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ShockerFest International Film Festival - 2008 ShockerFest Award Winners
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  • Contribution to the Arts Award: VERNON WELLS

    Larry Stanley "B Movie" Award
    The Best "B Movie" Feature: "PLAGUERS"

    Fujifilm Award
    Best movie shot on Film - $2,500.00 in film stock. (16mm sound.)


    Gorilla Softward Awards

    "Yesterday Was A Lie"
    "The Consumed"

    Horror Genre Awards

    Best Picture Mini-Short: "EXCISION"
    Honorable Mention: "PEEKERS," "PENNY DREADFUL," and "KIRKSDALE"

    Best Picture Short: "AM1200"
    Honorable Mention: "THE CONSUMED"

    Best Picture Feature: "PAPER DOLLS"
    Honorable Mention: "THE ASSESSMENT," "THE SHADOW WITHIN'

    Best Actor: KEITH BLASER for "The Assessment"
    Honorable Mention: ERIC LANGE for "AM1200"

    Best Actress:TESSA FERRER for "Excision"
    Honorable Mention: Kristin Mellian for "Without Within" Victorial Englelmayer for "Hanah's Gift"

    Science Fiction Genre Awards
    Best Picture Mini-Short/Short: "SUPERHUMAN"
    Honorable mention: "GOD'S MARBLE," "WELL FOUNDED CONCERNS"

    Best Picture Feature: "ALIEN RAIDERS"
    Honorable Mention: "PLAGUERS," "CAVE WOMEN ON MARS"

    Best Actor: STEVE RAILSBACK for "Plaguers"
    Honorable Mention: CARLOS BERNARD for "Alien Raiders"

    Best Actress: COURTNEY FORD for "Alien raiders"
    Honorable Mention: ALEXIS ZIBOLIS for "Plaguers"

    Fantasy Genre Awards
    Best Picture: - Mini Short: "BELIEVE"
    Honorable mention: "MIRROR, MIRROR" and "EPICAC"

    Best Picture Feature: "YESTERDAY WAS A LIE"
    Honorable Mention: "NOBODY" and "CARNIVOROUS"

    Best Actor: COSTAS MANDYLOR for "Nobody"
    Honorable Mention: ED O'ROSS for "Nobody" and RYAN SCHAUFLER for "Carnivorous"

    Best Actress: KIPLEIGH BROWN for "Yesterday Was A Lie"
    Honorable Mention: LEAH ROSE for "Carnivorous"

    Rising Star Award: - VICTORIA ENGLEMAYER for "Hanah's Gift"
    Honorable Mention: - MOLLY SHIFFERR for "Mirror, Mirror" and LAURENCE BELCHER for "The Shadow Within"

    Director's Choice: "Without, Within"

    Audience Choice Award: "HANAH'S GIFT"
  • Horror Genre Winners
    Best Picture Mini-Short: “A.W.O.L.”
    Director: Jack Swanstrom

    Honorable Mention: “Seekers”
    Director: Jon Jorgensen

    and “The Dollhouse”
    Director: Mark Degaetani

    Best Picture Short: “Zombie Love”
    Director: Yfke Van Berckelaer

    Honorable Mention: “Tree,”
    Director: Daniel Boneville

    Best Picture Feature: “Book Of Lore”
    Director: Chris Lamartina

    Honorable Mention: “Portal”
    Director: Geoff Schaaf

    “Day Of Darkness”
    Director: Jake Kennedy

    Best Actor: - Horror: David Morse For “A.W.O.L”
    Director: Jack Swanstrom

    Honorable Mention: Thomas Calabro For “Chill"
    Director: Shaun Kurtz

    Peter Facinelli For “Lily”
    Director: Daniel Boneville

    Best Actress: - Horror: Robin Hathaway For “Chains”
    Director: Chris France

    Honorable Mention: Axelle Grelet For “Killing Ariel”
    Director: Danuta Tomzynski

    Science Fiction Genre Winners
    Best Picture Mini-Short: “Eight Thirty Two”
    Director: Ben Mcdaniel

    Honorable Mention: “A Thousand Words”
    Director: Sean Kennedy

    and “Genesis Antipode”
    Director: John Robinson

    Best Picture Short: “Deployment Strategy”
    Director: Mark Cheng

    Honorable Mention: “Gunmen”
    Director: Evan Sempler

    Best Picture - Feature: “It Came From Another World”
    Director: Christopher Mihm

    Honorable Mention: “Decaying Orbit”
    Director: Tim Pyle

    Best Actor: - Sf/Fantasy: John Soares For “Gauntlet Of Sorrow”
    Director: John Soares

    Honorable Mention: Andy Allen For “Decaying Orbit”
    Director: Tim Pyle

    Best Actress: Osa Wallander For “Decaying Orbit”
    Director: Tim Pyle

    Fantasy Genre Winners
    Best Picture Mini-Short: “Folklore”
    Director: Parker Briscoe

    Honorable Mention: “Lucifer”
    Director: Ray Griggs
    and “Tyrants Of Nazca”
    Director: Ben Beames

    Best Picture Short: “Vanished Acres”
    Director: Adam Bolt

    Honorable Mention: “Gauntlet Of Sorrow”
    Director: John Soares

    Rising Star Award: Christina Barlas For “The Dollhouse”
    Director: Mark Degaetani

    Fujifilm Award: “God Of Vampires “
    Director: Rob Fitz

    Avid Editing Award: “Folklore”
    Director: Parker Briscoe

    Gorilla Software Awards: “Chains” And “Gauntlet Of Sorrow”
    Director: John Soares

    Production Pro Budgeting Award: “Tree,”
    Director: Daniel Boneville

    and “Cecilia Rose”
    Director: Judd King

    Digital Hotcakes Awards: “Gunmen”
    Director: Evan Sempler

    “Vanished Acres”
    Director: Adam Bolt

    Creative Cow Award: “Consciousness”
    Director: Addison Bhuyan

    Director: Alexander Berezovsky

    “Genesis Antipode”
    Director: John Robinson

    “Jamie Hit Single”
    Director: Chris Duke

    “Diabolical Tales 2”
    Director: Brandon Kane

    Director's Choice – “God Of Vampires”
    Director: Rob Fitz

    Larry Stanley Best "B" Movie: “Brain Dead”
    Director: Kevin Tenney