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Latest Festival Winners

  1. 06/23/10Award WInners for MEDIAWAVE’2010
  2. 07/04/09Annecy 2009 - the numbers
  3. 07/04/09Prizewinners for the 2009 Annecy Animation Festival
  4. 10/20/082008 Tabor FIlm Festival Awards
  5. 09/15/08The Hiroshima International Animation Festival announces the 2008 Official Awards
  7. 08/08/08SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival Award Nominees Announced
  8. 06/27/08Awards of the 2008 Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film
  9. 06/27/08Award Winners Announced for the 2008 Message to Man International Documentary, Short and Animated
  10. 06/25/082008 Prizewinners for the Annecy Animation Festival
  11. 04/29/08Award Results of BIMINI 2008
  12. 04/28/08Award Winners of the 2008 Cartoons on the Bay Animation Film Festival
  13. 02/27/082008 Award Winners for the Folioscope- Anima, the Cartoon and Animation Festival
  14. 12/11/07Award Winners Announced for the 2007 Exground Filmfest
  15. 12/11/07Awards Announced at the 2007 I Castelli Animati
  16. 12/11/07Awards Announced at the 2007 Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films – Feature Films Competition
  17. 12/11/07Awards Announced at the 2007 Bradford Animation Festival (Baf!)
  18. 12/10/07AURORA Awards 2007
  19. 12/10/07Award Winners for the 2007 Virtuality Conference- WORLD WIDE SHORT COMPETITION USING 3D ANIMATION AND VFX
  20. 12/07/07Awards of the 2007 Animacor- International Animation Film Festival
  21. 12/07/07Award WInners for the 2007 Cinanima -International International Animated Film Fest
  22. 10/24/07Award Winners for the 2007 Animadrid
  23. 10/17/07Award Winners for the 2007 KROK International Animated Film Festival
  24. 10/11/07Awards for the 2007 Ottawa International Animation Festival
  25. 10/03/07Award Winners for the 2007 Anima- Animation Festival of Cordoba
  26. 09/06/07Fantoche 07's first programof shorts is available to view now on the Internet
  27. 08/20/072007 Siggraph Computer Animation Festival Awards
  28. 08/20/07Award Winners of the 2007 Comic Con International Film Festival
  29. 08/20/07Award Winners for the 2007 Message to Man International Documentary, Short and Animated
  30. 07/23/072006 Award Winners for the Exground Filmfest