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Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival - an FFW festival profile
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Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

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  • Brussels, Belgium April 2015, TBA
  • Call for Entry Deadline: January 2015, TBA
    Feature films: 15 JANUARY 2012.
  • Festival Data:
    • Established: 1983
    • Attendance: 61000
    • Media Attendance: 332
    • Accredited Industry Attendance: 100
    • Total Number of Films Screened: 94
    • Total Screenings: 138
    • # of Shorts Screened: 44
    • # of Features Screened: 50
    • Competitive
    • Has Panels
    • Has Seminars
  • Festival Website:
    http:/ / www.bifff.net/
  • Festival Description:

    Since 1983 the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival has roused the European capital from its winter sleep for the most expected cinematographic event of the year.

    Bursting to the seams with amazing spectacles and original manifestations such as the make-up contest, the unusual fashion show, the body painting contest, animation from street theatre companies, numerous exhibitions and the renowned vampire ball party, the BIFFF is a warm and atmospheric celebration of about everything related to the genre.

    Each year, the BIFFF welcomes more than 60,000 spectators and invites over 100 international guests, making it one of Europe's leading genre film festivals.

    In 2011, this true film feast will extend itself over 13 days, showing more than 100 films, ranging from fantastic, thriller, sci-fi, horror and cult to underground, and spoiling genre die hards as well as the entire family, this thanks to its FantastiKids side-section.


    All Gallery Photos: © BIFFF


  • Film Submissions:
  • Email:info(at)bifff.net
    Phone:(32) 02 201 17 13
    Fax:(32) 02 201 14 69
    Mailing Address: BIFFF - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
    Rue de la Comtesse de Flandre 8 Gravin van Vlaanderenstraat
    1020 Brussels


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Members posting on this page
  • The International Jury of the 27th Brussels International Festival of Fantastic, Thriller & Science Fiction Film composed of Patrick Tatopoulos, Katsuhito Ishii, Lucky McKee, Pieter Van Hees has attributed:
    * The Golden Raven, Grand Prix of the 27th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival to Let the right one in by Tomas Alfredson.
    * The Silver Raven, Special Prize of the jury has been attributed to Sauna by Antti-Jussi Annila for the originality of its vision.
    * The Silver Raven, Special Prize of the Jury to The Last House on the left by Dennis Iliadis for the best directing.

    The 7th Orbit Jury composed of Gaetan Dedeken, Laurent De Maertelaer, Didier Stiers and Damien Taymans has atrtibuted
    * The 7th Orbit Prize to Dream de Ki-duk KIM for its esthetic qualities and its poetic symbolism.
    * A special mention to 8th Wonderland by Jean Mach and Nicolas Alberny for its visual audacity and the originality of its ideas.

    The Thriller Jury composed of Nadine Monfils, Angel Sala, Tuomas Riskala and Lars Diurlin has attributed
    *The Prize of the best Thriller to The Chaser by Hong-Ji Na.
    * A special mention to Brian Cox for his performance in Red

    The European Jury composed of Martien Uyttendaele, Véronique Pacco, Hicame Alaouis, Philippe Beck, Jean Boreux, Yann Guyonic, Dominique Standaert and Vincent Tavier has attributed
    *Silver Melies to Sauna by Antti-Jussi Annila
    * A special mention for its humour Sexy Killer by Miguel Marti

    The Pegasus, Prize of the Audience of the 27th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival has been attributed to Sexy Killer by Miguel Marti

    The Jury presided by Umberto Lenzi (Italy) was composed of Joon-Ho Bong (Korea), Thomas Gunzig (Belgium), Brett Leonard (USA), Lisa Marie (USA), Catherine Wilkening (France) has attributed

    THE GOLDEN RAVEN: "13 Beloved"
    directed by Chookiat Sakveerakul (Thaïland). An Artwork by Joseph Henrion.

    directed by Stuart Gordon (USA) &
    directed by Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza (Spain). An Artwork Michel Devillers

    For the originality of the sceenplay and the extraordinaire children performance, the Jury gives also

    A SPECIAL MENTION: "The Substitute"
    directed by Ole Borneval.

    THE PEGASUS- Prize of the Public: "[Rec]"
    directed by Jaume Balaguero & Paco Plaza (Spain). An Artwork by Daniel Monic. The Prize of the Public of the 25th Festival is awarded by the subscribers of the Festival.


    The Jury presided by Jean-Marie Verhasselt (Belgium) and composed of Nadine Monfils, François Bertrand, Sandrine Deegen, Bruno Forzani, Joëlle Rochette, has attributed

    THE SILVER MELIES: "Frontière(s)"
    directed by Xavier Gens (France)

    The Golden Meliès 2008 Award Ceremony will take place in Sitges.

    The Jury composed of Thibaut Dopchie, Ils Huygens, Nathalie Meyer has attributed

    7TH ORBITH AWARD: "The Aerial"
    directed by Esteban Sapir (Argentina). An artwork by de Michel Devillers.


    The Jury of the Television Channels of 2006 composed of Bénédicte Bourgois, RTBF (Belgium), Brigitte Dithard, SWE (Germany), Sandrine Waller, TSR (Switzerland), Brice Van Der Haegen, Plug Tv (Belgium), BeTV (Belgium), Alexandre Soloviev, Russian State Tv (Russia), Srdjan Mitrovic, B92 (Serbia), Roland Nguyen, France 3 (France) has attributed

    directed by Yann J. (France). This Short Film will be shown on the represented television channels.

    a value of 2500 € has been attributed to "The Boxed" directed by Bryn Rhys Chainey (Australia).

    PRIZE OF THE AUDIENCE: "Berni’s Doll"
    directed by Yann J. (France). A sculpture de Michel DEVILLERS.

    BE TV AWARD a value of 1500 € has been attributed to "The Boxed"
    directed by Bryn Rhys Chainy (Australia)

    MELIES D’OR FINALIST: "Of Cats & Women"
    directed by Jonas Govaerts (Belgium).


    SACD PRIZE: "Les Deux Soeurs"
    directed by Emmanuel Jespers. The SACD offers a prize with a value of 1.250 €.

    directed by Emmanuel Jespers. A sculpture de Michel Devillers.


    EYE-LITE AWARD: "Easter Bunnies"
    directed by Roel Goyens and crew. Eye-Lite Eye –Lite offers 2.500 euros in light materials for a next film.
  • Whether you’re just interested, a beginner or a semi-professional, let your imagination run loose and transform the human face into a marvellous or monstrous creature. And why don’t you try out some special effects ? Once more, the 23rd edition of the Facial Make-up Contest will be a celebration of your most outrageous fantasies.

    The make-up contest is free for all. But you have to subscribe on the night itself at the make-up stand in the Auditorium of the Passage 44. Make-up products are at your disposal, but it is recommended that you bring along your own materials : pencils, sponges…

    The jury will pick the winners (based on pictures taken during the contest) on Friday 24 March 2006. Meeting at 9pm at the foyer-bar of the Festival to receive your prizes.

    This year, http://www.grimage.com will also attribute an Audience Award. Surf to the site to cast your vote.

    Free make-up contest
    At the make-up stand in the Auditorium of the Passage 44
    From Sunday 12 till Thursday 23 March 2006, from 6 till 11 pm
    Attribution of prizes on Friday 24 March 2006 at 9 pm

    Prizes are generously offered by :
    Fardel Creation-H2O / Ariane Lespire / Arkel Body Art Galery / Grimage / Grimeerstudio / Hair Club / Kryolan-Belgium / Make-Up For Ever / Optique Vicqueray / Make-Up For Ever / Winners / Maquibel / Planet Parfum / TOTO-Z
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