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  • Hotel Mirage
    Hotel Mirage
    1. A film by Joanna Polak
    2. run time 16 minutes 32 seconds

    It is the world's first animated production in the technique of computer-generated paper cut-outs, developed specifically for the film therapy of persons suffering from eating-related conditions. It tells the story of loneliness and unattainable dreams, of the hardships of life in society and metamorphoses aimed to adjust to the ever-changing "normalcy," of the universal problem of being...  (more)

  • The Lighthouse
    The Lighthouse
    1. A film by Po Chou Chi
    2. run time 7 minutes 30 seconds

    “The Lighthouse” is a film related to the director’s own experience. The story is about parents supporting their children to make dreams come true. No matter what happens, parents will be always waiting for their children, just like the lighthouse is forever lighting the way for boats.  (more)

  • I Don't Want to Go Back Alone
    I Don't Want to Go Back Alone (Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho)
    1. A film by Daniel Ribeiro
    2. run time 17 minutes

    The arrival of a new student in school changes everything in Leonardo's life. This 15 year-old blind teenager has to deal with the jealousy of his long-lasting friend Giovana while trying to figure out the feelings he found out he has for his new friend, Gabriel.  (more)

  • Leap Before You Look
    Leap Before You Look
    1. A film by Stephane Goldsand
    2. run time 21 minutes 50 seconds

    Faced with his wife's desire to become a mother, a filmmaker goes on a quest to find out how people decide to have kids and identify the sources of his own hesitation. What emerges is an intimate story, peppered with humor and poignancy, where memories and present moments converge in an effort to redefine a couple's future. Leap Before You Look is a first-person short documentary that...  (more)

  • spare
    1. A film by tomer almagor
    2. run time 8 minutes 55 seconds

    Leo and Frank are gangsters. Leo is number one, and Frank is his right hand man. Their relationship is based on mutual respect, but when Leo crosses the line, Frank decides to avenge the old mafia way. When Frank's flimsy plan to whack Leo is tampered by a flat tire and Leo flees the scene, the two gangsters embark on a chase deep into the woods where they ultimately unravel a dark secret and...  (more)

  • Fear thy not
    Fear thy not
    1. A film by sophie sherman
    2. run time 2 minutes 20 seconds

    A girl sings a strange song and enters a dark tunnel.  (more)

  • Double Fault
    Double Fault
    1. A film by Elina Fessa
    2. run time 17 minutes 16 seconds

    Nothing left. Nothing forbidden. First serve.  (more)

    1. A film by TIM WALKER
    2. run time 20 minutes

    Adapted from the short story by Patrick McGrath, THE LOST EXPLORER is a coming of age tale that centres on a young girl called Evelyn who, on discovering an explorer from Africa dying of malaria at the foot of her garden, manages to keep his existence, his death and burial a secret from her parents.  (more)

  • random principle
    random principle (Prinzip Zufall)
    1. A film by Romeo Grünfelder
    2. run time 25 minutes 32 seconds

    a paranormal experiment with a train set, designed by the psycho-physicist Dr. John Hagel.  (more)

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  32. 09/17/10Fishnet
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  34. 09/07/10Giorgio de Chirico - Argonaut of the Soul
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  68. 12/20/09Ciao Meow
  69. 12/13/09The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl
  70. 12/09/09The garden of eartly delights
  71. 12/08/098:00 a.m.
  72. 12/06/09Nuummioq
  73. 11/20/09Everyday But Sunday
  74. 11/15/09THE ROTTEN APPLE
  75. 11/13/09Diana
  76. 11/12/09Where's Your Head At
  77. 11/07/09A Fable from the Himalayas
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  86. 09/24/09DELPHINIUM: a childhood portrait of Derek Jarman
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  89. 09/14/09Zombies and cigarettes
  90. 08/17/09Bittersweet Waters
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  93. 08/13/09How they Dance
  94. 07/31/09A real life
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  97. 07/18/09The Burger
  98. 07/15/09Bon Appetit!: Parents Choice
  99. 07/13/09The Single Mother
  100. 07/03/09Resonances

Top Ranked Festivals

Features Screened
RankFestival Name#
1Goteborg Film Festival400
2Buenos Aires Int'l Independent Film Festival338
3Rotterdam International Film Festival337
4Rio De Janeiro Int'l Film Festival300
5Seoul Int'l Cartoon Animation Festival290
6Montreal World Film Festival282
7Sao Paulo Int'l Film Festival268
8Toronto International Film Festival261
9Melbourne Int'l Film Festival252
10Sitges Int'l Film Festival Catalonia250
11Seattle International Film Festival248
12Sydney Film Festival245
13ERA NEW HORIZONS Int'l Film Festival243
14Moscow Int'l Film Festival240
14Shanghai International Film Festival240
16Berlin Int'l Film Festival237
17Vancouver Int'l Film Festival232
18Karlovy Vary Int'l Film Festival218
19Filmfest Munchen (Munich)214
20Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival209
21London Film Festival201
22Int'l Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam200
22Pune International Film Festival200
22Tokyo International Film Festival200
25International İstanbul Biennial194
26Festival du nouveau cinéma190
27Thessaloniki Int'l Film Festival182
28Fantasporto Oporto Int'l Film Festival180
28Jeonju International Film Festival180
30Calgary Int'l Film Festival170

Shorts Screened
RankFestival Name#
1Holland Animation Film Festival700
2Anima Mundi Int'l Animation Festival611
3Tampere Film Festival600
4Jerusalem Int'l Film Festival550
5Gijon Int'l Film Festival 508
6Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film480
7Rio De Janeiro Int'l Short Film Festival462
8Int'l Short Film Festival of Berlin451
9Rotterdam International Film Festival445
10Sao Paulo Int'l Short Film Festival437
11Hiroshima Int'l Animation Festival408
12Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival400
13International Short Film Festival Oberhausen375
14Sitges Int'l Film Festival Catalonia350
15Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival344
16Fantoche Int'l Animation Festival317
16Palm Springs International ShortFest317
18Uppsala Int'l Short Film Festival315
19Hamburg International Short Film Festival314
20Message to Man Int'l Documentary305
21Belo Horizonte Int'l Short Film300
22Onedotzero Digital Creativity Festival295
23Anifest Int'l Animated Films284
24ERA NEW HORIZONS Int'l Film Festival279
25Worldwide Short Film Festival268
26Int'l Short Film Festival Leuven263
27Annecy Animation Festival259
28LAlternativa Independent Film Festival250
29Australian Int'l Animation Festival248
30Exground Filmfest245