he met with author and director Giuseppe Laganà. Industrial consultant, from the Bocconi University, he immediately understood that it was a field with great development potential. Campedelli, with his consultancy studio, worked on the first series Co produced by Rai Fiction among which Lupo Alberto by Animation Band and Cocco Bill by De Mas & Partners and later many others. He was a founder in 1998 and President until last December of the Associazione Aziende Audiovisivi in Animazione Cartoon Italy and Board Member of the European association Cartoon. Cartoons on the bay’s recognition is: for giving Italian animation, from a business and associative point of view, the spirit and the experience of his long and intense activity as an industrial Manager providing, in more than ten years of activity, a significant contribution to the field’s national and international development.
  • TV Series For Infants: “Charlie And Lola”
    United Kingdom, Tiger Aspect Productions
    For strong dialogues, visually original, integrating real kids voices making the characters authentic

    TV Series For Children: “Ruby Gloom”
    Canada, Nelvana
    For great design in which Ruby Gloom clearly is the leader of a group of eccentric friends in a cartoonesque world

    TV Series For All Ages: “Minuscule”
    France, Futurikon
    For innovatively creating a world from real life footage and 3D characters, using humor and sound effects for adventurous stories

    TV Series Of Action & Adventure: “The Secret Show”
    United Kingdom, The Secret Show.
    A spy comedy with funny identifiable characters. Energetic story-telling that put you on the edge of your seat

    Educational & Social Program – Unicef: “The Little Short-Sighted Snake”
    Estonia, A Film Estonia
    A simple setting delivering many values. Effectively using humor and character to reach educational goals

    Pilot Of TV Series: “Monster Safari”
    USA, Nickelodeon
    For characters with potential for a series of funny situations. Good animation and a strong pilot story about bad Yeti breath

    TV Special: “Anna And The Moods”
    Iceland, Caoz
    A modern fairytale for teenagers with good direction and special design about a serious subject in a humorous style

    Short Film: “Wives Supermarket”
    Italy, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Dipartimento di Animazione
    Funny little story with a surprising twist using a well-developed retro style

    Best Character: “Guide Dog”
    USA, Bill Plympton
    Outstanding expressive character with credible emotions in a humorous dynamic style

    Best Programe: “Charlie And Lola” – Season 2
    United Kingdom, Tiger Aspect Productions
    Strong and original concept, high standard of production, authentic characters you want to grow up with

    Best European Programe: “Peter & The Wolf”
    United Kingdom, Breakthru Films
    High quality on every level of production. Bringing a fascinating new artistic vision to a European classic

    Best Soundtrack Of The Year: “Class Of 3000”
    USA, Cartoon Network Studios
    Passion for music in the story is supported by an engaging rich soundtrack

    Special Mentions: “How To Cook Italian By Arturo & Kiwi”
    Italy, MY TV - Rai Fiction
    For its fun and usefulness

    Japan, Toei Animation
    For its graphics and distinct atmosphere

    France, Alphanim
    For its visual style and imaginative world
    The Jury of Rai Subscribers has assigned the

    Pulcinella Awards 2007 To TV Series For Infants: “Pet Pals”
    Italy, Gruppo Alcuni.
    Expressed by children because they travel and discover new things, because there are a lot of different colored animals; because the little flea with the signs manages to resolve all situations; because I love little dogs.
    Expressed by parents Easy to watch. It is fun and relaxing for children and maintains a proper balance between education and entertainment.
    TV Series For Children: “Growing Up Creepie”
    USA, Mike Young Productions, Llc
    For the humour in certain moments, for the irony expressed and the originality of the message interaction between the animal world and the human world produced between a little insect and the teenage Creepie. All this combined with a captivating musical score.

    TV Series For All Ages: “Minuscule”
    France, Futurikon
    The graphics are very realistic and because of its dynamism it has a great capacity to captivate the audience. The story is humorous and its morale can be easily applied to everyday life. The sound effects are very realistic and fun. The prize was unanimously voted. .

    Carta Giovani Euro<26 Award: “Wives Supermarket”
    Italy, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Dipartimento di Animazione
    The Jury for Carta Giovani is composed of 23 children who watched all the programmes in competition. The award was assigned to “Wives Supermarket”. In this little musical the lead characters indecision turns into a trap in which he becomes the victim. Carmelo is a symbol of a society of consumers with his capriciousness and his superiority attitude, but…before he knows it he ends up in the same situation. Instructive, creative, original are the adjectives repeated by the jury that unanimously chose this little Italian masterpiece.

    Rai Sat YOYO: “Charlie And Lola”
    United Kingdom, Tiger Aspect Productions
    Prize for the most voted program on Rai Sat YOYO website

    Rai Sat SMASH: “Guide Dog”
    USA, Bill Plympton
    Prize for the most voted program on Rai Sat SMASH website

    Rai Trade presenta Norman Mclaren - The Master’s Edition

    The International Jury of the Pulcinella Awards 2007:
    Jan-Willem Bult (Head of Youth department and Creative Director, KRO, The Netherlands), Maurizio Forestieri (Artist, Italy),
    Beth Gardiner (Executive Director, Development and Programming, Playhouse Disney, USA), Céline Limorato (Head of the Animation and Children’s Television, France 5, France),
    Wolfgang Wegman (Deputy Head of Children’s and Family Programmes, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Germany)
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